I am honored to be included in the Summer Tour of Homes hosted by the Shabby Creek Cottage, where bloggers will be sharing their homes as a part of the event all week long. Call it a parade of homes of sorts.


So if you are visiting from Just a Girl, sit down relax, and pull up a chair we are about to get crazy! If you landed here from somewhere else, I’m thrilled to have you!
Summer-Tour-of-HomesWELCOME to All Things Thrifty!!! If this is your first time around here, you are lucky my house was clean today because if I would have taken most of these pictures yesterday it would have been laced with laundry in every nook and cranny of the house. Luckily Gina invited me to participate, so I got off my butt and cleaned up.  This may or may not describe my life to a T:

visitors ecard 5


I remember one instance in particular that I put the dirty dishes in the oven…yep, that was not my proudest moment. So, you should feel pretty privileged since I cleaned the house, just for you! Don’t get used to it. This Mom of 4 barely brushes her teeth these days.

Believe me our home is far from perfect, and I’m sure you’ll be able to catch a glimpse of painters’ tape on the wall from 6 months ago, hand prints on the windows, and kids sneaking into a few pictures. After all, asking them to “stay out of the picture” 15 times apparently isn’t enough.

Just for kicks, I added a few “before” photos just for your enjoyment. We have changed our home several times over the last 4 years, so if you are a long time reader, you know that we are currently overhauling several rooms as we speak! I hope you see something you like so you will stick around!  all-things-thrifty-home-tour-2013

Yes this is really the outside of our home {although it would be pretty darn easy for me to take a picture of our next door neighbor’s house wouldn’t’ it!!?!”} HA!


When we moved in, our home was a tan cave. The walls were tan, the ceiling was tan, the carpet was tan….I was SURROUNDED WITH TAN!!!!!

As you can see, in our entryway project, the tan is no more! entryway-decor-coral-accents (1)As you walk into the next room, the tan was overwhelming. This is what it looked like upon move in…
living room upon move in

I went through a stage of orange a while back, so if you want to check out this room in all it’s orange stenciling glory by all means, check it out!

Our new theme for our home is “creating calm.” So we recently changed the beige/orange to grey! We are crazy busy, and I’m sure you can relate. We rarely get the chance to breath, and I wanted our home to be a place we can relax in! So our new color scheme is the first attempt at “creating calm.”   all-things-thrifty-house

{white glazed dresser, white glazed chair, turquoise glazed end table, window valance project}

As you can see, we have painted a TON of our own furniture to save money, and we LOVE to add glaze to give it that extra little detail! Painting furniture is one of our claims to fame that’s for sure. all-things-thrifty-house-1

Our mantle is one of our favorite projects ever! We built it out of barn wood from my sister’s barn. No kidding. I love it in all it’s chippy glory!


These four yay-whos are the reason I don’t get to shower on most days. If they would learn to vacuum and do laundry that would be super helpful. Two years old isn’t too young is it? J/K….kind of. Isn’t it CRAZY that we have a redhead, a brunette, AND two blondies? I get asked a lot about the milk man.  collage wall

{collage wall}

I love the old brick that we added above the plant shelf! Can you see a little glimpse of our movie theatre sign too!?!? Our kids LOVE it especially.


I’m terrified of heights, so I may or may not have photo-shopped the letters on just for you. What I really need is a marquee sign pole with a suction cup to change the letters! Just pretend it’s legit, k?House-pics-all-things-thrifty-1 copy

House-pics copy

The ,movie theater sign even has a chaser so the lights are pretty snazzy {or they cause an instant migraine, whichever you want to focus on!} Either way, it’s definitely a conversation piece! Yes, I photo-shopped on the letters once again. You’re welcome. Living Room pic copy

Our kitchen was pretty boring when we moved in too. Here’s proof:walls 001

I’m sure you guessed that we painted it ORANGE after we moved in! So, check it out if you want! But now it’s a calm Sherwin Williams Raindrop blue. Painting over the orange was one of the easiest decisions of my life. We even made a video of the process.  I was ready for a change, but I’m also the person who grows out my hair for five years just to chop it all off for a drastic change. House pics copy 1

To see the entire blue kitchen transformation post, check it out HERE. blue-kitchen-paint


The mismatched chairs around the kitchen table was one of my first projects ever around here! They have been painted a few times since we started, but that’s a given! The kitchen signs above the table are super fun, and I wish you could see them better in this picture! raindrop-by-sherwin-williams

sherwin-williams-raindrop sherwin-williams-raindrop-paint
My amazing hubby even MADE me this adorable wire basket chandelier for above the dining room table. wire-basket-light-fixture


Now you have to give me a little break because, I’m putting it all out there…I decorated the girls’ room after we moved in, and believe it or not, I thought it was darling at the time. In all honesty, I now know the girls’ room was NOT cute! HA. kids room 023

But, that’s ok because it sure is now! My daughter Oaklyn just said to me, “MOM, my room was so BARE before, and now it’s BEAUTIFUL.” It made my night. I’m glad she likes it! It kind of signifies how far I’ve come in my own little way. I pretty much love it. girls room with rug[3]

To see the entire transformation, check out Part 1, Part 2 and the full reveal.little girls room[3]

beautiful rooms[3]

The girls’ room is currently my favorite room in the house. I take naps in there while they are at school. Shhhhhh don’t tell them.

Our Master Bedroom used to look like this until the Hoard Sale of 2013, and we are currently overhauling this room.


But I loved it for a good three years! That’s a long time in decorating years. It’s basically 30 years if you think about it. headboard1

This project was the first one to get national attention and was featured on HGTV and was in a few magazines too! It was really great! headboard3

{fabric headboard tutorial}

My hubby Dan used to get all huffy and puffy when I asked him to do a project and after four years of it, he has finally gotten used to the idea. HA! He cut these bad boys out for me with a jigsaw. He rocks, doesn’t he!?!

quatrefoil wall art

{Quatrefoil Wall Art Tutorial. Yellow Wing Back Chair}

Quatrefoil decor yellow wingback
We even get crazy around here and reupholster furniture sometimes! The yellow wing back chair was one of our first!

I know I’ve had you for awhile, so I will share one last project before letting you go to the next house. So for our last but not least project, we completely OVERHAULED our backyard. backyard 1

We hated every minute of it. I had blisters for months. I better not go into details or I might swear.  Wheelbarrowing rocks was the absolute worst part of the entire process. backyard 2

But now, I lay in our Hammock and read and all the pain was all worth it. backyard

We painted this crazy mural on our wall too! backyard fence

{backyard mural}backyard mural

And installed our trampoline into the ground. DIY inground trampoline instructions

{in-ground trampoline instructions}

The kids LOVE it back there, and so do I let’s be honest!
Backyard Reveal

I’m so glad we are done though. Done. and. Done.backyard reveal1

Thank you for visiting our home, and I hope you got a small taste of what we are all about around here!

I also like to help decorate other people’s homes on occasion too:

Our latest room makeover is this cute coral, gold, and teal girls’ room!


Check out Lexee’s entryway.

entryway decor

and a few rooms for Jill {Kitchen makeover}
cottage style dining room
{living room makeover}
cottage style by All Things Thrifty_thumb
{entry way makeover}
entry way 1_thumb[3]
2012 Favorite Projects copy favorite posts 2011 Favoriteprojects-1

Now go and check out the next home on the tour over at The Graphics Fairy!


I will be updating the links below as the event goes on:

DAY 1 (June 3rd)
1 – Gina @ The Shabby Creek Cottage
2 – The Nester @ Nesting Place
3 – Mandi @ Vintage Revivals
4 – Beth @ Home Stories of A to Z
5 – Ashley @ The Handmade Home
6 – Kristin @ The Hunted Interior

DAY 2 (June 4th)
1 – Beckie @ Infarrantly Creative
2 – Jen @ Tatertots and Jello
3 – Chris @ Just a Girl
4 – Brooke @ All Things Thrifty You are HERE!
5 – Karen @ The Graphics Fairy
6 – Emily @ Decor Chick
7 – Roeshel @ DIY Show Off

DAY 3 (June 5th)
1 – Melissa @ The Inspired Room
2 – Wendy @ The Shabby Nest
3 – Donna @ Funky Junk Interior
4 – Marianne @ Songbird
5 – Lisa @ The Pennington Point
6 – Angie @ The Country Chic Cottage
7 – Brittany@PrettyHandyGirl

DAY 4 (June 6th)
1 – Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality
2 – Traci @ Beneath My Heart
3 – Stacy @ Not Just a Housewife
4 – Jen @ Jennifer Rizzo
5 – Lindsay @ Makely Home
6 – Sandra @ Sawdust Girl


  1. says

    You have added so much fun and character to your home. How did I miss that wire basket chandelier? Love that! Your DIY accents are awesome!

  2. Missy says

    Your home is beautiful…everything about it…so hard to pick my favorites but gotta love that trampoline!

  3. says

    Fabulous…every little thing. The house is wonderful, but that backyard….girl I would be out there every second I could. A-mazing. Lisa~

  4. jen @ Tatertots & Jello says

    Wow!! Amazing ideas Brooke!! I love your home. That wire chandelier is amazing. And your girls room is just amazing.


  5. says

    Look at what you’ve done!! I think that outside wall is still my favorite project you’ve come up with, but the colors are what make your house. I am so with you on the last 10 minutes before someone comes over :)

  6. Dawn Davis says

    I am amazed at your color choices, your creative ability & your talent. I would love to live in your home. To me, your home feels so bright & cheerie, yet warm & inviting all in one. I wish you well with all your future endeavors.

  7. Marne says

    Your house is beautiful… totally off topic, but how do you like your above ground pool? Is it expensive to maintain? Keep up the good work!

    • Brooke says

      Hi Marne,
      We LOVE it! My husband is certified in pool chemicals, so he treats the water like a regular pool. So, it’s very low in cost for us. I’d be happy to have him do a post about pool maintenance if that is something people are interested in!

      • Marne says

        I’d love to hear about the ins and outs of having a pool. It something I’m considering for my family, but I don’t know anything about it. I’d love some advice! Thanks for responding!

  8. says

    Brooke, your home is so lively, colorful, and cheerful! Your girls’ room is adorable. I can tell your family has a great time really living in your house! Thanks for the tour!

  9. Kathy says

    Love your new living room look! Would you mind telling us the name of the gray paint you used? Can’t wait to see the master bedroom makeover. You have great taste!

  10. Brandi Dailey says

    I have ALWAYS been inspired by everything you do. Your home tour has just blown my mind as to how amazing it is! I love EVERY detail about it. We have been thinking of painting a wall in one of our rooms and am having a tough time picking out just the right grey color. May I ask which color and brand is the grey you painted in your living room? THANK YOU!

  11. becky says

    LOVE. Love. Love it all! I cracked up about the 3yrs=30yrs because I totally agree. It’s always time to redo something! Going to multicolor paint my kitchen chairs for sure now! I think your little pantry door is dying to be the lime green color of your chairs. It just has to be. :) Thanks for sharing!

  12. Paula says


    Love your creativity–just purchased a home and would love to make it have it be a calming atmosphere.
    What color grey did you use in the living room. Maybe you mention it in your blog but I did not read it.

    Thank you

  13. Stephanie says

    Hi! I LOVE your curtains in the kitchen! Where did you get them/what fabric did you use?
    (Love the blog, been following for about 4-5 years now :)

    • Brooke says

      Hi Stephanie! They are from IKEA. They are super duper inexpensive too! I want to say they were less than $30! Thanks for following! xoxo

  14. Kelly says

    I LOVE your blog. Just found you, but will be back to see more. I Love your house. I really like the Trampoline in the ground….less chance of broken arms. LOL!!!! Can you tell me the color that you painted your Living Room….it looks like a Grat color. Is that correct?

  15. Erin says

    Hi Brooke,

    Your home is so beautiful. I love your painted kitchen chairs. Can you tell me what the colors are of the chairs? Thanks!

    • Brooke says

      Krylon Blue Ocean Breeze, Krylon Ivory, Krylon Navy Blue, and Krylon Ivy Leaf! :) I like the satin sheen the best. Good luck!


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