Kitchen Signs {Made with my Silhouette}

Mar 1st, 2013
You know that I love my Silhouette and that I seriously use it all the time.
Case in point? These adorable {and easy} kitchen signs…
Thank you to Over the Big Moon for the inspiration!
Ok so, after searching the Silhouette store for the images I wanted, I went to work!
{The font used is called Mishka}

Be grateful kitchen sign
I already had the boards from a previous project  so after deciding I needed a change, I went to town. Painting the boards white first, I then used black silhouette vinyl to make the stencil.  
Kitchen Decor  Kitchen Decor  Kitchen Decor Silhouette Project for Kitchen Silhouette Project for Kitchen Silhouette Project for Kitchen
Kitchen Sign 
Kitchen Sign
Kitchen Sign kitchen-signs 1 copy copy

I love how they turned out. Just what I needed!
Oh and don’t mind all the other changes that are coming soon!
 You guys will die when you see the {top secret} project I am working on posting! Ahhhh, I just love it! Now, enough chit chat, go enter to win that Silhouette Portrait!


So you didn’t win this time?? That’s ok, head on over to Silhouette with that extra tax money and get yourself one! Don’t forget to use code “thrifty” when checking out for the extra discount!

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  1. SOOO many ideas. I would definitely start with some art for my daughters room. It needs help!

  2. Too many to name, but I would definitely make things to sell for extra money to stay at home with my son!

  3. those signs are adorable! love the roll with it one :)

  4. I would make tons of home decoration projects. The first thing I would like to make is a sign that has dates down it. My hubby’s b-day, mine, our anniversary, and then our kids b-days. Our 27th anniversary is a week from today so I would love to be able to make one to hang in my house.

  5. I would love to embellish and personalize my sewing projects. We’re expecting our first addition this June, and I’ve been busy making burping cloths, diapers and clothes that I’d love to add some details to them. I’d also love to make some home decor for our kitchen, nursery, office/library, and guest bedroom. Thanks for hosting! :) mfrapp_83 {at} yahoo {dot} com

  6. This will be perfect for school projects and holiday craft decor

  7. I would love to make some signs for the house.

  8. I love the signs you created for kitchen! I would make a couple of signs for my own newly remodeled kitchen decor if I won!

  9. Those signs are adorable!

  10. I will use the Silhouette to make amazing DIY projects for my kids rooms and Im sure discover many other uses for the rest of my house!

  11. I want to make a growth ruler first, then I have no idea but I’m sure the ideas will come to me once I start using it. :)

  12. I would like to make stencils to use on painted furniture and painted signs.

  13. I need something for my kitchen and my craft room. Similar to the signs you made. :)

  14. What an awesome project!

  15. Every room in my house would get some extra lovin’ if I won this amazing machine.

  16. I want to make a sign for the guest room that says “Make yourself at home”. Can’t find anything I like pre-made!

  17. Redo my daughters room…make signs…So many Pinterest projects to tackle…in need of the Silhouette!

  18. I’d make t-shirts for my boys. I’m very tired of cutting them out by hand.

  19. a vinyl quote for my little guys new playroom would be awesome! thanks for the giveaway!!!

  20. I think I’d start by making some personalized/monogrammed signs for our house. After that, I’d just play with it for a bit. :-)

  21. Organization labels for sure!

  22. some cute little birds to sit on the door frames and baseboards to make me smile everytime I walk by

  23. Everything! So much creating that will be happening if I win!

  24. I would make a sign for my mom that she has wanted forever! And then the options are endless!!!

  25. I would use it to make my cards and scrapbooks beautiful!

  26. I would love to win this. I love being crafty!!

  27. Signs around the house, fabric stencils, scrap booking, pretty much everything!

  28. Those are so cool! Now I totally want some! And since I just bought a new silhouette Cameo, I can have them! If I won the portrait, I’d give it to my mum or sister so they can use it for their business!

  29. Thank you for the giveaway. I’ve been wanting to try using this to cut appliqués, and vinyl.

  30. I would make a family rules sign for my kitchen! What a great give-away! Thanks.

  31. I would love to make labels and a sign for our pantry…

  32. I’d love to make labels and vinyl signs and I’d love to try out heat transfer!

    sarah8914 at gmail dot com

  33. I would love to make pantry labels and art and everything!

  34. i would love to make labels for my kitchen jars!

  35. Vinyl signs, frosted glass, you name it, I will use it!

  36. If I won a Silhouette, I’d learn to make my own wall words pronto! – Karen

  37. Graduation decorations….LOTS of THEM!

  38. Where to begin!!?? Some heat transfer onesies!

  39. I would love to have a silhouette to make some artwork for my craft room!

  40. I would do home decor and wedding projects! Getting married in August.

  41. Awesome! I totally wanna win :D

  42. Are you kidding?!!? What would I not do with my Silhouette!?! I would love to cut vinyl :) first, then make some shirts, oh, the possibilities are endless!

  43. oh i would love to make some signs, and use it for the craft group that i run! would be so fun!!! thanks for the chance! myhedwig (at) gmail (dot)com

  44. oh i would love to make some signs, and use it for the craft group that i run! would be so fun!!! thanks for the chance! myhedwig (at) gmail (dot)com

  45. I will do everything with it! I will make all art and soooo much more. I want one so bad!

  46. I’ve always wanted a Silhouette for personalizing gifts and also for making cute, decorative organization.

  47. I would probably use a Silhouette mostly for cardmaking and scrapbooking, but I need to dip my toe into home decor more. My shed doors need something.

  48. Labels and stencils for sure!

  49. I would use my silhouette to create artwork for my son’s room.

  50. I would probably “try” to do what you did, those are so awesome!!
    smjohns63 at yahoo dot com

  51. I wan to make your signs – I love them

  52. signs, crafts with the kids, gifts for family, oh the possibilities!!

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  54. I would put signs all over my house and monogram everything! Then I would throw my cricut out the window… :)

  55. I would make decals and label my whole house…car too.

  56. this was so cool- may have to try my own signs

  57. vinyl!

  58. Being the nice person I am, my friends and sisters will benefit too!

  59. I would cut vinyl!

  60. I will keep the Silhoutte in my closet until i finsih grad school and have time for it. :)

  61. The possibilities seem endless. But I definitely have a few rooms far enough along in our home rennovation that could use wall art.

  62. I love your cute decor ideas and I REALLY would love one of these machines. I have wanted one for about 3 years, since I first learned of them! I would cut vinyl and fabric and try just about anything!

  63. Love the signs! I would make so many vinal projects for my home! Its needs some spucing up!

  64. I’ve always wanted one! I need it for preschool!

  65. I want one SO bad!! I would make some art for my home.

  66. STENCILS~~ i want to make stencils with a Silhouette!!! xing my fingers!! :)

  67. Make party decorations!

  68. (Hopefully this isn’t a dupe, since I was having trouble commenting from my phone). I have had OODLES of ideas for projects (many involving typography, cuz I love me the words) that I’ve had to shelve because I don’t have the time to trace and cut by hand…though, I have done so for gifts before -EXTREMELY time consuming! Lots and lots of signs, gifts, home decor projects!!!

  69. I love the idea of the kitchen signs. I also think this is a awsome give a way.
    Good luck to the winner.

  70. I have so many ideas! But no silhouette to make them with…

  71. This comment has been removed by the author.

  72. I love these signs and they look so good with your orange wall and colored chairs!!! :)

  73. This comment has been removed by the author.

  74. I love these kitchen signs!!! Gives me some ideas!! Whoooooo hoooo!!

  75. I would for sure make kitchen signs with the Portrait as well as all the other ideas I’ve been seeing on Pinterest and blogs such as this!!

  76. I think this is what I’m asking for Christmas next year! I’ve been dying to do all these awesome projects!

  77. I love your signs and the colors you used! I’m redoing my living room/kitchen area and would love to make some wall art with a silhouette for there!

  78. I would make cute signs for our house! :)

  79. I would love to label and organize my cupboards.

  80. Love the new signs!

  81. I want to re-do my pantry with signs!

  82. Oh my…those are super cute!

  83. I would decorate my kids’ rooms SO cute.

  84. I have a Cricut but would love to try out the Silhouette. If I had to do it again I would definitely get the Silhouette. Love your signs!

  85. Love this! So many cute ideas.

  86. Oh, OH! I have so many ideas that I have been wanting to do in my house! My kitchen, my living room, my bathroom, my son’s and daughter’s rooms! Oh, the ideas! Thanks for the chance!

  87. I would love to make some personalized art for my daughters. Lara Radack

  88. Would love to win this!!!

  89. I would love it for cutting out vinyl!

  90. Would love to win this!!!

  91. I would love to win this!! There are so many things I could do and have been wishing for one!! Something vinyl would be my first project I think!
    Thanks for the chance to win and have my dreams come true!!!

  92. I would decorate my new kindergarten classroom with cute & educational awesomeness!!!

  93. I have a growing list of labels, etching and stencils that I w ant to do!

  94. I would use it to label stuff all over my house. Nothing would be safe if I won!

  95. It would help with my sewing projects! :)

  96. I have been drooling over one of these for sooo long, but too guilty buying it for myself! So many fun projects… signs, upgrades for my daughter’s room, my older daughter’s 1st apartment….lots!

  97. I so want one of these….I ♥ silhouette

  98. I think I would start by making some labels to help organize my kitchen :)

  99. I have wanted one of these for soo long! I would love to win this to make everything from signs to labels! It would help so much to make our base housing feel like a “home” Thanks for the chance, and of course your amazing blog!

  100. What a cool idea! Wow, if I won it I *might* just have to take the day off work to make really cool new signs for our farm. “This way to the chickens!”, “Fresh Eggs”, “Corn on the Cob”. How fun would those look?!

  101. What an awesome giveaway!
    i love your kitchen art – very cute!

  102. I cannot wait to cut some vinyl in my new Silhouette. Thanks for the giveaway!

  103. I want one of these so badly. This would actually allow me to be able to work from home so that I could homeschool my daughter. Ah, dreams.

  104. I can’t wait to make my nursery decorations with the vinyl in my silhouette. It would be a dream come true!

  105. I have been wanting one of these for ever. First project is cutting out a million quatrefoils out of contact paper to make my patio door for privacy.

  106. I would love to make some cute signs or labels for my pantry.

  107. Gee, I hope I get it!

  108. Can you hear me chanting “silhouette….silhouette….silhouette”

  109. I’d make all sorts of cool stuff, that’s what I’d do!

  110. Super cute signs! Something springy!

  111. I would love to make a last name sign

  112. Would love to win! So many fun things to do!!!!

  113. There’s an old joke in my family about cake that i want to put up in my kitchen.

  114. Oh I would love to win!! I have so many crafts that this would save me so much time!

  115. I definitely need stuff for my kitchen!

  116. Bree Peterson says:

    I want to create a sign for my new baby boys nursery! We have done a vintage theme and a manly quote would work perfect! There are endless things I could do with the silhouette! I would love to win!

  117. Suzie H says:

    If I won the Silhouette, I would start by making some cute signs to hang in my boys’ rooms and my kitchen!

  118. Karen Prince says:

    I would love to make signs!

  119. Kristin says:

    I LOVE your signs! They look s good =) I want to try out some heat transfer paper and make a few tee shirts

  120. I would do everything! I would label my house and make t-shirts for my kids. PRobably make cute cards too!

  121. Laura Smith says:

    I would label everything in my house if I won one.

  122. Chris Nickel says:

    I would love to use it to make labels for organizing. Also, my friend is going to school for graphic design and I think would have a lot of fun with it.

  123. I would make everything! Cards, Decorations, scrapbooks…..

    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  124. I love those signs! I need a silhouette to get some decor on my walls. They are big and empty!

  125. woodsyouknowit says:

    From school projects to home decor. Possibilities are endless.

  126. I love those kitchen signs, and the colors in your kitchen! How fun!

    The first project I want to tackle with a Silhouette machine is a sign for my newly-painted (and soon-to-be-decorated) laundry room!

  127. me, rachel says:

    I would love to add magnetic paper dolls to my etsy shop, but I can’t reasonably do it without something like this!

  128. I so badly want to make my own wall art for my home!

  129. James and Dixie Moore Family says:

    I would use up all my scrap wood! :)

  130. THese are so cute! I would love to be able to make things like this. would love love love to win a silhouette

  131. So many things!! I need it for stencils, vinyl projects, t-shirts, and all kinds of amazing projects that are rolling around in my head :)

  132. Destiny says:

    I think I’d make a stencil to paint a canvas.

  133. stencils and vinyl decals for sure!

  134. Liz Statzell says:

    Such cute kitchen decor! Would love to have a beautiful kitchen like yours!

  135. Unknown says:

    I would love to win one to create beautiful projects for my home!

  136. I would create some fun labels to organize my house.

  137. Kylie McGowan says:

    Label everything!

  138. Ashleigh B says:

    The possibilities are endless! Labeling, monograms, personalized gifts, card making, stencils…I LOVE the signs you made!

  139. I am addicted to inspirational sayings on our walls. If I won, I’d be decorating a lot more walls! =) Thank you for the chance to win!

  140. Stephanie says:

    I would make name signs for my boys’ room!

  141. they are so great

  142. If I had a silhouette portrait I would do so many things! I’d label, label, label and craft creatively! :)

  143. This would be so great to kick off the neighborhood girls craft night… the possibilities are ENDLESS!!!

  144. I’ve been wanting to make a sign for my daughters new big girl room! :)

  145. I would love to do the spoon, fork, knife stencil on kitchen curtain!

  146. I’m not sure where I would begin. I have so many ideas I could use this for! Crossing my fingers!!

  147. I’m not sure where I would begin. I have so many ideas I could use this for! Crossing my fingers!!

  148. Love the kitchen signs! I would start my long list of projects off with some vinyl wall quotes!

  149. I would make signs, signs and more signs!!!

  150. daisies803 says:

    Signs, stencils for pillows, decals for my kids rooms, cards…

  151. Cynthia says:

    I would (attempt) recreate Honey & Fitz’ DIY starry ceiling on my front porch. Thanks for hosting!

  152. Liz Kladder says:

    I love how your new signs make your chairs pop! I would use a Silhouette for everything. Not kidding…

  153. I would make labels. love the giveaway.

  154. I would love to make a few signs.

  155. I would label everything in my house with cute vinyl lettering. :-) I would LOVE to win a Silhouette. Thanks for the giveaway.

  156. Im a soon to be new mommy! So I will definitely be using this for the nursery and so much more for my little guy! I have seen this product in action and would love to own one!

  157. I really like the signs you made. I would make cards and scrapbook layouts, decorate glass blocks, cut iron-on vinyl for t-shirts, and all manner of different home decor and crafting projects. Thanks so much for the chance to win!

  158. Nancy Carr says:

    Signs and more signs are what I want to make.

  159. Labels for containers in my kitchen

  160. Unknown says:

    Labels,banners, signs, tags, maybe stencils. I’ve always wanted one. My family fears what might happen if I own one!

  161. Love those! I have about 90725 projects I could do if I won this!

  162. James and Erin says:

    Decorate the whole house, from decals to signs to organizing! What can’t you use this for?!

  163. Valerie Glassman says:

    I would use this to start work on the baby’s nusery!

  164. Thanks for the inspiration!

  165. Cathy N says:

    Vinyl Quotes for my walls and a big chalk board calendar on my school room wall.

  166. LawisLane says:

    I would love to win a silhouette! I would also make a ton of pantry labels, and do heat transfer on some shirts and things for babies that my friends keep having!

  167. Oops, I didn’t read the question…I would make signs of course! And probably some tshirts too.

  168. Ruby Lynn says:

    Everything! Thats what i’d do with it!

    rubylynns (at) gmail (.) com

  169. I’m so ready to do a million things with a Silhouette. I’ve mostly had fabric crafts, tee embellishments, and such in my head. Love the new decor you made!

  170. I so want one of these but can’t justify it because I have an old Cricut :( But would sure love to win one!!!

  171. Teresa Garcia says:

    Make some coool shaped biz cards

  172. kimisen says:

    I want to make a no soliciting sign. I want a silhouette and hope I win! Thank you!

  173. I’d love to win! I’m cute like that!

  174. Steurer Mom says:

    Cutting fabric and freezer paper stencils!!

  175. AwesomeJen says:

    Love it!!

  176. A. Lanigan says:

    I really want to start vinyl projects! I love labeling things!

  177. jackiemdoyle says:

    i would make pantry labels

  178. First thing I’d do is make a large tree for my living room wall. Thanks for a chance to win.

  179. This comment has been removed by the author.

  180. What wont I do??? I will be doing many gifts and I have a quote id like for my bedroom wall.

  181. Unknown says:

    Um…everything? I have some glass jars I really want to etch and a dozen other household projects in mind!

  182. Fashion Hipster says:

    I’ll create a lot of decalls for my home

  183. What wouldn’t I use it for?! First I think I would use it for decor items for my little girls room.

  184. Melissa Padgett says:

    Chevron EVERYTHING!!! :)

  185. Nicole Salmons says:


  186. Terri nana of 2 says:

    Oh I would use it for so many things! Sewing room kitchen storage containers, my two 3yo granddaughters things and even things in my church kitchen ! We need to label the cabinet and they want it to look nice :)

  187. I would love to make fabric appliqués.

  188. I’m in the middle of re-doing my living room, thanks to your blog :) I started with an old dresser, used the same Ocean Blue that you used and it’s now my new tv stand…I would love to use this Silhoutte to finish off my walls <3

  189. Heather Durham says:

    Love this!! Need this in my life

  190. carrie cupcake says:

    Thanks for the opportunity! I’d love to make some subway art

  191. Brimhalls says:

    I would use it to make all of the cute stuff I see here and other places on the internet that right now I just covet.

  192. I’d make fabric appliques, wall signs and a tree silhouette for my living room w/my families photos. Thanks for the chance to win :)

  193. Make Decor for my empty walls.

  194. Who are we??? says:

    We just moved into our first house, so I would love to make some vinyl designs and quotes for the entire house!

  195. First, vinyl lettering for my son’s room. Then–well I don’t know where to start.

  196. K. Campbell says:

    There are so many things to do with this…let me at it~!

  197. George and Heidi Skinner says:

    I have a cameo, but would LOVE to gift this either to my mom, sister-in-law, or one of my amazingly crafty cousins!

  198. Lisa K. says:

    I absolutely love the kitchen signs you made! I would love to make some! Thanks for the chance to win!
    Lisa K.

  199. Sooo many possibilities here…from the small projects to the large, the silhouette could prove invaluable! (fingers crossed)

  200. There are so many ideas for using a Silhouette buzzing around in my head, it’s hard to settle on just one. Appliques for some much needed new sofa pillows, or jazzing up the hat boxes I use for storage in my sewing room, customizing the face of my old kitchen clock, stencils for etching the boring mirror in the powder room…see what I mean? It’s an idea tsunami!

  201. Thank you for the great giveaway. I have a ton of vinyl sitting around just waiting for this.

  202. I would love to start scrapbooking again! Also, making some decals would be fun! An extra plus…using it for my work, I’m a toddler teacher :) Thanks for the chance!

  203. Eligonma says:

    I would make lots of labels. Thanks for the chance!

  204. I can’t wait to create some word wood projects sitting in my DIY to do pile…

  205. Shanna Gilbert says:

    I will make stencils!

  206. I Would make some vinyl lettering for a bunch of cabinet doors I have

  207. I’m dying to win this machine!!! The possibilities are endless! I NEED a silhouette!

  208. You always give such good tutorials – thanks! Not sure what I’d do first if I had a Silhouette, but it’s obvious the possibilities are endless…

  209. Great giveaway!!

  210. create wonderful diy projects!!

  211. I would love to win one of these – I don’t even know where I would start I have so many ideas!
    Peggy @ The Painted Pear

  212. I think I would start with some art for our guest room. That room needs some help!

  213. I would decorate my whole new house with it!! Love!!

  214. I would make something cute and crafty for my daughters room re-do.

  215. The Retail DIYet says:

    I can think of tons of things to use the silhouette!! Signs, labels…everything!!

  216. I would make a sign!

  217. This system of depicting labels in Kitchen Decor Photos is very helpful for many kitchen cabinet manufacturers while planning a great kitchen. Thanks for posting such useful photos on your blog site.

  218. hautemama says:

    I would love to make some subway art for my kitchen. I haven’t found the right one yet so maybe I’ll make it myself.

  219. Designed Decor says:

    Oh, the plans I have!

  220. Jaye Leon says:

    Love your signs! One of those days I’m gonna have me one of those Silhouettes!!!

    I have a huge list of signs that I want to make!

  221. The house make over would start pronto!

  222. Rebekah says:

    I would whip out some vinyl decor right away.

  223. Gabrielle Cato says:

    i want to make tshirts and banners for every event and every person i know!

  224. I have sooo many ideas for this at home, but even more of them in my Kindergarten classroom! I would LOVE this!!!

  225. Kimberly says:

    I would start with making some custom gifts and signs from around the house – like our favorite quotes, song lyrics, or names!

  226. Labels for my pantry

  227. What a neat blog, thanks for the ideas, I really like your signs!

  228. I would use it to create art :) creativity=happiness

  229. You know those plain plastic glasses that come with a screw-on lid with a straw? I would personalize those as gifts! That is just one of many ideas I have.

  230. Make over some furniture!

  231. If I have a silhouette portrait would use it to make labels for all my classroom cabinets,including all six kitchen’s in my culinary room and make Vinyl decals for the wall. Personally I would use the vinyl letters to make signs for my wedding.

  232. I would create some cute vinyl sayings to put around the house first and foremost. My walls are BARE!

  233. Im saving up for one of these right now!!!!!

  234. I want to make a family calendar and some awesome pillows!!

  235. I would love to win one! I love all of the possibilities that this machine offers. Thanks for the chance to win one. :)

  236. I’ve wanted a Silhouette for the longest time . . . I have a FOLDER full of ideas for when I get one – but would LOVE to win one! Thanks for the opportunity!

  237. I think the comment is more what wouldn’t I do… I would make labels, frosted glass, use it in quilting, use it for school.

  238. Probably make some name signs for the special kids in my life!

  239. I would make signs for everything! Starting with the kitchen.

  240. Would love to start with kitchen decals!

  241. I would make so many different things but I really want to try using vinyl.

  242. I would make some baby shower gifts

    jessicarwarfield at gmail dot com

  243. I want to make some vinyl word art for my walls! – Sarahtex at yahoo dot com

  244. Oh my goodness, I already know EXACTLY what I would use it for! I hope I get it! :D

  245. Thank-you for the give-away. So many great ideas, so little time, but I would start with my CRAFT ROOM. I am decorating it now and want to make labels for jars, stencils, etc.

  246. I would start with my new craft room, labels,stencils, ooohhh I get excited just thinking about it!

  247. I would use it in my new craft room for labels, stencils, oooooh I get excited just thinking about it.

  248. Hello,I have so many things I want to make one of them being a personalized garden sized flag for my Dad’s grave but before I do that I will make some little things maybe some decorations for St. Patrick’s Day just to get familiar with the machine. Thanks for a great giveaway!


  249. i would dress up my empty walls and make an awesome shower curtain

  250. Definitely do some vinyl decor and some awesome stencils! Thanks for the giveaway!

  251. I will be using it to make christmas presents! Pillows, tumblers, custom shirts! Would love to win thanks for the chance.

  252. Rosalyn says:

    I’d love to win to fill these empty walls in my house and to make cool t-shirts for my boys!!

  253. Paper craft!

  254. decorate my bedroom. thanks for the chance!

  255. I would do vinyl…and vinyl..and vinyl…did I mention I’d do vinyl?

  256. Ack! Those signs are ridiculously cute! I would be putting super cute labels on EVERYTHING if I had a Silhouette!

  257. E. Hall says:

    I would use it for labels. I’m doing my best to get our house organized, but in a way that is appealing to the eye. I love that I could use the Silhouette for creating eye-catching labels.

  258. Katrina says:

    Vinyl! oh and make things for my new classroom in the fall. :)

  259. DeeAnna says:

    I’d love one!! And I love your kitchen signs, what a great idea!

  260. i’d make holiday decorations

  261. Lisa Peters says:

    I would love to make some signs.

  262. Love love love these! My kitchen NEEDS them!

  263. Too many projects to name! Love all the signs!

  264. I’d use it to create stencils of all the states we lived in before we finally got to each other

  265. I would love to do some wall vinyls and glass etching.

  266. Cut out vinyl decorations for furniture

  267. I would love to do some cute signs for the grandkids rooms and my laundry room. That’s just for a start!

  268. Gosh! I could go NUTS with this thing!!! The list is never ending! Signs, gifts, monograms… OH MY!!! I would LOVE to have one of these!

  269. I would use it for everything from home decor to kids school projects!!

  270. I’d make a “Lunch served Daily” sign for the kitchen. Thanks!

  271. I would totally steal your idea and make those cute kitchen signs!! I have been looking at similar ones on etsy, so it would be great to make my own.

  272. christina williams says:

    These signs are so adorable! :) I would love love love a Silhouette of my own to create so many awesome projects like you have! :)

  273. Erin Kaven says:

    I would use one to help design furniture designs.

  274. The Miguel Family says:

    For once I want to win a giveaway! This would be so fun to have!

  275. The Miguel Family says:

    For once I want to win a giveaway! This would be so fun to have!

  276. Just wondering if you spray painted these signs; if not, what kind of paint did you use? thank you.

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