Wendi and Jake Meet Wendi and Jake. These two amazing people are good friends of ours, and they just found out they are having TWINS!!!! Can you imagine!?!? I am soooo excited for them. They even found out that one is a girl and one is a boy!!! I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am for them. These two amazing friends of ours are THE. NICEST. PEOPLE. on the planet. I have known them for a little over four years now and they were our neighbors when we moved into St. George. I snapped this picture of them and their cute family a few years back.
All Things Delicious copy Well, the other day, Wendi was in charge our BUNKO night. {She always does an amazing job}. Her cute hubby made THE. MOST. DELICOUS. chicken I have tasted in a really long time. And since you all know that I am watching what I eat, I basically FORCED him to give me the recipe. Ha ha, no he actually gave it freely. I made the recipe that weekend for my own family and they LOVED IT. And when I find something that my kids will scarf down, I declare a success. Not only that, but I made this recipe again for my biggest loser peeps last week, and almost everyone requested the recipe. When that happens, you know you have a winner!
I don’t share recipes here at All Things Thrifty very often, but when I do, you better bet they are tried and trusted. Maybe it’s because I don’t cook as often as I should, or maybe it’s because I’m super picky about which recipes I share. You be the judge. :)
 olive oilsoy sauce raw honey cumin oregano
Lemonkosher salt   pepper-ground-black garlic
If you plan to make this delicious recipe, you will need:
1/2 c. Olive Oil, 1/3 c. Soy Sauce, a few swirls of Honey (I used raw honey), 1 1/2 t. Cumin, 1 t. Oregano, 1/2 Lemon {freshly squeezed}, 1/2 t. Kosher Salt, Pepper {to taste}, and 2 cloves Garlic {pressed}.
Combine all of your ingredients into a large bowl and stir well. Then, place thawed/raw boneless skinless chicken TENDERS into the marinade for 2-3 hours. {I love the fact that you don’t have to marinate them for too long because I am terrible at planning that far ahead}. When making the chicken you can try other types of chicken, but I have only made this recipe with chicken tenders. AND when I try a recipe and it knocks my socks off, I don’t deviate from what the boss says. {The boss being who gave me the recipe to begin with}. I figure that if I want my recipe to taste as well as theirs, I better do what they say…..to a T}.
Grilled Chicken Marinade RecipeGrilled Chicken Marinade Recipe After the chicken has marinated for a few hours, place the tenders on a pre-heated BBQ. After you start the cooking process, turn the BBQ down to medium and cook them SLOWLY. Since they are chicken tenders, they will still cook quite fast. Grilled Chicken Marinade Recipe Turn them in a few minutes. I know I should have timed this process, but I’m lame like that sometimes. I just turned them when I thought they looked like they needed it. Grilled Chicken Marinade Recipe I’m telling ya, peeps, this chicken is soooo delish. Grilled Chicken Marinade RecipeGrilled Chicken Marinade Recipe

For this many tenders, I doubled the marinade recipe, but I could have put a few more in with them if I had thawed a few more pieces. I bought my tenders at Costco. :)
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  1. says

    If you are really organized after you bring home your groceries make marinade and place chicken in freezer bags and freeze. As the chicken thaws out in the fridge it marinades. This is a great way to save time during a busy week.

    • Lori says

      I’ve been doing this for years & it is a huge time & stress saver. It also works well for pork chops & I’m sure anything else you would like to try. I mix up several of our favorite marinades, grab the baggies, & start tossing. Great idea.

  2. says

    I had all the ingredients on hand yesterday so…I mixed them up, marinated some chicken breasts and grilled them up. They were really moist and VERY GOOD! This one's a keeper! TFS.

  3. Candice says

    This is THE MOST DELICIOUS CHICKEN MARINADE EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We made this at least twice a week last summer and I am making it for the first time this grilling season tomorrow. Thank you for this delicious recipe!!! I love the leftover chicken ( I always make several pounds this way at a time) in a pita or sandwich thin with red onion, avocado, homemade ranch… Oh my…. This is seriously a favorite and everyone who tries it has loved it!

  4. Marnie says

    Do you think I could cut the soy sauce and it still would taste good? I’m allergic to soy and still haven’t found a good replacement for soy sauce when cooking.

  5. Leslie M. says

    This recipe is fabulous!! We made it tonight (it marinated for about six hours) and it is taken the top position as our favorite marinade. My husband love a lot of flavor and often times he finds certain marinades to be bland. Not this time! He was very impressed and couldn’t say enough good things about it. Plus, all four of my girls loved it too! We hit a homerun with this recipe! Thank you!!

    By the way, I hope that Wendi and her twins are doing well! I have twins and I’ve loved it! I know how hard, exciting, exhausting, and fun it can be! Good luck to her and her family!

  6. says

    Sounds WONDERFUL. I definitely want to try this one, and I’ll be sharing it with my health-conscious, chicken-eatin’ son too. Love this.

  7. Emily says

    I’ve been meaning to comment about this marinade recipe. This recipe saved my life! We made this all last summer, and I’ve been grilling it once a week even in December! I serve it to dinner guests quite often, since I know it’s a crowd pleaser. I also grilled this chicken up one night at Girls Camp back in June. It was a hit!

    I am forever grateful to you for sharing this recipe with the world…and to Jake for sharing this recipe with you! This may sound overly dramatic but I’m not kidding when I say this recipe is LIFE CHANGING!

    haha :)

    Thank you!

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