Before we embark on a project, most of the time we have a p.l.a.n. Thank you for weighing in on your design opinions when I revealed the plan choices a few days ago! Here are the four design plans that were in the running….

Design A                                                                                               Design B

Master Bedroom Plan 2 Master Bedroom Plan copy

Design C                                                                                                 Design D

Master Bedroom Plan 3 Master Bedroom Plan 4

And the winner is….



Master Bedroom Plan 3

I am really excited! Although we are starting with a plan, that doesn’t mean that the room will end up looking like this! HA. Sometimes things just don’t pan out or don’t look good in person. And every decision I make will impact the next decision. So, I’ll keep you all updated during the process. We already started priming our charcoal gray walls this weekend. I’m pumped because the room is soooo much brighter already!


The color scheme will be: Small pops of coral, light gray, navy blue, minty jade, and white. Smile

color scheme for master bedroom

Happy Monday!




  1. says

    I am so in love with all of your projects and love all the color choices, however, please, please, please stay away from anything Chevron. It has run its course and every designer and great creative person I know that helps me shop and decorate all agree. It is Quatrefoil now and Chevron is history. I love your color choices but I think you can do something way better without the Chevron. Keep blogging and again I am not in this to hurt your feelings but I repaint furniture for designers and for customers, my best friend owns a very elite boutique in our town and the word is Chevron is out, out, out!! Can’t wait to see your final product!

  2. says

    I am thrilled to hear it. Your room will be beautiful as all of your choices have been. I am just thrilled that you aren’t using the Chevron. It was hot for a while but way over used. Even the younger generation of pre teen and teens are saying no to Chevron. Maybe it was just over used by everyone on everything. I love your design, color choices and I love your comment that you were never planning on using it. I look at your blog everyday and love all that you are doing. Right now I am finishing my 16th buffett and have gotten quite crafty in building my own. They are so popular now for many reasons. I am ready to move on. Buffets I love and I think they are beautiful, I am just ready to paint, stain or wax something else. Again, I love your blogs and all of your work. I hope you didn’t think I was going against what you said about the Cricut Explore because I do like the machine, I just wish you would notify the company because I have just changed my blade and have had it for over a year and actually it still cut, I just figured it was time and I know Glitter vinyl and Glitter HTV are very hard on them. The only problem I have had with my blade is the fact that the smaller I go on the cut the less precise it is. Keep up your phenomenal work and I will continue to wind down with it every night. I love your site and all of your work. You Rock!! Thank Brooke

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