Want to win my favorite crafting tool ever!?!? Come enter to win a Silhouette Portrait!

SILHOUETTE PORTRAIT_paddedOr, if you want to buy one, they are running an amazing discount right now! {Just use THRIFTY when you check out to get the discount}.



Use the code THRIFTY to get the discount! 

I literally use my Silhouette at least 5 times a month {if I had to guess}. It’s my right hand man {or woman!}

I used it to whip up these cute spinning chore charts just last week! I use it a ton, so if you need proof, check out my other Silhouette projects. 

Children's chore chart (1)

If you win this, you WILL use your machine. I promise.

How to enter the giveaway, you ask!?!? Enter below:

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  1. heather b. says

    What would’nt i do? I would love to use this for label making, stencilling, glass fetching, card making and even make a custom deal for my car!

  2. Lynn says

    Please enter me in the awesome giveaway to win the Silhoueete potrait! Thank you so much for this awesome opportunity to win!

  3. Lynn says

    I will use the Silouette to cut vinyl letters to make primitive style signs for my home decor, scrapbooking projects!

  4. Liz Matly says

    Ooohh the endless possibilities! I would love to win a Silhouette machine! Thanks for the opportunity, what an awesome giveaway!!!

  5. says

    Oh, I hope I’m the lucky one who wins this, I’m sure I will use it tons:) great blog by the way, full of information & lots of pics!

  6. Kathie says

    I would be the happiest girl in all the land if I were to win! I would make t-shirts for my boys.

  7. April says

    I’ve wanted one of these for 2 years now. First thing on the agenda would probably be vinyl numbers for my front door!

  8. Nikki says

    I will be using my Silhouette for general crafting and decorative labeling around the house as well as gifts since I have a ton of people either getting married or having babies in the coming months!

  9. Amber says

    Hi, I have been wanting a Silhouette for so long now. Everywhere in my life there are things that need it.

  10. Amanda says

    I will organize! I have so many projects that I keep putting off because “I need to make labels”.

  11. Callie says

    I have been wanting one of these forever!!! So much easier than working with an exacto knife :)

  12. Liz says

    You mean I wouldn’t have to cut out my vinyl by hand anymore?? :) Thanks for the opportunity!

  13. Molly H says

    Crossing my fingers for this one!! I want a silhouette as bad as I wanted the Barbie Dream House when I was 8. I hope I have better luck with the silhouette!

  14. Shannon says

    I’m so excited about this! I’ve been wanting one for so long, but it just hasn’t been in the budget. Love your blog too…it’s so inspiring and fun!,

  15. says

    I have a bunch of projects up my sleeve for when I can get a Silhouette. I want to do some applique on the baby blankets that I make, I want to do some glass etching for wedding presents, and do some vinyl stickers for my car :)

  16. Kaci says

    I have a whole list of projects I want to do with the Silhouette. I would be so excited to win one!

  17. Awnali Mills says

    If I win, I’ll use the silhouette with my scrapbooking, sewing, and general creating (and probably with my library job as well.)

  18. Steph says

    There are so many crafty projects that a Silhouette would make possible to complete. I lust over the neat projects you and other bloggers complete with yours, I would love to win!

  19. Rebekah Stockton says

    I really need to make a chore chart, and I was very inspired by this one when I saw it.

  20. says

    I would love to design fun projects for my toddler to do! Keep the little ones busy and create some new crafting fun!!! Thank you!

  21. says

    Would love to have a chance to win a Silhouette!! I think I would use it all the time, the possibilities seem endless. Thank you!! Linda

  22. Lindsay says

    Ahh I’ve wanted a silhouette for so long! Maybe 2013 will be my year! Fingers (and toes) crossed!

  23. Trinamick says

    I would love to make one of those cute chore charts, all I need is a lazt susan, paint and of course a Silhouette!

  24. Jill says

    While it is soo out of my budget right now, I have so many dreams for this machine! I think I would use it most to make stencils for paintings and wood-burnings! Would get a much cleaner line than cutting them out by hand!

  25. says

    OH! I would make vinyl labels to go all throughout my house!!! I am needing to de-clutter and organize my house and this would come in so handy!!!

  26. Lisa Beck says

    I would make labels, stencils, and die cuts…the first day. The possibilities are endless!

  27. says

    So many projects, so little time!!! I would definitely use this for my personal wall art a LOT. I’ve wanted a Subway-style sign forever, but customized to show the street names I’ve lived on throughout my life. It would be perfect for that!

  28. amy b. says

    I have a ton of craft projects I would love to do…decals on canisters, family calendar, wall art, and on and on.

  29. says

    Sewing and organization come to mind! I would HAVE to use this for getting my house organized, and for applique work and iron-ons for kids clothing!

  30. Xenia says

    I wouldn’t know where to start but I definitely need to work on my scrap booking and making items for upcoming parties

  31. Lindsey Tharp says

    Oh, please please please, pretty please with sugar on top!!! I want a Silhouette machine so bad! My inner creativity is dying to come out and I think this would be the perfect outlet!

  32. Phyllis Russell says

    I’ve got the projects lined up and waiting! Love the silhouette! Much more versatile than the Cricut!

  33. Marilyn says

    Definitely not in the budget right now but its fun to dream! I have a whole list of projects I’d love to be able to do!

  34. AMBER H says

    I don’t know. I would definitely have to learn about one as I have never used one :) but they look neat!

  35. Lisa says

    I have so much I could with that. There are lots of fabric crafts, glass, signs, organization….and so much more I could do.

  36. Abbie says

    I could use it for so many projects! I have a bunch of signs I want to make for my laundry room and also I would use it for my sons quiet book. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  37. Lisa Hoey-Wheelock says

    I would do EVERYTHING with her! The creative “juices” are flowing already ! Think I would start with vinyls!

  38. Coree says

    I love making Vinyl projects!! Plus cards and scrapbooking!! Possibilities are endless!!! :)

  39. Danielle Geddes says

    The amount of things I could do with this are racing through my head! It would be epic!

  40. Jennifer Jensen says

    I would do everything you could do if I had one! Top project would be vinyl wall decorations, our walls are still so bare after 4 years. Thanks for the giveaway!

  41. Sharline Grace says

    I’ve been stashing a bit of money each month to try and grab one during one of the awesome sales. Since my husband just lost his job that money will be going towards our water bill. If I won this one my first project would be labels in our new reading nook that my 7 yr old and I just started. She is beyond excited to finish and we were just going to stencil our stuff bc it was cheaper but this would be perfect :)

  42. Michelle W/ says

    That tool looks amazing! I am starting to think of a bunch of things I could use it for.

  43. Ashley says

    I would totally use it for cutting out applique to quilt with. Cutting by hand is tedious!

  44. Darcie says

    I am the most interested in fabric crafting, but I’ve thought of a million vinyl and other non-fabric things to do as well!

  45. Carrie Mundie says

    I’d love to have a Silhouette, and I think one of my first projects would be cutting a stencil for glass etching. I bought the etching cream last year and have still have not opened it.

  46. Koree says

    I would use it for gifts, wall art, labels, and I love your chore chart. Definitely would do one of those.

  47. says

    I have been wanting one forever! I would use it on soooo many projects. Most recently I was etching some glass wishing did not have to cut out the pattern by hand!

  48. Marcie says

    It would be fun to just experiment and do things that I currently don’t even think about doing. I could polish up some rooms with some final touches.

  49. Carmen Khouri says

    I would use the silhouette to create labels for jars, organize my kitchen cabinet, create vinyl decals, and many more things. The possibilities are endless.

  50. Diana Dalton says

    I am so new at some of these wonderful projects that I would try one out…the spinning wheel would be a for sure. With 4 boys we need something like that. “It’s his chore, no it’s his…I did that last time” and then I end up doing it. Would love to win the Silhouette Portrait just for the peace it would bring to my home <3

  51. Bethany K says

    Thanks so much for the giveaway! I have a HUGE list of projects to create if I win. :) I’ve been coveting a Cameo/Portrait for a LONG time. Thanks again!

  52. Kim B. says

    My first project would be a subway sign for the kitchen. Then I want to re-create your chore boards.

  53. says

    I think I could burn one of these puppies up. I really would like one, but just haven’t bought one yet. So I think it would be awesome to “win” one. :)

  54. Kellye A says

    I think I’d start by playing around with it & getting used to it…make a few small, fun shapes… Then I’d work on some art for our house. Maybe an “Est 2010″ sign with our names. Exciting :)

  55. says

    Hello, I would start out by making my mom a family sentiment sign, subway art for Mother’s day and then I have been wanting to make a personalized garden sized flag for my Dad’s grave and then I want to bling out some tote bags and on and on and on. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  56. Ginger Long says

    I have dreamed of owning a cameo/portrait. What a great tool to create stencils and wall words. Only my imagination will stop me. Thank you for this opportunity.

  57. Julie says

    I’d have to draw straws, for fairness sakes, to see which child room i would start in first. There are four of them :) then make my way around the house.

  58. Courtney Brown says

    I NEED this;)!!! Okay would LOVE it!! I love All Things Thrifty- thanks for all the inspiration!!

  59. L Logan says

    I can’t think how many times I would use this. I love words and signs. Thank you for the fun giveaway.

  60. Katie says

    There is a girl at church that has a Sillouette, and she has done some amazing thing for the Young Women’s room. I want to do amazing things too! You’re qwesome for doing this giveaway!

  61. Yessenia Ornelas says

    If I had a Silhouette Portrait I would use it when I have to travel. I am going down to Vegas in a few weeks and I would love to take a Portrait so I can do some stuff for my mom.

  62. Tracey says

    I would finally be able to organize all my closets, pantry, kids room….then of course I would have to share it with my mother who wants to do hers.

  63. Tricia says

    If I had a Silhouette Portrait, I would use it to make stencils for my “family story” that I am creating in the den.
    Thank you for the give-away! You are awesome!

  64. says

    I can see I’m on a long list of crafty peeps who want one!
    I do a lot of text transfer, but would use one of these So much!

    • Melissa says

      A portrait would be so convenient to take on trips so I can craft even without my cameo!

  65. Jenni Shaver says

    First, I would put my kids names on EVERYTHING! Then I would make some cool art for our walls.

  66. says

    The more projects I see, the more I find myself drooling over these things! I could do chore charts, graphic up my soon-to-be-born chalkboard wall in the kitchen…send subliminal messages to the boys in the bathroom (FLUSH DANG IT!!)

  67. Jennifer says

    I already have baby announcements designed and am in LOVE with the idea of getting a silhouette–instead of cutting out 180 little baby chicks by hand!! :)

  68. Tara says

    I’ve been admiring all the wonderful thing you can do with the Silhouette for quite some time! The possibilities are endless!

  69. Erin white says

    I never enter these things but I am so tired of watching these beautiful projects being created and not being able to jump on that bandwagon… I have a feeling I would leave my cricut in the dust if I had this one of these.. I already have a list of ideas pinned on my Pinterest… Lets get this started 😉 summer project season is almost here!

  70. Nonie says

    Start decorating my house. I’ve been here 3 years, and I still have blank walls everywhere.

  71. Robin Bonvino says

    I would love to label my newly organize pantry! I would also like to create wooden signs for around the house. So, many things come to mind. Hope I and the luck one!!! Thanks for the chance.

  72. Jacqueline says

    I’ve been trying to win one of these forever. My husband doesn’t think I would use it enough to justify the price, but I know I will.

  73. Brenda says

    Stumbled on your website recently while browsing for ideas and direction to create an upholstered head board for my daughter & her husband. Your post was very helpful…my daughter & I are almost finished with the project!

  74. Crystal says

    I have pinned so many projects that I’ve been wanting to do, but need a Silhouette. I’d make a picture for my office as my first project. Thanks so much for the awesome giveaway!!

  75. Ryan R says

    I would love to make a growth chart for my kiddos. They grow so quickly and it would be a great way to remember the young years! Thanks for the cool giveaway!

  76. Meggan says

    The sky would be the limit but I would first use it for organizing and then for decorating!

  77. Adrian J says

    Thanks for the chance! I would LOVE to win this! I would use it for everything… school projects, vinyl for my home… ect!

  78. says

    The real question is what i WOULDN”T do with it.
    Vinyl, heat transfers. Gosh, in the next 6 months we are getting our own home (just a rental, but hey – it’s an upgrade from a 1 bedroom apartment!) and I have so many projects that NEED this.

    *crossing fingers!*

  79. Brooke Adams says

    We are moving to a new house soon that it much better so I would use it to help decorate it and make it more of home.

  80. Linda Montes says

    Thank you for the opportunity. If I were to win, I would give it to my daughter who works at a branch of our local library. This branch is in a needy area of town and this would be perfect for the craft time projects they do with the children. Thank you again.

  81. Hannah Perry says

    I could think of a million things to do with this.. vinyl labels on mason jars, art for the kids room, etc. :)

  82. says

    I have a large queue of projects for our new house. I would love to do labels on spice jars, and also mark some of the myriad light switches.

  83. Hannah says

    I’ve Been wanting one of these forever. Thanks for the great giveaway. keeping my fingers crossed

  84. Maribel Hannigan says

    OMG! I would make decals in a cool design to etch the glass in my front doors.

  85. Elissa says

    the first thing I would make would be labels, then I’d move onto quotes for my walls. I would love this machine like my child and give it a nice home! : ) thanks for the giveaway!

  86. Jeanne J says

    I would love to win a Portrait to finsh a scrapbook I am working on for my brother and new sister-in-law! Thanks!

  87. Mandi says

    The first thing I would do is make a sign for my front door that I saw on Pinterest….No Soliciting…..unless you’re a Girl Scout
    :) after that the list is endless!!!

  88. Lora says

    My entire apartment would be covered in paper. Pretty pretty paper. And make TONS of wedding stuff. Found a tutorial for some amazing wedding invitations.

  89. Kellie S. says

    I would cut vinyl, vinyl and more vinyl. Then some fabric then maybe a little more vinyl.

  90. Siboney says

    Right now I would make stencils and t-shirts, and fun projects for my kids rooms, the possibilities are endless!

  91. Alex J says

    I would love to win this! My son’s first birthday is coming up and I have so many projects I could use this for!

  92. Jenn says

    I’m a first time Girl Scout leader this year, and I can’t begin to tell you how many times I would have used a Silhouette this year! Would love to win one. Thanks for the giveaway and the great blog!

  93. says

    the more i see the cameo in action the more i’m so over the limits of my cricut expression i use for titlework and lots of ways while making mini book kits to sell. the cameo would really expand the possibilities to whatever font is on my computer

  94. Cara says

    I think the real question is what wouldn’t I do with a Silhouette! Task #1 would be to finish a piece for my bedroom wall I have been procrastinating!

  95. Jenny P says

    There are so many projects I’d like to try. I see them on Pinterest and think….if I only had a Silhouette :)

  96. Marcy says

    I would use it to label the canisters in my pantry, I also have a great idea for a sign for my master bedroom

  97. Mary says

    I’d love to use it to make vinyl and stencils. Looking to do an entire wall with chevron, and think this would help!

  98. Rachel Jackson says

    If I enter enough of these I have to win sometime right? I really, really want one!

  99. Suzanne says

    My first project would likely be for our baby-on-the-way’s nursery. I would love to put their name on the wall.

  100. Kelsey Sell says

    Well, yesterday was my birthday so I wasn’t on All Things Thrifty and I feel like I am a day late. But, what a wonderful birthday present that would be. I am expected my first little one, a boy, in July. I am just starting to plan his room. With a Silhouette the possibilities would be endless!!!! Pick me, pick me!!!!

  101. Alexandra Williams says

    I would do so many things! I would love to cut fabric with it and use the vinyl to make a sign for my living room!

  102. Ashley Hackman says

    I have a whole board on pinterest full of ideas I would try! So excited to enter :)

  103. Tori says

    The first thing I would do would be to go to the ksl classifieds and list my cricut for sale, then I would put vinyl sayings and decorations all over my house :)

  104. Sylvia says

    I have wanted to get a silhouettest can’t right now. This would be just what I need for my scrapbooking, using with my class and doing home decor. Thanks for a chance to win.

  105. julie acuna says

    I would love to use this for decor for a little coffee shop we run at church and for an upcoming event decor for women’s retreat… and to decorate the house with awesome vinyl.. endless possibilities! Thanks for being so generous!

  106. alison says

    I have so many projects…but first i need to make my wedding song on a canvas for our bedroom. THen do some projects for my blank walls in the laundry room…and jazz up my son’s school bag…oh, i’ve been waiting for one for awhile!

  107. says

    I would make decorative items for the house my husband and I just bought :) Maybe some subway signs – I’m a tad obsessed with them

  108. Jen says

    I would do everything I drool over on the web! First would be to tackle the playroom and give everything labels!

  109. syndy stokes says

    I will use it to make decorated apparel for my kids, cut fabric, make labels, make tattoos, and so much more :)

  110. Theresa Musni says

    I love paper crafting so this silhouette is for me. Custom-made journal cards and elements to cut for project for project life is top on my list plus cupcake toppers, banners and invites/cards. There’s so much project to do. Thanks for the opportunity to bring home this brilliant baby!

  111. Jenw says

    I would love one of these fantastic machines! Stencils, vinyl labeled bins to organize, t shirts…the possibilities are endless!

  112. says

    My list of projects that would benefit from a Silhouette is growing every day. I would like to start with some room decor for my daughters room.

  113. Heidi D says

    I’d use it for everything! I do have some laundry room signs that I’ve been wanting to make…

  114. Inga Holmes says

    Awesome giveaway!!! The Silhouette drives my imagination wild! However, I think I would start with labels for my jars in my rustic country pantry!

  115. Carly Marie says

    Oh how I would love to own my dream machine!!! I’m a true Junk Gypsy and my “junk” finds could be so much cuter with this Cadillac!!!! Thanks for the chance! Be blessed, Burlap, Boots, & Southern Roots

  116. Michelle Reber says

    I could almost be as crafty as Brooke with a Silhouette of my own! At least I would try!

  117. says

    Okay, first off, LOVE your blog! How have I not stumbled upon it before?! And I would LOVE a silhouette! Oh the things I could do with that baby! :) THanks girl!

  118. Susan Z says

    I would LOVE to win this! I have lots of ideas for stencils and glass etching and wall decals and and and…

  119. kristin young says

    i would work on the room i hope to one day be my baby’s room. also my kitchen :) make some art work, do some cool things on the closet door’s, paint something on my kitchen table. make things for a cute baby shower, garden sign, put something awesome on our chicken coop to add color to our back yard.. i could go on

  120. Cynthia Vazquez says

    I would love to win this Silhouette! My son was just born almost 2 weeks ago and I would love to make some art peices for his room and also some vinyl wall decals, I would also love to be able to make some great Mothers Day gifts!!! Thank you so much for the chance to win one!!!

  121. says

    I’ve been digital scrap booking for past 5 years and excited to be starting my first scrap journal with “real” paper materials and more. I’d love to win! Thanks for the chance :-)

  122. Lori says

    I am making all of my brothers wedding favours for his wedding this summer. The silhouette would be a huge help!

  123. monica hoang says

    I am a mom to 2 girls; expecting my 3rd in 2 1/2 weeks :) and I am a Kindergarten teacher…the ideas are endless with what I could use a silhouette for. I love being creative and crafting and live vicariously through the ideas on your blog. If I had my own I could make all of that dreaming come true!

  124. Kerri says

    I have a pin board of projects but I can’t wait to make a family calendar for our kitchen wall

  125. Vicki Lamb says

    Oh the things I could do with this amazing tool are endless. Organization, scrapbooking, crafting…I could go on & on!!

  126. Samantha Kaminski says

    I hope this is open to everyone?
    My sister is getting married so I would love to create her invitations/guest book/wedding decorations oh the list goes on. These machines are fantastic!

    Also would love to create some vinyl projects for my little mans room and every other room in the house :)

  127. Gina W. says

    I’d use it a lot in the kitchen to label jars. I like to put my spices in pretty jars, but sometime I forget what they are!

  128. Jennifer says

    I have so many ideas and have seen so many cure things~have been wanting one for a few years now!

  129. Mandy says

    I REALLY want a silhouette. I love the idea of being able to cut what I’ve found online, instead of having to buy cartridges. I create signs and have to print and cut right now so I would use it all of the time!

  130. Jennifer says

    I have so many ideas and have seen so many cute things~have been wanting one for a few years now! I would make a few signs to go with some other projects I have made.

  131. Jeni says

    I would love to try cutting vinyl!! Also, love that they have a free shape of the week you can download!! Thank you!!

    • Kristy DeGraaf says

      So I forgot to put what I would use it for. Labeling first of all. I have so many things I would use it for in my daycare and home for sure! We keep wanting to buy one, but have other priorities. This would be a FUN thing though for me for sure!

  132. Liz says

    I would use it to label everything in my house and to make cool resources for my classroom.

  133. Lori says

    I would LOVE to decorate my walls with encouraging and uplifting sayings! I would also love to use it for my new hobby which is scrapbooking.

  134. Megan Bimber says

    I would use it to make different things for my classroom/school, to make a few things for my wedding next month (rather than asking my friend), to make things to help transform my fiancés house from a bachelor’s house to our house….and sooo much more!

  135. Janell says

    I would make a lot of cute little onesies for my 3 new granddaughters! And maybe even get organized making labels, signs, etc.

  136. Liz B. says

    I’m new to the whole silhouette world, but I would start by stenciling some of my favorite quotes to put up on my walls. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  137. Maraim says

    I would be the coolest mom in the world with my awesome school projects, home decor ideas and fun party stuff.

  138. Renee Smason says

    I would love to try out some of the really cute vinyl projects that I have seen popping up all over.

  139. Claudia Ramirez says

    What would i do?

    I would make more stencils to finish decorating my nephew`s room, the Patio wall, some furniture lying around that is so old and unattractive. I could do so many things with that!

  140. Kelly F. says

    The first thing I would do is cut out the word Welcome for my front door. Then some new numbers for my mailbox and I am sure I would find plenty of things to cut after that.

  141. Phyllis Russell says

    Lots of projects just waiting for the silhouette! So much more versatile than other cutting machines!

  142. JessicaS says

    The possibilities are endless, but I would definitely use it for my scrap booking projects.

  143. says

    I would so love a silhouette! The first of MANY projects would be to get our soon to be little ones room complete!!

  144. Marci H says

    I would use it to make a home with my new husband! More than once I’ve wished I had one to perfect all the projects I have in mind.

  145. Charity Hardin says

    Oh my gosh, I would totally copy that spinning chore chart! How fun! I would love to have a silhouette!!

  146. Teresa R says

    I have 2 kids getting married within 2 weeks of each other. Oh what fun I would have decorating things up with my Silhouette!

  147. Lauren says

    I’d make label and labels and more labels! :) I love the look of vinyl labels on everything. Ty for the giveaway

  148. Kimberly H says

    I want to make some custom signs for us or for gifts with favorite quotes or song lyrics.

  149. Laura says

    I would make some personalized art work, labels to help organize my kitchen, and I really want to make some personalized tote bags for my guests for my destination wedding!!

  150. Carrie C. says

    I would do lots of things with the vinyl. I would love to do a family rules picture, and a chore chart for my girls, and teacher appreciation gifts. There are so many things that you can do with this machine and i would so love to win one. Thanks for the chance.

  151. Angelica J. says

    If I were to win the silhouette I would make all sorts of fun things. My first project would be decor for my son’s room.