Happy Mother’s DAY! We made these adorable cups for our Mother’s Day gifts this year, and although I wanted to post about them a few weeks ago here on All Things Thrifty, I decided that I wanted to surprise my Mom and MIL before I posted about the project. {Please forgive me, and tuck the idea away for Mother’s Day  next year…or a birthday gift…etc}. But, now that they have hopefully opened their cups, I can show you!

If you can’t tell in the picture above, it says “I’m a MOM, what’s your superpower?” Dan, the kids, and I wrote fun little notes that we rolled up and stuck inside the cups for them to read. It was really fun. 

{We ordered clear acrylic tumblers and cut the vinyl with our trusty Silhouette}.

My Mom and MIL are both amazing ladies and today I’m going to brag a bit and tell you more about their qualities. Although they both have WAAAAAY more than 10 great qualities, these are the top 10 that came to mind.

Where do I even begin?

Meet Lori,  my beautiful Mom!


She is fabulous in so many ways.  Here are the top 10 reasons why she’s the best Mom in the world:

1. She will travel near and far to show her support for us. I grew up in a small town in Central Utah, and I have 5 brothers and sisters. We were all involved in sports, dance, sterling scholar…etc. My Mom and Dad spent every waking moment of their spare time in the car driving to watch and support us. If my girls have a dance recital, they come. I’ve always been impressed with that amazing unselfish quality.

2. She has a beautiful singing voice and she can play the piano better than anyone I know. Ever since I was little, I remember sitting on my Mom’s lap at church and listening to her sing. She has an amazing alto singing voice. My kids love when we are at her house because she will whip out the Disney piano book and start singing Disney songs with them. It’s so cute.

3. She is dependable. I learned at a small age that my Mom was one of those people that followed through. If she says she will do something, you better believe it gets done. In fact, she exceeds your expectations too, AND she is never late.

4. She is a doer. This should probably be #1 now that I think about it. It’s my favorite quality of hers. She has the ability to see something that needs to be done and she does it {no questions asked}. She doesn’t ask me if I need help with my dishes, she just does the dishes. She doesn’t ask me if my windows need to be cleaned. She just cleans the windows. I love this about her, and because she does this, I try REALLY hard to be like her.

5. Her Faith is unmovable. My Mom is a rock. She has taught me to pray for guidance from my Heavenly Father, and through her example I have learned that Faith is the most important thing in my life. She is a great example to me and my kids.

6. She has this ninja-like talent in grammar/spelling/English. When I was getting my Master’s Degree, she would drop everything to help me proof read my papers. And believe me, I wrote a LOT of papers during those two years. She even read and re-read my entire Thesis to help me {ALL 110 boring pages of it}.

7. She is a great cook. She cooked us dinner every night when we were growing up. {I need to be better at this…does cold cereal count? Shhhhh don’t tell her I do that.} Plus when we all get together now, she is always on top of things. We have a BIG family, and she always makes us the most delicious meals when we are together.

8. She is always doing service. I remember her making countless meals for other people when I was growing up. I love that she was so willing to lend a helping hand. We always gave her a hard time about this, but she always made us go caroling every Christmas {we still try to most years}. And although we complained about it, it was really fun to see people’s faces when we would show up on their doorsteps.  She also arranged for our family to go to the local hospital and put on a musical program for the patients. I still remember singing “The Sweetheart Tree” to the old people in their wheelchairs.

9. She always looks beautiful. I envy this about my Mom because she is ALWAYS put together. She always gets up early enough to shower, do her hair and makeup before we start our agenda for the day. I LOVE THIS ABOUT HER!

10. She is a great grandma. She always thinks of activities for the kids to do when we all get together. She is very creative and crafty! She always has some sort of a craft for the kids to do, and they LOVE IT! In fact, the duct tape purses we made a while back were all her idea! AND, she also made my cute Halloween wreath too.

As you can see, she is one rad Mom. I am lucky to have her in my life, and I love her dearly. Thanks Mom for being so wonderful.

Next, Meet Julie my beautiful Mother-in-Law:

Mom U


1. She is FULL of energy She never stops. From sun up to sun down she goes and goes. It’s so much fun!

2. She is sooooo organized! She saved all of her boys’ toys from when they were little, and it’s so much fun for the grandkids because she has all of their toys.

3. She is a hard worker.  She works at the Lion House in downtown Salt Lake City, and she is fantastic at her job. {If you have never been to the Lion House, you should go visit her. The food is incredible.}

4. Her kids/grandkids are her life. She eats, sleeps, and dreams about her family. If she isn’t watching someones’ kids, then she is probably dreaming up the next activity to do together when we are visiting next. She always has something fun planned and the kids LOVE IT.  If they aren’t going to see the baby animals at Wheeler farm, making homemade taffy, going to the zoo, or headed to Jungle Jims, they are probably making a fire in the backyard to roast marshmallows and make s’mores with the kids.

5. She LOVES to travel. I love this about her. She has always taken the time to travel with her hubby. I love this. I think one on one time is so important in a marriage, and they are such great examples of this. Each year Dave and Julie go on a few trips together to spend time together and enjoy each other’s company without the hustle and bustle of life.

6. She still waterskis! Yep, enough said. Impressive huh!

7. She cooks too! Dan loves it because whenever we go to Salt Lake she will SPOIL him rotten by cooking his favorite meals while we are there. I think that is so fun and considerate of her.

8. She will also travel near and far to support her kids and grandkids. We live nearly five hours away and she visits us a LOT. We love it because we get to see them often. She travels down for birthdays when possible and is here for dance recitals too. We love that they make an effort to come to family activities. When I had Londyn it was the week before Thanksgiving. I am so blessed because she came down just to cook and serve us Thanksgiving dinner because we couldn’t travel that year.

9. She sings {and plays the piano too}! She sings beautifully and passed that talent onto my husband Dan. I love that about them both.

10. She’s a great example. She is a great example to us. She keeps her priorities straight. My kids have such great role models on both sides of the family.

I am so grateful for both of the Moms in my life. Thank you for all that you do for us. I love you both!

Dan and the kids brought me breakfast in bed this morning. I’m spoiled. They also gave me Mom Rules written by our good friends Treion and Soni Muller. Treion also wrote Dad Rules. I LOVED Dad Rules and I bet I will love Mom Rules just as much. I’m excited to sit down and read it! This would have been the PERFECT gift companion to our Super Mom Cups! Oh well, hind sight is 20/20 right?

Mom Rules

I hope you all have a wonderful Mother’s Day today.





  1. says

    What a darling idea! I’ll bookmark the supermom cups for next year. It is also a great gift idea for sisters, friends, etc. Love it!

    P.S. I loved reading about your mom and Julie! I have been very lucky to know Julie since I was born and have been the recipient of many of her wonderful qualities, one of my favorites being my amazing wedding cake that she made. Love that woman!

  2. Andrea Wright says

    Funny thing! I did the same gift for my mother. But I encountered a problem when applying the vinyl. It always came out crooked. Do you have a secret strategy for getting the words to line up straight on a curved surface? I have read that it works best by using a conical shape, but I haven’t found a tutorial.

    Moms are the best aren’t they. They truely have super powers.

  3. says

    Simply awesome…literally was moved by this article…u, ur mom and mom-in-law are all blessed to have each other. We too tried our hands at making Mother’s day printable and goodies. In your spare time do take a look at
    Thanks for such articles….we would love your expert comments on our site as well!



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