Hey there ATT readers! Kelli here from Lolly Jane, an eclectic DIY/home improvement blog filled with budget friendly ways to spruce up your spaces, and I’m simply stoked to be with Brooke and friends today (:


I’m in the middle of sprucing up my craft room… slowly but surely. Verrrrrrry slowly. LOL Herringbone stenciled bookcase, check. Crib mattress turned bulletin board, check. Organizational numbered crates, check. Hoop art, check. Mint crafting table, check …stop by soon for the full deets on those projects soon! (;

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But for now, the focal wall is polished off with a distressed striped “L” letter (which stands for Lolly. Hmmm, who is Lolly, you wonder? Read about why we named our blog Lolly Jane here.) So anyway this space has sat empty for way too long (uh, my original goal was to complete it SIX months ago!) so when Kristi and I were doing a little shopping at HobLob over the weekend, we spied an oversized letter and knew it would fit the void space perfectly… which, it does. Although it fit the space perfectly, it was kinda hideous. (Who else can’t hear the word hideous without thinking of that State Farm commercial where the husband gets called out from the wife because she’s talking to “Jake from State Farm” at 3 am… major tangent but I chuckle every. single. time. I see that commercial! Ha!) Back to our Hobby Lobby purchase… instead of passing it up, we decided to pluck off the bling it came in, add some stripes and distress the crap out of it in true Lolly Jane style. Easy peasy!

Distressed striped wall letter tutorial

To transform your own, you’ll probably have everything on hand (besides the wall letter) like we did. From start to finish, this took less than 20 minutes to transform. Wanna see how?

  1. Remove funky hardware from letter.
  2. Sand off glue from hardware.
  3. Tape off stripes with painters tape, (we freehanded ours.)
  4. Give the letter a light brush of white paint.
  5. Remove paint.
  6. Sand stripes to match distressed letter.
  7. To avoid crisp paint lines be sure to lightly sand over the entire letter as well as edges.

Give it a quick seal and hang. Simple!

Distressed striped wall letter

Come visit us anytime on FB, Pinterest, IG or Twitter to see what else we’re decorating on a budget! (; A big thanks to cute Brooke for inviting us to be her guesties today! Muah!


LollyJane twinners


  1. Carrie says

    LOVE this! I’m going to have to do one of these for my daughter for their anniversary. And the deer head is absolutely fantastic!! Where could I find one of those?

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