If you are like us, there is never a dull moment in your life. We run, no we sprint from one thing to the next. If we aren’t at dance, we are at soccer. If we aren’t at soccer we are at baseball or choir or the Pinewood Derby…etc. If we aren’t at an extracurricular event for our kiddos, we are doing a project. The disastrous saga goes on and on. In the last few months, we came to the realization that our lifestyle was absolutely unmanageable. This is not a sob story to make you feel bad for me by the way. I was completely aware that no one was doing this to me. I was doing it to myself.

Have you ever had that “AHA” moment when you realize that you are physically and emotionally exhausted? Well, I’ve been there done that.  It was no fun, and I realized quickly that the only thing that was going to help our situation was CHANGE. It seems so simple. But changing is easier said than done.

For weeks I had been told over and over by an amazing friend {and weight loss supporter} that sleep deprivation was impacting my health. I believed her, but I just kept shrugging it off. After all I was too busy to change, right?

One night at one of Teresa’s seminars, we learned about stress hormones and necessary sleep amounts {again}. It dawned on me that I should probably test it out {the light bulb went on}. I changed nothing that I was doing except I went to bed earlier. I lost almost 4 pounds that week, AND, I felt better. DUH.

A few weeks later we got a new mattress, and that has also tremendously impacted our sleep patterns. In fact, I CANNOT say enough about our IntelliBed {and no I’m not being paid to tell you that}. I never thought that changing our mattress and pillow would make such a positive impact on my sleep. The guys at IntelliBed just laugh at me because I’m truly surprised at how much I love my bed. They aren’t surprised, obviously because they believe in their product. But, I was skeptical. Dan {the hubsters} has a bad back and was waking up with back pain every morning. We had been in the market for a new mattress for about a year before we decided on an IntelliBed. We had done a TON of research and were majorly confused at what bed to buy.

Finally we started asking around. We talked to a few friends and family who have an IntelliBed and they RAVE about it.  We also have a few members of our family who have Tempurpedic beds, and they don’t like them.  Finally we took the plunge. For the first few nights, I noticed that I didn’t wake up stiff, but that’s all I noticed. Dan was instantly in LOVE with our bed. After a month or so, I went on a work trip and slept in a hotel for 4 nights straight.  While I was gone I had a headache every day and I was stiff each morning. I MISSED MY BED! I had no idea what an impact our mattress had already had on me. I realized I had not had a headache since we got our new mattress and pillows. Ummmmm, that is HUGE for me. I used to get a headache at least 4 times a week {no kidding}.

I have talked to the owners over at IntelliBed and they have agreed to give my readers an exclusive discount! I am really excited that they have agreed to do so! I will fill you in more about that discount soon.

As you can see, we are on a healthier path in our sleep habits. Although I have to admit I am NOT perfect and sometimes I find myself on the computer working late, I am trying hard to simply GET MORE SLEEP.

Thank you Teresa and Bob and Shawn from IntelliBed for changing my opinions about making sleep a priority in my life!

Since this has been such a HUGE impact on us, we have decided to do our FIRST EVER Webinar here at All Things Thrifty!!

First Ever Webinar copy

The Sleep Wellness Webinar aired Monday May 13th at 9pm EST. We have learned a lot, and I am excited to share those things with you!  

 Tips for a better sleepTop 10 sleeping tips copy

In conjunction with the sleep wellness webinar, IntelliBED is

offering 10% off their products for 2 weeks. Use the code

“allthingsthrifty” at check out.


  1. T says

    We bought a new mattress about a year and a half ago, not an intellibed, but we love it. It’s a pillow top. Don’t even remember the brand! It has made a huge difference in my sleep too.

    As for the tips … good ones. Getting regular exercise really DOES make a huge difference in getting a good night’s rest. And my other tried and true when insomnia hits (I’m perimenopausal, and messes with my sleep sometimes) is a 1/3 c Cheerios and 1/3 c almond milk. I’m back to sleep within 5-10 mins! Works like a charm. Go figure?

    Glad you like your new Intellibed. I’ll remember this for future purchases.

  2. says

    The older I get the more I realize how important sleep is to health, but it is obviously a very common problem among moms, especially, to not get enough. All my life I’ve had trouble getting to sleep and staying asleep and if I ever woke up in the night, I would have a really hard time getting back to sleep. I’ve recently discovered a complete cure for my insomnia – Magnesium! I started taking it to treat muscle cramping and back and nerve pain and it had the side benefit of fixing my sleep issues – after one day. Most Americans are dangerously magnesium deficient and it’s the mineral responsible for allowing our muscles to relax (along with about 300 other bodily functions.) and so has a big impact on sleep. I’ve been telling everyone I know about it, so when I saw your post on sleep, it seemed relevant.

  3. says

    ok, so here is my question for you: how do you take a vacation and actually enjoy it when you don’t have your own BED with you?? Ever since we got ourselves a nice wonderful mattress that like yours gives us dreamy sleep, my vacations are horrible. I am at the beach longing for my bed, because the mattress at the place we are staying leaves me sore and stiff in the morning. How do you cope?? Any suggestions?

    • Brooke says

      I know!! I’m in the same boat! I just try and enjoy the vacation (and I know my bed is waiting for me!) it’s hard because these mattresses have spoiled us forever!

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