Lexee used to close her eyes when she walked by her daughters’ room door.  If you have kids you can probably relate. Her daughters’ room was similar to most children’s bedrooms. The room was boring and LOADED with toys. Plus, the layout of the room wasn’t functioning properly with an oversized bunk bed tucked to one side.  So, she gave me the chance to attack this room and of course I couldn’t resist.  Lexee’s girls are seven and four years old and their bland bedroom didn’t reflect their darling personalities at all.

So, lo and behold Saylor and Jersee’s new bedroom!


The oversized ombre striped letters are the focal point of the room and since Jersee is the oldest, we let her choose which side of the room was hers.


The gold polka dots are completely removable and are simply gold vinyl circles that cover the ceiling.  The dots were like the icing on the cake. It completed the room!

We found most of these frames at Hobby Lobby. The teal rose is so cute! Pictures just don’t do it justice.

girls' room make over

The aqua and white trellis rug is from Rugs USA one of my favorite rug websites {especially when they have their 80% off sale}.


The girls are book FANATICS! So, we created a ton of book storage for them using painted rain gutters on the walls.


The pillows and bedding were purchased at HomeGoods except we found the “you are so loved” pillow from Society6. The light fixture is from IKEA and only cost us $40.00.



We had a seamstress sew our sheer white curtains and add the cute pink rosette trim to both sides.

curtain trim


The accessories on the nightstand were mostly from HomeGoods, but we did order the lampshade from Ballard Designs and the lamp was spray painted with Krylon Brass spray paint.


The dots were super simple and since I have a Silhouette cutting machine, projects like these are easy peasy.

gold-polka-dots polka-dot-ceiling-installation
I think the dots are my favorite detail in the room. I’m a little obsessed. Plus, Lexee told me how fun it was to put the girls to bed that first night and look up and see all the gold shimmering polka dots!



bedrooms-for-sisters  Tween-girl-room-ideas

Each one of the girls drew a few pictures for the gallery wall and of course we filled most of the frames with cute little photos of the kiddos.


But we did have a few frames that needed a little extra pizzazz so I designed some fun printables to change it up a bit!

Jersee copy 4  old chair big Saylor copy

The rain gutters are perfect for all the book storage!


We bought some frames at Hobby Lobby and HomeGoods and some were moved in from other rooms at Lexee’s.


The closet doors were taking up too much space, so we took them down and replaced them with a set of curtains instead.


I could sit in this room for hours.

girl's coral and turquoise bedroom

We went on a wild goose chase for cute white beds and finally settled on these white beauties from RCWilley in Las Vegas.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…KID’S ROOMS are my favorite to decorate. I hope you like Saylor and Jersee’s room as much as I do!



This room was inspired by many spaces, but thank you particularly to:

Home Stories A to Z

Project Nursery

Our Fifth House


  1. Jonna says

    I looooooove the room!!!!!! All my favorite colors!!!! You mentioned where you got the pillow, but what about the rest of the bedding? Great job!!!!

  2. Chrysta says

    Very cute!! I love that it will be able to “grow with them” since there is not a particular-age look to the room.

    Thanks for the info on Rugs at USA. Do you usually buy a pad with the rug, too?


  3. Sally Porter says

    This room is adorable, cute & just perfect<3…. I just done my room all in Shabby Chic and is Pink, White, Cream & touch of black. I would LOVE to put the dots on my ceiling it would be the finishing touch. How to do the dots please? All materials needed and I thank you!! Oh and where did the rose come from so cute!


  4. Monica says

    I’ve noticed that painting walls/ceilings white really brightens up a room and then decorate with colorful accessories and bedding. But I had read an article about choosing the right white for your room. All whites are not the same! Do you mind me asking what brand/shade of white you used? I’m thinking of doing white in our bedroom since the kids aren’t in there as much to touch the walls. ha ha

  5. says

    Absolutely beautiful! Just enough color and whimsy without it looking crazy and cluttered!!! I would love to know how you organized their closet. I have twins in a shared room and their closet is quite the challenge!

  6. ira lee says

    i love it!!! its a small room but doens’t look cluttered like it did before. i love the bright whites and fun colors! and the dots are so fun on the ceiling!!

  7. Crystal says

    In awe!!! It’s absolutely spectacular!!! I love every part of it, especially the gold circles on the ceiling. I want to live in that room! Amazing job!!!

  8. says

    oh, my, MAN!! I love this!! My daughter is turning 8 in a couple of weeks, and she is just dying for a new, updated bedroom…
    we’ve been trying to make tiny little changes…but first, clearing out the clutter…oh, help me, the clutter!

    What a gorgeous make over!

  9. JoEllen says

    This is an absolutely gorgeous room! I love that each girl gets their own gallery wall and the bright colors of the frames are just awesome! I love the rain gutter book shelf! It’s beautiful!!!!

  10. Cole says

    Absolutely stunning, what a perfect room! Do you mind sharing what brand the bedding is?
    The colors are fantastic, would love for my daughters room!

  11. Cole says

    Absolutely stunning, what a perfect girls room! Would you mind sharing what brand the bedding is, the colors are fantastic! I would love for my daughters room. Beautifully done! Thanks!!

    • Brooke says

      Sure! The white bedding set is a DKNY set from HomeGoods. The quilt is also from HomeGoods. Let me ask Lexee what the brand is and I’ll reply ASAP.

  12. jen @ Tatertots & Jello says

    It’s all of my favorite colors, rolled into one amazing room. AND polka dots too!! Amazing!!!!!

    I pinned it too :)


  13. Alissa Lines says

    I love this room! Thanks for sharing. I am always afraid of adding too many crazy colors so the room looks like a tornado hit it, but you did this beautifully. Now I have a lot to glean from your post, and hopefully I can fearlessly finish my girls room! I love all of the inspiration I get from you. I think my girls may get some silver polka dots on their ceiling soon! Thank you so much for always sharing and inspiring others through your amazing talents!

  14. Britt says

    Hi Brooke! Love this room and love your blog! Question for you… I want to use two of the IKEA chandeliers for my entryway, but they seem like they provide basically NO light. You’ve hung one in a room. What do you think?

    • Brooke says

      I have two in my girls’ room in my house and it is plenty of light, but it would depend on how big your entryway is. The lights are TINY. So, my gut says it would not be enough light for you. As for this room, the natural light is awesome in this room due to the direction that the house sits. For most of the day the room is full of natural light. So, at night they may need to turn on the lamp, but it’s not too bad since the room is so tiny. I hope this helps!

  15. says

    Hey Brooke! I totally agree with you, girlie rooms are my favorite too! I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE this room. And those gold polka dots!! OMG, perfect…. hope you are well… was so great seeing you at Haven!



  16. Cyndi says

    I LOVE the ceiling! I also love the large letters above each girls bed! Can you please tell me where to get them.

  17. Cyndi says

    Please disregard my question as I scrolled down further to see your other post! This is my first time to your sight and I’m addicted now!

  18. Vanessa says

    Wow! Brooke, you are such an inspiration. First time on your site and certainly not the last. This is giving me encouragement to do my master bedroom. The girls room —gorgeous.

    Thanks for sharing.

  19. thelma says

    that’s so cute :> I’d always love searching for cool bedrooms and this one is just so perf :) not so expensive but very creative :)

  20. Ronna says

    I’m not sure how I stumbled upon your blog, but I love this room makeover! Turns out I have a 6 year old daughter named, Saylor. :) The painted rain gutters are brilliant! Keep up the great design and inspiration!

  21. says

    Love this room!! I love when rooms can come together so well with a low budget–that’s my kind of decorating! And I agree–kids rooms are the best to decorate. I was wondering though–when does RugsUSA have their 80% off sale? I saw on Black Friday it was 70% off…but 80% off would be awesome!

  22. corinne says

    Where did you find such HUGE letters? My granddaughters would love them….Room is over the top…outrageously gorgeous.

  23. Sharree says


  24. Michelle Colbert says

    Hi~ I absolutely love this room and actually found it on pinterest. I want to use this exact rug for my little girl’s room, but am torn with what size to buy. Her room is about 11 x 11 with a daybed in it. I don’t know if it’s best to go with a 5×8 which would go horizontally right in front of her bed or the 7×9 which would have to be turned the other way to fit in front of her dresser. You may not be able to follow me. Sorry. I just need a good rule of thumb on the size of a rug for a room. Thanks.

    • Brooke says

      I would opt for the bigger size. But, I prefer bigger rugs in bedrooms. Good luck with your decision! The rug in this bedroom reaches almost from wall to wall. xoxo, Brooke

  25. says

    I need those beds!! I had no luck finding that style at their site…did you purchase them in store? if possible, can you tell me the name brand of the bed? I can’t find anything quite that perfect!! nailhead && sleigh && twin!!!,,, how did you find those!? I adore this & found it on pinterest!

  26. Nicole says

    Hi, You did an AWESOME job! Did you get the blue and pink frames that have the letters J and S at Hobby Lobby? I need them in my life!

  27. Rae Dawn says

    Love love love this room! I finally getting to decorate my one year olds room & got so many ideas from this!! Where did u go to design the adorable pics to put in the frames? I, too bought big bulky colorful frames @ hobby lobby & did put a letter ‘K’ for Kenzi in one.. Just not sure what to put in the others…. I love your designs!! Amazing

  28. Natalie Muoio says

    This room is adorable, incredible i love it… Wee did you get the teal rose that’s hung on Jersee’s side of the wall? I love all the lil touches you put together it really is just too adorable….

  29. says

    I’m new to this blog and when I saw the picture of this room makeover in the sidebar I wondered if you did a guest room especially for John en Sherry from Young House Love 😉

    But seriously, this room is awesome. Such a great idea to use the gutters this way!

  30. Tamicka says

    Hi I plan on doing the polka dots in my girls room. Could you please tell me what size in inches your circles are? Thank you so much for a ton of inspiration!

  31. lynn says

    Thanks for sharing your girls’ bedroom!! Where did you purchase the medallion that is on the ceiling to support the Ikea chandelier? And where did you purchase the long bookshelf for the wall?

    • Brooke says

      I got the medallion at Lowes. and the long bookshelf for the wall are vinyl rain gutters. You can purchase them at Lowes or Home Depot. We had them painted pink.

  32. Roxanne Kerr says

    I screamed when I saw this room and my 2 yr old was in my lap and she said “mommy my woom.”. that did it for me I absolutely love love love love this room.. Where did you get the beds? aaaaahhh I just screamed again.. I absolutely love this room its beautiful and so unique. God Bless ya

  33. Julie says

    Wow! Just WOW!!! You are SO talented and inspiring! The colors are so lovely and bright and fresh! Perfect for my little’s room. Thank you for posting all your ideas and links. I read that you purchased the bedding at HomeGoods, but would you please tell me if theres still a manufacturer’s tag on the quilts? The colors and florals are just what I’m looking for. Since it’s been a few years since you posted this, I’m going to hunt online for it. Thank you SO much!

  34. says

    Wow, you ROCKED it girl! Like you I love doing kids spaces. I am an interior designer and a certified kitchen and bath designer. I just found your blog and LOVE it! Would love to share some of my kids spaces with you so, let’s be in touch!

    Patricia Davis Brown, ASID, CKD, CBD


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