Hey, hey, hey!!! I’m super excited to share a fun baby shower that I threw for my cousin Eryn today! My sister in law Jess from Lou Lou Girls  and I hopped on the chance to throw Eryn a shower. You see, Eryn is my favorite cousin. Shhhh, don’t tell the others. She’s funny, smart, considerate, fun to chat with, and just plain awesome. You know those people around you that you just can’t get enough of? Eryn and her husband Scott are those people. I won’t share any specific details about Eryn’s infertility story out of respect for her, but they struggled to get pregnant for 7 years. I cannot imagine how emotionally draining it would be to go through what they have gone through. After several rounds of invitro, they are pregnant with a girl!
I cried when she told me she was pregnant. I’m so happy for them!

Before I show you all about her shower, I have to mention that we specifically asked Eryn if we could do a “ready to pop” shower for her. It was just a simple shower theme and had NOTHING to do with how big her darling baby belly was. She’s cool like that. She basically let us do whatever we wanted. I just had to share that because after sharing a picture of the shower on my facebook page and my instagram feed, I had a few comments about the theme being demeaning. That’s all I will say about that.

So, enough of the chitter chatter. I’m excited to show you our “ready to pop” baby shower!!


We got these cute treat bags at Partyland, and filled them with POP rocks and ring POPS for our guests to take home with them! I made the cute “thanks for popping by” labels on my trusty Silhouette machine using the print and cut feature.

By the way, I totally forgot my camera that day, so enjoy the phone pictures. What can I say, that’s how I roll at times.


The baby shower food included: Soda POP {with yummy flavored syrups}, Gourmet POPcorn, homemade POP tarts, and treat POPS. Jessica did ALL the food. She is amazing.


We used my trusty chalkboard to explain how to make the gourmet soda POP and drank at least 10 different concoctions each…

baby-shower-decor-ideas baby-shower-food-ideas

And ate treats until we POPPED.baby-shower-food-ideas-a

Here are a few details of the prep… I got the idea for these cute labels from Emily at Is this Really my Life.

about-to-pop baby-shower-ideas-1

We used a hole punch and bakers twine to jazz up the guest bags.


and we used decorative paper from Michaels to make all the paper décor.

IMG_5295 IMG_5292 IMG_5294 IMG_5293

We made custom labels for each of the soda POP bottles and syrups. We just taped the paper around the bottles with clear tape. We tried glue, but it just wouldn’t stay, so we retorted to clear tape. It was fine. No one even noticed.


I’m a mismatchy type of gal, so all the labels were different.

soda-pop-ideas swig-drinks

We had fun, and most importantly we spoiled Eryn rotten because we could. Love you cous.

Baby Shower





  1. Nickio says

    Such a fun idea!! Can I ask how you did the chalkboard menu? Are they Silhouette decals or did someone with really great handwriting create it?

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