I started writing this post in July, and ever since, I have thought long and hard about pressing the “publish” button. If you are a blogger, you probably know what I’m talking about. Sometimes pressing that button is tough.

I took pictures of our movie theater sign because I was SO excited to show you that we got letters! You know, the old school marquee letters that you use a pole with a suction cup to put them up!?!? YEP! I was like a kid in a candy store when Dan brought them home because we’ve been on the search for MONTHS! But instead, after 5 minutes of looking at the pictures I had just taken, my excitement turned to disappointment.

Want to know why? One word. Pinterest.

I honestly thought this exact sentence in my head, “Now I’m going to have to retake the pictures.”

And then I woke up and screamed, HELL NO! I swear when I’m mad or when I’m being sarcastic. Ok, the truth is I swear a little here or there. I’m trying to stop though. Every few months I try and quit and then I do really well for awhile and then…well, you know, I fall off the wagon. I grew up on a farm, so that’s my justification. Hell and Damn aren’t swear words, right? Don’t answer that. {Sorry Mom}.

Anyway, moving on…

I feel like Pinterest has changed things, and instead of being excited to share something, I feel like it ruins the excitement and it makes me feel like my pictures need to be PERFECT.


As a blogger, we have to be conscious of Pinterest traffic. We try our hardest to take Pinterest worthy pictures so that you might be inclined to pin a picture or two when you visit.

But sometimes I rebel against Pinterest because I miss the good ‘ol days. So, you might  notice that my posts aren’t perfect with Pinterest worthy photos all the time. But, in the back of my mind, I wonder if I’m shooting myself in the foot by not being so “Pinterest” worthy all the time.

all things thrifty rebelling against pinterest

Here are the reasons why Pinterest blows…

I noticed these seven imperfections and decided that my movie theatre sign wasn’t worthy of posting without retaking the pictures. {FYI Some of the imperfections were more prominent in some of the other shots.} You may think it’s lame that I’m admitting this, but I’m just being brutally honest here:

1. My child is in the photo, and although I think he is the cutest thing in the whole world, I bet people wouldn’t be as likely to pin with my family in the photos. Am I wrong?

2. My counter has clutter on it. Yep, I’m a human that gets junk mail. Oh, and I am a stacker and a shover. Our little counter right there is a “catch” all, and I hate to admit I’m the worst of the bunch. When visitors come over, I shove it all behind closed doors.

3. I have some sort of plastic Tupperware on top of my kitchen cabinet at the moment. I have no idea how it got there since I’m only 5’4” and I cannot reach that high. Hmmmmmm.

4. My fridge has papers on the side. The important birthday invitations and such have to be in my face or I will forget them {it’s sad but true}.

5. My hallway still has painter’s tape on top of the door jam from painting a few months {ahem six months} ago.

6. My remote control is sitting on my mantel and it isn’t decorated up to par yet. I need a more accessories and I just haven’t gotten it right yet.

7. And, last but not least….I have fingerprints on my fire place glass. You may not be able to see them much, but I’m not just talking about two or three fingerprints….I’m talking dozens and dozens.

All seven of these imperfections wouldn’t have mattered when I started blogging 4 years ago.  And more times that not, I still post pictures like this all the time. So, the question is….as a reader, do you embrace Pinterest or rebel against it? Meaning: do you expect Pinterest perfect pictures on blog posts? If there isn’t a perfect picture do you still pin it? Or am I really shooting myself in the foot for rebelling sometimes? I want your honest opinion. I won’t be offended I promise.




  1. amanda davis says

    I don’t expect perfect pictures (Nor do I ever take them) on a blog, but I do like nice pictures on the actual pinterest site (Not that I use it much). And I didn’t notice half of the seven things you pointed out in the picture.

    I would say that I really didn’t notice the movie theatre sign, though, since it didn’t seem to be the focus of the picture. It wasn’t what my eye was drawn to. But since it was pointed out, I saw it and it is nice. It looks cool. :) And since the viewer can see it, what’s the difference?

  2. Melinda Cerra says

    Honestly, I don’t pin based on how perfect a picture is, I pin based on whether or not I like an idea. None of the things you mentioned above bother me a bit and wouldn’t affect whether or not I pinned it. I didn’t even notice most of the things you mentioned until they were pointed out. I DO like looking at pretty pictures but I would rather see time spent on awesome projects or ideas vs time spent on perfect pictures. Now some bloggers have a true passion for photography and if that is the case then spend the time but if getting that perfect pic isn’t fun for you, get a good pic that shows what you are trying to show and be done. Time is too valuable! Love you blog!

  3. debe says

    Honey, I do realize that there are perfect pictures in this world. And the family friendly, normal house, and more truthful pictures . You didn’t post because YOU realized that it wasn’t perfect. Is this picture one that you would regret posting or take off the blog later when you looked at it differently? I think folks everywhere are so influnced by the perfect fiction expressed on Pinterest – honestly – when I look at a picture with white slip covers and a beautifully staged room I ask myself, when did the housekeeper leave? 3 seconds ago?

  4. says

    I pin when I see something that looks like I might want to try or really swoon about. I honestly am not looking at photo composition. Now, if a photo is really awful (dark or blurry), I probably would still look at it if it were something in which I had an interest. (I might think to myself that they should have taken a better photo!) Kids, clutter, glass smudges are real life. I would much rather see real life than absolutely gorgeous vignettes that I drool over and know I could never attempt because I don’t live that way!

    • says

      I agree. That’s why my husband now calls Facebook “fake-book”. Maybe because I’m getting older or wiser or a little bit of both, I am just so TIRED of the picture perfect world that surrounds so many of our lives. The pursuit of perfection can be an insidious poison – what was good, becomes bad and what brought joy now brings pain (exactly what you were talking about, right)? Enough philosophy! Facebook’s “perfection” makes me feel like a failure so I don’t log in very often. But I LOVE Pinterest and am on it every day – perhaps it’s because so many things still have a real quality – which makes them so special.

      I guess the decision you have to make is if you want people to admire your work or to make a connection with you. I find it hard to connect with perfection.

      That being said, I also agree with Amanda Davis – many nice things to see in your pic so if you hadn’t have told me it was about the movie theatre sign (super cute!) I wouldn’t have realized that was the focus.

      Hope this helps!

  5. says

    As a relatively new blogger…I struggle with this all the time. My hubby says “why don’t do you a post about this?” to which I reply, I can’t that room isn’t finished yet or “the finish on that table is scratched , I can’t use that in a shot”
    So my posts are getting few and far between because I don’t want to show things that aren’t as perfect as what the “bigger bloggers” are showing – and let’s face it, I’m using a regular digital camera, not a fancy one, so my pictures don’t come out as good…

    thanks for sharing your frustration – this is one of the things that is holding me back

    • Amanda says

      As a SAHM with no blog, I’m asking you to please go ahead and show the unfinished shots, and the less-than-perfect pictures. As much as I like Pinterest, it feeds feelings of inadequacy that my life will never be as perfect as all the bloggers with perfectly painted walls, a freezer full of crock pot meals, perfectly dressed children and a garden full of healthy vegetables. There’s nothing wrong with seeing an unfinished project, or a chlid in the pictures.

    • Naomi J says

      I would like to take a moment to reassure you that your pictures or rooms or projects don’t have to be perfect for people to really enjoy them. As a blog stalker, I’ve noticed that the blog posts that “keep it real” (i.e. show how real live is) are the ones that get the most comments from people who read blogs. Besides, wasn’t Pinterest first developed as a way to corral ideas that you’ve found online, not as a place to put the prettiest pictures that you’ll probably never refer to again? Isn’t what tumblr and flickr are for? I for one would much rather see your scratched up table if it means I get to see your good ideas and projects more often than having to wait until you feel like it’s “perfect” or “finished.” Which means I’ll probably never get to see it, doesn’t it? Keep blogging, and don’t let magazine pictures get you down! You’re pictures and ideas and imperfect mess are enough!

  6. says

    Brooke – I agree with Melinda – don’t waste your time on getting the perfect picture, do what you love to do. Your site is awesome. Honestly, I appreciate it when people are willing to admit that they are not perfect, as none of us are. I would have never noticed any of those things except for the cute little one! Honestly I have to move things before I take pictures because of all of the piles in my work room. Keep doing what you are doing!!!

  7. says

    Maybe I’m not that observant but I would have missed at least 5 of those. I would have pinned it in a heartbeat and written underneath why I pinned it, ie. great sign. I think peripheral are tired of perfect, fake Internet insta, Facebook perfect. Anytime someone posts about NOT being perfect, people absolutely LOVE it. So I say post your imperfect pictures and spend the extra time working on your swearing problem 😉

  8. lori says

    There’s nothing wrong with the before, after, and more after as something takes shape. I admit I pinned a couple of times but to be honest it hasn’t hooked me as much as Houzz.com has.

  9. Rebecca says

    I didn’t even notice the “flaws” until you pointed them out. I actually thought “why is she showing us this perfect picture to prove that she isn’t always Pinterest worthy?” when it just looks like a picture of her awesome house!

    We are our own worst critics. Don’t be so hard on yourself! Seriously, it’s refreshing to see less than perfect photos.

  10. Spark*Amy says

    Pfft!!! Get over Pinterest!! LOL! I honestly had to keep scrolling up to find all but the baby and the counter clutter, which I probably wouldn’t have noticed because I have the same thing and it’s just normal! Right?! :-) Your content is fabulous! If it were me, I would just crop this pic to highlight the sign and let the pinning begin! A close-up of the sign is what I would pin because (IMO) this one has so much in it the sign might get lost in the little pin on a news feed. Get out your photoshop and put a button over the clutter and crop out your little one and Voila! Pinterest pic!! LOL!

  11. Nicole says

    Heck, I have pictures from blogs that must have used the cheapest point and shoot they can find, in the dark, they are that bad (I mean, I doubt I could do better so I don’t complain). Content is what matters to me. I like to see real live. I think it is a good thing. If anything, as a non-blogger, I like to know you are all human too. I can’t live up to blogs and pinterest in real live, and it is good to know no one really does, even the actual bloggers. In pinterest, it is usually the description I go off of. If I am interested I still look at it. To be honest, I didn’t think anything was wrong with your photo till you pointed it out.

  12. ashley says

    Hi CRAZY!

    I know that you are in sort of a beauty industry working in the blogging world. Everything has to look like it came out of pottery barn, your house has to look like you have 8 maids, and you need to be a barbie doll who always smiles, is a size two, and homeschools her 17 children and never complains…..but that’s not real. Even if the people who post those types of photos know that it’s grown up make-believe. Kids are messy, pets are messy, husbands are messy….and life? yeah, that’s messy too.

    You have to look at it from a “real” person perspective….that person you were before you were constantly worried about what the millions of readers thought of you. When you were posting for yourself and what made you happy. The real woman has unbrushed hair, spit up on her shirt in several places, and is just enjoying the 10 minutes she has to herself to read your blog/pinterest. (hey maybe she’ll do something really crazy for herself like go to the bathroom in private…or put mascara on) She can’t see your imperfections. Hell (and no, I don’t see that as a cuss word, more as an introductory exclamation point), I can’t see see them either….after you pointed them out….with arrows!!!

    The point is, it’s a well composed shot, excellent exposure, fun colors….and looks like a place you want to be. That’s what makes it a good post and a “pinner”. Give yourself a break and don’t be so critical. We aren’t.

    My ten minutes are almost up….better go put on mascara :)

  13. Nancy says

    I preferred the “good ol’ days” before the perfect pictures. When I pin something on Pinterest (although I haven’t pinned in quite some time) it’s usually not from Pinterest itself, but from someone’s blog. The picture quality has nothing to do with pinning. It’s the idea that I’m going after. Just something to jog the old memory. All that perfection kind of makes me twitch. I prefer real life.

  14. says

    I agree with what Melinda (comment #1) says exactly. I am going to pin something because of the idea, the work, the creativity, not based upon the perfection of the photo. Sometimes I think bloggers are creating blog posts JUST to get pinned! I think that comes across in the post and I’m less likely to be interested.. but that’s just me. I really your enjoy your blog and your honestly! (cuz I can throw out a few swear words myself sometimes – eek! haha!)

  15. says

    Ohhhhh Brooke… I HEAR YA! You need to post that picture above without all the red arrows too so we can all make a truly informed decision. Honestly, I’m pretty confident I would post it. But if it were closer up (opposed to a whole room shot), I would have probably changed some things or spent a few minutes in photoshop. You cute kid pretty much MAKES the picture, so I would never worry about that. If anything, post gorgeous pictures because it matters to YOU… not because it’s driven by Pinterest. Because at least for my traffic, Pinterest is definitely dying and google search traffic is growing immensely. Pinterest or not, people like to see pretty things. But chances are they aren’t seeing all the little imperfections you’re seeing. Post it dude!

  16. says

    I dont know if I like this post and heres why I can totally understand that you want perfect pictures so that ppl will pin and therefore bring more traffic to your site but some of these reason are (to me) just ridiculous. Most ppl pin because they like a certain idea ex the marquee but could careless about say a fireplace b/c that doesnt apply to them or the post at hand. Also even you make the point of saying we cant even see the fingerprints so why add that to this list (sympathy?) bleh!!! quite honestly i dont think anyone would have notice the fingerprints, remote control, tape above the window and papers on the fridge (most reg ppl have that)…bloggers lately have been writting a lot of post about being “human” but frankly this made me feel like you wanted us to think “hey i’m usually perfect but I want to show how im like the regular folk too!!!)——I also want to add that that was my initial response to THIS post. I really do enjoy the blog

    • says

      Hi Chanda,
      Thank you for being honest. When I took the photos of the room, some of these imperfections were more prominent based on the angle of the room in particular shots. Certain pictures showed the tape more, certain angles showed the fingerprints more…etc. I realize that you can’t really see the finger prints, but I was just being honest and sharing what things honestly bothered me about all the photos {not just this on in particular}. Thank you for reading and for your comment.

  17. Britt says

    I do lean towards prettier pictures, and of course it has to be something I’m interested in. But I didn’t notice all the imperfections you did until you pointed them out. You could alwAys just crop the photo;). I am glad to hear you are a real person though. I love drooling over Pinterest pictures but they do sometimes make me feel bad because seriously, whose house can look that perfect all… The…. Time. It’s just a snapshot of one staged second in someone’s life and while its perfection, it’s maybe not realistic. Love your honesty, and blog!

  18. Peggy W says

    Your photo is “perfect”! It gives you the FEEL that a FAMILY lives there and not some sterile environment that you would not be happy in. I LOVE IT! I look at these ‘picture perfect’ photos and it makes me feel bad cause my home does not look that way….it looks lived in…it looks like I have beautiful grandchildren who love to come and run and play..crayons and coloring book on the coffee table. You talk about Pinterest perfect……your house IS perfect. Enjoy being a young mother with fabulous ideas to share. Keep up the good work.

  19. says

    I have pinned some of the nastiest looking meals because of the ingredient list…if if sounds good…I’m pinning it. Same with decor ideas…as long as it’s an awesome idea…I’m pinning it.
    For the record…I ADORE your sign and I wouldn’t have thought twice about all of the “imperfections”. Now…where can I find a sign like that?!?! I think it’s perfect

  20. says

    ha! I love this post. lol I agree with you though, it seems that sites like Pinterest make us feel very pressured in how we blog (lol not that I have been doing much of that lately). I don’t think perfect pics are required. I think if it will remind me that I want to do/try my hand at whatever you made then that’s all I need. It’s actually nice to see all of the more known bloggers being real. We get such a skewed sense of how your lives work through the blog and have unrealistic standards. And not that your lives are not what you say, but those perfect pics make a lot of people see “perfection”. :) We know you are real people and the “real” pics show it. Not to say I don’t love the great pics as well…but it doesn’t have to be the standard!
    (and reading PP I think we all feel pretty much the same!) :)

  21. angireid says

    I actually prefer when things are not pintrest perfect! My house certainly never is with a 1 yo and a 2 yo so it makes me feel better to know everyone else’s house isnt perfect either. not that those things are things I would have noticed. Except the adorable kid, I’d have noticed that and smiled.

  22. says

    I would have pinned because I love it. I wouldn’t have even noticed all those things if you didn’t point them out. I love to see that you actually “live” in your house! I would feel comfortable there…like I could come in and relax. I hate going in houses where everything is “just so” and I’m afraid to sit down! Keep doing what you’re doing…you do damn good work! Oops, did I say damn? And I didn’t even grow up on a farm!

  23. linda loo says

    Take a breath, and don’t be so hard on yourself… I think you’re over thinking this a bit. Personally, I pin when I see even one element in a pic that I like, or that inspires me. I think a lot of people are like that too. And, ps, who isn’t a stacker & shover, with a catch all somewhere in the house???

  24. T. Cashion says

    Those “imperfections” you point out in the photo don’t bother me at all and would have no bearing on whether I would pin the post. If anything, it just makes the post more pin worthy because it is real. Your house looks like a family lives there as it should!

  25. says

    Bethany! We got the sign at a sign graveyard. Sign makers have tons of old signs in their warehouses. The trick is to get them to let you buy them! They are a little weary of selling them for some reason. Thanks for your comment! xoxo.

  26. says

    Pin away, perfect or not! If I’m looking for inspiring pins of marquee signs, I will pin pictures of marquee signs, and it doesn’t matter how many children or fingerprints are in the photo. Remember, you started out as a BLOGGER, not a PINNER. The blog tells a story about your life. Pins often represent an unrealistic snapshot of perfection. Perfect pins might direct “hits” (single visits, looking at your pics) to your site, but maybe imperfect pins direct readers (visitors who will come back regularly once they’ve found you). Maybe they want to follow the story about the amazing woman who managed to create that really cool marquee sign despite having kids and fingerprints and clutter. You can always save the perfect pins for close-ups and how-to’s or reveals of your favorite projects. So don’t be so hard on yourself, or your pictures! :)

  27. says

    I’m a blogger, I get this post. It is sad but true. My pictures aren’t always perfect, but I do try hard. That being said, your comment about taking photos when you first started blogging 4 years ago, I totally can relate. I used to snap pictures (with my camera flash!!) and post them. Didn’t care. It’s only been in probably the last year that I’ve tried harder with my pictures.

  28. says

    I pin based on the content — if it’s something I think I may try to do myself or an idea I want to remember for later. I do try to pin with a pretty picture, but it isn’t necessary.

    I do re-pin based more on the picture, though. Scrolling through Pinterest, I’m less inclined to click on or re-pin a picture that is more of a snapshot. So a picture like this may not keep me from pinning it originally, but it may affect if I re-pin it later on Pinterest.

  29. Marie-Soleil says

    This living room looks great!!! I’m personally not looking for perfect pinterest pictures, but for something that inspires me in any way possible 😉 I do love it when it looks simple, beautiful and honest ..it’s refreshing! Meanwhile..your movie theatre sign looks fantastic!!

  30. Chrysta says

    I like pictures like this… it shows that this room functions in real life while still looking very well decorated. Sometimes I see the Pinterest Perfect photos and don’t think the ideas would translate to my world. I also get things in the mail or have a few items in piles now and then, and I don’t know if some of the “fancier/more artistic/more creative/more stylish” kinds of designs and looks will still look good with real life added into the mix.

    CLEAN and PERFECT (no remotes or birthday invitations or junk mail) are not necessarily the same thing. I’ll go for a look that works with clean.

    Thanks for your post.

  31. LaNell says

    HILARIOUS. Pinterest is about visual reminders and resources for projects or ideas floating around my mind. It’s an easy to use file system that doesn’t clutter my desk. It’s not about print quality photos of your family and home to hang on my walls. Pretty sure you don’t want that anyway.

  32. Amanda M. says

    I’d still have pinned it. I think it looks great and I really wouldn’t have noticed the “extras.” However, I TOTALLY get what you’re saying because yes, most of the Pinterest pics are fluffed and perfected with not a single carpet fiber out of place. Thing is, you’re so amazing at what you do – the stray carpet fiber wouldn’t ever be noticeable.

  33. says

    I started Pinterest before I started blogging (or knew anything about blogs). I pinned things that appealed to me–not necessarily the perfect photo.
    I just looked at my boards and I see that even though now I am a blogger, I see I still pin the same kind of things. Some have amazing photos, some have all the pretty time consuming graphics, but many have regular old photos with no graphics and some are even blurry!
    There are some blogs I follow that have the worst photos, but what they produce and have to say keeps me following them and pinning their ideas that inspire me.

  34. Nicole K. says

    I honestly didn’t even notice any of the problems with that pic until you pointed them out and even then I had to look closely to see the issue. I actually kind of like when bloggers I admire keep it real. Makes me feel like I am more normal, that everyone else isn’t more together and organized then me. Just keep in real 😉

  35. Briauna says

    I think you are worried too much. I don’t care if the picture is perfect. If I see something I like then I will pin it. Don’t worry so much. You don’t a great job on your blog and remember people have been looking at your blog for years and enjoying your posts without absolutely perfect pictures all the time. It doesn’t matter. We enjoy your creativity and that is why we visit your blog and pin things. You are great. Don’t forget it!

  36. deeanna says

    I like living the real world, even if that means I have junk mail piled on my counter and a load…or two… of laundry sitting on the couch waiting to be folded. Personally, I like pinterest for inspiration, not for perfection, because it’s something I can rarely hit myself these days. I love your living room (and your whole house, your Dream Big wall is wonderful! and you inspired me to paint my kitchen blue instead of listening to my sis in laws advice because I knew it would look awesome after you did it!) and I think you’re doing great with the photography.

  37. brittany says

    i pin for ideas, not perfect pics! i never would have noticed all those imperfections in your pic in a million years! probably not even one of them! i would pin any one of your pictures in a heartbeat. the thing on pinterest that bugs me the most is when someone pins something that is just a picture and not linked to anywhere that will get me back to it if i need to! as long as someones picture will get me back to their post so that i can go there and remember why i loved it enough to pin it in the first place, i don’t care so much what the pic looks like!:) people who do are too uppety i say :)

  38. Lia says

    Well, not to not be as supportive as everyone else (I do love your blog!), but I think you are right. Most of us who are already reading your blog would pin it because we love your blog and we love your idea.

    However, I think most people on Pinterest are merely repinning things that they see on Pinterest, and not going out to other sites to find things to pin (at least not as often). When that is the case, they are definitely going to just be repinning based off of that one picture, so it has to be something that really draws them in.

    On the other hand, I don’t actually think this picture is bad enough that someone wouldn’t repin it, but maybe like you said, the other pictures you took were.

  39. says

    Thank you for writing this. I struggle with it so much. Recently I was so excited to share a built in stamp storage. It was something I was so very proud of, yet it just wasn’t well received because my pictures aren’t great. I’m a small blogger, I don’t have a huge fancy camera. I take the very best pictures I can with my point and shoot. It does get very discouraging, HOWEVER I then remember that I would be doing all of these projects, regardless of whether or not I share them. I craft, and blog because I love to. If no one ever comments or appreciates then I have to be okay with it.

    I love Pinterest, but I do think it creates false ideas/hope/expectations of women. You can no longer just throw a simple birthday party, now women have to throw elaborate bashes. Meals now have to be gourmet, hair styles intricate.

    Excuse me while I go make a handmade birhday card, throw my hair in a pony, and order pizza for dinner.

  40. Val says

    I love this post. I relate to you as a fellow blogger and appreciate your honesty as a reader. I think I probably would re-pin this but I know exactly where you are coming from. I enjoy a “perfect picture” as much as everyone else but I do feel like this Pinterest perfect picture trend has totally changed blogging. Sometimes just want to post things that I know aren’t perfect but I feel like there is this who new standard that photos are supposed to meet. I find at times it really takes the joy out some of my posts. I admit, Pinterest is like the best thing since sliced bread but I think we all need to step back and stop letting it influence they way we blog so much. Thank you for sharing this today and I hope that you next time you just publish something if it makes you happy and not worry about everyone else!! :-)

  41. Megan McKinney says

    I didn’t notice one of those 7 things until you drew attention to them. I was focused on the color of your things in your house. When I look at Pinterest, I’m usually looking for something specific. If I’m really focused on that one thing, I’m not paying attention to fingerprints, or papers on a fridge and I sure as hell didn’t/couldn’t see the tape on top of the door. I want clear, sharp, lighted pictures where if blow up the pictures to see the details, I can see them clearly.

  42. MJ Tinling says

    Allowing these “imperfections” to be seen in your pictures, enables crafters, DIYers and future renovators; big and small, to know that they too can do it. That they don’t need to be a master carpenter or a showroom designer; all they need is a little inspiration, motivation and perspiration. I have been following you for years and all I can say is…. keep up the amazing work! And thank you for allowing us to be inspired by you and your family.

  43. Amanda says

    The only one i personally agree with is number 1 and that’s only because i feel uncomfortable posting something with a child in it that will be all over the internet. I don’t think it’s wrong I just get nervous thinking about all the crazies online. Otherwise i just look for a picture that shows clearly what i want to pin. It doesn’t have to be a dream shot it just needs to show the piece. Who cares about the fingerprints if all i want to pin for is the cool detail of the mantle.

  44. Stacye says

    Personally, I would be more apt to pin your imperfect picture and then in turn follow your blog because everything is not perfect. It is so refreshing to see that the world that you live in is real. Sometimes I look at Pinterest and/or blog pictures and it makes me feel bad about myself and my clutter. So Brooke I’m glad to see that you don’t live in the perfection of Pinterest or “blogland”. I would pin your picture in a flash. BTW, I wouldn’t have noticed 3/4 of what you pointed out. Also, you have a beautiful child but I would be leary of posting a picture of my child on the internet because of all the creeps in the world.

  45. Annie says

    Girlfriend, give yourself some slack! Your house looks amazing, and we all love when we can catch of glimpse of “non-perfection” in other peoples homes. Keep on rockin’ on girl.

  46. karen says

    I don’t worry about pictures being “pintrest worthy”. If I’m interested in the content or project, I will pin any picture from the post and clearly describe why I’m pinning.

  47. says

    Great post, Brooke! I think the same way sometimes and really need to just not let Pinterest control me and my blog! :) By the way I pinned your picture 😉 Just so I can go re-read this post later when I need to be reminded again AND cause I LOVE your sign and your gallery wall and your mantel and your whole house :)

  48. says

    The only one of those things I might have noticed was your kid. And then it would have been, “Oh her kid’s cute,” and then I’d move on and notice how cool your home is decorated. I like that this picture isn’t perfect, it means you LIVE.

  49. says

    With that picture I would have never noticed unless you pointed them out, which it isn’t that big of a deal! I think throwing a kid in a picture here and there is adorable! It makes you seem more real! I can’t ever seem to get pictures done without kids hopping in them 😉 Plus your kids are super cute, show them off!

    I’m glad you brought this up! I’ve been having the same issue with putting pictures up. I’ve taken hundreds of pictures for posts, and now that I’m finally getting ready to write the post I feel like I need to start all over because the pictures are just not up to par!

    Thanks for venting our blogging frustrations! It can definitely be hard pushing that Publish button!

  50. says

    And that’s the exact reason I end up balanced on top of a chair trying to get “just the right angle” taking pics for my blog! I don’t always have pin worthy photos but i try to get at least one per post-and I use a lot of labels and captions to hide things I don’t want people to see!

  51. Kelly O. says

    I pin regardless of the photo… if I like the idea, I pin it. However I do try to pin photos that do not have children in them just for the safety of the child… but If that’s all I get, I pin it. Your perfections have nothing to do with my pinning but your ideas and creativity have everything to do with it!

  52. Roxy Bee says

    Actually, I am getting tired of pinterest starting to look like pages ripped from a magazine. It’s actually discouraging because I do a reality check any time I see these and say– I can’t do that because my house will NEVER be that nice. I know that this evolution of pinterest will continue but to me, realistic representation of your home and work is more effective, appreciated and inspiring. Great discussion! :)

  53. Becca says

    I honestly didn’t notice any of the things you pointed out in the picture except the kid. And, really, he lives there. I would be hard pressed to take a picture of the majority of my living room without getting at least one kid in the picture during the day.

    I regularly pin pictures of “main” items for other things in the picture.

    I appreciate when bloggers make a picture with words stating what the item is (especially recipes), but it wouldn’t make me NOT pin something.

  54. Emily says

    I don’t think pinterest pictures need to be perfect! I think it’s an advantage if they are clear and crisp and have vibrant colors, all of which fits the picture that you posted above! What’s more important to me in pinning something is that I like to find a picture that focuses in on the thing/concept that my pin is about. If I was pinning your marquee sign, I’d want to pin a close up of it, know what I mean? But I wouldn’t care if there was a kid or clutter or whatever!

  55. Mindy says

    Sorry about your dilemma. Blogging isn’t easy!

    I don’t use Pinterest and I don’t seek perfection in pictures. They’re nice to look at, but I feel like perfect photo shoots like those in magazines just make people think that their house should look like that. For a while I tried to make my house look picture-perfect, but then I realized that that with two toddlers it is basically impossible. It can only look like that after a thorough clean up (which lasts just a few minutes). And even things like color-retouching (which I myself have used when working for my university and putting up pictures) make our own lives seem pale, literally.

    So I appreciate reality. But also understand that the competition encourages fakeness.

  56. Tiffany says

    Seriously, WHO CARES!!!!! If that’s all you have to worry about in life is if your house is Pinterest worthy, wow, your lucky!!!

  57. Ashley says

    I wouldn’t have really noticed any of those things either, without them being pointed out. I’m really focused on a pic that shows whatever concept I’m seeking or inspires me, not perfection. I’m a non-blogging follower and generally don’t comment, but I have to say that I love you for posting this! So often I feel completely inadequate in a world of blog worthy, pin worthy, homes. So often blog inspiration feels very unattainable!

  58. says

    I never even really would have noticed any of those things about your picture. And if I did, those things would just make me love the picture even more, cause it’s real. You got papers on the side of your fridge? Girl, ME TOO!! Clutter on the countertop? ME TOO! And that tape on top of the door? Well, that’s just hilarious because I *just* took some tape off the top of the door from when I painted the hallway … at the beginning of JUNE!! Seriously, I don’t see your photo and say “Dang, look at that clutter.” I see it and go “Oooooh, pretty!!” (Yes, like a four year old, haha!)

  59. says

    This is one of the reasons I hardly blog my renovations/makeovers, because I honestly don’t have time to stage the pictures and make them Perfect (I barely have time to do any makeovers what with a 18 month old and a full time job plus gym). I’d rather take a few snaps with my phone and upload them to instagram and occasionally copy/paste Those pics to the post. Most of the time I just talk about what I’ve done. With Pinterest, it kind of took the fun away from doing crafts/makeovers because you’re so worried it’s not perfect.

  60. Lisa says

    Here’s what I noticed right away, and I will be totally honest as you asked.
    1. I don’t like your peeling paint mantel; but it’s not my house, it’s yours, so my opinion doesn’t count.
    2. I think we have the same TV, cool, I love mine, we have had such good family movie nights since buying it.
    3. Your child is sitting in a pose similar to The Elf on The Shelf; while my kids are too old for Elf, I am now cued into raging about the Elf on The Shelf over achievers that ruin it for normal parents. My elf rage blocks out any inclination of wondering why a child is in the photo. Ha! Try to keep a dog or cat out.
    4. I hope you eventually fill those empty frames as time goes by :)
    5. I still haven’t noticed the clutter on the right side, but here’s a suggestion if it bothers you that much. You could use a photo editing program to create a banner of typography on the right hand side, under the [gorgeous] white molding and covering up the kitchen and part of the sofa. It could be a call out for the signage you are promoting.
    6. #5, really? Who is looking back there? A little time with a photoshop blur tool or clone stamp would hide that quickly.
    7. All Pinterest should be taken with a grain of salt. We have seen enough FAIL posts to know how much fakery there is on that site.
    8. I love your blog.

  61. Stacy says

    I appreciate these pictures so much better than the “picture perfect” “model home” ones that do not even look like a family lives there. I like it that you reinforce that our families and the way we live are the norm and not the exception. I enjoy pictures that make me feel good and yours definitely make me smile, in the most positive of ways.

  62. Meggan says

    Oh heck no! I read another blog recently where the blogger made an off-hand, but similar remark about having to stage every photo even during a tutorial post for Pinterest. I thought “why?” That seems like so much unnecessary pressure! I’m sure part of it is that you as a blogger want to “sell” yourself with super fancy photos, which I respect for sure. On the other hand, I think it’s sad so many people are all obsessed with having a “pinterest-worthy” Pinterest board if that makes sense. It’s like our boards have to look like they were put together by an interior designer or soemthing. Sheesh! Like similar comments, if I like the concept, who cares what the pic is that goes with it as long as it serves as a reminder to me what the heck is behind the pin! Anyway, that sign is so cool I think ANY picture of it will get you plenty of traffic!!

  63. says

    I struggle with the SAME thing as a blogger! The first thing I always think when editing for a post is “is this shot pretty enough?”. AKA-is it pinterest perfect! I think your picture is just fine. I like seeing all the imperfections!

  64. says

    As a food blogger, I feel the pressure for sure from pinterest. Seems like every time I pin one of my images a better version pops up right after!! I am constantly retaking and canceling posts. I think I would be less hard on myself if there wasn’t that constant voice in my head asking if the picture is pinterest worthy…

    With all of the “imperfections” in your photo… It’s still amazing. My eye goes directly to the sign. Which we are on the hunt for by the way!

  65. Heidi says

    Holy hard on yourself Brooke! I would absolutely Pin the picture. My eyes go to the awesome sign, the beautiful wall color, the amazing fireplace mantel, etc. I wouldn’t have even noticed most of your “imperfections”. I would have noticed your adorable child, but that wouldn’t have been an imperfection to me.

  66. says

    I think the only person you should really blog for is yourself. Sure, you want it to be the best, and look great. But condemnation was and still is the fall of man. Why condemn yourself over something that isn’t even REAL. Pinterest is a site, out there in no where land. Sure people (including myself) “pin” dreamy images of things that may never happen. But that’s just it. They are images, not reality. Reality is messy, lovely, scary, present, jarring and REAL. Is your image and your blog YOU? Pinterest has done a fantastic job of going well beyond it’s core. At best, it is a visual Disney Land of bookmarks of vast potentials. At it’s driving force it has become a beast teasing people into believing that it actually exists. That any of it and all of it is real. I say do what you do. Your house is REAL, the “pin” is not.

  67. Lindsey says

    Um… I say this with respect and friendliness… but you’re a little crazy. :) The only thing I saw in that picture was your gorgeous arrangement of pictures on the wall, the bright beautiful colors of your furniture, and that AWESOME movie theater sign. I wouldn’t have noticed any of the rest of it because it’s totally normal. You LIVE in your house. With CHILDREN. If it was perfectly spotless and organized 24/7 I’d have to wonder if you tied your family up somewhere to keep it that way. Do you have kennels in your basement? I didn’t think so. :) You’re doing an amazing job and I love your website!

  68. Susan Krauss says

    I’m sure I speak for all your readers when I say that we really like the “real” pictures you post, perceived flaws and all! xoxoxxo

  69. says

    As a person who makes money from my photography hobby, I have to say that I do not really care one way or the other if the photo I’m pinning is perfect or not. It’s the IDEA that grabs me and pushes me to pin (heh heh), not the photo. As a family & DIY blogger, I admit that I do not usually pull my photography skills into my blog posts. I just don’t have the space or the time to stage things perfectly to get a perfect photo.

    I’m looking to pin things that remind me of the concept behind the pin. If there’s a written reminder, even better! Sure it’s fun to have pretty pictures all over Pinterest, but I’m not going to knock myself or anyone else out for not posting perfect photos. Life is too short to sweat the small stuff.

    Of course, if you were writing a photography blog, I’d definitely expect perfection. Although, my idea of perfection may not be yours, just as your idea of beauty may not be mine. It’s all subjective.

  70. Tara says

    I hope you post the real life photos. I love beautiful pictures but that what the magazines are for. I have been dying to start a design blog because I so badly want to be a part of the conversations going on with you great DIY people out there. You know what? I don’t own a great camera and don’t know how to take great pictures. It has stopped me in my tracks and I’m totally let down. Please be real. Authenticity comes across so clearly on your blog and your pictures are a huge part of that.

  71. Melinda George says

    I read your blog, and I love the real that you share. I’m not buying your home decor magazine, I’m getting a glimpse of your life, your projects, your home. It is kind and generous of you to share these things with the world, with me. I am sometimes going to pin something that you share, because I am interested in it, so I can remember the great way you did it. I want the real thing, how you did it, and I want you to share it in a way that is good for you. If I have to wait until some future date to get the “perfected” version, I might never see it, and I’d rather know what you really did. Pinterest is really just shared bookmarks, I hate it when they get all the credit…I saw that on pinterest…um, well really you saw it on a blog somebody pinned. Thanks for blogging, you go!

  72. Celeste says

    Honestly, it depends on what I am pinning. If I’m looking at home décor or diy projects I pay attention to colors, styles, or a concept that I really like. But, if I’m looking for new recipes to feed my family the “perfect picture” is much more appealing. I love reading your blog and hope that someday my home will look as cute and happy as your does!

  73. amy says

    I probably wouldn’t have noticed half of those things if you hadn’t pointed them out. Pinterest is visual inspiration for me. It doesn’t have to have a perfect picture, but I don’t pin things without a picture. If I see a really good article with no pictures, I will probably bookmark it with my browser instead.

  74. Aimie says

    I love this picture. I really love that sign. Where did you find it? I think it is pretty close to perfect. But I must say that the little things like that make me feel like other people are human and that in not the only one with clutter or things out of place!!! Love this post!!

  75. says

    I love that you’re keeping it real. :) I am an amateur blogger just writing to share my life and ideas, and I love finding people who do the same. Great pictures are nice, but for me Pinterest is more about the idea in the post. All that aside, your picture looks amazing to me anyway. :) Love your blog! Don’t worry about Pinterest too much. :)

  76. says

    Well as far as I’m concerned- you are totally normal. I do this all the time. I can’t tell you how many files I have of food images or crafts I made that never got posted- just because I couldn’t get the images the way I wanted. Sometimes I have visions of how I think it will look- but because of the circumstances- it just doesn’t turn out. I had to post images this week that I just cringe at when I look at them. Taken in a room with no natural light available- dim & dark & small. Trying to fit a tripod in there to open the shutter enough to get a clear shot- nearly impossible for me. Not to mention that the supplies I was given to work with were in colors that just didn’t work for my vision. But the situation was such that I had to post what I had- so it is what it is. Sometimes I just have to learn to let it go. Others won’t pick it apart as you will- most are looking at the big picture & won’t sit there & see every little detail that you pointed out because they don’t live there & they don’t know what should or shouldn’t be there. Cut yourself some slack-

  77. Esther Kelley says

    I hardly ever consider the quality of the picture when it comes to Pinterest. It is the subject of the picture that interests me more.

  78. Lelah says

    I look at pinterest for ideas, not to see perfect pictures. I could care less if I know the people in the pictures (if any) or not. Half the time it’s one thing that grabs my attention to make it “pin worthy” not the photo as a whole. I’m amazed anyone thinks of needing to have a picture perfect. Actually, the whole thing might be about how to redo a kitchen, but I’m looking at the style of the table legs only. Or the color of the rug. And it’s not just decorating/how to posts that I feel that way about.

  79. Amy says

    Ahhh…thank you! Pinterest is fun to look at but NO ONE IS THAT PERFECT! I love when the authors of the blogs I read are honest…it makes me like them more and want to read all their posts. This is the first time i’ve ever left a comment on your blog but I love reading it…(even though I’m pretty sure I found you via Pinterest…a-ha! That’s what Pinterest is good foe!)

  80. says

    I would have missed almost all that stuff! I pin something when it’s an idea I want to try, or something I want to remember. The pictures are merely a convenient reminder of what the description is talking about. Even if you have 4 people sitting around drinking beers in the photo, I’d pin it if it somewhere in the image was a reminder of what the pin LEADS to… ya know? I don’t really sit on pinterest viewing my pins, I pin from a browser and when I need to recall “that one thing I pinned” THATS when I go to pinterest. It’s just visual bookmarks for me.. Oops looks like I write novels now – sorry 😀

  81. Laruren Parker says

    I personally think it is so endearing to see your gorgeous decor mixed in with every day living. I purposely look for items on pinterest with touch of non-perfection because that makes me feel like it’s obtainable for me too do. Don’t be too hard on yourself :-)

  82. Lara says

    I think your pictures are terrific! I never even noticed ANY of those things – even the kiddo! Reminds me of how in high school every kid thinks everyone else is looking at them and scrutinizing everything, when in reality, “everyone else” is thinking the exact same thing. Don’t sweat the small stuff! I appreciate seeing homes that aren’t perfectly staged, because mine sure isn’t!

  83. Terri Hughes says

    NOBODY is perfect, so Pinterest can get over it. You pointed out things that most of us never even noticed. I pinned your photo, because of your little boy, he is the first thing I saw. He is adorable. So keep posting.

  84. says

    I have to tell you…I just don’t care that much…I post a picture and well there it is…I guess that kind of pressure just isn’t worth my time.

  85. Chaela says

    I usually don’t comment Brooke, but I have to this time:) I honestly don’t notice those kinds of things when you post photos. I see something I like, love or that inspires me & I just pin it. I love what you post…so please continue and keep the inspiration flowing for me & many others!!

  86. Sharon says

    I am trying to get a blog going and I have to admit your rant touched on a sore spot for me. I don’t have the photography skills or best camera to do some of the work I see on pinterest and even some blogs. It has been very discouraging to me. I appreciate hearing your frustrations and also the feedback from your readers. It is encouraging to know that people aren’t looking for perfect. We always see what we perceive as our weaknesses while others may never notice. I love a good rant that is spot-on and heartfelt as was yours. Keep at it girl. There was only one perfect person and look what happened to Him!

  87. Kara says

    With all respect and meant in a totally not mean way: You are blaming Pinterest for your hangups.

    If someone makes a living (or earns some kind of income) from their blog, I expect them to post good photos. As in well composed, properly focused, not crap. That’s about it. Just a level of quality and professionalism.

    The other stuff? I kinda have to agree with the person who said you sound a little crazy! :) Your kid is in the photo … so what? Fingerprints on the fire screen .. um no one would know they were there if you didn’t point them out. Papers on the fridge … again would never have noticed them. Tupperware … again would not have noticed it.

    Those things are things that YOU are obsessing about, and has nothing to do with “embracing Pinterest or rebelling against it”.

  88. says

    OMG! Are you serious? I didn’t notice ANY of those! I”m definitely not a pinterest worthy blogger – but I feel the pressure of needing LOTS of gorgeosly lit pctures just to kep my smallfollowing coming back. It’s unfortunat that we hve this mindset instead of just being the funloving community blogging is supposed be.

    Your awesome. Thatis all.

  89. says

    I don’t pin pictures, I pin ideas that I like so that I can refer to them whenever I need to. The pictures aren’t always pretty or perfect and that’s okay. My home is lived in. I have a catch all table. I have dog nose smears on my fireplace. I have dusty ceiling fans. I have dogs that sneak into my pictures. My sink sometimes has dishes in it. Sometimes my counters have coffee grounds and drips on them. Life isn’t perfect. All of my favorite bloggers–blogs that I actually set aside time just to read are those that tell and show it like it is. Sure, when the focus of the blog is about a vignette or one project like a chair or table, the pictures are usually near perfect–but those bloggers spend a lot of time learning how to take those perfect pictures. They spend a lot of money on high end software and computers. My blog is just beginning to grow, and I don’t think any of my pictures are what is considered “pin worthy” but my ideas are. And isn’t that what counts? I couldn’t believe it when my vintage suitcase tutorial was featured on two blogs. I was not surprised that they were featured because I felt that the the idea or tutorial was bad, and not because I felt the the writing was poor–I was surprised because none of the pictures were very good. Not for lack of trying, but because I don’t have a fancy camera and I have no idea how to use the manual mode for better picture quality. Don’t let the idea of the perfect picture hold you back. And like many of the others who commented, I didn’t notice all the imperfections (that I just call life). Since you mentioned your excitement about the theater sign, that was what I looked for in the picture. I don’t think people spend a lot of time looking for imperfections in pictures. I know I don’t. Keep blogging. Keep it real.

  90. Judy H. says

    Take a breath. I might well have pinned that photo just BECAUSE your child is IN the picture and I would have pinned it on my “Children” board. I have never even THOUGHT about looking for perfection in what I pin. Rather, something catches my eye and I enjoy it, I find it interesting, I want to remember it, so I pin it. You’re selling yourself and your followers short if you think we are obsessed with “Pinterest Perfect Pictures”. I didn’t decide to follow your blog because I thought it “looked” good, I follow it because it interests me.

  91. Amanda says

    I probably wouldn’t have noticed most of the things that you mentioned in your post. I only pin things that I want to remember/copy later. I don’t really pay attention to whatever else might be in the picture if it’s the best picture for the part of a process or aspect of the finished product that I liked. I hadn’t even thought of pinterest worthy photos, so I’d guess you’re good.

  92. Darlene says

    Pinterest perfection and getting hung up on “I’m not good enough” is what has kept me from selling the things I make, or starting the blog that I have been pondering for the last couple years. I think it’s quite refreshing to see that the bloggers I follow are real people with real families living in houses with real dirt or real clutter. To be honest, as i was reading your post, I had to go back and look at the photo because I didn’t see the flaws you were pointing out. My first impressions of the photo were: “What an adorable baby!” and “I want one of those signs!” My children are grown and gone, but I still have a husband who, at times, is like raising a little boy, and I still haven’t achieved a photo perfect house, And truthfully? I’d rather get lost in a sewing project or create something than dust the living room, and when creativity strikes, the house cleaning gets forgotten. But people walk into my home and tell me that my home is welcoming like a hug, and just invites them to come in and make themselves comfortable, and to me, that is what matters. I don’t want to live in a museum, and it’s refreshing to see that my favorite bloggers don’t live in museums either. Post your photo and quit worrying about perfection. Those who like what they see are going to pin it for the idea, not for the perfection. Thank you for being real, and keep up the great job! :)

  93. Karen says

    If you are a-blogging away about your four children and then posting pics of a spotless perfectly styled house- I am gonna hafta call a “bullshit” on ya. I love pinterest but it is a perfect ideal- like advertising. It’s the Madison Avenue of the internet. All gloss and no reality. I have two kids and if my living room was perfect for the picture the very second it was snapped my husband would be there with a bag of chips and a beer, my little boy with chocolate milk and 50 thousand matchbox cars, and my girl doing a dance move that will spill the aforementioned beer and chocolate milk when she steps on one of the cars. Life happens here and it ain’t always purty, girlfriend!

  94. Shanna says

    Post your pics with pride!! We don’t read your blog because your a designer discussing recently completed projects for clients with professionally staged, lit and photographed locations. We read the blog for you and your spin on how your house is changing with you and your family. I post anything on Pinterest that catches my eye and I want to remember for the future. Some of the pics are wonderful, some are lets say, less than stellar. I wouldn’t have even noticed all the items you pointed out, if you hadn’t pointed them out. My eyes are just glued to the wall, the blue frames and the movie sign. Nice work making your living room such a fun place to spend time.

  95. says

    Hey Brooke,
    I have to be honest,I didn’t notice any of those things until you pointed them out.All I noticed when I saw the pic was how awesome your fireplace was, your little one was cute, and I love the sign. I think it all looks fab.

  96. Jen says

    PLEASE be real!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you! I get so sick that we are always comparing ourselves to fake women (airbrushing, breasts, wigs, eyelashes, etc) and fake homes (Better Homes and Gardens–real, but changed quite a bit to be “perfect”, Pinterest, etc. When did being real become something to be ashamed of? There is nothing wrong with everyday life–it should actually be celebrated. In this age where “real” food is so recognized for it’s benefits and pushed–organic, clean, etc… why do we celebrate fake people and surroundings? Thank you for doing this post. :)

  97. says

    I follow several blogs that would not dare post a picture if it didn’t look perfect. However, that is not like my blog! When I post pictures, they are what my house look like most of the time, and I pin them anyway! Now, that doesn’t mean they get repinned, but I keep it real over here! It gets on my nerves when someone always posts completely perfect pictures when you know that is not real life!

  98. Nickie Moseley says

    Keep it real so the rest of us wanna be’s don’t feel less qualified to try…..Love your blog and I follow lots – you are one of my fav’s!!

  99. says

    We’ve all heard the expression “a picture is worth 1000 words.” So what does that mean exactly? Here’s what I think it means: 99% of the people would not recognize or see anything that you pointed out in that picture. Except for your child, and I agree he is adorable and doesn’t detract from the image at all, I noticed nothing amiss about that image until you pointed them out. And why is that? Because my eye was immediately drawn to your marquee. Why? Um, it was the most noticeable thing in the room. Everything else looked absolutely “normal” to me. I don’t like going into the model showroom homes. Makes me feel like I shouldn’t be there soiling it with my abnormal presence. It’s the same way with pinning pictures. I pin things that I like. I don’t care what is in the background, if it’s a perfect image, or even if no one else likes it. Guess what? I pin because I like Pinterest and I like pinning. Hmmm…I think a lot of people feel this way. I’m a blogger too. I don’t care that my pictures aren’t pin-perfect. I’m not a photographer. I’m a quilter. I have waaaayyyy better things to do than worry about the images. Your house is cute. Your kid is cute. If I noticed anything out of the ordinary it was that I thought your mantle could use some painting. Would that stop me from pinning it? No way! Just enjoy blogging, taking the pictures, and sharing. People need to lose the illusion that everything can and is photoshopped. Life is not photoshopped.

  100. Jessica says

    I enjoy a pretty picture for “inspiration” sake, but seriously after about 10 minutes on Pinterest I feel overwhelmed. I think it is a disservice to women to always post “perfect” pictures because it is completely misleading. I don’t think that most people, when looking at one of those perfect pictures, realize what went into that to make it perfect. How long did it take for the blogger to clean up that specific area, to get the lighting just right, to create whatever it was, and then to style in the perfect way. And then the regular everyday person tries to make a cake, decorate a frame, whatever and instead of being proud of the fact that they took time to create and enjoy the experience, they compare it to their Pinterest inspiration and feel like a failure.

    Everyone needs inspiration, but I appreciate and read the blogs that talk about the entire process, that let real life in. I feel much more inspired and energized when reading a blog that tells me, yes – you – the regular everyday person – not the superwoman that someone is pretending to be – can do it. It may not look perfect, but you had fun, you created, and your life is better for it. Perfect = failure. Real life = joy.

    Some of my most read and favorite blogs are yours, Vintage Revivals, and Shabby Creek Cottage because I feel that “you can do it and I want to help you” vibe. You all share real life and while you all do have fabulous pictures I don’t feel like it is something completely unrealistic and unattainable. I enjoy when bloggers share motivating ideas and projects and still keep it real. Keep going – be real – be yourself. That will outshine any of the traffic you might “loose” from Pinterest. Honestly, a lot of times I think the people that are pinning the perfect stuff are “collectors” and they have thousands of things pinned and never look at the blogs and never do the projects (maybe because it is too overwhelming!)

    There you go – my really long opinion! Thanks Brooke!

  101. karen c says

    Whenever I see “perfect” pictures I almost always wonder how the room looks behind the camera. I image toys, laundry, etc have all been piled/thrown/kicked out of the way for the sake of the shot. Life isn’t perfect, so I don’t expect Pinterest pics to be either. I never would have noticed anything wrong with your pic. Well, I would have noticed the counter clutter, but it would have just made me smile.

  102. Christine says

    First, I love your sign.
    Second, as Naomi first mentioned, whatever happened to keeping it real?
    Third, I think bloggers have gotten way too (full of themselves?) crazy about perfection.
    Fourth, just by the responses here, you can see people care more about content than who has the best picture.
    Fifth, “best” is in the eye of the beholder.
    (Stop me)

    I hope you’ll set all this aside. Enjoy and revel in your find. That you were able to snag the letters at all!
    If I see one more blogger waste time apologizing for where they’ve been for the past 24 hours, and for the cell phone quality? I’ll scream.

    When and how did this idea of perfection creep into blogs, when so many blogs are supposedly celebrating imperfection in their blog theme, creations and painting? Huh? Ironically, I’m sure if folks took a breath, RELAXED about perfection, and just continued to share (please!) their thoughts and work, traffic would probably grow.

    I like your sign. I want one. Ok, I want yours.

  103. Eeva says

    Hi! I’ your blog stalker from Finland :) I honestly love your blog.
    I couldn’t see those imperfections before you mentioned them. It’s like people won’t see a spot on your face before you say it’s there :) There’s so much to see in your photos, and in this hectic world no one will look inspiration pictures with a magnifying glass.

    If those “imperfections” really bother you, you can post any photo and turn it to a game like Where’s Waldo- find my pictures flaws 😉

    Keep up the good work.

  104. Mailyn says

    I found your blog through a different just this morning.. I was looking specifically for a valance tutorial with curtain rods for a house my husband and are planning to purchase. I agree that real is better for me. I have so much clutter! The picture perfect makes me feel like a terrible housekeeper/wife. I appreciate real life and agree that your child is adorable.:) Keep it up!

  105. says

    I think it’s a great picture! I love Pinterest. Some of my friends have said things like, “Pinterest just makes me feel inadequate. My friends pin all these cute crafts, and I just don’t have time to make all that stuff,” or “She’s always pinning cute stuff, but I know she’s never really going to make any of it! Why does she do that? To make people think she’s so crafty??” I was honestly a little shocked by these comments because to me, my Pinterest account is not a to-do list. It’s my own personal magazine where every page has something I think is beautiful or useful. As long as the photos are clear and have decent lighting, I’ll pin them. I actually appreciate seeing houses that look lived in. It makes the look feel much more attainable in real life. :)

  106. says

    I love this post.
    It’s honest. real.
    I have a super sad blog that about 5 people read (that includes my husband and mom) and I felt discouraged for so long until I asked myself… am I writing my blog for me? Or am I doing it for others?
    My pictures are crappy, I don’t need to make money with the blog and ya know what… It’s fun.
    You have crazy ridiculous skill. I’m sorry Pinterest makes you want to take picture perfect… but that picture is pretty stinkin awesome and I’m going to pin it… Pin it because you are amazing… oh and your house is super cute. 😉
    Keep making awesome things lady.
    God Bless

  107. Heather M says

    I love your blog! I do not expect perfect pictures. I don’t even know what perfect pictures are. I am much more likely to pin a picture that looks realistic than perfect. After all, I live in a very-much-less-than-perfect home, so when I’m looking for inspiration I know that my goal is never perfection. I would NEVER have noticed any of those “flaws” if they hadn’t been pointed out. Embarrassingly enough, I didn’t even notice your baby until I got to that number! So blog on, and keep posting imperfect stuff!

  108. Tina says

    The funny thing is I would have never noticed those seven things you pointed out. Maybe your little one, but I would pin something anyway if there was a child in the photo.

  109. Lisa says

    Thank you for being real and thank you for making me feel normal. My house is not perfect. I’m also a stacker/shover and have to have things in my face or I forget about them.

  110. Stephanie says

    Screw it. You’re a real person, and this is your house, not an empty house for catalog photo shoot. I still like the idea – even with clutter on your counter. I LOVE that you have clutter on your counter. Cause I do too.

  111. jamie says

    So I post what inspires me- picture perfect or not! If I love your fireplace(which I do) then I would pin it so I could remember what I wanted to add in my house! 😀 I am not one of those ‘pin-everything-i-see’ types. So to me you are more than welcome to post pictures that have fingerprints, cute kiddos, etc! :) It really doesn’t matter to me even if they’re grainy lol. I always wonder why bloggers are always apologizing for their pictures when they work just fine! I guess the Pinterest-Pressure is what’s getting to them :)

  112. Christine says

    I’m hoping you’re feeling a little better and less pressured to present what others might call perfect.
    Perfect is what does the job.
    And your blog does the job well.

  113. JMA says

    To be honest I think it’s annoying when looking through a blog and accidentally hit the Pin It button on every single thing they post. Most times you are not the only one to have that brilliant idea you thought was only yours and someone has gotten to it first. I enjoy reading blogs and care more for their content than anything else. I enjoy pinterest for inspiration and recipes, not for magazine quality pictures all the time. I find it refreshing to see real life in pictures, it makes the larger goal seem more attainable when you know someone like you can accomplish creating a beautiful home with sometimes, a beautiful mess. 😉

  114. Pam says

    I love to look at your blog – that being said, I’m going to “keep it real” for you.

    Once you started accepting advertisers, your blog became a business, not a personal creative outlet. While I don’t think that perfection is necessary (nor do I enjoy it – when people start matching cupcake holders to throw pillows it gives me hives), I do believe that once your blog became a business, you have to put in the time – and that means photography that looks professional and not like you pulled it out of a family scrapbook – which correlates directly to Pinterest traffic.

    While you may feel like we’re all friends out here cyberspace – the truth is that every person that visits your blog is putting money into your pocket – which means they are your customers. In my business, I make it a point to never complain to my customers about the time/stress it takes to run my business.

  115. Sara says

    Hey Brooke,

    Your post today really touched upon something that I’ve been noticing about myself over the past few months, and I think more women should be open about discussing and shining a critical light on our beloved Pinterest. Before I even begin, know that I’m a full-blown, card-carrying, pinning addict.

    Now, to give some background, I’m a recreational photographer. I bought a d90 years ago because I’m interested in photography and wanted to have a method for capturing moments in a way that reflected and emphasized what I was trying to bring out of those moments. I didn’t set out with the goal of being the perfect photographer or even *gasp* a professional. Both of those things weren’t in congruence with my goals. I had my camera, I was taking photos, and I was learning and improving more and more each day. I was happy and moving forward in my new hobby.

    Enter: Pinterest.

    At first, I really loved the site. Browsing and “pinning” all of the cool craft and home improvement ideas and recipes and photo ideas was great! I had a nice place where I could store scads of photos of all the crap I wanted, so that I could later access it quickly and use those ideas to improve my own world.

    Except, that didn’t happen at all…

    Over time, I stopped taking as many photos. I stopped seeking out hot spots to shoot. I stopped planning long weekend photo projects. I stopped jotting down compositional ideas that I would think of. I stopped watching youtube videos that others users had made, pointing out features on my camera that I had yet to explore. I just stopped in my tracks. The more I looked at Pinterest, the more I became impatient with myself and my expectations for my photos. Soon, whatever I shot wasn’t “good enough.” I could, at a glance, pick apart all the reasons that my photos weren’t up to snuff. Instead of using those points to help me improve, however, I was now using them in a way that dampened my passion for photography and made me feel like I wasn’t good enough to continue with it. What once had started as a great place for some inspiration soon turned into a place for me to critique myself through the world’s lens instead of my own.

    When I came to realize this, I began to understand just how deep the problem went. In more and more domains in my life, I was dissatisfied with the things I created. If I had cooked a dish, it wasn’t as good as it could have been. If I had just made a craft to give as a gift, it wasn’t cute enough. When I chose new designs for the throw pillows on my couch and made them, I didn’t get that ‘Hooray-I-just-finished-a-project-and-it-rocks’ feeling. Everything was just ‘eh.’ I had ceased to impress myself, something that I was once pretty good at!

    While your post focuses primarily on the impact that perfect images have on our perception of what is acceptable for our own photographic works and blog posts, I think we can extrapolate that idea a lot further with Pinterest and all the self-imposed expectations that we, as women, tend to bear the burden of.

    I know I’m not the only woman who, at times, feels outdone and underperforming in the shadows of Pinterest. We’ve habituated to expecting a standard of flawlessness without examining the vast inconsistency between the real world and the world of Pinterest. Would that I could, I would be the Mom on the block who has all the yoga poses down, just harvested organic veggies from her bug-free backyard garden, picked the kids up from school and fed the whole family a healthy, delicious meal that was planned at the beginning of the month. Beyond that, my house would be immaculately clean and decorated, and I would have a show-stopping apple pie cooling on the sill when my husband got home and we had family story time.

    …you see where I’m going with this.

    I had a vastly different idea of what my “perfect” was before I was introduced to Pinterest. That “perfect” was reasonable. It, somehow, managed to include the goals that best represented me and who I am without needlessly piling on all of the ways that I could be/do/seem MORE “perfect” in the eyes of others.

    Don’t get me wrong. I think Pinterest has a place and function, and it certainly has helped me at times. However, I also think that many of the women who use it (aka me) do so to a self-disparaging extent. We really are good enough just the way we exist. We don’t need to have the neighborhood’s moistest chocolate cake recipe and the tailoring skills that our Grandmothers had in the 60s. Not at all! To think that we would hold ourselves to an unattainable standard of perfection when we are, as is evidenced by our own efforts, already working incredibly hard to be the best versions of ourselves that we can be is ludicrous. I’m now trying to shift my focus to setting a better example for my God-daughter and teaching her to live in a way that does not attenuate her own natural perfection in favor of what she feels others want from her in order for her to appear perfect. I want her to see me doing things that I like and creating them, not so I can be perfect, but so that I can simply BE.

    Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts on this. I think you do a wonderful job with your blog, even if I don’t always take the time to comment on how much I enjoy reading it. Frankly, I will always respect a woman with painting tape above her door and fingerprints on her fireplace glass much more than the one who robs herself of her authenticity so that she might appear perfect. You’re doing it right, Brooke. Chin up!


  116. says

    I will say that I like perfect pictures for food. Because if it doesn’t look freaking amazing on my pinterest page, I’m never going to make it. As for everything else, I just look for pictures that clearly show whatever it is I’m pinning. They don’t have to be perfect.

  117. Lisa Merkley says

    Seriously? Because the only thing I noticed was that your kid was in the picture. And that’s because my hubby is SUPER sensitive about putting up pics of our kids in public places. But it wouldn’t have stopped me from pinning it. I pin things because I like the idea, it gives me other ideas, or because I just love the picture. I do admit, the “perfect” pictures of food look more appetizing, but that still hasn’t stopped me from pinning less than perfect pictures of food either. Also, I’m no photographer so remember that “perfect” is relative. I say keep posting without worrying about it’s perfection.

  118. Courtney says

    Umm… that’s crazy talk. I pin because I love the ideas, and I didn’t notice any of those things you pointed out. Except the kid… he’s adorable. Your house has a great atmosphere.

  119. says

    Amen sister! I am on board with you. I am a beginner blogger but already feel frustrated about the professionalism of the pictures on Pinterest. Isn’t this REAL LIFE? That is what I always appreciated about decorating blogs…it was REAL people decorating in attainable ways. I personally appreciate imperfect pictures!

  120. says

    Well, since you’re being brutally honest, I’ll be brutally honest.

    I like Pinterest a lot. I’m still pretty new to using it (both as a blogger and a pinner), but I think it’s great. I pin all different kinds of things. For me, photo quality affects whether I pin a post if and only if (I sound like a math teacher) a photo is just too dark or too out-of-focus for me to see what’s in it. That’s it.

    Besides that, I would much rather read and pin a post that appears to be written by a real live person in a real live home. I love reading magazines, but I DO NOT read blogs because I think the photos look like they belong in a magazine. And for bloggers to feel burdened to make their photos look good enough for a magazine kind of makes me sick. Of course, I was the person who once sent a letter to the editor of Southern Living asking if the magazine could please feature more ordinary-looking homes of ordinary people, so maybe I’m weird. Maybe other people like to see perfect photos. But I wonder if perhaps one of the reasons that Instagram has become so popular is because it’s a forum for people to share photos that aren’t perfectly staged and edited (i.e. “Pinterest-worthy”). What do you think?

  121. says

    I love that sign! I couldn’t be more jealous!! As for it not being Pinterest friendly, I think it’s awesome! All it takes is for someone to like one thing in the picture to make it awesome! And your kid is SO cute! Awesome post :) -Kate

  122. says

    I think you might be over thinking it. When I go on pinterest- im an average joe right looking for inspiration in my home and who cares about all those little details- its the BAM theres a darn movie sign in their living room! heck yea. I would think the only people who get that picky are like editors? then again I could be wrong that’s just how I see it. your stuff is awesome.

  123. JoeyfromSC says

    Hey Brooke! I am new to your blog! Just found you tonight! lol..I found you via the “so you think you can decorate blog” post! I really LOVE your blog!!!

    I am SUPER jealous of your marquee/theatre sign lol..VERY cool! I want one!! I actually LOVE that you pointed out the flaws in the pic, although I don’t think of them as flaws at all..Your pic is more “real” with the cute kid in it lol..and the other things make your home “lived in” like normal people haha..SO many pinterest/blog pics do look like magazine photo shoots and yes, they are pretty, but it’s not real life..I can SO relate to your stack of mail and being a stuffer/shover ha..I do the same thing!

    I look forward to catching up on your posts! Thanks for actually being brave enough to show this photo because to me, it’s perfect!!:)


    • JoeyfromSC says


      I email subscribed to your wonderful blog so I can be notified of new posts:) I’m certainly not the only guy here am I?haha..& if I am, idontevencare haha

      I am on a DIY kick lately and am a thrifty person, so I find your blog very interesting!

  124. says

    I am SO glad you posted this! I often find myself getting overeager about a just-finished project and posting photos, only to go back and criticize myself for posting photos with “flaws” in them. But, honestly I don’t know that I would’ve even noticed most of the things you pointed out. I think we’re a lot harder on ourselves than anyone else is. A photo that isn’t perfectly staged may not get as many pins, but it doesn’t make you project/hard work any less amazing!!

  125. Tanja H says

    Hi Brooke:

    I’ve wanted to write and life simply became busy, so now is the time.

    Please don’t change your pics just for the sake of Pinterest.

    My thoughts about Pinterest is that it’s a digital pin board or cork board, instead of tearing pages out of magazines with jagged edges, taped tears from being a little to aggressive ripping out favorites and a myriad of pins & clutter from so many faves.

    Please don’t change to “Picture Perfect” for Pinterest sake. I pin what I like and actually like the pictures that aren’t perfect. The picture where you pointed out seven things…I hadn’t noticed anything until you put an arrow by it. My eyes focused on the one thing I’m so enamored with, your light box!! Most people want to see their name in lights and you get to do it at home. Super Awesome! Am I jealous? Yes, a little.

    Keep it real, please. Perfection is for magazines & books. I like blogs because they are real people telling the reader about real life issues and include pics of their homes, as is.

  126. says

    I meant to comment on this when I first read the post, but there was so much I wanted to say… basically, I LOVE LOVE LOOOOOOVE your blog and your posts and the fact that it’s real and it’s you (you seem like you, a real person… not a concept created to get lots of readers and repins and advertisements). And you inspired me to share some crafty stuff I’ve made where the project really turned out well, but the photos weren’t perfect… and I referenced your post here too because you inspired me to share the not-so-perfect stuff. If you want to check it out, the post is here. Thank you so much for making amazing projects and sharing what it’s like to be a real person making stuff! : )

    -Mel the Crafty Scientist

  127. Danielle says

    I would pin it BECAUSE of that stuff. Makes me feel better about my constantly messed up house! Which people live in dammit!

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