I cried over my dog. No, I SOBBED over our dog. Her name is Sugar by the way. Actually her FULL name is Brown Sugar Ulrich. She is the color of brown sugar, so the name fit. We have had her for 3 1/2 years after my friend Liz found her on the side of the road abandoned. She is our first family dog, and the kids loved her from the start.

Isn’t she the most adorable thing you have ever seen!?!


The other day, my son Creed {A.K.A. Wreck it Ralph} hurt Sugar. He jumped off the stairs directly onto her back. She is a Shih-Tzu and a small dog. He is a rambunctious two years old, and I taught him better than that.  Oh great, here come the tears again. What the heck is wrong with me!?!? I can’t seem to control my tears. After he jumped on her, she crawled slowly until she found me in the laundry room. Her back hind leg was hurt pretty bad, I could tell. She whimpered a little, but she didn’t whine loudly. Even though she didn’t cry out, I knew she was hurt. I could tell by the look in her eyes.  Is it possible that I could have protected her more? Yes, but I didn’t think something like this would ever happen. Ever.

I don’t remember when I made the switch from liking our dog to actually LOVING her.  All I know is that it happened along the way. She is the first person to greet me at the door. She is always happy to see me.  She sits by me and begs me to rub her belly and ears.  She shows her affection in so many ways. She is a great dog.

A few days after the incident, we took her to the vet. She most likely has a cranial crucial ligament tear {which is the equivalent to a human tearing his/her ACL}. The vet said that most likely she will not heal on her own, but we will wait for a bit to find out if she needs surgery for sure. I love our dog. As of now she is on medication to help her and when the meds wear off she limps pretty badly. I feel terrible.

{Update: Although we didn’t take Sugar to the vet right away, we did seek advice from the vet immediately over the phone. We did as the vet instructed and did tests from home to see if her leg may have been broken, dislocated…etc. Since the tests all seemed negative,  the vet advised us to  “wait a day or two” to see if it started to get better on its own.  I am very hurt by the personal attacks this post has brought.  I am sorry if I made it sound like she wasn’t given the medical attention she needed. I feel the exact opposite.}

Are you a pet person? I guess I can officially say that I am. I didn’t think that would ever come out of my mouth. Ha!

{Due to the number of inappropriate comments I was receiving that was attacking my 2-year-old son, I am moderating comments on this post.  All comments of this nature have been deleted permanently and future comments have been disabled.} If readers would like to discuss this post with me specifically, you can e-mail me at allthingsthrifty at gmail dot com, however, I will not allow negative comments about my children to remain public on my blog. Disagree you may, but this is my policy. Thank you for understanding.


Update: Sugar is doing great. It has been three months since her accident and she is doing fantastic. Her leg is completely healed, and she can jump and play just like before. Thank you to all of the concerned readers who emailed me on her behalf. She is a huge part of our family, and we appreciate your love and concern that most of you expressed. 


  1. Hilary says

    I love my dog. My husband recently left, leaving the dog behind – a birthday gift from one year ago. He told me to take him to the shelter, that he didn’t want him. NO WAY. He is the smartest, sweetest, and most beautiful dog I have ever laid eyes on. I am now in the process of finding a new place in my college town that will allow me to have all of my pets. Even if I have to live in a Hobbit hole, we will all be together, I am determined! My animals become more like children to me every day.

  2. MJ Tinling says

    Just reading this makes my heart break a little for your furry kiddo, as I cannot image how I would feel if this happened to our fawn pug Zoe. Animals have a stupendous way of wiggling in to the hearts of even the most fervent “anti-animal” people. They wriggle into our hearts and plant great affections, just like kids that are not your own. I will send good energies and healing vibes Sugar’s way.

  3. Skyleen says

    I own an English Bulldog, Lola Dotty Merfeld haha. I didn’t think I would ever be so attached to animal until I got her. One night when she was about a year and a half she failed jumping on to the couch and ripped out one of her claws partially. I cried my eyes out for the first half hour seeing the blood and hearing her cry, that was the moment I knew I was attached to our wrinkle faced, gas filled, snoring machine bulldog. We can barely can sleep when we leave on vacations and don’t have that snoring lullaby at our feet :)

  4. Tia says

    I cried over my dog last year. We had to put him down. He was a daschund and had a slipped disk in his back. The vet said there was nothing they could do for him. Surgery was not a guaranteed fix and she did not recommend it. He was 7 years old and I loved him so much. Our other dog is 9 and getting old. I don’t know what I will do when he goes. We do have 2 others that are only about 2 years old.

    Praying for your family and Brown Sugar.

  5. Suzy B says

    We have a Shih Tzu named Roxi. She is the sweetest dog. Roxi is 6 & she is a big part of the family. I would sob too if anything happened to her. Hopefully Sugar will heal & be able to run and play again. Praying for her. Hang in there. Our Roxi has the same coloring & precious face. They are the most lovable breed…keep us posted.

  6. Chantel says

    I was so afraid to open this post for fear that you were going to say she had died. Then, while reading the post I was afraid you were going to say that when Creed jumped other he broke her back or something. S, I guess as you can tell from my rambling scared thoughts that it could have been worse. She’s still alive and able to love you and you love on her. I have lost many dogs in my lifetime and it is such a horrible feeling. I had one get hit by a car right in front of me and I completely lost my mind for the rest of that night. Give sugar some “sugar” from us.

  7. Jennboree says

    I didn’t know I really loved any of our pets until I was tested. When my then 4 yr old put the kitten in a sock drawer and we stayed up until 5am looking for her…I knew I loved her. When our Dachsund had 2 ruptured vertebrae and 24 hrs for surgery or death…we chose surgery. He lived another 8 years, walking and running happily! When my fat grumpy white calico had liver problems and I had to put her down, I bawled for days.

    I think of it as a love slightly less fierce than the love for our children, but just as important for our soul.

  8. says

    Aww I know exactly how you feel! I love my dog. I feel horrible when she gets hurt. Hope Sugar gets better soon! <3

  9. Amy says

    I have two rescue pugs and love them to death. We recently lost our first pug Louie (12 years old) and I still get teary thinking about him. I had him cremated and I talk to him everyday when getting ready in the morning. He was my first “baby” before kids and I feel like part of me is missing. Such unconditional love comes from a dog. They truly are part of the family.

  10. Jillian Mitchell says

    Awe Honey, my heart is just aching for you. I have tears in my eyes as I type this! I grew up with an Australian Shepherd dog named Abby. We begged my dad for her when we found her being given away. She was a rescue from an abusive owner but the people who saved her had to give her up because of where they lived. She was the best dog I have ever known to this day and I am now 31 years old (we got her when I was 12 I think). We had a home daycare and the kids would lay on her and watch tv like she was a pillow, she never did mind. When we first got her she followed us not matter what room we were in and would sit by us. If someone got up to go to the bathroom she would immediately follow. When my brother and I would play outside, she would chase us around and try to steal our socks like the herding dog she was. Never ever did she ever show a bit of aggression. We moved from LasVegas to Colorado and she was in heaven around animals she had been bred to herd. One day she got stomped by a mama cow and after that she developed terrible arthritis. She got worse and worse over the next year until finally my dad would have to carry her out to go potty. We eventually had to put her down, there was nothing to be done.

    My husband was raised with animals, but his family didn’t take care of them so he was very against the idea for a long time. Last mother’s day he gave me the best gift, after nine years of marriage he took me to adopt a kitty. I have never until I got married had a time in my life without a cat. Her name is Milly and she is my sweet kitty, beautiful kitty girl. She makes a chatting noise whenever someone sneezes, its so funny, and she has a little brrrrr noise she makes whenever she starts off on a run. She is seven years old now, to the best of our vet’s knowledge and I cannot imagine my life without her.

    So long story short I know exactly why you would be so upset and so attached to your Sugar. Nothing wrong with you. I will keep you and your family and Sugar in my thoughts and prayers for a quick and full recovery.

  11. John K. Losse says

    Okay wait. Your 2 yo jumped on your dog, you can tell your adorable little pup is hurt bad, and it takes you “a few days” to take her to the vet? I … don’t understand. Why it would take so long, when you could see she was in pain?

    • Brooke says

      Although we didn’t take Sugar to the vet right away, we did seek advice from the vet immediately over the phone. We did as the vet instructed and did tests from home to see if her leg may have been broken, dislocated…etc. Since the tests all seemed negative, the vet advised us to ”wait a day or two” to see if it started to get better on its own. I am very hurt by the personal attacks this post has brought. I am sorry if I made it sound like she wasn’t given the medical attention she needed. I feel the exact opposite.

      • John K. Losse says

        My apologies. I did not mean to insult your care of your pet – I just did not understand why there was no emergency care provided until a few days later. Thank you for the clarification and advising that you were in contact with the vet, and following their advise.

      • Caitlin says

        Reading the original post, I too wondered about the delay. I don’t think the poster above me “attacked” you, as some other commenters have inferred – it seemed to me that he was just asking for clarification of details, since that information was not included in the original post.

        Glad to hear you were indeed in contact with a vet right away. Accidents happen to all of us, so don’t fret over that. And the tears are natural/normal! Hopefully Sugar’s leg will heal on its own, and she won’t need surgery. Did the vet put a brace or something on her leg to help her heal, or just the medications?

        I assume, that since this person’s comment wasn’t an attack, that there were other comments that have not been posted that were indeed attacking you?

  12. says

    Oh Brooke…how traumatic! For you, your dog and your son! I think crying over your dog is completely acceptable and good. It means you care and love and value others and don’t want to see anyone {or anything} hurting. It truly is heartbreaking to see pets in pain and not be able to help. My heart goes out to you friend. Wish I could snap my fingers and make her better. I bet you wish you could too. Sending hugs!

  13. tinaehb3 says

    Sending prayers for Sugar. Our dog is like another child at our house. I hope she starts to feel better soon!

  14. says

    Oh I”m crying right alongside you!

    Eight years ago we adopted a shelter dog (a miniature dachshund) for our kids. (I was NOT one of THOSE dog lovers.) Two weeks after the adoption I was removing groceries from the car when a neighbors vicious pit bull came after me. That 7 pound dog barricaded himself between and that dog. Probably saved me from serious injury. As my husband drove the dog to the vet I told my husband we needed to do everything to save him.

    He sits on my lap as I type this. I have become one of THOSE dog people. I even have his photo on my phone.

    It was deemed a miracle that he made it.

    May the same hold true for your sweet sugar.

  15. says

    That’s horrible poor baby. She reminds me of my sister-in-law’s poor pup who was found in front of a laundromat severely abused with ribs broken. I’m a huge animal lover. I’m sure surgery would be a great thing for her! I don’t like seeing innocent creatures in pain

  16. says

    Glad to hear that Sugar is doing a little better! She has the sweetest face and I love those ears! Hopefully she will heal soon. My kitty (living with my parents now) had a broken leg when we got her and it healed by itself (not the same, but hopefully Sugar’s will too!)

  17. says

    I can relate. When I was a kid we had two cats, Kitty and BJ. BJ got diabetes and one day I found him having a seizure under my brother’s bed. I don’t think my parents ever thought they would spend that much money on a free cat from the newspaper (especially not my dad who grew up on a farm…where animals stay outside) But the pleading eyes of a daughter can be powerful. after spending upwards of $3000.00 to hospitalize BJ he died. My Dad who made sarcastic comments about how far we were going for this cat cried like he was saying good bye to a good friend the day we buried him (in a blue american Tourister suitcase…ha)

    I think we can be surprised by our emotions…my Dad certainly was, as were we. It sounds like you were too, and that’s ok. Hope the outcome is positive and that it is not too much of a strain.

  18. says

    Oh dear,
    My dog had the surgery for this about a month ago…then she had to have it again….there are actually two repairs they can do, we opted for the $1500.00 versus the $3500.00 one. Our Maya is 11, so that was considered in the decision, it has been hard with a bigger dog keeping her down, that is the most important part….If you would like to talk please email me and I would be happy to tell you about our journey…. Sandy

  19. says

    I don’t consider myself much of an animal person, but oh my gosh those eyes just melt my heart. So sorry this happened. Don’t be too hard on yourself. It was an accident, and accidents just happen sometimes. I hope all of you are feeling better soon. *hugs*

  20. Jen says

    My dog penny had the same kind of tear. She had her surgery almost three years ago and she is doing great now.

  21. Rachel says

    I am teary just reading this, so I know I would have sobbed too. My friend’s dog had that surgery years ago and he has done great. I hope Sugar feels better soon!

  22. says

    I never thought that I could love a pet as much as I do my dog, Ringo. I could imagine how you must feel… I’m sure your little Brown Sugar is going to be fine!

  23. Serena @ Thrift Diving says

    I’m not a pet person at ALL (my sons have a little fish and even THAT is a enough for me!) but reading about Sugar makes me feel bad for you and for your dog! Having a pet is such am emotional investment, and honestly, I think one reason I won’t allow myself a per is because of that attachment that would probably happen, like you describe; the love. It would be too painful seeing something happen to the pet! Anyhow, hoping your fur baby recovers quickly!

  24. Babette says

    I have had two dogs with cruciate ligament tears… One was last year and another is in a splinit as I write this… Your dog can be just fine and heal from this… Without surgery as a first option.

    My gal wore a splint last year for four weeks and received weekly Adaquan shots… This shot is completely safe and it rebuilds cartridge and lubricates the joint. I expect my gal currently wearing the splint to have it removed next week…

    My girls are mother/daughter… The breed is Coton de Tulear… We lice on a ranch and my dogs are very active 8 & 10 year olds. please email me if you’d like to talk further. I look forward to hearing from you… If the injury is what you’ve described, I’m sure I can help…


    Babette Pareira
    Sent from my iPhone

    Faith makes all things possible… Hope makes all things work…
    Love makes all things beautiful.

  25. Leslie says

    I know how u feel. This happened to my basset hound. He tore his ligament too. He had surgery 2 years ago and is doing great. The worst part about the whole thing is to keep your dog from running and jumping in the recovery period. My dog has had no problems since surgery. It is the best $2500 I have ever spent. We call it the golden leg now!!

  26. Shana says

    Awwww!! Your post made me teary eyed! Poor Sugar! Big hugs to you, I know how hard it is when our furbabies get hurt or are sick. Sending healing vibes your way for Sugar! Please keep us updated on her condition!!Give her a belly rub for us.

  27. Karen J says

    About 20 years ago, my disabled daughter came home one day with a Shih-Tsu that had been hit by a car. He was so matted, infested and infected also. My son and I shaved him to the skin, bathed him and off to the vet we went. He had a dislocated hip, had to have several teeth removed from being hit, surgery on his eye and we had him neutered. The vet guessed that he was at least 4 years old. We could never locate the owner so he gradually became part of our family. He quelled my daughter’s fear of dogs. He slept by my mother’s bed in her last years. He presence gave her great peace. We lost him and Mama just two months apart. We never knew how old he was but knew he was at least 18. He was truly a gift from God. Blessings to you and your little guy and many more years of enjoying him as part of your family.

  28. says

    How unfortunate that people attacked you during this time. People can be so ugly. Sometimes, with a pet, just like with a kid, you never really know the right actions to take and if it’s as serious as you think it is. Let’s be honest here, a phone call first, instead of rushing to the emergency vet, which may end up costing a pretty penny unecessarily, is sometimes the better option. We all need to realize that and not be so hasty to judge.

    My dog, Bella, is my first born baby. Everyone said that once my daughter was born, Bella wouldn’t be as important to me….not true at all! My daughter is 2 and a half and is really beginning to love Bella and is learning to pet her and love her. The love of a dog is the best love. It’s unconditional, it’s unwavering, it’s pure and it’s joyful at all times. My dog is a lab (labs can be a little needy!) but even in her neediest times, when she can be a bit nudgy and following me around closely, I still just love her to pieces because of all the people she wants attention from, it’s me! How cool is that. I couldn’t imagine my life without her!

  29. Sandy A says

    Throughout all our married years together my husband and I have many pets. Most for many years thankfully–others, sadly less. The little dog we have now tore her ACL one winter, most likely slipping on ice. She had surgery to repair the injury–extremely expensive but she is our family and you don’t think twice about something like that when it means her health. It was totally successful and she healed fast and has remained healthy as can be for an aging girl! People asked us why we would spend that amount of money on a “dog?” She is not just a” dog”–she is a member of our family. We would do anything to help her. I have never understood why people have pets if they don’t want to care for them–take them to the vet for checkups and shots, or spend money to repair injuries or relieve them from sickness–leave them outside instead of in their homes as part of the family–it drives me crazy!! Why have them at all if you don’t love them enough to be responsible for them?! Our family pets have been so much joy and given us such love–they fill up our hearts!!!

    Hopefully your little one will do well too–and will be back to full health and running around playing soon–best of wishes to you all. And don’t pay any attention to negative remarks–they are not worth fussing over–at all…

  30. Sandi Reagan says

    Dear Brook!
    First of all my friend DO NOT LISTEN TO THE HATEFUL PEOPLE IN THE WORLD WHO ARE ALL SO READY TO POINT FINGERS AND BLAME…..when I seriously doubt they don’t live in glass houses themselves. You did nothing wrong nor did your son, for pete sake he is only two. And you my dear can not have your eye’s trained on everyone every second of the day!!!! It was an accident. I detest people who without knowing the entire story have the cruelty to attack people when they are down!!!!! DON’T LISTEN TO ANYONE BUT GOD AND YOUR HEART!!! They will never stear you wrong. You are doing and did everything you possibly could….accidents happen and you are a wonderful mother to both your two and four legged children!
    BTW I have five children, five dogs, two cats and a rabbit, and they all get into scraps from time to time! Your doing just fine!!!!

  31. Karen says

    Brooke, I am so sorry for your poor puppy! Let the bad comments go. They don’t know the whole story and since they can hide behind their computer, they feel free to let their bad manners go wild. You can teach a two year old and accidents will still happen. Let it the self recriminations go. Free up yourself to concentrate on the important things! My fur baby is an American Bulldog and he is my three year olds best friend. He is a 90 pound lapdog but because of his looks I get heat all of the time for having a “pit bull” around my kids. I have to laugh at the misconceptions or I would contantly be slapping folks around and we just can’t have that!

  32. Angela Owens says

    Thank you for this post. I have a 2 year old as well who is very rambunctious with our dog who is now 14 so I will take it much more seriously when she jumps on him. He is like our 1st child and we had a scare with him 4 years ago when he fell off our bed in the middle of the night. I tuned the light on and he appeared to be dying right before my eyes. When my husband left with him to go to the emergency vet I thought that I would never see him again. He was admitted to intensive care and the front of his body was paralized. They weren’t sure if he had a stroke, infection, tumor or many other things. After he was stable we took him to a per neurosurgeon for a CT scan so that we could make an informed decision on where to go from there. He had a “bruised” spinal cord from the fall and would slowly recover. I slept by him on the floor, carried him around and within 2 weeks he was walking again. He still shakes vigoursly sometimes when he sleeps but we are able to wake him and it stops. This made me appreciate him a million times more and he is one of the most loved dogs on the planet. With a lot of love I am sure your dog will pull through as well.

  33. Sara says

    I am so sorry to hear this! We have a house full of boys and constantly have to remind the littler ones how to be kind to our pets. Anyway, the real reason I’m commenting: Some time back, my mom’s little dog tore the same area as she was trying to dig out of the yard to follow my mom on that one drive she didn’t get to go on. The vet we use offered a new specialty she had trained in: accunpuncture. She made home visits for Georgie girl and over the course of the treatments, was able to bring back 80-85% usage on that limb. Quite the improvement for a 30lb dog. It was less expensive, non-invasive and had as much improvement as the surgery would have. I don’t know if this would still be an option for you, but it’s definitely worth looking in to.

  34. Amy says

    I’m so sorry you have to go through this. We have a lab/shepherd mix that tore her ACL last July. It was 2 months of limping and trying to keep her down before we did the surgery. She was only 3 years old at the time so we made the decision to have the surgery. I’m so glad we did! It was weeks of one of us sleeping with her downstairs, weeks on a leash, weeks of keep her “down.” Now 8 months later, she is back at 100%. We took her to physical therapy, and I walked her a little bit every day, and longer walks every week. That was the best thing we could have done. She still has her moments, she’s played to hard, the bed looks like its 10 feet tall and she doesn’t jump up but she’s all good. It’s so hard to watch them in pain and look to you for help. I’m so sorry for the hurtful things people think are ok to post because its faceless, if they were standing in front of you they would never (I would hope) say horrible things. Keep your head up, and shower her with love and kisses.

  35. LF says

    Sending hugs and healing thoughts your way!!

    It is amazing how quickly our little furry friends find a place in our homes and especially in our hearts! They are part of the family. They love us unconditionally and you can’t help but love them in return!

  36. Paige says

    Break my heart! Toddlers and pups do not always mix well. Gentle is a hard word to teach both of them! Good luck with the recuperation. Internet hugs to both Sugar and you.

  37. Brooke says

    We have a 11 year old boston terrier… She is like one of our children. Wherever we are she is right along with us. about 3 weeks ago she started acting really funny, wouldnt move, wouldnt jump just sat there and shook. I thought OMG this dog is going to die i had no idea what was wrong with her. We thought for sure it had to be Lyme disease (we live in New England…super woodsy)… so off my hubby went to the vet with her… $400 dollars later turns out she has a little arthritis in her paw and she had been running around alot that weekend so she mustve been really sore… long story short.. I didnt realize exactly how much we loved her until we were faced with the realization that she is getting older and will not be around forever!!! Good luck with your puppy!! Hope she feels better!!!

  38. Jennifer says

    I lost my beautiful English Bulldog, Ollie, 17 months ago to cancer. He was just 15 months old. I still cry daily for him. He was my “soul dog”. I was blessed to have had him with me for the 13 months that I did.

  39. says

    I am so sorry that this happened. We have a toy poodle named Charlie and falling in love with him happened to me too. When I think of him, I realize that he’s always there…at my feet…sitting beside me…never asking for anything…except love. I hope all goes well with Sugar!

  40. Erika says

    Thoughts and prayers for the entire family as you all heal. As to your comment about kids raised with animals, i think the benefits of loving and caring for something far outweigh the accidents that may occur. That was exactly what this was, an accident. Maybe it will be a good opportunity for everyone to work together to make sure Sugar fully recovers (help with cleaning a box or crate, making her get well cards) Being raised with animals meant I have a life long love of them (as does my sister who works in the veterinary profession) so keep working at it and shed those tears as needed!

  41. Ceil says

    How wonderful that you rescued an abandoned pup. I commend you for opening your heart and home to rescue Sugar as many would have not done so. I know it’s extremely devastating when something happens to one of the furry members of our families. I m crying along with you as I have been there. My diabetic cat of 11 years was the light of my day and sadly I lost him but I have never really recovered from the loss. Thoughts and prayers going out to your precious Sugar and to your family! Don’t give up and seek the advice of a specialist if need be.

  42. lindsey says

    Oh my goodess! i come with HOPE! my brothers weiner dog had this same thing happen to her! it was like she was paralyzed in the back legs- and she would yelp if you touched her. She took medicine and the family was told to not lift her or let her run for two months. They really thought they were going to have to put her down. But two months has passed and she is EXCELLENT. She isnt acting like she has any pain. She snuggles. it HEALED. And she is older (probably 8 or 9).
    There is hope love.
    Prayers that your bubba will get better!

  43. Leslie H says

    So sorry to hear about your precious dog. I have three Shih Tzus two of them are twelve and I know how heart broken I’m gonna be when they’re gone. Just two things homepathic meds work great for animals too and have no side effects and some chiropractors will actually work on pets and be able to help when a vet can’t. I’ve used homepathic meds on my dogs when the vet said it would takes weeks for a condition to clear up and a lot of antibiotics and with the homepathic meds it took 2 DAYS. Also homepathic meds need to fit the symptoms including mood symptoms. Hope this helps you and many others out there.

  44. Susan Krauss says

    I have a similar story regarding our last cat, Rosie. Rosie had bad dander for a while and no change in her diet was helping. So, my husband and I decided to try and bathe (yeah, I know!) her in our stall shower, thinking that we could control the situation better than if we’d attempted it in the tub. Wellllllllll…….Rosie panicked big time and attempted to jump over the shower enclosure walls. In her scrambling, she misjudged herself and slid down the wall. Immediately, she started howling out in pain and we were DEVASTATED by the fact that WE had done this to her! We let her out of the stall and she dragged herself under the vanity,where she continued to cry out. I was sobbing uncontrollably by now. I felt like the worst pet mom on the planet. We eventually were able to get her into the pet carrier and took her to the emergency vet that same night. More drama and guilt awaited us, when they had to administer x-rays to see if she had any broken bones. My poor girl HOWLED as they had to hold her back legs in place to take the pictures! OMG it was AWFUL! Rosie had to stay at the vet overnight for observation and when we came to get her the next day, we were given pain meds for her. She had torn her back right leg muscle in her fearful attempt to get away from the shower stream. It took weeks for her to get back to (mostly) normal, with almost a week of her not bathing( a sure sign of a cat in distress) or barely moving from one spot. She was left with a slight limp and a forever sensitivity in that leg. MY POOR BABY! Brooke, I totally know where you’re coming from. My husband and I don’t have any human children and our cats have been our babies. I hope your dog heals quickly. Don’t listen to the haters! You did what you thought was best and I’m sure she knows you love her!!!

  45. Jocelan says

    I have a Shih Tzu and she is the love our life,she is 5 yrs old.She is the second small dog we have owned or should i say she owns us.We had a part Shih Tzu for 5 yrs and she got a problem with her back where had to put her down ,it was one of our worst days .
    It to bad people would.nt judge before they judge.
    My prayers are with your dog praying that she will make a full recovery.
    Blessing’s Jocelan

  46. Natasha says

    I am so sorry you’re going through this with your fur-baby!! And I’m really sorry you’re having to defend yourself to people’s attacks about how you handled the situation regarding her medical care. I feel you did the right thing by waiting a few days to take her in! Let’s face it, normally if our kids get injured we don’t rush them to the doctor. We clean up the boo-boo and we wait a few days typically to see what the injury is going to do. And honey, it’s normal to cry over your pet! I cried when my English Mastiff, Scoobie, caught his paw between my bed and it’s frame one morning. He yelped and couldn’t figure out how to get back up on the bed. I’m still not sure how I managed, other then sheer stupid panic power, to lift his 195# (@ 8 months) butt back into my bed and free his paw. He limped for about 3 days on it before it got better. And for 3 days I was a doting mommy. I love my older English Masiff, Sophie, don’t get me wrong but Scoobie is my BABY!!! He picked me out when he was only 4 weeks old. :) Out of a littler of 12 puppies he was the only one who peed on me. haha To my surprise when I picked up his papers I was shocked to discover he was born on my son’s birthday, a child I lost two years ago. That was I think the moment I realized I a pet lover. But back on track, I will keep your family in my prayers as you trudge through this struggle.

  47. Kimberly says

    I know that love and it’s so heartwarming to hear you’re an animal lover like myself. I don’t know if this might help you but hope it will give you some comfort.

    Last January on a Saturday while my husband was playing ball with our little cockapoo he slipped on some ice in the yard and damaged his spinal cord. Over the next 24 hours I noticed his ability to use his hind legs greatly deteriorate. On Monday morning we went to the vets and after some testing they sent us to a neurosurgeon at an animal hospital several towns away. They confirmed that he was suffering from a paralysis midway down his back. It was devastating. They also noticed some damage to several discs (which could’ve been there previously). They told us he had spinal cord damage which happened when his ass end came flying around toward his head when he slipped on that ice. They were very quick to recommend surgery. And if my mother wasn’t with me, I probably would’ve jumped to it. She was a nurse for 38 years and said “they wouldn’t be so quick to do surgery on a human, give him a day or two and see how he does”. I thank God all the time for that advise. We did see progress as the swelling subsided. We took him to physical therapy 3x a week along with the steroids they put him on for the next 2 months. We saw a remarkable improvement within the first 2 weeks. Slowly he was regaining his ability to walk in a controlled fashion. We can never play ball with him again (he loves to run all out and we can’t risk it) but we still have him with us. I’m still paying on that vet bill that was over $6,000 but it was worth it to me and I’d do it again in a second. In case you’re wondering, the MRI alone was $3500. My hubby and I also don’t have human children so these truly are our babies. Every parent does what they feel is their best. Yes, I would’ve done the surgery if I didn’t see an improvement but I’m thankful that I took some time because the surgery was very risky and we could’ve lost him all together. Don’t let the negativity get you down!!

  48. Karen says

    I am so sorry about your fur baby. I want to say that first and foremost. However, I was a bit angered that you have been personally attacked for being what some would call a “bad pet owner” for not rushing your dog to the vet immediately. I am and always have been a big animal lover. I hate to see any animal suffer unnecessarily. But…. I know that taking care of them can be expensive and sometimes come without warning. I have two dogs and a cat. I have often said Lord forbid if anything happened to any of them because when my husband lost his job last year, I am the only one working and supporting the household and my paycheck doesn’t quite cut it. If anything happened to my beloved pets that required extensive vet care, I’d have no choice but to put them down. It would kill me. But I’d have no choice. People can say what they want about that, I could care less. It’s really none of their business. I don’t tell them how to run their households and make decisions and I don’t need help running mine. But I totally get that sometimes people -even though they really want to – cannot provide that care – for whatever reason – for a pet. I had my animals long before my husband lost his job and just because he lost it doesn’t mean my animals are going any where. And it doesn’t make me a bad pet owner. There is just a limit to what I will and can afford to spend on them. I just had to speak out in your defense here about those who said hurtful things to you about you handled this situation. A dear friend of mine said once, “don’t ever 2nd guess yourself in a bad situation. You do the best you can during that time and that’s all anyone can ever ask for.” I hope your sweet little fur bundle will be okay. Don’t let others get you down. Sometimes people don’t think before they speak. I thought long and hard about what I just said though. :) -Karen

  49. Shawn J says

    I feel so bad for sugar and your family. I cried when my little pom had to go to heaven, they are a part of our families and we really feel bad when something happens to them, I know I do. I sure hope she gets better.
    smjohns63 at yahoo dot com

  50. Sarah says

    I hope your dog is doing better. I have a boxer which I am totally in love with. He tore his ACL last year and I thought he was just getting old and harder to move. I took him to the vet to get his shots and they told me that he tore his ACL. I felt horrible that i did not know. We got it fixed, the couple of weeks after were hard to see him not being able to walk and recovering but it was truly best thing for him, he acts totally himself. I hope this helps you in some way :)

  51. Lisa says

    Aawww, hugs to you and to Sugar. I haven’t read all of the posts, but saw a few mentions of people saying mean things to you. What a horrible thing to do! I’m sorry you are feeling that pain on top of your hurt over Sugar’s injury. Please don’t pay attention to those who are attacking you. Sugar knows how much you love her (why do you think she came straight to you when she was hurt?).
    Yes, I’m a pet person and just reading your post made me want to cry. I dread the day I will have to say goodbye to our dog, Max. He’s been a part of our family for almost 7 years. We adopted him from a no-kill rescue shelter, and I say a prayer of thanks every day that God not only made him, but led him to our family.
    I will hold you all in my prayers and hope Sugar recovers and is back to her old self. Please keep us updated and, again, don’t pay any attention to the haters. You know the truth, and so does Sugar.

  52. Karen says

    I think pet people are very passionate about how they feel and are not hesitant to express it. I am one of those people. I don’t have two legged kids. My kids are my dogs and cats. The light and love of my life. I don’t know the specifics of what happened or how much you taught you child to be careful around animals but I do know many kids that are reckless and not taught to respect animals. Even two year olds should learn what is right and acceptable behavior. Also I can certainly understand how people would be outraged that someone would not take their animal to be assessed at their vet after such trauma like that. I don’t judge you but I understand those whom are upset with you. Wen you put a story out there you have to expect honest feelings to come back.

  53. says

    This is so sad :( It made ME cry!! I have always been an animnal person.
    Two years ago, my husband surprised me and said we could go pick out a Yorkie, the dog I had dreamed of having for YEARS. It was love at first sight. And to this day, he follows ME to the bathroom in the middle of the night, finds me in the house, cuddles me all night – sits next to me while I’m feeding our new baby girl. I love him. He has a special place in my heart – and I can’t imagine being in your position – I’d be SO mad, but how can you be mad at a 2 year old?!

    Thats a catch22 for sure.

    Praying for you and sweet brown sugar. Hope she heels quickly.

  54. Eloisa says

    Brooke, thanks for sharing. Reading this post choked me up. We are cat lovers here, but I know the feeling of loving and worrying over your pet. Don’t let the insensitive comments make you feel worse. Thanks for putting yourself out there and blogging!

  55. Nancy Carr says

    Sugar is adorable. I will keep all of you in my prayers. I have 3 little girl dogs that are my family. I love them so much and they give me so much joy. Peace and Blessings

  56. Cristina HR says

    I’m so sorry about Sugar…she is adorable! We have always had dogs & cats and I’ve cried many a time over each and every one of them. We had the same thing happen with our Alaskan Malamute, Cody. We saw an emergency vet that thought
    we should have surgery to repair the tear but we just couldn’t afford the $3000 she thought it might run. We waited until the next day and saw our regular vet. He put Cody on a regimen of Glucosamine and Chondroitin, and Ester C. He quickly made a
    full recovery. I wish you the best of luck!!! XO

  57. says

    Sorry to hear about your sweet pup. I am sure that is a difficult situation.
    I love my doggie so much as well. I had a tiny chihuahua years ago…when he was hit by a car while my mom was dog sitting I was a MESS. An absolute mess. I kept blaming myself for going out of town.
    They are definitely family!

  58. Heather says

    We have a Springer Spaniel that is around 12 yrs young.(I say around because I found her also) 2yrs ago she got so bad (barely walking, no energy and appetite starting to go) I thought she was dying. We took her to the vet and it was a torn ACL. The vet sedated(don’t ask me why) her and bandaged her leg. He then gave us the bad news telling us that she would need surgery and it was going to cost anywhere from $1-2 grand…. I knew that my husband would never agree to that in my mind. I went home and researched torn ACL. I found out that ACL is a huge “cash cow” for vets and the surgery rarely improves the condition that much. I found that if you allow the leg to heal on its own it usually will. We also found out that giving our dog glucosomine and keeping her quiet(i.e. refraining from jumping and vigorous activity) sped up the healing process. We did just that for her and prayed. SHE COMPLETELY HEALED!!! She runs and jumps like a puppy at times. We sometimes give her baby aspirin if she is moving more slowly,but other than that, time was all her leg needed. (I shut her in my bedroom while her leg was healing and kept a bed on the floor so she wouldn’t jump on the bed or feel obligated to get overly excited and overdo it with visitors) I would say that it took a couple of months to really see improvement, she limped around until it healed,but I would google glucosomine and aspirin dosage to see how much to give…it goes according to weight. Chin up, she’ll be OK…I know it’s hard to see them in pain(it killed me too), but it’s not your fault(she knows that). GOD will heal her…HE cares about all the little critters too!! Just ask Noah. =)

  59. Heather says

    I forgot to mention that we also gave her chondroitin….
    and all of the dosages are online… call your vet too though. Mine was a crook soo I researched myself. 😉

  60. says

    Poor puppy!! I’m so glad she’ll be ok. But it was an accident, so please don’t beat yourself up about it.

    I have a cat and she’s the first pet I’ve ever had. We didn’t have anything but fish growing up. And now I can’t imagine my world without her. They work their way into your heart so easily, don’t they?

  61. Tammy Lober says

    Sugar is beautiful! How could you not love her!? Look at that face. I love my 3 fur babies more than anything. I hope she feels better soon! :)

  62. Molly H says

    I don’t understand where any of you feel it is your place to judge or even condone another person’s judgment. It seems like all you hear from bloggers is how supportive the community is. What? As long as it’s furniture redos, room makeovers and a crisis you all deem to be worthy or your positive thoughts? Seems like total garbage to me. It was an accident. Crappy things happen, and it’s not fair. It’s not for you or anyone else to judge and bring someone down. Karma teaches rough lessons when you’re busy looking through your glass house.
    Brooke, focus on the positive uplifting comments, they’re the ones that matter and will make your heart heal. I pray for you and your Sugar Pup and that you are able to find a little peace in the situation.

    • Molly says

      Everyone is on the wrong side of an accident sooner or later. I hope that when it happens to you you don’t have to face some judgemental person determined to make you feel worse. Instead of offering your ill will maybe consider offering some compasion. I don’t expect you to agree. I’m such sad that people are so without a little heart when someone is hurting.

    • Meg says

      Our cat hurt her leg two weeks ago and we DID rush her to the emergency vet. An hour, heaps of stress, and $150 later, the vet essentially said “Let’s give her a few days to rest and see what happens before we pursue x-rays or more extensive tests.” So, we OVER-reacted, and you reacted PERFECTLY, I would say. If you’d rushed your pup to the vet, you would’ve gotten the same advice you got over the phone, but you would’ve wasted time and money, and probably increased the stress on your dog too. So, good job for keeping a level head! (And those of you who said if it had been her kid who fell down and limped a bit afterwards she would’ve rushed her child to the ER — do you have kids? Kids fall down and get hurt all the time, including sometimes walking a little limpy after they’ve banged a knee or slightly twisted an ankle — not every occasion is worthy of a trip to critical care, for pity’s sake. That’s just ridiculous.)

  63. says

    Oh M Gee….she is absolutely precious….and I am so sorry this accident happened. We know your son did not mean to hurt her…and I’m so glad you sought vet advice right after the incident.
    We are keeping our paws crossed she makes a full recovery.
    We are two little wiener dogs, ages 11 & 12…both adopted thru rescue. Our Mama has been a rescue volunteer for 10 years. Our beloved wire hair dachshund, Xena was sent peacefully to heaven in the loving arms of our pawrents. She was suffering with dimentia (yes….dogs do get dimentia….same as humans) & after 3 years of treating….the most hearwrenching & difficult decision was made to end her suffering & give her peace.

    (((hugs)) & get well kisses
    from Oskar & Schatzi


  64. says

    They become part of the family! Hope he heals ok. Such a cutie. I also wanted to thanks you for the great class at SNAP. I really enjoyed it! You were so sweet to help me with my questions about my grandmothers couch too. Looking forward to reading your blog!

  65. says

    After reading the post I stopped in to comment, ready to take on and do battle with any snide comments. But it looks like that has been healed. Little Sugar’s gonna heal up too, we had a dog with a similar issue but it did take time.

  66. says

    My heart goes out to you! Keep your chin up as best you can. My dog Dixie is a rottie/lab mix and I came home from a trip to her being injured. I called the vet like you did and then went in a few days later. Although for us they could not find the cause of the injury. She lost muscle and was starting to lose her will. It killed me! Then I moved and could not take her with me right away and she started to heal under my mothers loving attention. I will pray that you and Sugar get better. I know that it breaks the heart to watch a member of the family in pain and hurt more to lose them.

  67. Sarah says

    WOW. I could never imagine letting my dog walk around for a few days in pain because a vet told me to wait it out. I would find a new vet if I were you. This made my heart hurt knowing your dog was in so much pain and nothing was done about it besides a phone call.

  68. Elizabeth says

    I’m so sorry about Sugar. I use to breed German Shepherds. Now that I am at home all the time I have two Shih Tzu’s. They are smarter than any dog I’ve ever known! So sweet and loving too. I have bred my Shih Tzu, FiFi too. The first instruction I give to anyone with young children is when ever they are around the dog they need to sit on the floor and let the dog/puppy get in their lap on the floor. That way if they drop the dog or the dog jumps they are already ground level. Small dogs have knee problems too. This may not have prevented the situation you have but it is just for future information/ideas. I hope I don’t sound like I’m scolding or being ugly. I don’t mean to be. What’s happened has happened and I think you have learned from it. Nothing anyone says can change what has happened. It happens to people all the time. These sweeties want to be right where we are. They don’t realize they are putting themselves in danger and two yr olds have no clue about accidentally hurting a pet. It was a accident… that’s why they are called a accident! Again, I’m so sorry you and Sugar are having to go through this. Pets have this amazing ability to adjust to things like this. **HUGS**