Hi Thrifty friends! My name is Kristen Duke, and I blog over at Capturing Joy.

Capturing Joy with Kristen Duke

I started as a photographer, now share just about everything on my little spot on the web. I simply adore Brooke in real life, I just know you would, too. Today I’m going to share with you a sweet gift idea.

Have you ever wanted to drop off a little something to a friend, just because you are thinking of them? Maybe you know they’ve had a rough day/week, or maybe they are just on your mind? I’ve been meaning to make a stockpile of such gifts with a little treat in them, to keep on hand for such occasions. Today I’m sharing with you a simple printable and gift idea that applies to anyone and everyone.

Friend giftI often have a bunch of Mason Jars around the house. I’ve used them for parties, canning strawberry jam, and holding pens, etc. I’ve loved the newer turquoise jars, (I’ve found them at Target) and thought it would be great to transform a handful of them into future gifts to keep on hand. I printed out a bunch of tags and tied them around the jars. I filled this jar with some sweet Starbursts, but I’ll keep the others empty and fill them with whatever I have on hand when I used them (you can easily fill them all when attaching the tags). I think everyone needs to be reminded that they are “awesome” because sometimes we just don’t feel that way. I thought this could be a jar that can sit out on the counter or a desk, and whenever they aren’t feeling so awesome, they can take a little treat and remember that SOMEONE thinks they are awesome. A handwritten note on the back of the tag can never go wrong, too. You can even ding dong ditch an anonymous treat.

somebody thinks I'm awesome

I’ve put the rest of the jars on my pantry shelf to use when needed.

Mason Jar gift

I just cut out a piece of scrapbook paper to go on top of the jar under the ring, too. If you’d like to download a page of this printable, CLICK HERE, then simply cut them out and attach to the jars.

Gift for a friend

Wouldn’t you love to be surprised with a sweet and simple gift like this? I know I would…a kind gesture goes a long way.

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  1. DJ says

    I am a greeter at our local senior center and this is a great idea to make and have on hand to give to someone who feels lonely and neglected. Thanks for posting and sharing.


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