I use my Silhouette all the time. I love it, and my kids all needed Valentine boxes for their class parties tomorrow, so we whipped out these bad boys in about an hour.

Valentine Box valentine
We use double-sided adhesive to make some really fun glitter hearts! It was super easy!
IMG_3984[1] IMG_3988[1]

IMG_3990[1] IMG_3993[1]
I use my Portrait a lot because it’s little and I can get it all set up quick. The Silhouette Portrait and the double-sided adhesive kit is on sale right now too!
Silhouette Valentine Sale
If you are like me and need fast projects, this is the tool for you.
Valentines Box
valentine's heart valentine's box

To check out the sale, go to Silhouette and use the code “THRIFTY” to get the discount. It is only on sale through tomorrow.


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