Happy Valentine’s Day! Why not start the day off with a Pink Dresser transformation. Painting furniture is one of my favorite things to do around here because it can save a TON of money. Most of the time the style of an old/thrifted dresser far exceeds the style of a new dresser and its hefty price tag. 
I have been working on my girls’ beautiful room for awhile, and my cute hubby found this amazing dresser at the DI {Utah’s version of Goodwill} for only $40.00. It was SOL-LID and in great shape. All it needed was a little love, spray paint, and glaze.
I get questions about spray paint ALL THE TIME, and I think some are surprised that spray paint is my preferred method of painting furniture. In fact, my spray paint 101 post is one of my most viewed posts of all time.
 There are a few main reasons why I prefer spray paint. First of all, spray paint is oil based, and in my experience oil based paint does a much better job at sticking. Secondly, spray paint {once you know what you are doing} leaves a perfect finish without brush strokes. And lastly {not leastly}, Spray paint saves me a TON of time, and that’s even with me taking my time. I go slow when I’m painting furniture because I don’t want it to look terrible at the end of the process. 
I prefer KILZ primer for most of my projects, but honestly it depends on the color I’m painting. But, most of the time I use KILZ spray original primer. 
Even though the picture below shows eight cans of KILZ, I did not use that many cans on this dresser. I only used two cans of primer on this project, and four {three and a half to be exact} cans of Krylon Watermelon. 
refinishing-furniture-products painting-furniture (4) 
After the project has several coats of primer, I sand lightly with 220 grit sandpaper to remove the gritty texture that sometimes remains after priming. It takes literally 30 seconds to sand off the gritty texture by hand.
Then the process of painting begins. I love Krylon brand, but lately I’ve learned to expand my horizons with other brands too. I like that Krylon has a variety of colors, but Rustoleum products have impressed me lately too. I am accustomed to the Krylon nozzle so I still prefer it over others, but if you don’t have a preference on nozzle and can get a smooth result with another one, have at it. 
painting-furniture (5) painting-furniture (3) 
In order to get a finish without stripes, I prefer satin finish spray paint, but if I’m going to glaze the piece I use gloss because I know that the glaze will be covering up the stripes anyway and with gloss, I get more of a protected surface. 
Glazing furniture is super easy. I have a glazing 101 post {that even shows instructional videos}, but basically you brush on the glaze and wipe it off with either a dry cloth or a damp cloth depending on the look you are going for. 
refinishing furniture (2)  refinishing furniture (7)
Glazing is super easy. I promise you can do it.
The inside of the drawers needed a little love, so I found some cute fabric to line them with. I cut them the correct size and then sprayed the fabric with spray adhesive.  
refinishing furniture (9) refinishing furniture (10) refinishing furniture (11)
When we got done, the dresser was soooo darn cute! painted-furniture-glazed-furniture 
refinishing-furniture (5)We replaced the pulls and knobs to be these girly crystal knobs from Home Depot.
refinishing-furniture 1Although I liked the wooden look of the dresser from the get go, it wasn’t the look I was going for.
refinishing-furniture (3)a refinishing-furniture
The top of the dresser was sealed with clear coat polycrylic. If you want instructions on how to seal furniture or whether or not you need to seal something you have painted or not, check out that post.

The dresser looks perfect in the girl’s room. I love that the top drawers mimic the plaid/kris-cross pattern in the walls and on the rug.  Now I just need a few accessories! painting-furniture
My girl’s room is pretty much complete!  The girls’ headboards were super easy too. If you want instructions for the headboard project check it out. 
girls room with rug[3]
I love my girls room! Check out their final reveal! 
Pink Dresser
I’m not going to lie, it’s my favorite room in the house and I find myself hanging out up there a lot! I guess it’s time to change up the rest of the house, right!?!
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      Kathy, if you hold your mouse over the picture, a P should appear in the left corner. Click that and it’ll take you directly to your pinterest account. I have added two pin-it buttons though. One at the top and one at the bottom. Hope this helps!

  1. says

    Hi, Brooke – I have a lot of furniture and cabinet painting projects in my to-do list. I’m wondering if you’ve used, or have considered buying/using a paint sprayer, rather than using cans of spray paint? It seems to me like it would end up being less expensive, long term?

    I’m going to be painting some old furniture, and my bathroom cabinets. I’d love to totally replace them, but that’s not in the budget! My master bath has 1 row of cabinets that’s 102″ (!!) and another 60″ row, plus 1 set of 35″-wide ceiling-height cabinets. I love all the storage, but they’re all the original cabinets from 1985, and are just..well, yeah. 😀

  2. AviLynn says

    I love this dresser & that color is beautiful! Jelly! I have yet to glaze though, am I the only diyer that just doesn’t like it? I feel like odd man out on this one.

  3. Kimberly Robyn says

    This entire room is just beautiful. The dresser just makes it even more so. Wonderfully done.

  4. Rebecca says

    Thanks for this great piece of info.. I was contemplaiting painting my bedroom furniture and i think now i will spray paint it better.. your dresser came out beautiful.. I will try to post before and after pics when i am done.. Thanks again.

  5. says

    Wow, this piece is inspiring! I found it while searching for ideas — I am painting an old dresser for my boys room. It doesn’t have as much character as the one you posted though! Love it!

    • Brooke says

      Nope! We bought all the bedding! The blue quilts are from Kohls, the pink flower comforters are from Target a few years ago, and the pillows are from HomeGoods!

  6. Denise Predovich says

    I thought I would share a “paint and child” story..
    My son was about 2 and I was painting a long hallway white in an old funky country house and my son accidentally knocked over the whole gallon of white paint..
    Needless to say..for a second I was angry but by the next second, my mouth still agape , I embraced the moment and together , my son and I painted the hall way including the floor .
    I have the sweetest picture of my son in a diaper , naked , with paint all over , sleeping on a pile of sheets in an empty house , looking so angelic after a hard days work..

  7. Heather Beaubien says

    Brooke, why can I not find your spray painting video anywhere on here?? Nor youtube :( Please help! Thanks!! <3

  8. Lauren says

    I am moving into a new and smaller apartment. I have all mismatched furniture and considering moving costs and other expenses, didn’t think I’d be able to afford matching furniture. That is, until I found your blog! THANK YOU so much for such easy to follow directions and great ideas! So happy you posted the spray 101 instructions. I would have never had the time to paint everything with a brush. So excited to get this done and move into the new place with matching furniture.

  9. says

    My husband and I just got a dresser tonight hat we’re planning on refinishing. Would we need to sand the dresser first do you think, or can we go right from cleaning it to primer?


  10. Eli says

    I am doing an informative speech on furniture restoration and would love to ask you a few questions if I could. :) if so please email me.

    thank you!

  11. Amy says

    What do I do about grain raise after spray painting parawood? I started with unfinished parawood and spray painted it black. It was smooth before starting, but the grainy parts are raised and rough.

  12. Whitney says

    I am currently working on using KILZ to prime a dresser. I have already applied three coats. It is covered, but there are still a few minimal stripes. Do I keep applying KILZ until these are completely gone or is this ready for color paint?


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