I am honored that Monica and Jess from East Coast Creative has asked me to be a part of “Creating with the Stars” this year! It is a 4 week contest with amazing prizes and most of all a great chance to strut your stuff.

So, if you think you have what it takes, ENTER the contest February 5th-21st and check out the details of the contest ASAP.
The “stars” this year are absolutely amazing. I am kind of freaking out that I was asked to be among this list of bloggers to be honest. {Thank you Monica and Jess}.
When I started All Things Thrifty, I was part of a contest like this. It pushed me harder than I ever thought imaginable. I created some of the best projects of All Things Thrifty history because of it. If you are on the fence about doing this contest, DO IT.


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    That's so cool! But where do the weekly projects come from (are the contestants funding the DIY supplies themselves and choosing whatever project they want to do or are they given a certain amount of money each week and a theme)?

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