Although glazing furniture is our usual forte around here, we also use paint and stain to antique wood when we are looking for a more roughed-up look. I found a cool crate a few weeks ago, but it was $40.00. I knew I could recreate a similar crate for MUCH less, so I filed it away in the old noggin for a later date. It wasn’t long after that I was at JoAnn’s fabrics and I found a raw wood crate for $2.99. I was so excited that I started the project ASAP.

I hope you enjoy the newest tutorial about how to antique wood with paint and stain!

Items needed for this project:

220 grit sand paper

Craft paint, or any latex paint in your garage in the color of your choice

Gel Stain {I prefer General Finishes Java Gel Stain}

Acetone and a few cotton balls {in case of a mistake}

and an old Sock {yes, I said a sock}

craft paint

java gel stainsock
Step 1: Sand your wood smooth with the 220 grit sand paper. how-to-antique-with-paint-and-stain (4)


Step 2: Paint your wood in an uneven fashion. how-to-antique-with-paint-and-stain (6)

Step 3: Take your sock and dip it in the stain {you don’t need much on the sock}, and rub it along the edges of the wood and around the paint. sock

If you accidentally put too much stain on the paint, don’t worry. Just grab a little acetone on a cotton ball and rub it off. how-to-antique-with-paint-and-stain (11)

That’s it! Soon your project will start out looking like this…how-to-antique-with-paint-and-stain (3)

and after painting it, it will look like this…how-to-antique-with-paint-and-stain (10)

And then after the stain it is perfectly antiqued! how-to-antique-with-paint-and-stain (20)

The crate was the perfect accessory for my new grey living room.  Grey living room

I love it!plant

I hope you had a great weekend! Happy Monday!




  1. says

    Hi Brooke……how good is that! It looks fantastic. Now I have to look out for a plain wooden crate. Oh the pressure! I have just recently started all the malarky of repurposing etc and am a woman on a mission…….put a paint brush in my hand and watch out!

  2. says

    I love using old socks for staining and waxing! Love your crate! Love your room redo and so, so love you! Happy Monday my friend! PS-sharing this awesome idea on My Craft Channel fb page.


  3. says

    Love this Brooke!! Sounds like something I could try! It goes perfect in your newly painted living room (which is amaze-balls by the way)!

  4. Crystal says

    Love it!! It looks so great in your living room!! Thank you for the step by step tutorial!! I have had so much trouble with staining things, but I think I can do this project. Thanks so much!!

  5. says

    Oh awesome! This came out so nice, I love all the paint layers! I want to share it on my blog soon, but I’ll send my readers here for the full tutorial, if that’s OK?

    Curious, how much were your crates? They are $12.99 near me, is that the norm?

  6. Patricia H. says

    This tutorial looks beautiful, but it written in such a way that I have no idea what order anything happens, what exactly you used. The 1,2, 3 pictures don’t really jibe with the ones below. Sorry if you think I’m dumb, but it’s useful to write your post well enough that even, well, dumb people can get it. I think if the pictures were reordered or something somehow. I feel like you’ve inspired me to try it with just enough confusion for meto basically have to experiment on my own, most likely screw up the first one, and then figure it out myself, which defeats the purpose of blog surfing. Thanks for reading.

    • Brooke says

      I do have steps on the post. Step 1: sand your wood, step 2: paint your wood in an uneven fashion, step 3: stain the remaining wood.


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