The Better Blogging series has been an absolute BLAST, and although our second hangout was a few weeks ago, I figured everyone was busy with the holidays, so if you missed our Better Blogging hangout #2, you should watch it. If you are unfamiliar with this series and if you are a blogger, I promise it is worth your time. Each hangout takes place on Google+ and we help a newish blogger by answering their questions. Hangout #2 was Jessica from Mom 4 Real, and she had some awesome questions!

I have learned a LOT already from the first two hangouts.  I’m lucky to be teamed up with Beckie and my brother Court. They are amazing. Here is video #2 if you missed it!

Our next hangout is this week too! RSVP at the event page.  UPDATE: AS of 1/2/13 the event page has been changed. We accidentally set up the first even page wrong. So, please RSVP to the new event page. 
to be automatically notified about future events.

And last, but not least, my brother Court from The Blog Builders just released a new FREE eBook called SEO for Creative Bloggers. It’s concise, and CHUCK FULL of amazing information for creative bloggers.
It’s funny to read too. He’s been around me for waaaaay too long. He knows how crazy it is to be a creative blogger because he hears about my life a lot! :) His humor hits home, and I can almost guarantee you will laugh out loud while reading it.
I promise I wouldn’t recommend something if it wasn’t awesome. So, go download the eBook it now. You will thank me later. {Well, I guess technically you should thank him}!
I hope you will hangout with me on Thursday at 7:00 pm MST too! Oh, and if you missed Better Blogging Part 1, you can watch it here. 


  1. says

    I've watched your first 2 videos and they were chock full of fabulous information! I hope to catch #3 live, but if not it's great knowing you post the videos and I can watch them when I can. Thanks for this!
    Debbie :)

  2. Brooke @ says

    We are really excited you will be coming! It's been a fun series. We learn a lot ourselves during the hangouts too!

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