Yo, yo, yo! Happy Monday!! As you all know, I’m a Mom of 4 kiddos and we are ALWAYS looking for a fun activity to keep the kids busy these days. If you are like me, summer is KILLING me. HA. Having the kiddos home for the summer is awesome, but keeping them from saying, “I’m bored” is darn near impossible.

My awesome MIL made homemade pulled taffy with the kids a few months ago and they haven’t stopped talking about it since. So in order to prove that I’m just as cool as Grandma, we made it ourselves. {Yeah right, I could never be as cool as grandma, I make them do chores!}

BUT, I’m proud to say that we successfully made it ourselves {without Grandma}. So, if I can do it, believe me, YOU can do it. I’m a beginner when it comes to candy making.

homemade-pulled-taffy-recipe-aHomemade Pulled Taffy Recipe


2 cups sugar

1 1/2 cups water

1 cup of light corn syrup

2 tsp glycerin {I bought mine at Michaels’, and I promise you want this ingredient. We tried it without it and it was a MAJOR recipe fail.}

1 tsp salt

Combine all ingredients in a saucepan and cook {stir constantly} until it reaches 258 degrees {use a candy thermometer} .

Remove from heat and add 2 Tbls butter and 1 tsp of vanilla, and pour onto a buttered cookie sheet.

Wait for the taffy to cool for a few minutes. Once it is cooled enough to handle break off a big piece and start pulling.  Pull and fold the taffy until it turns a pearly white color.

pulling-homemade-taffy (1) - Copy

Your kids will LOVE this part!  pulling-homemade-taffy (2) - Copy


pulling-homemade-taffy (7) - Copy

That’s pure joy on that face peeps.

I’m telling ya, you will make your kids’ day if you make this recipe.

pulling-homemade-taffy (8) - Copy

After your taffy is a pretty pearly white color, place it on wax paper and let it cool completely. Break off a piece and enjoy! I hope this will be a fun activity to do with your kiddos this summer!

xoxo, Brooke


  1. Emily says

    My mom has a similar recipe but with honey. We’ve been making is every Christmas (and sometimes during the year too) for as long as I can remember. It’s a fun tradition!

  2. says

    We are headed to my momma’s house this weekend–totally going to make this! looks yummy and fun!! My kids will totally love this :) and I hear ya on having the kids home all summer, especially in this southern utah heat!!

  3. Jackie says

    Hello, I’m a long time reader of All Things Thrifty and I know you did that post before of vacationing in Disneyland…we are traveling to St George next month and I was wondering if you could share some fun things to do, good places to eat, maybe your favorite home decor stores to visit :) St George seems to be somewhat of a hot spot for summer getaways so I thought many of your readers would benefit from a post you’d write if you’re willing. Maybe you already have? Point me in the right direction! So far our vacation is pretty much a blank slate, other than hanging out at the pool. Thanks!

  4. Brenda says

    My husband has a recipe for this candy, different from this one. It was his father’s, and he use to make it and sale to make his house payments when there was no work in the coal mine’s, this was back in eastern ky. It has a long history in his family. And it has been passed down. Now our son-in-law makes it.

  5. Marlene says

    Looks great! Going to try making it for favoprizesTo Brenda
    (who wrote March 3rd 2014) Do you have the recipe for yur father in law?made the not

  6. Marlene says

    Looks fun and sounds deleesh! Going to try it for favors at an upcoming Famiy Reunion : )

    To Brenda-who wrote March 3rd, 2014-it would be neat to have your father-in-law’s recipe, to compare.

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