Halloween Mantle Ideas

Sep 23rd, 2013

My kids have been BEGGING me to put up our Halloween decorations {for weeks}. We love Halloween, and although we get weird looks when we admit that out loud, our neighbors around us LOVE it.  Our annual pumpkin display brings hundreds of spectators year after year. Our kids are Halloween fans by default. In fact to call them fans is an understatement. They talk about pumpkins year round.  I am dying that it’s almost October. 2013 has gone waaaaay too fast.

Our Halloween mantle this year is our very first Halloween mantle EVER.


I bought a book of Halloween scrap paper at Michaels Crafts and covered a few books. It was super easy and inexpensive.


I made this fun “Dead and Breakfast” vinyl with my Silhouette cutting tool and stuck it on this cute chalkboard that I bought at HomeGoods.


I bought three glass bottles at Tai Pan a local home décor store for about $6.00 each.


The “spare bones” vinyl was another Silhouette vinyl project and the kids had fun piling in the skeleton bones from our Halloween bins.


The scary skeleton heads are from HomeGoods and I believe they were $16.99 each.


We bought 30 feet of 5/8 inch rope from Home Depot and tied it into a noose. {It felt pretty weird Googling how to tie a noose.”


I filled the glass bottles with water dyed with food coloring and made some vinyl to label them spookily.


I printed a scary skeleton onto a transparency and cut it out to add a subtle skeleton to the fireplace. Can you see it in there?


I had some ivy garland in the garage, so I spray painted it black and set it across the mantle for a little extra something!


To add a little extra Halloween ambiance, I added dry ice to the skeleton heads by putting plastic bowls inside full of hot water and small pieces of dry ice to create smoke.

The smoke doesn’t last long because as soon as the water turns cold the dry ice doesn’t create the smoky effect anymore.

Have you started decorating for Halloween yet? Or do you skip it and go straight to fall décor?

If you are interested in buying some of the vinyl that you see in this post, visit our Vinyl Store.


  1. Spooky. Max has been making bats and wants me to build a real bat house that real bats can live in on our porch…um…no. :) It looks cute!

  2. I love Halloween also, I don’t start decorating until it’s actually Oct. but yours looks great. I love it!!!

  3. EEEEK! That is so scary fun!!!! Love the ideas!! Question: is your vinyl for the fireplace a large piece to fit the entire space? Or just a small one ? Is it taped to the inside glass or hanging? It.looks.awesome!! wanna try it!-aimee

  4. The skeleton head in the fireplace is super spooky!! I love your scary mantle!!!

  5. Brooooooke! You’re so creepy! That’s the idea… right? Love this! Wish I had a mantle to decorate. :)

  6. LOVE yoru mantle! It is right up my {creepy} alley. The Skele heads are so rad.

  7. SO adorable! One question about your noose: How did you get the twists and turns in the rope to hold their shape while hanging? It looks great!

  8. I love that that crate of bones! Such a fun touch!

  9. Your mantle is super cool!! I love it! Great job!

  10. This is a fantastic mantle! I love it!

  11. Love your Halloween touch ..all the mantle decor is “eye popping”and the scary skeleton is a really cool element.Thanks for sharing, loved all the ideas, and the photos are fantastic.

  12. Jennifer Piotrowski says:


  13. This is perfection. The noose is my faaaaaaaav!!

  14. Wow your home looks like it’s ready for those trick or treaters already! Especially loving that spooky face inside the fireplace!

  15. Considering you are still reeling from some unkind comments on your website as of late, it seems kind of odd to me that you would post a picture of your mantel with a noose. To me, a noose represents suicide and there as so many people that will find this offensive or hurtful.

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