Today I get to be on Studio 5, a morning show in Utah, and I’m excited to show my fun spinning chore chart on the show today!

spinning chore chart

This project was a challenge from Studio 5 to make something fun out of 2 Lazy Susans from IKEA. IKEA is one of my fave stores on the planet. In fact, before IKEA was available in Utah, I would travel to California specifically to visit IKEA. I know, it may sound silly to you, but it’s the truth. So, when my sister in law Whitney asked me to be part of this challenge, of course I was excited.

Let’s get to it. The lazy susans from IKEA called SNUDDA are only $7.99 each. The challenge was to make something fun. Pretty vague challenge right? Well, that’s the fun part, I was free to let my creativity run wild.

lazy susan at IKEA (1) lazy susan at IKEA (2) 
I searched for a project that would fit a few simple requirements. I wanted to make something that I needed, something I would use on a daily basis, and something that fit my home.
lazy susan at IKEA (3) 
At first I was thinking of all sorts of projects to make out of the lazy susans that would be cute, but NONE of those projects were something that I actually needed. I was thinking about making a small tufted ottoman with cute little legs, and although my vision was pretty cute {in my head}, I did NOT need it. So, I thought about it some more. In the mean time, my four kids had torn the house to shreds while I was in my own little world trying to come up with a fun project. BINGO.
WE. NEED. A. CHORE. CHART. Not just any boring chore chart, a fun one that will make the kids WANT to do a chore.  I am big with giving the kids chores around here. Maybe it stems from being raised on a farm, but I feel like it’s super important for everyone to contribute to cleaning the house. I hope they are learning responsibility little by little. The project plan was perfect.
I got busy spray painting. I’m sure you aren’t surprised if you are a seasoned reader. I tend to spray paint a LOT around here. Kilz primer is my favorite primer. If you want spray painting tips check out that past post. I’m a self-proclaimed spray-painting expert. I primed the bad boys with Kilz, and waited for it to dry completely. Then I sanded off the gritty texture it leaves behind with 220 grit sand paper.
lazy susan at IKEA (5) 
Then I sprayed the base coats. I used Krylon Ivy Leaf and Valspar Tropical Oasis.
lazy susan at IKEA (6) lazy susan at IKEA (7) 
Next I whipped out a simple pie chart vinyl image on my trusty Silhouette machine.
pie chart
Since the lazy susans are 15 inches across, I cut half of the pie chart out of the vinyl at a time.
lazy susan at IKEA (9) 
Then I took off every other triangle of vinyl so that when I sprayed the other color {which was Valspar Indigo Cloth}, it would create the look I was going for.
lazy susan at IKEA (12) 
It is important to wait until the paint is completely dry before you remove the vinyl. Otherwise you will probably mess up your perfectly painted lines. {I MIGHT be speaking from experience here.}
lazy susan at IKEA (13)
photo (16)
Next, I came up with a plan of attack. I decided that with our crazy lives, we needed two separate charts. One chart would be for “fast” cleaning days and would be simple chores that I need completed on a regular basis. Most of these chores are 5 minute chores or less. I came up with eight main chores to put on our “fast” chore list.
Next I chose a small image to represent each chore on our chart. It was pretty simple and I made a corresponding key for the kids to see what each image means. I even colored each image a fun color in my Silhouette software and printed it out to make things extra simple for the kiddos.
Silhouette chores
Then I decided that the other chart would be more in depth jobs that are intended for Saturdays…etc. These chores will probably take about an hour to complete {If they work fast…ummmm….good luck, right?!}. I was specific to our family’s needs. I used actual chores that my kids already do, and I wrote them all down. I even have a task list for each chore that tells each of the things expected of them.

Chores for kids

As you can see I’m kind of a list lover.

chores copy

Then I cut small vinyl images of each task on white vinyl to place on the spin wheels.

Chores clip art

Then I placed the images onto the newly painted lazy susans.

photo (17) photo (18)

Then I installed a small D-ring hook on the back and hang them on the wall.

photo (15)

I placed the chore keys in my favorite u-frames. If you have never heard of them, you should check them out. Basically you can change out whatever you want put in them. They are perfect for kids’ art projects, pictures, chalkboards, corkboards, dry erase boards….etc. An 8 1/2 x 11 inch piece of paper fits perfectly!

Children's chore chart (7)Children's chore chart (5)

I added two small vinyl arrows to the wall for chore selection purposes. Smile Basically when the kids spin the chore spinner, whichever lands on the arrow, is the one they get to do!

children's spinning chore chart chore chart for children

I’ve never seen kids so excited to do chores in my whole life. chore chart for kids

We will see how they feel about it in 2 weeks when it’s not as new, but it’s been great so far.




  1. says

    Simply genius! My kids, who are just getting to the age of chores, would LOVE these. The local farmer’s market has something like this where kids get to spin it and get a free piece of fruit that matches what the wheel lands on. Going on my to-do list for sure! Shared it on Facebook and Pinterest. :)

  2. says

    This is totally rocking my world right now…I have never before thought of lazy susans as having crafting potential, but you have my creative juices flowing with this one! Thanks, Brooke!

    And by the by, it sort of made my day when I got an email saying you were following me now on Twitter. You’re one of my blogging role models. I’m a huge fan of your blog and the Better Blogging Hangouts y’all do, so, yeah…(blush face)…thanks!

    The Thinking Closet

  3. says

    This is such a great idea,love it!Do you think it would get my hubs excited about cleaning?
    I flipped over to your spray paint tips – love them too! Hey do you always sand a piece before you prime it?

  4. says

    Dear Brooke, I love this idea and fully intend to make it someday…I was noticing your amazing table and chairs and this is something that I have wanted to do for a long time. Do you have a tutorial for chair refinishing? Thanks so much! Can’t wait for the hoard sale in May so hopefully I can buy some chairs!

  5. Khloé Belle Gadson says

    I am a new follower. This is amazing!! Absolute pure genius. :)
    Btw, I’llbe hosting a linky party on Home Organization all through the month of April for Spring Cleaning month.

    Hop to it…and link up your home organization blog post now…! Hop will last through the whole month of April to give you time to tackle a drawer. the linen closet, the pantry…anything!!! Give it a shot and link up! Link up here:

  6. says

    My kids are all grown and gone, but this is such a fabulous idea, I’m going to make one for all my kids with grandkids! What a unique idea and so much fun, even if the fun only lasts a few months, it’s so worth it. And they’ll have a routine down pat, so it will still be useful. Thanks so much for sharing…I’m pinning this one!!
    Debbie :)

  7. The Yoder's Four says

    I can’t believe you came up with something so brilliant, cute and practical. I hope the kids’ enthusiasm lasts!! Love it!!

  8. Julie Boarder says

    Love this! You are so talented and creative. I would have just stared at the lazy susan’s for weeks and not been able to come up with anything half as ingenious.


  9. says

    You should totally patent this and start selling!

    I really have no motivation to make something like this because I work FT and have a long list of other projects I need to do.

    But I, for one, would definitely buy something like this if it was available for sale!! Very cool!!

  10. says

    That sparked an idea for ME! My daughter is a 3rd grade teacher and this might work well for math station rotation in her classroom. She might be able to change out the labels when the stations change if we use a temporary adhesive on the labels. Thanks for a wonderful idea!

  11. Jennifer says

    I NEVER post on blogs. (I know, you probably hate “blog stalkers” like me that look but never let anyone know we were here…) I had to reply to this post because it is so genius!!! And you are totally in sync with me…I have been trying to come up with a cute/clever chore chart that didn’t look completely cheesy and this is so totally the answer. I love it. My kids will hate it. I am one happy mama. Thanks!!!


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