You all know that I am FINALLY done with Lexee’s girls room! I am in love with this project and the main focal point in the room are these ginormous letters above her girls’ beds!

J done s done
Although I do cut my own letters with a jigsaw at times, this particular project I didn’t. We were short on time so we ordered them this time. We bought the letters from Craft Cuts, and they are fantastic! We got the letters in just a few days after we ordered them and I loved that you can specify the size of the project right on their website. You can also choose the font that you prefer.  I chose ARIAL bold for our letters. We wanted them to be 31 inches tall and they are made out of MDF.
 how to paint ombre stripes copy
After we got the letters, we decided that painting an ombre stripe would be the best choice for the room, so I measured the letters into 4 equal sections.
j 1 
Next, we chose the color scheme and picked out four colors that gradually get lighter and lighter.
We went to Home Depot {but Lowes would work too if it’s nearby for you}, and bought four paint samples. Since the samples are only about $3.00 each, it was the perfect option for this project. If you are doing a bigger project, obviously you will need more paint.
color samples 
color 1color 2 
 color 3color 4 
Next I used my trusty ScotchBlue™ Painter’s Tape and taped off our first two sections to paint.
blue tape
Since the letters were perfectly smooth, we didn’t worry about the paint bleeding at all!
paint these areas
I used a smooth foam roller to apply the paint. Using a roller like this will prevent most of the textured look that a regular roller will cause.
how to paint stripes 
painting stripes while crafting painting stripes while crafting 
painter's tape painter's tape painter's tape 
foam roller copy 
After the first two sections were painted, we took off the tape immediately {while the paint was still wet} and waited for the paint to dry.
After a few minutes of drying, we taped off the other two sections carefully and painted those sections.
then paint these 
ombre stripes 
painters tape stripes painters tape stripes
We removed the ScotchBlue™ Painter’s Tape before the paint was dry on these sections also.
 IMG_6824 IMG_6825
The letters turned out darling, and I cannot wait to show you the full room reveal tomorrow so don’t forget to check back!
decorative letters
For a more detailed look of this project, check out the video tutorial below!


scotchblue, scotchblue painter's tape, painter's tape, tape

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    • Brooke says

      We installed D-ring hooks onto the back of each letter. We got the D-rings from the hardware aisle at Home Depot. Good luck! It was super easy.

  1. Heather says

    I am in love with these letters and the colors. I have tried and tried to match your colors. Can you tell me what colors you used?

    • Brooke says

      Honestly no I don’t remember the colors, but my go to coral color is called “charisma” from Sherwin Williams. I would be willing to bet that the second darkest color is charisma.

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