Maybe we’ve packed on a few pounds lately, or maybe we are thinner than ever… and as a friend of mine, I need your opinion.

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My BFF Mandi just posted about how I have recently truncated my posts. {She was asking for advice about her upcoming blog redesign.} I just read all 42 comments on her post. Oh. My. Gosh. GUYS!! I had no idea you felt that way.  Before I switched my blog design, my main concern was how disorganized it felt, so I truncated the posts in an effort to organize my blog.

So, tell me once and for all, do you hate that All Things Thrifty has truncated posts? I can take it, and I want your feedback. Do you think it helped make it look organized?

By the way, I have NOT truncated my feed because I wanted my entire posts to be completely available to those of you who are reading through a reader, but when I switched the look of All Things Thrifty, all I got was positive feedback about how organized my blog was.

One reader who commented on Mandi’s post specifically called All Things Thrifty “awful” and as hard as it was to read, I am grateful for her honesty.  So, lay it on me.

Do these pants make me look fat?


  1. karen says

    My 2 cents is that I like the current post to appear in it’s entirety. Earlier posts can be truncated, and I don’t mind that for some reason. But

  2. karen says

    My 2 cents is that I prefer the current post to appear in it’s entirety. Older posts can be truncated, but for some reason it really bugs me to have to click through to read current posts. Especially for new readers. They may not get enough from the 1 paragraph that shows up to want to bother clicking through.

      • liz says

        I agree with karen. Truncated posts make me have to ‘click’ one more time (gasp…) and when i am busy, or lazy, i tend to move on to another blog (this isn’t just with your blog, but with all blogs that do that).

  3. says

    I LOVE your homepage and your truncated posts. In fact, when I hired Kristi from A2D to do my site redesign I sent her your link and said that I wanted mine to look as organized and clean as yours. So I say keep it for sure, and when I launch my redesign please be flattered that it looks similar :)

  4. angie says

    I don’t “hate” them, but I don’t love them either, I prefer to just be able to read the whole post without having to click the “read More” I guess it’s really not a big deal ( as i’m typing this i realize how incredibly lazy it makes me sound when i say i don’t want to click to read more LOL) Yeah I’m no help

  5. Rebecca Roe Hale says

    I agree with what Karen said: current post in its entirety and others truncated is great. I have to pick one over the other, then yes, I do hate truncation. Another of my favorite blogs recently switched to a truncated format, and I hate it on her blog, too.

  6. Michelle says

    Brooke, I don’t mind the look of it now. I scrolled thought and it looked very easy to navigate. It might be that being from MHS our great minds think alike 😉 You are amazing!!!

  7. Kelly says

    I do not mind truncated posts.. but I do not like that I can not just click “previous post” or something similar when I am trying to catch up on missed posts. It is a pain having to go back to the main screen and open the next post.

    However.. this will not stop me from reading your fabulous blog!

  8. Lisa E says

    Hi. Sorry, but I’m not a huge fan. Yes, it does look neater, but I prefer it all in front of me. However, having said that, then it’s also very important that the tabs or search engine makes it easy to find past posts. Thanx for asking!

  9. says

    I can’t decide ha ha. I know that isn’t helpful. I do like being able to scroll from one post to another, but I also get your new posts through a reader so I have to “click” anyways to read new stuff. Mostly I wanted to tell you either way I still enjoy keeping up with your blog and look forward to each new post!

  10. says

    I love truncated so I can scroll through and click on the projects that I want to see more of and I think it looks MUCH cleaner! Quite honestly, when I go to a blog without truncation, I don’t spend nearly as much time browsing as I would on one with it.

  11. Jessica R says

    I as well love the “clean” look, but dont love a click thru…I want to be able to do a quick scan before/after on one page…but love your blog so anything you do is great!

  12. Valerie says

    1st. I love your blog. 2nd. Im noticing LOTS of blogs moving to this look. It’s not the worst thing in the world and DOES make blogs look more neat/tidy/organized… but I do have to say I much more likely to skip over and not read a post because of it. I curious to see what the overall feedback is that you get. :-)

    • Lisa says

      I have to agree with Valerie, I am more likely to skip over and not read a post because of it. If it does not catch me right away then I delete it or move on. I have dropped some bloggers that send emails that way, unless I love them all the time, it is just a waste of time to wait and find out it contains something that I want or don’t need right now. I love your site though so keep up the good work.

      • katie says

        Yep, I agree with both Valerie and Lisa. Definitely more lucky to skip reading a post because it is truncated, especially if I’m not “grabbed” right away. I don’t mind the way Shelley (House of Smith) does hers (longer intro before truncating), but I sometimes feel like “Dang! I just got to the good part and now I have to wait 2.4 seconds to see the rest of it!” Ha! Laziness to the extreme like someone else mentioned above.

  13. Katie says

    I’m sorry – but I truly hate truncated posts!! I have a lot of blogs in my reader, and i love being able to access all the information right there in feedly (or whatever you happen to use…) I get so frustrated when I have to load each individual blog post to read all the juicy goodness!!! I understand it brings more business to the blog itself which is important if it is a money maker….but as a reader I want it all at my fingertips, and easy as possible :)

  14. Kacy says

    I am not a fan of the truncated posts. At night, when I sit down to catch up on my favorite blogs (yours included), I click over and have found that ever since they have been truncated, I don’t really read it anymore. I don’t know what it is? Maybe I’m too lazy to click the “continue” button. I just like having the whole post available right there in front of me.

  15. Tara says

    I do not like truncated posts. I get the idea that it may look more organized, I can see where folks are coming from on that. I also get that it’s the current trend, b/c you certainly aren’t the only one doing it. However, I like to be able to get the whole story in one view, not have to click through to something else. I also actually find a page of half (quarter, eighth stories) to be confusing and distracting to me. It’s a lot of information all at once. especially if I am new to the blog, or trying to catch up in my reading.. .then I’m all.. where was I?! I like to be able to read through and go from one post to the other, not click back and forth.

    I just started following you yesterday after the “match the blogger to the project” game (which I loved, btw! So fun to meet some new folks and ideas!). Today your Father’s Day project link came up on FB (perfect timing for the procrastinator…), and I clicked over — to the truncated views. At least yours are big, and it’s VERY clear which is the newest. Sometimes it’s not, and sometimes folks go further and put up the most recent per category, which is just way over organized for me.

    I DO like that you haven’t truncated your feed for those in Reader (or soon something else, sniff, sniff!). That is honestly how I follow most if not all of my blogs, to the point that I’m sometimes surprised what their front page looks like in real time!! I HATE truncated posts in Reader, b/c it totally defeats the purpose of Reader.. to have e/thing in one spot. I have unfollowed blogs on Reader who do that, just b/c I can’t do the back and forth in the limited time I have. Sometimes, I will go over to their blog to see what’s going on (I can think of one in particular that I still do that with), but for the most part when the feed is truncated, I’m lost.

    I do hope this is helpful, and I’m not just a negative Nelly newbie! I do plan on sticking around and taking a look… :) You have some great things going on here!

  16. Thereasa says

    I do not like truncated posts…and actually leave blogs that have them regardless of how pretty the site is or content. There are so many blogs with similar posts that I rarely need to be on one that is “inconvenient” to read. I like to read a post without clicking “read more” with the list of posts on the sidebar menu where I can pick/choose. That is my 2 cents…no offense, just being honest.

    • Cindy says

      I completly agree with everything Thereasa just said! Just out of inconvenience alone, I do not stay on a site that has truncated posts. They just don’t grab my attention like the ones that have the entire post consecutively as I scroll down the blog. The only time I want to click when I’m on a blog is when I go to previous entries (which should be a comliment) when I’ve reached the end of the page feed, or to one of the ads on the sidebar for a product that I see and want to research.

  17. Kristie says

    I don’t like them. But I understand the need for truncated posts. I would rather have the current/latest/newest post to be a full post. It makes more sense to have older ones truncated. But I also don’t like to have older ones truncated because when I find a new blog I want to be able to search and read quickly.

  18. says

    I personally love truncated posts, (I do them) because I agree with you – I felt like it made my blog look cleaner. I usually do truncated if my post is going to be a lengthy one, like a tutorial, but now after seeing this I’m thinking… oops! Maybe I should keep it simple. As Kristie said above, being able to search and read quickly…. hmm…

  19. says

    I made the move for truncated on my blog, but also not on my feed. I did it this way because as a pinterest user I got so freaking tired of clicking a link through there that someone had pinned right from the main blog page and not the actual blog post, so then I have to search the blog to find the post my pinned image goes to. Now that is frustrating and time consuming! So I did it more as a pinterest user friendly feature. They can’t pin it unless they are on that blog post. I know I had one day where at least 5 pins I clicked were that way, and that added an extra hour or so to my surfing time. Where as clicking “read more” will only add a millisecond.

  20. says

    It doesn’t bother me in the slightest. I like it when blogs do it because it helps their page views (good for you) and keeps people from pinning the whole blog instead of the post with the tutorial I want to see (good for me). Especially with Google reader leaving the need to have your full post on the home page isn’t necessary. I use bloglovin and I only get a summary feed there regardless of the blog settings. I HAVE to click over to see the full post anyway and it takes me to your post, not your home page. So basically you changing your homepage to truncated posts doesn’t effect readers at. all. It’s only when you truncate your FEED that shows up in google reader (which is leaving anyway). A lot of people don’t know that it’s not the same thing. I truncate my homepage but not my feed.

    When I come to a new site for a tutorial or something through Pinterest, I always click over to the home page to see if they have anything else to offer me. If I have to scroll down a mile to see their stuff then I am less likely to follow them. I like being able to see several things at once.

    As a side note: I don’t know if they will end up doing this or not, but I started using feedly right after GR made their announcement and really liked it. A few weeks ago I saw a “what would you be willing to pay for this service?” on the announcements at the top. That was when I switched to bloglovin. I am more than happy to see a truncated feed than have to pay to follow my blogs.

  21. says

    Hey there, Brooke! I get why blogs truncate, mostly because of page views and it’s easier to get a reader to click on the link to get to the full article (which means higher page views, which we bloggers all love), but I have never been able to adopt truncated posts with my email marketing list because 1) people will likely just “DELETE” because it’s “too much work” clicking through to get to the good stuff, and 2) if they don’t have good reception on their devices, clicking won’t allow a person to access the full article, whereas if it’s full length, people can still enjoy without having to depend on a good signal.

    This topic came up with your brother and Becky on a G+ hang out not that long ago and I admited to Becky (Infarr Creative) that I had stopped reading her emails because they started getting truncated. I couldn’t access them, and it became more of an inconvenience, and a bit frustrating. The response is usually “Well, if someone likes my content enough, they’ll click it.” True, but again, with the things I mentioned above, it’s usually easier to see it all in my Inbox.

    So, for my blog, I don’t truncate my emailed posts. I do, however, truncate on my mail blog page, only because it takes LONGER to load if I have 5 picture-filled posts all loading at once. People would HATE that!

    So, my opinion, email marketing should involve full posts, but home pages of blogs may fair well with truncated posts if you’ve got tons of pics that could slow loading times, such as my site, Thrift Diving.

    Hope that helps!

    Thrift DIving

  22. Diana says

    I don’t get what the big deal is. I do read most posts in my email feed, so maybe I am not the best judge, but when I want to pin something I click through and I like that I can quickly scan all the recent feeds. I can get to what I am looking for quickly. Is is really that hard to just click a button to read more?
    BTW thanks for all the great posts! I love all you DIY advice.

  23. says

    Ack! I just finished reading Mandi’s post (and now yours) and am having a panic attack because my posts are truncated too! I frantically switched them back to full posts this morning after reading the comments on Mandi’s page. I have to admit, I like truncated posts as a blogger because it keeps things so neat. But I can see where others are coming from. That may explain why my readership rates have been slowly declining since truncating….whoops! Thanks for posting this (both you and Mandi) because I had no idea!

  24. Beth says

    If a post comes to my reader as just a headline then chances are very high that I will skip on to the next one. I use a reader so that all of the blogs I read are on one page and that I DON’T have to visit each individual page!

    That being said, if I am on a site such as yours, it is nice to be able to browse thru the shortened versions and only click on the ones that interest me, or that I am looking for to reference back to. Its a pain when I saw a great recipe/tutorial a week or two ago that I’m dying to try but forgot to print off or pin and that particular blogger posts multiple times a day so you have to wait on your computer to load 20 picture heavy posts before being able to find the one you were looking for. But it makes it soooo much nicer when truncated if like someone else said, there is a “next” or “previous” button. Or a sidebar listing the most recent post links so that I do not have to go back to the home page each time.

  25. Erika says

    My main problem with it is that sometimes I have multiple posts to read (since I don’t necessarily read my blogs every day) and it’s really annoying to have to do all that clicking around to read two posts when I used to be able to just come to your blog and read all the ones that showed up on the page. I know it sounds lazy but it means that now I don’t always read every post because it’s more effort. And reading blogs shouldn’t be a difficult part of my day.

  26. Megan says

    I can’t stand truncated feeds, but have no opinion on truncated posts. I have 60+ blog subscriptions that I keep up on with Feedly. I have stopped following blogs that truncate their feeds because I very rarely stop by the actual blogs to read posts.

  27. Jackie says

    It’s really not that big of a deal to me. If my biggest complaint in my day is that I have to click my mouse a few extra times, then I consider it a wonderful day! Not to sound caustic, but is this seriously an issue for people? I mean, come on you guys… Sounds like laziness to me. Sorry.

  28. Julie says

    I love it! It is easier to look through blogs without having to scroll a ton and waiting for all the images to load at once. I open whichever posts I want to see in new tabs to read them. I am also one to have a gazillion tabs open at once! haha =) It’s called multitasking. 😉

  29. says

    I agree with your first commenter, Karen. I’d prefer at least the most current post to show in its entirety. I don’t really like truncated posts, but I can tolerate them.

  30. Susan Krauss says

    Def NOT a fan of this new trend of truncated posts. I find it annoying, actually. But, to be perfectly honest, I didn’t even know what the process was called until just now when I read your blog! So, thanks for clearing this up for me! lol I still love your blog, however, but, exnay on the truncated format, please!!! <3

  31. says

    I do not like truncated posts. I like to scroll through the pages and quickly read through each post. When truncating, you have to click through to read the post, then go back, and so forth. Too much clicking! But, on another note, you website design is quite clean and easy to read otherwise!

  32. says

    I personally don’t like them. It isn’t that I’m too lazy to click through, it’s more that I have very precious time and ever second counts. I love your blog but have had a hard time keeping up because when I do have time to read through it I spend most of it clicking back and forth. But it does look nicer. I guess it’s a catch 22 either way.

  33. Jessica L says

    I’m not a fan of the truncated. I like to be able to scroll the the whole thing especially if my time is short and I may be skimming or picking and choosing what I have time to read. If it’s truncated and the heading or first little bit doesn’t really catch me I’m likely to move on without reading. For what’s worth.

  34. Cookie says

    Several months ago, like really 5 or 6 months many of the blogs that i follow truncated their posts and frankly I deleted them. I miss them a little but there are so many good blogs out there that are not truncated that i simply delete the ones that are truncated.

  35. Lisa says

    Personally, I am not a fan of the truncated post. It usually means multiple click-through’s and open windows. I like to see the whole sh-bang at once! How great of you to ask for feedback! All bloggers should take note! :)

  36. says

    I don’t mind them. As long as there is a big enough image with them (like yours). If it’s just a list of post titles them most likely I am just going to ignore them and leave. There’s got to be a picture to catch my eye.

  37. Becca L. says

    Thanks for asking about this! I hate truncated posts! Well, mostly truncated feeds, since I use feedly to catch up on all my blogs — but I think it is a great idea to keep the most current post in all its long glory, and truncate earlier ones…

  38. Marin D says

    I am not a fan of truncated posts. I, like other readers, don’t want to have to click back and forth. If I haven’t been a on the computer for a few days, it is frustrating to have to look click through so many times. I like being able to read through the whole post and if I want to bookmark it, I right-click and open it in a new tab. I have noticed a lot of blogs going to this. And I have noticed that I only check a few blogs regularly these days. I get that there are a lot of advantages to doing it that way but it is kind of annoying.

    My only request if you go to truncated, put a older post and newer post button to click at the top and bottom of the page. If I am going to have to click page to page, I’d like there to be a navigation button at the top of the page. It can be too hard to find when it is at the bottom. :) Not that you were asking about that. LOL!

  39. Lil says

    I’m not a fan of the truncated post. I’ll read them sometimes if those first couple of sentences really pull me in, or if I consistently love that person’s posts. Generally (i.e. if there’s a link party like Miss Mustard Seed’s and the post is truncated) I don’t even bother.

    Come get me and I’m all yours, make me do the work, and there are plenty of other blogs out there.

  40. Heidi says

    I agree with Erika about all the clicking when reading multiple posts. I understand the reasons for truncating the posts, but I don’t love it. I wouldn’t stop reading a fantastic blog like yours because of it though. One truncated blog that I don’t mind is Miss Mustard Seed; she has arrow buttons off to the side within each post so that you can easily move from one post to another. That makes the process much easier. It seems like a win-win for everyone.

  41. tricia says

    I’m with everyone else. I usually don’t read the blogs with truncated posts. It doesn’t seem like that big of a deal to have to click through but for some reason it is. I think part of it is, if the first pic isn’t good, I don’t want to have to click to find out if there is anytihing I am going to want to see or read. Bottom line. I don’t read them if they are truncated. I actually was curiious if you would post on this after reading mandi blog this morning. Love your blog, but I’d really love it if you switched back

  42. Kelsey says

    First off, I love your blog. So stinkin’ amazing. You’re blog totally looks organized, but I never thought that it looked disorganized before. Maybe it seems that way to you, the author, since you are looking at your blog interface way more than an average reader. I have to admit that I’m not a huge fan of the truncated posts. I think its probably important to note that I’m much more likely to stick around longer on your blog if all of the posts are extended so that I get lost in reading them… which in turn makes me spend way too much time on my computer… but I love it all the same. haha! I hate to admit it, but I have found myself not coming back to your blog as frequently because of it. :( Good luck, Brooke!!

  43. says

    I wrestled with this on my own blog, and in the end I decided against it because as a blog reader I hate them. Unless the project or topic is something to my liking, I never click over and I didn’t want my follower to choose not to read my posts after I put so much work into them. Your blog is one that I enjoy following but again whether I click over or not will depend then will depend on the content.

  44. says

    I love your site!!! I am usually just reading through reader so I’m glad you didn’t truncate your feed because that does bug me a little bit, but I love you and your site so I would get over it and just click over to your page anyway because I’m a die-hard fan like that. But I actually love the truncated post on the website, it makes it a lot easier to find the post I’m looking for when I’m going back in time to fine something specific from say a week ago. So while I don’t like in in the feed I love it on the site.

  45. Dede says

    I really dislike truncated posts and truncated emails. I’m usually reading while feeding a squirmy baby. I need to get in and get out quickly. Thanks for being gracious enough to ask our honest opinions.

  46. says

    I will read your blog posts either way, neither way is bad. I figure there are always folks who are going to take offense to your style or format, to me, your blog is great as is!!

  47. says

    I’m one who dislikes truncated posts and many times will not take the time to click to the whole post- boy is that lazy or what!??

  48. Karen Schaffer says

    From your perspective, organizing by truncating the posts may appear neat and tidy, but to a reader, who is busy, if the initial few lines don’t catch the eye enough, I feel they’ll just move on without clicking to read the rest.
    I find myself doing that, especially when reading from posts to FB.
    Sometimes I’ll intend to go back and read the rest later, but, the reality is that I’ll most likely forget and never go back.

  49. Christina says

    Hi Brooke! I LOVE All Things Thrifty and i think you have such a lovely spirit and make all who visit feel WELCOME! I read Mandi’s blog for the same reason! You girls are real, sweet and make us all so inspired! I want to thank you both because I know how much work is involved in having a family and giving back to the creative community by sharing your projects is so lovely! We all appreciate it. I love the look of both the blogs but I do not favor truncated posts. but remember a lot of feedback is sometimes slanted negative because, well, those are often the ones that speak up first. But I am a loyal reader and think the work youve done on all things thrifty makes it look fresh, professional and fabulous. But yeah my personal opinion is im not down with all the clicks of truncated posts.

  50. Alissa L. says

    Hi Brooke, You’re one of my favorite bloggers. You asked for our opinions, so I’m giving you mine. Honestly, I am a visual person. I love to look through a post and see the pictures that go with a story. I’m more likely to read the story if I can tell what the post is about because of a great picture. But, I like to see newer stories in their entirety. If I really am drawn in by a picture (for example, if you had a before/after picture in one) I’d probably click on the story any way. I have never had a blog, (but intend to soon), so I have no idea how all of this works. I still think your site looks beautiful. Just don’t ever get rid of the search option, please! Thank you for all of your tutorials, ideas and help, you’re an inspiration to me!

  51. Lisa says

    I totally understand why bloggers choose to truncate…security, content protection, etc., BUT I must admit I don’t have time to click over, wait for the cite to load and then read the full content. (I subscribe to TOO many blogs, which is why I have a reader) I stop reading those that truncate even though some are my favorite like Thrifty Decor Chick for example.

  52. Nonie says

    The posts don’t bother me, but I’m am super glad you didn’t mess with the other. I hate having to go to each website when I’m on reader and often just skip over those posts from sights because it’s not worth the energy.

  53. missys says

    I don’t like the truncated posts, I feel that I am less likely to click on the read more unless it is something I specifically was looking for. I feel like the extra clicks are wasting my time. Especially if there are a lot of photos and I have to re-find where I left off. Like others said, it is a new trend and probably one to stay so we will all get used to it.

  54. Cindy says

    Brooke, I just posted this on Mandi’s page and I’m copying & pasting it here as well. Hopefully not making enemies…

    I read TONS of blogs, connecting through Google Reader (transitioning to Feedly), or through a Facebook post, or just directly from the internet. I’m Switzerland. I just do not understand the hatred of this. How hard is it to click your mouse or touch your finger to the screen one more time?! And God forbid I give my beloved blogger *who gives me free content* my “page view” so she makes a little money… I mean no disrespect to all of you with strong feelings, but I just don’t get it.

    That being said, I have a newish little blog, and I just spent the last 20 minutes figuring out how to change the (default setting) truncated posts on my blog page so people who come visit don’t automatically want to hurt me! 😉

  55. Lurel says

    I really dislike truncated blog posts. I like to just scroll through everything on one page, not have to open up new tabs with every single thing I want to read. That said, it mostly applies to when I’m reading a new blog and have a lot of back-reading to do. If at least the most recent post was there in entirety it would be a bit better.

  56. txvoodoo says

    I’m with Karen, above – give me the current one in full, truncate the rest.

    But then again, I get email subscription. 😀

  57. says

    After reading Mandi’s posts…I think many readers are confused. They call them “posts” – but it’s clear that most people don’t like truncated FEED when they describe it. So having a truncated post allows you to have more on your homepage but doesn’t affect much else when reading because you just click, read more – you’re already there. Having a truncated feed makes many upset – I did it briefly – and people were not happy. I got a ton of emails from my email subscribers telling me what a pain in the rear it was because they would read their feed in places that didn’t get internet connection, on lunch breaks, etc. and could no longer do that and were no longer going to subscribe. This is my opinion. I think having the front page truncated helps to decide what post you want to choose, quickly and easily.

  58. says

    I really dislike truncated posts and more often than not, will not click on “more” to read the entire post. It has to be something that really, really, really interests me before I will read through.

  59. says

    Personally, I like the most recent post to appear in its entirety, while the next, say 3 recent posts are truncated below. The average new reader will click twice to get somewhere on your blog before leaving. Having the most recent post (likely what got them there in the first place) in all its glory is going to keep them around longer, especially if you have single-click links to other projects on your blog contained within that recent post, or down at the bottom (i.e. you may like this…).

    That said, you need to design the blog for you and how you write & think. Yes, it should appeal to readers, but the blog is, first and foremost, yours, and you need to be happy with the look and feel in order to be motivated to maintain and grow it!

  60. Ash says

    As lame as it sounds I rarely read your blog anymore because of them and I stopped reading design blogs that do. I only found my way here through Vintage Revival in hopes you would change your format. I just figure there are so many design and DIY blogs out there that it’s just one way weed out some of them

  61. says

    I love love love your content, but honestly, I haven’t been reading as many posts as I used to since you went truncated. I am not fond of truncated posts. While it is pleasing to the eyes and looks a bit more organized, it causes me to skip right past posts I normally would have read (or at least skimmed). However, I did click on today’s post soley because of the fat cat in overalls picture. :)

  62. becca h says

    Please, please, please, post at least the most current posting in its entirety! I know it’s not a big deal, but it’s extra step to have to take and when my computer is running slow, often times I don’t read posts that I have to “click to read more.” Just my two cents :)

  63. says

    Your web site is lovely, and I’m an avid follower, but I hate truncated posts! The only thing that annoys me more is blogs that have video pop ups or play sponsored add’s on the side (I’m happy to click on links to sponsors I’m interested in and do quite frequently). I love that your site is well organized and uncluttered. But yeah, the truncated posts, particularly if I’m a post or two behind, I’m not a fan of.

  64. Tracey says

    Well since you asked…. I HATE truncated posts and skip the blogs that do this(its as bad as music blaring when you go to a blog!!!). I usually read on my phone and it takes so much longer to load the website and its just plain annoying to be honest. Your blog is beautiful and very organized but it does suck that I can’t just “click n read” :(

  65. says

    I think hate is a strong word but I do dislike truncated posts. This is mostly a laziness thing for me because I do not want to have to click one more time in order to read the post. I know silly right? However your blog does look very lovely and organized. I guess thats the trade off. Hope this helps.

  66. Debbie Thurmond says

    Yep, still hate them. If it is not all there when I click on my email, I pretty much delete it. If I want to pin something, I will click over to the site, otherwise…delete. There are too many other great blogs that you don’t have to go through the extra hassle. Organized and clean does not always mean effective.

  67. Patrina says

    So glad you brought it up. I have started deleting blog posts because as simple as it seems, we readers don’t always want to click again. LOL I agree with the ladies above on trunicating previous posts, but as far as the current post, I just want to scroll:-) Honestly this is the first time I’ve seen your blog changes (which are FAB by the way) for this very reason. I love reading blogs and subscribe to about 50 of them. I know not everyone has something that is geared towards me daily, but I like to check in and see what your doing for the day, and then “click” if it applies to me or is something I care to learn more about. In all fairness, I also make sure to comment on posts once I’ve read them. We love you guys but time is a hot commodity these days. THanks for taking the time to ask how we felt about this:-) And thanks for sharing your beautiful home and all your craftiness with us!

  68. Mandy says

    I love your site’s design and colors, but I hate truncated posts. It’s weird to have such a strong reaction to such an unimportant thing! I think they make a blog look busier and more confusing. I’m definitely turned off by blogs which have them. I read your blog in a reader, so it doesn’t bother me. I also don’t like it when bloggers have “click here to read the rest” on the bottom of their blog (which your friend, Mandy does – whom I also love)…I usually just click “next” on the reader and don’t finish the post.

  69. says

    So I have seen this thing. I don’t know how widespread it is, but there a blogs that have truncated posts, but when you click on read more, it just opens it up on the same page. It doesn’t go to another page or anything, it just scrolls out and you can re-hide it when you are done. Like nesting in comments? I’m not sure I’m making sense.

    Anyways, it seems that that would be the way to get the best of both worlds. You can have a clean, organized space, but if a blog reader is interested in reading the whole thing, they don’t have to wait for it to load, they can just read it on the same page, so only one loading time. Then when they are done, they can truncate it again and scroll on, stopping when they find another post they want to see.

    I’m not sure if that’s helpful, but perhaps it will give you ideas.

  70. Elz says

    I HATE truncated posts. Sorry for the screamy capitals. Truncated posts have ruined certain blogs for me (like, Miss Mustard Seed, Southern Hospitality, Stories of A to Z, Perfectly Imperfect, Thrifty Decor Chick, Addicted 2 Decorating, etc). I simply don’t read their posts anymore. I kept that group in my reader still. But I will only pull up their pages for a room reveal. And honestly? I don’t like the blog writers anymore. I know that seems so harsh and its just one simple click but I haaaaaate it.

    The point of blogs is the readers reading the blog. Truncating doesn’t respect these readers. If you can’t respect the readers… then why should I read your blog? Especially if it’s obvious they’re living off their blog income. So rude.

    There was a big surge of truncating earlier this year (last fall?) and I cut so many blogs out of my reader. I kept those mentioned above though because they USED to be my favorites. Not anymore by a long shot. Actually I’m going to delete a few because I haven’t clicked over to their blog since they began it.

    Please please please don’t do it!!!!! And thank you for asking :) I’m glad I got to vent.

  71. says

    I don’t like them. You’re looking at a lot of information at once and still feel like you’re looking at nothing because it’s a bunch of randomness. I feel like it’s similar to looking at a search engines results. There’s just snippets of information, and you don’t know what to click or where to start. I think it completely DEpersonalizes a blog. Besides, that’s what the archives and categories in the side bar are for. I want to see SOMETHING on a blog’s main paige, not a whole lot of nothing.
    I don’t mean to offend, but it’s something that bother’s me a lot when I visit blogs that do it.

  72. says

    I currently don’t like the changes to the website, I liked it a lot better before. I like it when posts have you “click to continue reading” or something like that, I think I just really don’t like the little squares on the main page that the text is in. It doesn’t seem like a blog anymore.

  73. Che Vachon says

    I hate truncated feeds. I know why its done..but still hate it. Often the click over won’t work so then I get frustrated and hit delete. I read blog posts in my Feedly reader..and don’t want to click over to websites. My two cents…:(

  74. says

    I do not like truncated posts at all. I don’t ever click off my reader to go to them. In the little bit that shows up you do not know what the post is about, so I don’t go there. I love to click on a blog and scroll through several posts, I might see something I didn’t see before. If the are truncated, I close the window. Thanks so much for asking.

  75. says

    I’m getting more and more used to truncated posts. I really hated them when it first became a trend among blogs, but I kind of expect to see it now. I would agree with others about not spending as much time on a blog that has truncated posts. The more I can see right in front of me, the more likely I am to get “hooked” on that post and read the whole thing. When a blog is truncated, I tend to scan the titles, or any pictures that are showing up, and if I’m not intrigued, I keep going. I’m not talking specifically about your blog, this is just how I tend to read all truncated blogs.

    Interesting discussion! :)

  76. cat says

    I for one do not like truncated posts at all. I often miss a few and like to scroll through without clicking anything or leaving the page to get caught back up. Not that it has any bearing here but I looooooove it when a blog has page numbers at the bottom instead of just a previous posts button. If I adore a blog I’ll read it from the beginning all the way through.

  77. shantel says

    I do not like truncated posts on any blog! Bottom line is that it’s too much clicking and loading which takes too much time! I love your blog though, you are super talented!

  78. Kim says

    I hate the truncated post and find I don’t really read/visit those blogs that follow that format. Design*Sponge is my favorite book and I love their content but hate the site design and having to ‘read after the jump’ and open up the post so I find that on average I might actually read their content once a month vs Emily Hendersons site which I read daily, among 40 other design blogs. Although I always click into Apartment Therapy but they have a light and bright site whereas Design*Sponge is dark and gloomy feeling – even if its amazing content. I would still read your site, even truncated, because the feeling is light with the bright background and font size you use.

  79. says

    I don’t really care for truncated posts either. A few other blogs I read have done it and I must say I often don’t read their posts simply because the first few lines I can read don’t seem very interesting. Which is funny because I’ve always liked their writing styles…I’m sure that hasn’t changed but the truncation (is that a word?) keeps me from getting “hooked” in their blog post and reading on. I can totally understand how truncating on the blog itself can look more organized, but I prefer to have the latest post in full. I don’t mind if the earlier ones are truncated.
    Thanks for asking our opinions! I like the new “departments” you’ve put on the blog for “All things girly”, etc. :)

  80. Tara says

    I don’t have a blog, just love reading all the great things you DIY people are up to. I do read every day and I just don’t like truncated posts. Is there a reason why? Who knows. I just don’t like them. Maybe I’ll click to read the entire post, but most likely not. Sorry.

  81. Elissa Newcomer says

    Well I am opinion number like 100 but here’s my 2 cents. I like the organization of the truncated blog and I will still read it regardless of your blog format. It’s your blog and you’ll cry if you want to! 😉 I LOVE your blog and am working up the courage to re-upholster some wing back chairs thanks to your amazing posts on reupholstering! Take care and keep up the great blogging!!

  82. Amanda says

    I hate truncated posts as well. I’m a mom of 5 and when I get a few minutes to read my blogs, unless the title is amazing or a picture pulls me in, I’ll skip it to go to the next blog. I’ve done that often with your blog (and others!) just because I don’t have much time. I’d much rather scroll through whole posts (and several on one page) than see the truncated posts, even when I do have more time for blog reading.

  83. Lisa says

    Thanks for caring enough to ask for our opinions! :-) First of all, I want to tell you I think your redesign is lovely and easy to use. I really like it, and it’s my favorite look you’ve had so far on All Things Thrifty.

    Except… (did you have a feeling there was going to be an “except”?)…except the truncated posts. I don’t read in a reader. I keep a list of blogs on my own (personal) blog sidebar, and scan my list every day to see what posts are new, then I click over. Yours is one I would usually catch up on once or twice a week. Since you’ve gone truncated, I’ve hardly checked in. :-( I didn’t really think much about why, but others above me have explained why very well. Though truncated posts may *look* more organized, the format really doesn’t respect your content or your readers…and I am here for the CONTENT. I like to read all the words and see all the pictures.

    I don’t read any other blogs that truncate. I first noticed it on The Lettered Cottage and didn’t like it there. I didn’t really realize it was spreading so much, because you’re the only blog on my list that does it.

    Thanks again for asking for feedback. I know you need to do what works for you, and I wish you the best with balancing that with what your readers want.

  84. Jill says

    I don’t mind the truncated posts on blog websites. My issue is when bloggers went to truncated feeds that also made the emails I received appear in truncated format. My boss doesn’t care if I log into my personal email or take a break here or there at work. It was nice to be able to stop look at my emails, read a couple of blog posts and then get back to work. However, since they are truncated it forces me to go their websites. Which I know isn’t an issue for my boss, but stuff like that is tracked and I would rather just read them in my email delete and go about my day. I have honestly stopped reading A LOT of blogs because of that very reason. In the evening when I get home from work the last thing I want to do is jump back on to a computer. Personally I think some bloggers did it to protect their content, but other bloggers that have written on this topic stated that is drives up blog page views which = more $$ for bloggers via advertising. Not sure if that is entirely true but I could see it being a possibility. So if there was a way to un-truncate the emails that are sent but keep the blog posts on the actual page truncated I would be happy with that.

  85. says

    well i love them!!! ha! i love that if i’m new to a blog i can see 5 posts..i can skip the sponsored and head right for the one that catches my eye. i have left a blog quicker than quick if the first post is not truncated and it’s some irrelevant post to me. Sounds like all these ladies need a little bloglovin in their lives! takes you right to whatever post you want to read!!!!!

  86. Amanda A says

    since google reader is leaving I switched to Bloglovin. I hate it, fyi. It already trunicates stuff anyway so I have to be lured in by the picture and the title to come read blogs anymore.

  87. Christine says

    Yours is one of the 1st blogs I came across when looking for DIY ideas. I enjoy it. That said, I have always disliked anything truncated. It started with truncated file names in the very early 90s. But that’s dating myself!

    I just posted among those 42 posts you read about the topic, so I won’t repeat myself. I dislike x-posting as much as truncating. I think I’m an OCD efficiency person. But you might want to read again, because it seems like a hot topic and the thread has greatly lengthened.

    What it boils down to is make certain the truncated description actually talks about the subject. Or I skip it. I read thru Bloglovin’. Someone else can read about your kids, your personal life, your pet peeves. Although I do read pet posts! LOL. I want to pick your brain about how you DO things.

    In the meanwhile, I really enjoy your blog.

  88. says

    Thanks for asking our opinions and I didn’t read the other comments so I might be repeating but truthfully.. I HATE THEM!! I used to read your blog everyday but when you went to the truncated posts I stopped.. now I stop by daily but rarely read them.

    I love Mandi’s blog too and am hoping she doesn’t do the truncated posts either. Maybe what some people said about the current post not being truncated and not the rest…. or some bloggers truncate after a certain point…. for example, Making it Lovely..

    Thanks again for asking. I do love your point of view and projects and love reading your blog.

  89. Michele says

    I’m with the haters on this one. Really. Truncated posts make me turn away unless that first little bit of copy is really compelling. There’s a lot that can be done from an visual standpoint to organize a website without truncating posts. Improving type readability is a biggie for me.

  90. Mary says

    I hate them! Especially for the newest post of the day. It makes me think that bloogers are using the extra
    “clicks” on their website to get a higher “count” to please their advertisers. I find I spend a lot less time reading blogs that I have to open each individual post.

  91. Lee Cruz says

    So sorry, but I detest truncated posts. I read your blog regularly and truly enjoy it. When I first noticed the change, I thought I might have clicked on a different site (I have quite a few favorites), I was so upset when I realized that it changed. There is a blog I will not read anymore due to truncated posts, but I honestly enjoy yours too much to stop – I don’t like it but I will do it for this blog. 😉

  92. Nancy S says

    I don’t like them at all – whenever I pop onto a blog that has them I usually pop right back out. I may do a quick scan for something that catches my eye – like your question, but 9 times out of 10 I leave.

  93. Molly H says

    First of all I hugely love your site and found Mandi’s site through yours. I honestly don’t love the truncated posts but can’t explain why other than It takes longer and skipping around is not user friendly at all. I’m so old school I’m embarrassed. I have the blogs I dig added to my favorites and check em that way. sad.
    I love your site and style and hope you don’t take the critics too serious.

  94. Mindy Schaper says

    I don’t like truncated posts. I like to get all the info at once. Yes, clicking more times just makes it more difficult for me. I will read all your posts anyway but I like non truncated better.

  95. Mindy Schaper says

    Oh, and I almost never see a blog that really looks neat because of all the ads and features like search, archive, blog list, about etc on the side. Blogs always look incredibly messy to me so I just look past that and read the amazing content.

  96. Cary says

    I like the new design. It is much easier to find something older. Not having to go thru 20 pages of old full posts just to find what your looking for

  97. MsWilder says

    I HATE and DESPISE and DETEST truncated posts.

    While I get that large pictures and slow loading times are a problem on blogs… fix the issues with your image size.

    While content theft is an issue… it doesn’t take much to watermark your images and that solves 98% of the problem.

    While I get that some people like little abbreviated summary pages for the blog… most previews are too short and too abbreviated.

    Also, if you are going to truncate, figure out how to put the ‘previous/back’ and ‘next/forward’ on each post so the reader isn’t required to return to the abbreviated summary page.

    I do not tend to spend anywhere near the time on blogs that truncate, particularly when the preview is too short.

    Did I mention that I HATE and DESPISE and DETEST truncated posts?

  98. Tanya says

    HATE. THEM! Soooo sorry, that sounds yukky, even to me! Just being honest here, but I am not going to click through, even when I have the best of intentions. I simply don’t have time and I’m already indulging a guilty pleasure in scanning my emails. I know, I know, I know, it is free content and I should be grateful but there are so many (fewer recently, but still!) that are not truncated that I just hit delete.

  99. says

    I don’t like truncation, not in my feed on my reader and not on a blog’s main page. It seems to be a trend for a blog when it gets “big” that the whole blog content and feel changes from personal and friendly with original ideas to “big machinery impersonal” and boring. The whole idea with reading blogs is the quirkiness of each blogger and the ideas he/she comes up with, each blog is different from the rest. When a blog turns professional all that uniqueness is stripped away, they start truncating posts to get more page views and protect their content, start running more sponsored posts and if you do click through to the blog from your reader you have to sit through a lot of loading of ads from all these professional blog networks. I have stopped following blogs that have truncated feeds and if I happen upon a new blog with truncation on their main page I have a hard time connecting with them or their content and move on without even trying to click on any of the posts. After you turn professional blogs seem to put more emphasis on the network they’re a part of than on the content or connecting with readers. As I stop following blogs after they turn professional on me I go look for a newer blog that still has that special something the big ones have lost.
    There’s only one blog I still read that truncate their feed and it’s because 8 times out of 10 it’s worth my trouble to click through (she features other people’s ideas so the ideas are often original even though her blog is “professional”). It still annoys me every time I have to sit through the loading of BlogHer blah blah blah ads etc before I can read the content I’m interested in. You have to have a pretty spectacular title or first few sentences to grab people’s attention with a truncated post. Someone mentioned that big bloggers often think people will go through the trouble if they like the content. But once a blog starts truncating you start skipping their posts and pretty soon you don’t remember why you even bother to follow them since you never read them anymore and you unfollow. I don’t ever miss the blogs I have unfollowed for all these reasons. Truncation is the beginning of the weaning process. Once a blog loses it’s personality there’s no more interest in the content.
    I do think truncation may LOOK cleaner but you lose your personality as well. I don’t mind ads on a blog generally but when you get the feel that the whole reason you have to look at those ads because truncation made you do it you start feeling a little taken advantage of. Sorry for the rant but truncation and it’s cousins have been annoying me a lot since everyone started talking about being a professional blogger and all that comes with it. Just my opinion :)

    • says

      Thank you for saying this! I’m a little ‘ole blogger, but I’m trying to be a “professional.” I’d love to give up my day-job and blog/create full time (not even CLOSE to that happening!) But what you said hit home. I think we want so much for our blog to sustain us, that we can lose sight of why we started in the first place. Yes, blogs are a business, but they don’t have to be impersonable. Thanks for reminding me of this. I’ve just untruncated my blog (dear God I hope my load time doesn’t reach 2 minutes HAHAHA), and I will remember to keep my blog personable! :)

  100. Becky says

    Your blog won’t work on my ipad. Everyone else’s does. So I assume that it is the truncated posts that make it that way.

  101. Amy says

    I ALWAYS pass on reading blogs with truncated posts. I am only reading today because I am taking the Summer House Tour! :) I don’t say that to be rude…but for whatever reason they just don’t entice me as much as seeing the whole post and I find it confusing! Having to explain myself makes me realize that it’s probably not a huge deal and it’s really not that hard to click “read more”, I’m just sharing that I usually choose to move on and rarely “read more”.

  102. Holly says

    I don’t like the truncated posts. Sometimes you have to almost guess what the post is about based on the headline and the first few sentences and then click through. I’d rather see it in its entirety. Plus, it makes for an extra pain when you want to read another post.

  103. Sharon says

    You have an amazing site, but if it takes me longer to get to something, chances are I won’t go. I can’t. I work a very demanding full time job and my free time is very dear to me. I know it sounds silly, but if one reads several blogs then the time spent clicking and clicking adds up and then it’s time for bed and some blogs didn’t get read. Your header and site looks very clean and organized. I just don’t care for the truncated part. I will continue to read your blog, but I have to admit I read it less now with the new design, because I have to work harder to get to where I want to go. I work hard at work, I want it laid in my lap when I get home. The fact that you even care what we think says a lot about you.

  104. Rebekah @ Meadowlark Layne says

    Ok, you have so much feedback already….but….

    Definitely do not truncate for rss readers or email subscriptions….I invariably unsubscribe to EVERY blog that does this. It defeats the purpose entirely.

    Most of the blogs I’ve run in the past I’ve kept my homepage very clean. Often just pictures and good headlines. It gives busy readers a chance to see everything you have to offer and then decide what they have the time or interest to read right now. It never hurt my traffic, in fact I found readers STAYING on the site longer because they saw posts that were a little older that they were interested in that they may not have found if they had to scroll through all the old ones. Even if you are posting traditionally (all posts in their entirety) eventually they will get to the end of the page and have to CLICK to see older posts. This streamlines the process for them….no having to scroll through the posts that aren’t of interest. I could also see better what my readers were clicking on and what they were REALLY interested in and what they could do without.

    One pet peeve that I’ve seen far too often of late…posting about half of a post and then truncating with a read more. If I’m already INTO a post it’s irritating to have to stop and lose the momentum to click through. If the site is in any way slow, I’ll move on to something else while I’m waiting for the next half to load and probably won’t come back to finish.

    Just think of most of us blog readers as having a touch of ADD and you should do fine.

    Good Luck!

  105. Laura says

    I used to hate truncated posts until I started using bloglovin, which is all truncated! Now I like it, I get a snippet of what the post is about and can choose to read it or scroll past it faster. Your new site design looks beautiful and organized :)

  106. Jo says

    I read a ton of blogs and I LOVE LOVE LOVE truncated posts. They let me flip through the material quickly so I can select a post I’m interested in, without having to trawl through full posts.

    I think sites look neater and more organised when truncated, and I find it easier to locate the material that I want.

    I’m a super organised person though, so maybe that’s why I prefer them!

  107. says

    Wow! I had no idea people wouldn’t love truncated posts! I love being able to browse for things that I know I’ll want to read without missing something because there were a few posts in between an older and newer post that I know I WON’T want to read. I truncate my reviews, thinking it would be helpful to people not interested in reviews. Maybe I should rethink that one!

  108. says

    For me as a reader I find that if I’m not interested in that small amount of space I’m likely to not read the rest of it. It’s silly because all I’d have to do is that extra click but if it doesn’t grab me instantly I won’t read it. but if the whole thing is there it’s a lot more likely that I’ll read the whole thing. but on the other hang it IS handy if you’re browsing a website and looking for a specifis topic. I guess it depends on what you want… if you want readers to be able to browse your past posts quickly then keep it truncated, but if you want people to read everything then I’d go back to the old ways.

  109. Alicia says

    Yes I hate them! I find that it sucks up more time then what I wanted to spend on the computer. I find that I stop going to those blogs that have switched to them. In fact I have stopped going to yours for that reason. The only reason why I stopped by was because Mandi had talked about it and I was hoping you would too. Glad to have you back!

  110. Cindy B says

    Your truncated posts have led me to not waste the time clicking the links and I’ve been skipping your blog all together. :(

  111. sarah says

    Hi!! I have to admit that since you truncated your post I also haven’t been visiting your blog much. For some reason it feels more like a business website than a mommy/DIY blog. I also originally started reading your blog for your creative thrifty finds and transformations and since you haven’t been posting much along those lines, I’ve been skipping you all together. Sorry!!! (Although, your birdcage chandelier is still my all time favorite DIY project!!)

  112. Kat says

    I LOVE your blog and I LOVE the new look. BUT I just don’t like the cut off feel that these truncated posts do. It’s just not as inviting as before and I feel myself kind of lazily skipping over a lot of your posts. Sorry. :-/

  113. Regina says

    I also couldn’t view your blog on my iPad which is pretty much all I use. Only certain parts of the posts show up. I also like to use apps like Pulse or Flipboard to follow all my favorite blogs and truncated posts are not very user friendly with these. However, I think apps like these are one of the reasons blogs are now using truncated posts. I understand the reasons for switching but from a user perspective I don’t really like it.

  114. Pree says


    I Lobe truncated posts! It allows me to only click on what I would be interested in! For ex: I never cook! So, I dont like the recipe posts that I am sure others love. So it allows me to easily skip them :) But one criteria for truncation is that the post header should be easily understood… Some bloggers truncate and give very vague post headers which is stupid! So as long as the header refers correctly to the content, I am all for truncation :)


  115. Melodious says

    I don’t mind the truncated posts, so long as I can easily get back to EXACTLY WHERE I WAS after I read a post. Way too many blogs take you back to the top of the truncated page (or EVEN WORSE to the home page) so you have to scroll down to find where you were when you clicked through. When I stumble onto a new blog, I like to skim content and previous posts to see if it’s a blog I want to read regularly. If they are truncated without good navigation, I will likely never visit again without a direct link.

    I like your compromise of keeping the newest post in full, but without easy navigation, you’ll lose my visits.

  116. Robin Rakes says

    who’d a thunk it???? Truncated posts can cause people stress. Do you remember when we were thrilled with dial-up & complained about waiting? We have come a long way. I like truncated posts (or feeds), so I can scan through the topics and see what I want to read and click it. I dislike scrolling through an entire post (or page) just to get to one I want to read, & then it might be on the next page. But that would not stop me from visiting a blog I like. Honestly- whats another click people? I also don’t like giveaways that make you jump through hoops as another commenter said. My comp is a bit slow. And I HATE HATE captcha!!!! That stupid thing keeps me from leaving a lot of comments, I have a hard time reading those.
    That being said, my vote is to do what YOU like Brooke!!! It is your blog & you can do it the way you like. If you lose readers because they have to click a few more times, so be it. I don’t understand the reasoning behind that choice if you like some. As I have said many times- if that’s all you have to complain about today, you have a blessed life. And Brooke- you will never please everyone 😉

  117. ndmidwife says

    I prefer the non-truncated format, and I do end up visiting blogs that have switched less…yours, MMS, etc.

  118. Colleen says

    Thank you so much for asking this! It shows that you truly care what is best for your readers and subscribers instead of just what’s best (or most profitable) for you. I have to say that I almost never comment on blogs, although I read many, but my feelings are strong enough on this that I opted to comment (obviously. lol). Thank you for making the change! It looks great and makes following your blog so much easier. I too have stopped reading many of my favorite blogs because they began truncating their posts. There are so many great blogs out there that I have just replaced them with blogs that do not truncate. Some of my very fav’s (like Lettered Cottage. Sorry Layla!) do not grab my interest with such small blurbs and 1 pic, that I typically will skip it. Other blogs (like House of Smiths) that truncate, but provide enough text and several pictures to draw me in before giving the “continue reading” link, I don’t mind it (although I do still miss having the entire post). I hope that wasn’t too word7 and is still helpful even though you already decided to un-truncate posts. I love your blog and love that it will be more user friendly. Thanks!

  119. JMA says

    Wow! People crack me up. What a debate. Riveting. Do your thing Brooke, people who enjoy your blog will read it upside down if need be. 😉

  120. says

    Brooke, I found your blog in a very interesting way. I liked the look of truncated posts, and had decided to figure out how to do it. I googled “truncated posts”, and one of the first thing that came up was this post! :) So I don’t think I’ll do the truncated thing. 😉 Thanks for a great, very helpful, post.

  121. says

    Thanks for this post! I will no long truncate my long text posts.

    But the question is, how does a reader feel about scrolling endlessly because the blogger writes lengthy posts? Let’s say for instance, I read a few paragraphs of your latest post and I didn”t find it interesting. Therefore, I’m going to scroll down the page to see if you have any other intriguing posts for me to read. Would it better to truncate post so your reader can easily scroll down to other post he/she might find interesting to read?

    I feel like there are people who would leave your site because they hated the fact that they had to scroll way too many times to get to your other posts. Especially if you’re reading on your mobile devices. Imagine sliding your screen like a maniac lol.

    I’d like to know how readers feel about this.

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