Hello everyone! Eighteen25 girls here today and we are so stinking excited. We love All Things Thrifty and we LOVE Brooke even more! She is seriously one of the funnest people alive.
Today we want to share these super easy button thumbtacks. Of course you can get the kids involved and make button rings or button earrings as well!
• plain thumbtacks
• buttons, lots of buttons
• E6000 glue
• For jewelry you can buy rings and earrings with a pad
To make them, just sort through you buttons and find ones that work well together. Layer them how you like and use the E6000 to glue them together and to glue them to the top of the thumbtacks. Then let them dry for a good 24 hours.
Then you can start tacking up your favorite pictures and prints!!
Thanks so much for having us Brooke!
We’d love to have you ATT fans stop by and see us sometime at eighteen25!
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