Over the past few weeks/months, I have found myself in a deep rut and although I don’t write many posts like this, it’s time to be honest and keep you all informed.  I consider you all my friends. I hope you know that. I love getting emails and comments from you telling me about you, your family, and your projects. It makes me happy when I see you painting your furniture, your kitchen cabinets, and just plain doing things you love. But, blogging can have a definite dark side. There are people out there that send negative messages to bloggers like me. They are mean, selfish people who love to bring other people down. I don’t know how other bloggers react to these messages, but most of the time I can just shrug it off and move on. Well, a few months ago, I blogged about my cute dog Sugar, and I got so much hate mail that I stopped counting. Sugar is doing great by the way and she did not need surgery. She doesn’t limp and can jump up on the furniture just like before her injury {just like the vet told us could happen}. But, ever since I wrote that post, I have been careful about what I put on my blog because it affected me.

I hate that it affected me. I kept thinking, “WHY ARE YOU LETTING THIS GET TO YOU!?!” and “YOU ARE STRONGER THAN THAT!” But, I couldn’t help it folks. It caught me while I was down, and it threw me for a loop {or it threw me on my face might describe it a little better}.

Because of that blog post, I was called an F-ing  terrible mother.  I was told that my son would be a rapist and a serial killer when he grows up. They called that same wonderful, happy-go-lucky 2-year old an F-ing nightmare that should be “murdered”.  I was told that I should have never had kids and that my kids should be taken away from me. I was called the most horrific names I have ever read. I was called a bitch, a whore, and worse. I was threatened with my life and so was my family. It was scary and it was hard to believe that people would say those things to another human being. After all, I am an ACTUAL person who writes these posts behind this computer, ya know.  I’m someone who has feelings and tries hard to be a good mom, neighbor, wife, and friend.

When that happened, I could only do what came natural and that was to withdraw away for awhile. I didn’t want to poke the beast and this post may do so, but I’m hoping that since the hate mail has stopped that I’m talking to my real readers, the ones who are my friends. My real friends are concerned for me and for my family. They are loving and kind. Thank you for all the letters of encouragement that I’ve gotten from you all about Sugar, my weight loss journey, and all of my many projects. It motivates me to hear from you, so thank you.

Just thinking about one hurtful email in particular brings me back to tears as I sit here. I cannot understand where that person is coming from. I have tried to give her the benefit of the doubt and just let it go. But, I. just. can’t. I hope that someday I will be able to.   The only thing that I can do is be more careful at how I treat others. I’m not perfect and I definitely have said things that I shouldn’t have in my life. But, I will strive to NEVER make someone feel like that person made me feel.

I love this quote:

be kind quote

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I’m sorry to share something so negative, but to be completely honest, I felt like I needed to. I am doing better and in order for me to heal completely, I needed to be open with my true readers about how I have been feeling. I think the only way for me to truly move on is to pray for help. I’m afraid that the effects of this situation have gotten worse. I sometimes sit down to write a post, and I just can’t. I don’t want to feel that way.

One of the main reasons why it’s taken me this long to post about this is because I don’t want to come across as someone who is seeking praise or attention. So, please know that the nature of this post is not to do so. Thank you for listening. To be completely upfront and honest, I will be moderating the comments on this post closely. If the “haters” show up, I will be deleting their comments no questions asked.

Happy Hump day.




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    You are an inspiration! You are smart, funny, talented. You are obviously a wonderful mother, wife, sister, animal lover. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

    Your blog brings me joy. Just know that for every nasty email (which I hope you never receive again) there are 15 people who think this blog and you are just great.

    Big hugs and lots of love,

  2. Mel says

    Brooke, there is nothing I can say that will make it any easier for you, but I am thinking of you. There are mean and hurtful people out there, that are jealous and petty and probably don’t have a very happy life. There are also many more people that are kind and loving and good; they are the treasures. You too are a treasure. Be kind to yourself.

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    I can’t remember the exact saying or where I heard it from. Something about how people’s words to others are so much more a reflection of themselves than the person they’re talking about. Not sure if I explained that well so hopefully you understand what I mean, but I have found that to be so true. The kindest people I know always have a way of seeing the good in me and building me up, no matter what I do. It consequently encourages me to be even better. Then there are the people who seem to find the terrible in other people no matter what. They tear everyone else down in a sad and pathetic attempt to build themselves up. So what I’m trying to say is when you hear from those haters, realize it’s not about you, it’s about them. So sorry you felt so much pain from this. I hope you’re able to find the peace and healing you deserve. If it helps, you can always try listening to the “hate on me” lyrics while you moderate your comments. It talks about those people who tear down no matter what so no need to listen to them. :)

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    This kind of stuff makes me crazy!! If someone doesn’t like what you post, then they should keep their mouths shut, stop following, stop reading, BE ADULTS!! This is your blog! So, moderate the comments, delete the emails that are not helpful or that are hurtful.
    Glad that Miss Brown Sugar has healed. And I know how 2 year olds can be…they don’t have the ability to reason out the end result of what they are doing…so your son is not a monster, he is a 2 year old boy who sounds like he was doing another “what if I do this” experiment.
    Keep your chin up, your regulars stand behind you!

  5. Jennifer Hayes says

    Keep your head up girl! You can not let these hateful people get to you. Your blog is the first Ive ever followed. Because of you, I have tackled more projects in the last six months that I would have never done before. I’m so proud of the stuff Ive done. No way would I have ever done some of these w/out your post. You were my inspiration! It’s so sad that there are people out there that are so miserable that all they can do is tear others down. They must live some pretty miserable lives to send something so hateful and just plain mean. You are not alone. Since following you Ive seen other bloggers get the same hateful stuff. It’s hard not to take it personal, I’m sure. Delete delete delete, when ever you get something so hateful . Don’t even read the whole message if its nasty. I guess being in the public does have its drawbacks. You do a good thing here and there is something called constructive criticism. Hateful and mean just don’t cut it. I’m sending prayers your way now. Even to the haters, that they may find happiness in a way that doesn’t tear others down. Keep inspiring others :)

  6. Kajsa says

    So sorry! That is rough stuff to deal with. I love reading your cute blog and seeing your projects, so sorry that a few people have ruined the love and excitement that you have for it. Hope the healing you need comes soon and that those vicious commenters leave you alone!

  7. Meggan says

    You are doing great things! And just remember “All that is unfair about life can be made right through the Atonement of Jesus Christ.” Give that perfectly awesome son of yours a hug, pet that cute little dog, and know that we are pulling for you!

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    I don’t think I’ve ever left a comment on your blog (I know, creeper), but this prompted me to pop on over and give you some encouragement. I’m appalled that people would treat you this way. I’m appalled that people would treat anyone this way. It’s outrageous, and frightening. I can’t imagine what youngsters who don’t feel they have a support system, or who don’t have a faith community, experience when this kind of crap happens to them.

    You’re brave, you’re strong, and the fact that you shared personal things (about your pup and now about your feelings) shows that you ultimately believe in the good in people—the good that God graciously gives to us, even though we often choose to ignore it. I hope you feel better more and more every day, and I’ve said a prayer for you to have peace and protection from this kind of harm as I’ve been writing this.

    In the meantime, thanks for sharing your creativity with us.

  9. ashley says

    I am so sorry & my hearts breaks for you. After seeing those emails I can’t imagine trying to get it out of your head. I’m sending you a giant virtual hug from Iowa. Keep your chin up, Ma.

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    Oh my gosh! I knew people send bloggers mean comments and emails, but I am shocked at the level of nastiness you received! It is so much easier to say than feel sometimes, but just know that is almost never about you. It is a reflection of the person who says those things. So sorry you had that experience. I agree with earlier commenter Jennifer. As soon as you realize a comment or email is going to be nasty, don’t even read it- just delete.

  11. Molly H says

    Nobody is perfect. The haters and the hurters are flawed and have a story or a secret or a something that they are or should be ashamed of. But they don’t have a platform where they share their story. You do. I remember the Sugar post and how gross and nasty people were. Just remember that every one of your home posts or recipes helps to encourage us to make our homes better. Your weight loss story especially touched me. I’ve struggled with my weight my whole life, seeing someone I look up to voice the same feelings so eloquently helped. And to be honest, seeing the hands on approach you and your husband have (TOGETHER) in working on your home is so inspiring.
    “Be thankful for the negative people in your life. They show you exactly who you never want to be.”

  12. Sarah says

    As a long time follower of your blog, and someone who spend a fair amount of time blogging as well, I know exactly how you feel and I’m so bummed for you. It’s so horrible to have to receive comments like that, as I know from personal experience (I stopped blogging after a while, because I felt like everything was an invitation to someone to feel offended and unload on me). But please know how much inspiration I get from you and your blog! You have some great ideas and I loved watching you on craft wars :) :)

    I don’t really have any good advice for how to shrug off the negative comments, because I’m no good at it either, but I just wanted to say none of it is deserved!! Your blog is amazing!

  13. Jo says

    Way to go! Nip those trolls in the bud and send them packing. I know some bloggers think it’s unfair to delete negative remarks, but the thing is….it’s your blog, and you can do whatever you want to keep things light and joyful. Bless you for standing up for that right, and for taking charge of your own happiness, as well as the comfort of those who adore you and follow your blog.

    You may be seeing this as others having hurt you, but in truth, you’ve been handed the greatness gift of all — the opportunity to forgive and forget. You can choose to be miserable or you can choose to be happy — and I’m so glad you’ve chosen happiness for yourself and your blog. As we say in the South, “Bless your little heart!”

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    I’m SO sorry you had to deal with something like that. I’ve stopped reading comments on news stories or YouTube videos because people seem to lose all sense of decency and post the most hateful things.

    I don’t think this was a negative post at all. I think you’re working to take back the joy you used to feel when you blogged. I hope you’re finding it. Don’t get the bullies take that away from you.

    (and I’m glad to hear Sugar is doing so well!)

  15. says

    I’m so sorry you received such hurtful messages. When you said hate mail, I didn’t realize it was that terrible. Don’t let the negativity of others bring you down. You’re an awesome person with incredible ideas!

  16. T. Cashion says

    I am so sorry that this happened to you. I am also totally shocked. It never occurred to me that this happened to bloggers. Just know that people who would write those type comments are not worth the time it takes to read them. There are many more good people who enjoy reading your blog. Hugs!

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    That makes me so sad and mad!! How dare people spew such awful words and hate at you! You are a wonderful person and so inspiring. I LOVE reading your blog, you have brought so much inspiration and good into so many people’s lives just by sharing what you do and who you are.

  18. says

    This made me cry. How any human being could be so cruel as to say some of the things that were said to you is beyond me. That anyone would attack someone like that is appalling, but to attack a child is just unbelievable. It is obvious that you are a caring, kind, compassionate person. You hurt and cried over the pain that Sugar was in and I’m sure you also hurt for your son because you understood that he didn’t know any better and I’m certain that it broke his heart as well. That proves what an excellent mother, pet owner and person you are. The people who sent you those horrible things obviously do not possess the same qualities and character that you do. The best (and possibly the hardest) thing to do would be to pray for them. They obviously need it. You are an awesome blogger and though I don’t know you personally, it seems clear to me that you are also an amazing person and mother. Don’t let anyone steal your joy! Keep doing what you are doing and know that for every heartless hater out there, there are 100 more who support you and believe in you! You have over 40,000 followers on GFC alone for Heaven’s sake! :-) Not to mention countless others on FB and other social media! You are AWESOME! Don’t let anyone tell you differently.
    Hope your day is filled with blessings,

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    Brooke! As a long time follower of your blog, reading this pushed me to post some words of encouragement and truth to you. You are such a funny, sweet, energetic, creative ball of joy, and I love reading your posts and seeing the things you come up with. I also love your posts about your personal life. That’s the beauty of this being YOUR blog, you can write about whatever you like. And as far as that negative comment, I’m so glad you have faith to stand in through this, because even with faith the enemy can shake you up and it’s hard. Praying for you, and even praying for that person. You are wonderful <3

  20. Fara says

    Some people have no restraint or conscience, and pass harsh judgement no matter the situation. I know your sweet boy didn’t intend to hurt Sugar, accidents happen. Especially with toddlers in the house. I felt very sad for Sugar, your son, and you when I read that post, but you did the right thing. Some people refuse to take the entire situation into account and focus on one thing. More than likely, none of those words would have slung directly at your face. It is easy to hide behind a computer.

    We all do what we feel is best for our families. Keep doing what you are doing.

  21. Tyra says

    Brooke, I’m really sorry that happened to you. If someone is so hateful and even has the nerve to say such hateful things about you and especially about a 2 year old little boy. They are the one’s that have a problem, they must have some very horrible things going on in their lives to even think such things, just know that decent people don’t feel that way and I’m very sorry you had to get those things said to you.

  22. DeeAnna says

    I’m so sorry for the haters that came after you. And I really enjoy reading your blog, not just for the projects but for your fun personality and the little peeks into your life. When I read that post, I could feel the love you have for your dog and your child, and I knew that you took an impulse from a tiny kid, who is still learning, and did the best you could with it. Thank you for putting yourself out there, just by doing that (plus your mad skills!) you are an inspiration to me. I’ll put you in my prayers.

  23. says

    Brooke, it is absolutely disgusting that someone would write something like that to you. There is absolutely no excuse for that type of behavior, and you shouldn’t understand where it is coming from! As a doggy mom myself, I’m so glad that your little girl is ok. I have a little one as well (1 lb) and accidents happen, they are so fragile and it’s very scary. My little girl fell out of my arms a few weeks ago, and I cannot imagine getting hate mail over something that was already so traumatic, but for me and for her! Glad that you all are ok!

  24. ira lee says

    first of all- this is YOUR BLOG and you should be able to post what you want without fear of upsetting people. i know this isn’t how it works- people that are unhappy or upset with their own lives get very brave behind keyboards. its not right! im so sorry that this has happened!!!!! and i’m sure if it was me i would react the same – with hurt feelings, tears, and anger. but you can’t let those people get to you!!!!!! easier said than done, i totally get it. but stay stong!!! it’s not fair to you!! you are beautiful, amazing, creative, a great momma and i love love love your blog and your life!!! it’s in our nature to dwell on the negative, but please don’t!! know that you have so many fans!!!!! and we are much cooler that someone who wants to tear you down via email!!! a 2 year old is going to do dumb things like jump on the dog!! it happens!!!! he is TWO for crying out loud!!! i work at an orthopaedic clinic and one of the doctors grandkids jumped off the couch onto the other grandkid and it almost broke her arm! it happens!!!!! you yell, spank them, put them in time out like a normal momma!! lol don’t you take the guilt for that! he isn’t going to grow up to be anything but a great man! that was a low blow and totally uncalled for, really, picking on the poor kid!! real mature, right?!?! i wish you could block people from your emails, maybe mark their address as spam! lol and i would suggest when you get a negative email, as soon as you see its ugly- delete it. you don’t have to read that trash!!! and when you start feeling down, read comments like mine and all the ones above and soak up all the love and start being awesome!!!!!

    • Jean B. says

      I’m not sure what is going on completely but have to join in on how much pleasure and joy I have today after finding your blog. People who attack you are striking back at something or someone who has made them feel what they were projecting onto you. There are also those who feel insecure and resentful about something or someone in their life and you were probably their punching bag for the time. No excusing whatever was said to you ~ but you are correct in saying you are bigger than anything thrown at you ~ and you bless too many readers to allow ugly people to rob the rest of us of your posts!

      Blessings to you and your family!

  25. Dayshel H says

    Unfortunately, the internet has given a “face” to a faceless few, or, trolls as they are so lovingly called. These trolls do nothing but seek out people just to be heartless, underhanded, mean-spirited, threatening, ruthless, evil, and cruel for the sake of being cruel. There is no other reason. They are just cruel. Just like on the playground as a kid, people will say things because they are not happy with themselves. That’s the core of a troll… unhappiness. They don’t want to see anyone else who is happy, who has a sweet family, who does the best they can to provide for their family, who shares their knowledge and talent to help others, and who are genuine. Trolls are not genuine. They are faceless beings (and I say beings because they have no heart) who prowl the internet just to spread their venom. Just like in your case, the venom affected you. I am sorry that you were attacked.

    Just know that those of us who read your blog in the true spirit that it is meant appreciate you! The good, the bad, and the ugly… :)

  26. Dominique says

    I am not perfect. You are not perfect. Nobody is, but we try our best and more to be as good as possible as a mom, a sister, a wife, a friend, … Some people fill their life with hate and pre-conception judgments. They think tey are perfect. But wait, oh no, they are not since they are mean!
    I totally understand how such hatred comments could affect you.
    Brooke, you are better, way better than all of these people!
    Just try to find comfort in the fact that you do have true admirers on this site (myself included), true friends, and that the people who sent you such horrific messages are low-lifers.
    Thanks for all the good work you do, and you are so inspiring!
    Big hugs from Toronto, ON.

  27. says

    I’m so sorry that there are others out there that feel the need to say mean, hurtful things that they would never have the courage to say to someone in real life (because they should never be said). They are cowards and have a lot of growing up to do. I am constantly battling demeaning comments that people make to others that affect my daughters. I feel like a broken record trying to teach them to rise above what others do and say. Sadly, the kids who say mean things sometimes turn into the adults who say mean things.

    Thanks for keeping it real. I have missed your blog presence lately. Keep doing what you do.

  28. Michelle says

    I don’t know what is more disturbing, all the nasty comments you received or the volume of the comments that you received.. That is terrible. I remember reading that post and thinking that poor child he must feel terrible.
    Last month my son was playing with our little Maxwell. He slide(the dog)and hit his hind leg into my hall table. My husband said(I was out of town) he never heard such a sound like the one that came out of his mouth. My son felt terrible and Max limped around for a bit. Accidents happen.
    I’m so sorry for you and your family. I can totally understand why you would not wan to post anything ever again. I only hope that you realize mean people are mean for a reason. They are hurt and want to hurt others. Unfortunetly it was directed at you and your little guy.
    This is your blog and you have every right to write about whatever you want! Keep doing what you love!

  29. says

    I’m so confused about why people would even make rude comments about your post….. my only thought is that they don’t have children and think that you can control their every action so the little angels never make mistakes. NOT. When I was a child, my cousin accidentally stepped on my hamster. He later died. Very sad day. It happens. ANYWAYS…. So glad your dog is just fine, and ever if he wasn’t, those haters can go to H***. If my tiny blog got any negative posts it would be DELETE DELETE DELETE too. Nothing wrong with that. But I know how much stuff on the internet can affect you. Just last night I noticed that a family member of mine had deleted me as a friend on facebook. I’m assuming because of a conversation we had on a post that I made. It made me pretty sad, and really it’s not even a big deal!! I hope you can heal from those hurtful words and keep doing what you do!! Because you are awesome :)

  30. Katy says

    There is some old fable about and elephant, maybe it was a camel – no matter – who was deemed of no value and thus was dropped into a deep hole to die and be buried. But when her captors began to shovel dirt on top of her, all she did was shake it off and keep standing. After long enough, all the dirt she had shaken off and was now tamped beneath her feet had actually raised her up high enough to climb out of the hole that might have been her death.
    Keep shaking it off, girl.

  31. amandajoy says

    I am so sorry to hear that people would be so destructive with their words when what you needed was love and support. Thank you for being real and sharing your journey. I am super happy to hear that your little Sugar is back to full vigor :) Enjoy your beautiful family and every precious (and sometimes not so precious) moments!
    lots of hugs from Canada!

  32. says

    We have had dogs for the last 23 years. Anyone that thinks your life or the life of your sons is less valuable than a dogs is sadly mistaken. Love your pets, take great care of them but remember in the eyes of God you are the most precious, not your dog. No one is perfect, well maybe the haters are and that’s why they thought it was their right to judge you. You will get past this with a clear conscience, will they?

  33. says

    So sorry you received such mean spirited emails. I read the original post and my impression of it and your blog, is that you are a kind, caring and responsible person. I’m sending some blog encouragement your way! Best wishes.

  34. Jamie vakautakakala says

    Wow!! Brooke, that is absolutely terrible!! I’m so sorry you had to go through that!! I think you’re a great person, having a business and being a stay at home mommy is hard, and we do the very best we know how. In fact with the schedule that your kids have I think you’re doing a fantastic job!! It’s unfortunate when other people have to bring somebody else down in order to lift themselves up. Ps…I can’t wait to make that delicious looking jam!! You’re awesome, keep it up:)

  35. says

    Coming out of lurking to comment. I am so sorry for the hate you received. You bless so many people’s lives. Thank you for posting about your life. I love being a follower. You have so much good to give. Your ideas are amazing and your house is beautiful. You have helped me create and do really cool things.
    Your two year old was being a two year old. Sometimes they don’t think about consequences. He is not a bad boy AT ALL. I am so sorry about your dog. Love and Hugs coming your way.

  36. Court says

    I chalk this up to the YOU ARE GIFTED phenomenon. Unfortunately, we live in a world where people who have achieved status or recognition of any kind are subject to dehumanization. You have been very successful at what you do so you must not be a human. According to the trolls and weasels, you don’t deserve the most basic social concessions that every person should have.

    I read a lot of stories about athletes I like on ESPN and without fail, the trolls come in with utter and complete written abuse for those athletes. I remember a few years ago reading a story about Lebron James and his complete choke job in the NBA finals.

    I remember some commenter saying that Lebron was a complete waste of a human life and should immediately kill himself.

    So let me get this straight. Lebron made some mistakes that resulted in his team losing a series so he should KILL HIMSELF.? Unfortunately this isn’t an isolated incident, it’s very common on ESPN comment sections.

    I remember being very troubled about that just like I’m troubled with your situation.

    The internet can bring out good in some people but unfortunately it also gives power to bad and ignorant people.

    Let me tell you something sister. You are one my dearest friends. I have known you literally since the day you were born. I have been in your home and have seen you in real life. I have seen your heart in action.

    I do not understand your capacity to do so many things that I myself don’t have the energy to do. I have seen you get out your laptop at 10:00 at night, after your kids go to bed. I have been around your happy, good, loving, smart, healthy kids. I have seen you interact with Sugar and knows what life is really like in your home. I’VE BEEN THERE.

    I don’t know other people who have been willing to sacrifice the way you do for your kids. That sacrifice is paying off. You have great kids. Your two year old is a stud on wheels. I see you treat Sugar as one of your kids and in this case, one of your kids hurt one of your other kids. Is that really that uncommon?

    Do you remember when I broke Adrian’s arm on the trampoline? We were playing around. I didn’t mean to hurt her. Was I as careful as I should have been? Definitely not. OBVIOUSLY not. Does that mean I’m a bad person that was destined to end up murdering people? Ha. It’s laughable if you actually think it through.

    I hate to see you exposed to the worst that our society has to offer. But, there’s no question that this happened mainly because of your successes, not because a single (and completely innocent) incident happened. I have to think that people wouldn’t lash out at people who are complete strangers to them without some kind of underlying, deep pain. You have to be hurting deeply to spew this kind of irrational hate at a stranger.

  37. Tina says

    I am blown away that your innocent post about your sweet dog would trigger such hostility towards you and your family. There is no justification for that! They obviously don’t have kids. Things happen. I’m a little scared to admit, but growing up in my family, I’ve seen more than one animal fatality at the hands of small little people being a little too aggressive with their love. So sad, but it happens, and those little people did NOT grow up to be serial killers?! But I’m so glad your dog is okay! Carry on! I think you are fantastic and love, love, love your blog, especially the more personal stories!!

  38. meg says

    I’m not a groupie for any one blog but you have some fantastic ideas & a great style. Don’t let stupid people bring you down. And, having 4 kids of my own, I’m sure your little boy is a healthy, happy, normal child (baby really – he’s still a baby!!) Anyone who freaks out about that never had a 2 year old boy. You’re a good mom – don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!

  39. says

    Some people lead such miserable lives that the only enjoyment they have comes from being hurtful to someone else. The people that attacked you most likely have very low self esteem. Someone in their life treated them badly and they feel better about themselves when they are putting someone down or even, as in this case, sending you crazy town messages.

    Remember always that you are better than anyone’s words. I know it sounds ridiculous and so hard to do, but pray for people who spend their time reaching out in anger and hate. They really DO need your prayers.

    Peace +

  40. Meagan says

    I’m always checking your blog for new ideas. This is heart-breaking and it is truly unfortunate that the Internet offers this mask where people can be bullies without consequence.

    A lot of commentors were referencing Jesus and motherhood in their posts. I want to make it clear that you ABSOLUTELY do not have to be a Christian or a parent to know the difference between right and wrong. People act in despicable ways, especially under anonymity.

    Hopefully, these haters stumble upon this post, acknowledge their hurtful comments and apologize.

  41. Paula Rudisill says

    Remember to keep this in perspective—for the few mean-spirited people that respond negatively to your posts there are hundreds of us learning, relating and loving your blog. I’ve never commented on your blog in the past but have you on my RSS feed and always look forward to reading your posts. Like others have said, we need to pray for people that enjoy hurting others–they need help.

  42. Uta says

    SO SORRY to hear about your struggles. The other day I was watching a reality TV reunion show, and one of the girls on it said she was sorry she ever did a reality show, because it revealed to her how terrible some people are in this world. She had apparently received a bunch of hate mail too. It is hard to fathom that there are such “haters” in the world. They must be SO miserable. YOU, however, are SO AWESOME! Don’t ever stop your blogging. It lifts my day to see your posts, and I feel like you are such an inspiration to so many people. Let the haters hate. It’s hard to shrug off, but just know that God has higher plans for you in your life. Sometimes you have to hit some bumps to realize how great life really is. Thanks for your post!!

  43. says

    There will always be couch haters who have nothing better to do than run their mouth all over the big wide web. They want to feel important, but they have no other way than to write nasty rude comments all over facebook, blogs, youtube and anything else they think they might be heard. The world continually teaches people to “be who you are, express yourself,” and whatever else bs to make people feel justified in what they are doing. I didn’t realize how harsh and hurtful people could be until I experienced it a few months ago myself.

    I blog about preparedness and posted a picture of a deer we had gotten and it had my boys in it. Holy cow, you would have think I murdered people’s entire families and cats with some of the responses I got – very similar to yours. I’m not going to lie and say it didn’t hurt, but time definitely has a way of making things not so bad. I think the biggest problem is people have forgotten they are supposed to be worshipping God, and instead they worship animals, trees, Hollywood Stars and whatever else is floating past that day. No one is perfect, and I feel bad for people that feel the need to cast the first stone.

    Keep blogging and inspiring others! Thanks for being so real and honest! You really are amazing!

  44. SueSchneid22 says

    Brooke- I read so many blogs I can’t keep up with them all. But, I do remember your post about your dog. I saw this post today and thought I would take a look. I am very disgusted about your detractors’ comments. I don’t know what’s wrong with people, but I have found that SOME (not all) animal lovers seem to care about animals and humans are way down the scale. I don’t know why they can’t love all of God’s creation. After all, God made us in his image and instructed us to love one another. “Love your neighbor as you love yourself.” Sigh. It’s so sad that people have to reach out in hate. I am sorry for them, their existence must be dreadful. Keep your chin up and like that person above, said, pray for them. It’ll take some of the sorrow off your heart. “Do not repay evil with evil or insult with insult but with blessing because to this you were called so that you may inherit a blessing” (1Peter 3:9). St. Paul also says, “Make sure that nobody pays back wrong for wrong, but always try to be kind to each other and to everyone else” (1Thessalonians 5:15). And quoting Proverbs, “If your enemy is hungry, feed him; If he is thirsty, give him a drink; For in so doing you will heap coals of fire on his head” (Pr.25:21-22). Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.” (Romans 12:20-21). Blessings to you and your family.

  45. Teresa says

    First off I will start by saying I will be paying for you to heal from your hurt from all that you have had to endure! I too know what it is like to have people be so mean & harsh or shall I say really cruel with their words. It is so easy to say things behind your back so to speak & not in front of your face like cowards that they are. I am a Pastor’s wife & I too get all kinds of comments made to me about everything. It seems I can do nothing right for some people but everything right for others. I am just an imperfect person trying to lead people to a relationship with a perfect God. My heart has been ripped apart so many times because of what they have done to me, my husband & my children. People do not seem to undrstand that words hurt & are not forgotten. Who ever made up sticks & stones may beak our bone but words will never hurt me could have not been more further from the truth. Words have more of an impact on us than anything else in the world. You just take this expierence as a learning one & a growing one to make you into someone stronger. It cannot define who you are. You & God knows who you are! Not all those “mean spirited” people. So you keep walking forward knowing that you have touched so many people & have helped so many with your blog. I for one! Just pray for those who hurt you & love in spite of for it heaps coals of fire upon their heads! Much love to you & yours! Blessings!

  46. Lisa says

    Keep on keepin’ on, Sista! I don’t know you, but I wish I did ;). People are miserable and angry and rotten for saying stuff like that about you, your fam, and especially your two year old!!! He’s 2!!! Sheesh! I’m sorry people are so horrible, but don’t let that get you down. Those of us that are mothers of boys know that things like this just happen. I’m glad the dog is ok ANC I’m sure your little guy was just playing like he does with his older sibs. Hope it all settles down for you.

  47. Linda says

    I too just wanna send you a little hug! I think you are the very first blogger I ever loved so I feel like you are an old friend. I am so sad that you were hurt so deeply. Please know that the good people of the world love you and want only the very best for our dear friend!

  48. Sharon V says

    So sorry to hear about the attacks against you and your family. I am glad you have not given up blogging for good as I absolutely love you and your posts!

  49. Jenni says

    I was bracing myself for you to say good-bye to blogging. But you didn’t! So glad you’re still willing to share your life and talents with us.

    p.s. I was going to be very understanding–it would be very hard to get all those nasty comments–but I’m glad you’re staying!

  50. says

    I am sorry to hear that readers were so mean. I’m sure your son did not do it to hurt the dog and I’m sure you made him see what he did that was wrong (well the best you can with a young child). I think some people who have animals and not children do not understand that you have to teach your children to respect the animals and then trust them to do that. Sometimes little kids like adults make mistakes, that’s because they are human. Obviously if a child does it on purpose or repeatedly there is a problem, but one mistake does not make a murderer or rapist.

    Our dog hurt her leg when she was a puppy, some fluke accident probably from jumping off the couch the vet said. I guess we never should have let her get up there in the first place, but we never had that happen to another dog before and I’ve had dogs since I was a young child. I don’t consider us bad people because we “let” that happen, but I certainly won’t let a puppy up on the couch or bed again now I know what sort of fluke accident can happen (luckily after two operations, two pins in her leg and lots of $$ she was okay and now loves to swim in the lake and fetch a Frisbee although too much exercise is hard on her leg and always will be).

    Don’t let those negative people get you down and sorry about the looooong comment!!


  51. Connie D. says

    I am shocked at the responses you received! Unfortunately the internet has made cyber-bullying very easy. I am guessing that those people feel anonymous when they post such nasty comments. It is even more disturbing that these are adults. Don’t give the few the satisfaction of getting you down when so many of us look forward to your blog and wholeheartedly support you!!

  52. says

    Brooke, You need to say a few prayers for that person, because they have some serious issues. I will say a few for the mean spirited person too. Once you forgive them, you can move on and not give it anymore thoughts or energy! If you focus on that negative comment than that is what you will think about. Remember~ what you think about you bring about. Focus on the good readers and not that one horrible person. You keep pushing on and we all will keep reading and making positive comments! xoxox

  53. Robin says

    Wow. I am so sorry to hear about the cruel and hurtful emails you received. The “courage” some find behind a keyboard is really just a revelation of the depravity in our hearts. I grieve for you and my stomach was in knots reading of the shocking threats and judgments on a two year old. As a mother of a toddler I know full well how kids experiment and play rough. At te age of two one cannot empathize with the pain of another person let alone an animal. Please know that your blog is a blessing to many. I’ve never commented before but faithfully read. There are many more like me. The silent participants. We support you. Just know that like dogs, those who bark the loudest are usually the most insecure.

  54. says

    wow. I am shocked (well yes and no) that people would say such extreme things!?

    PS your makeover was gorgeous! (I said that over at the other post, but in case you didn’t see it there :))

  55. CherilynP says

    Hi! I’m a longtime follower–I think that you have such creative flair and you are so positive!
    I remember your original post about your dog’s accident & am sad that the rotten weirdos attacked. I’m compelled to write, 1st to tell you how appreciative I am of your blog, and to share what happened to our family last month.
    My son was visiting my parents, who had an elderly dog. The dog was sleeping burrowed under some pillows on the floor; my son didn’t see him and jumped on his leg. The poor dog’s leg didn’t heal, and despite immediate vet care, he got an infection. Unfortunately the antibiotics caused his heart to fibrillate, and he died. I would never think of blaming my child for this; it was a very sad accident.
    Thank you for being who you are and for showing us your talents, your home and your beautiful family. I know that there are many more lovers of your blog than anything else. Please keep moderating and deleting the negative comments.

  56. Nickie Moseley says

    Stay strong – I was recently SCOLDED by a lady off ebay cause I sold her an illegal American Girl doll – The GOOD LORD as my witness I HAD NO idea and I myself bought it off ebay for a high price – I trust all so I didn’t investigate it….well she did and DOGGED me and was gonna turn me into the feds……I mean an all day conversation of me telling her how sorry I was and refunded her plus sent her shipping money to send it back so I could see this HORRIBLE PLASTIC DOLL – I strive for 100% positive feed back on ebay AND IN REAL LIFE too…..so after all that she left me NEGATIVE FEEDBACK – dern heffor!!! after I did all I could do even EBAY investigated and said you went WAY BEYOND your call to make this right – they removed the negative feedback and well that was it but I was soooooooooo wounded and have YET to list another item afraid my IGNORANCE my over look something – I am an honest – tender hearted – thin skinned – Christian – momma – wife and it melted my heart to be called and told all I was that day………..it’ll pass as will this….from what I see your a talented great person – stay strong and keep being awesome!

  57. Kim says

    Wow I am so sad that people could go out of their way to be so mean and hurtful!! I know if would really effect me if I were in your shoes. I hope you won’t let this keep you from doing what you love. I just want to say that about 2 years ago, I stumbled upon your blog when I was “googling” something – probably “painted furniture” or something of the like. It opened the whole blog-world for me. I have been DIYing for pretty much all my life – repurposing, painting, sewing and creating. It was amazing to see there are so many others like me out there. I have taken my DIYing to a whole new level since I 1st found your blog. Thank you for having the courage to put yourself out there.

  58. Melissa says

    Brooke! You are such an inspiration to me. I love seeing the stuff you do. I wish I had the same energy and ideas. You are great! And don’t let anyone tell you different. People are mean unfortunately and they hurt us. You are a great mom and do your best in all you do. That should be commended. Keep your chin up. Your post always bring me joy.

  59. Sharon says

    I have found that anonymity (did I spell that correctly?) seems to make it easier for people to “say” things they wouldn’t say to your face. They don’t have to use the filters of polite society where people don’t do such things. They feel free to become deities and express their opinions as fact. You obviously have a tender heart and words can and do hurt. Thank-you for sharing this. It wasn’t easy, but it helped to make it REAL and remind all of us that our words matter. Welcome back girl.

  60. ingrid says

    Dear Brooke,
    don’t believe a word of all this. Those people don’t even reach your ankles.
    Instead of reading ridiculous mails you could write more of your fantastic posts to inspire us all over the world ? A BIG hug from Belgium !

  61. Ruth says

    I know you only through your blog and can tell you are a pretty amazing mother, friend, wife, pet owner : ) and blogger. YOU ARE AMAZING!! Don’t listen to any of the negative comments. “Haters gonna hate”. That’s just how it is. Keep being the awesome person you are! You inspire me. Enough said : )

  62. Eloisa says

    Oh Brooke, I’m so sorry about those crazy people. Once you see the beginnings of anything profane, just immediately delete. They don’t deserve anyone’s time or attention. Know that you have many admiring followers. I love your makeup post–you look great! Take care and keep blogging!

  63. Arli says

    I’m not a frequent commenter, nor a blogger. In fact I don’t have a house, hubby or kids and don’t dyi at all. But I LOVE READING YOUR BLOG. I get tons of enjoyment out of reading the words you type on your computer and seeing the pics you post …. as well as obviously vicariously enjoying the substance…whatever it is you’re blogging about. I am truly sorry that the negativity of some disturbed people has affected you so deeply, but I hope that knowing you make many of your readers (I’m sure many someones) happy every time you post a new piece brings a smile to your face.

  64. megan says

    There are some awful people out there. You’re great, I love reading about your family and the fun stuff you come up with. I am glad you’ll keep up on your blogging :)

  65. Leslie says

    I adore your blog! You have inspired me in so many ways. The only reason I can possibly think anyone would be so hateful is that they are jealous of your success, which unfortunately happens a lot when people become famous.You are such an inspiration to women, stay-at-home mothers, those of us who struggle with body image and designers. Please continue doing what you do! Lots of love from a long-time follower.

  66. Brittany says

    I agree with an above commenter, if you feel the email going in a bad direction, dont finish it! Just delete. Those kind of people have serious issues and feel they can say the MOST insane things because they have the safety of the computer to just rant. It would eat me alive and consume my thoughts if i had to read people saying such horrific lies about my family. I am heart broken it has made you feel that way. I know because i am so sensitive to others words even though i know i shouldnt care so much. Prayers for you and your family to forget these heinous and way out if line comments. Shame on those people.

  67. alycia says

    This is the 2nd blog that I follow that is dealing with the same topic today. It makes me so sad because I love both blogs so much. You are so much better than the haters out there. I reread your blog post and there was nothing wrong with that post. You are human, so is your son, and some people just have too many problems in their life to hate others for being happy and enjoying life to it’s fullest. Hugs and prayers for the miserable soul who is trying to steal the joy of others.

  68. Livesey girl says

    Hi. I am quite a new reader so hadn’t seen the infamous dog post. Your little boy sounds normal. Only yesterday our 20 month old tried to sit on our Scottish Terrier! When he wasn’t allowed to do that he tried to pull her tail. Usually gets in her bed for cuddles and feeds her toast crusts but ot is his age to test the boundaries with ALL family members. Having a pet is hard work but worth it. Your kids will grow up to be more compassionate and caring. I’m sure your little dude felt bad that he hurt the dog. Besides my Nana always says if a man doesn’t like animals don’t marry him so you are helping to shape a good future husband ha ha x

  69. says

    I love you Brooke!

    I’d be lying if I said that the “trolls” haven’t made me cry before as well. Even reading your post brought back things people have said to me that are hard to forget, over things that I thought were nothing! Once, in the same day, I got called “Godless” and “a bible thumping weirdo” lol, I wonder how I manage that? It just goes to show that at the end of the day, those mean people don’t know you, or your family, or your puppy either. It takes real bravery to put yourself out there on the internet with complete transparency only to have virtual demons attack you from behind a mask of anonymity. The things you post on this blog are beautiful, inspiring and uplifting. You make the world a better place by sharing your creations here, and I always look forward to reading your posts. I wish I could do more to help you feel better, but just know that you’re not alone and I love and appreciate you and your blog!

  70. Dawn says

    Omg! It ceases to amaze me how cruel people can be. Your post about your dog was written before I became aware of diy blogs but I just read it now. Years ago, my now 18 year old son, who btw is not a serial killer, rapist, etc. Broke the leg of our maltese peek a poo while playing with him. These things just happen, they are called accidents. My son was 4 at the time. He didn’t realize the consequences of his actions until we brought Mac home from the vet, leg bandaged up. Then he cried as he realized that he had seriously hurt him.

    Please do not let the evil cruel hateful words of others doubt yourself or get you down. You know who you are, what type of person you are. They do not, none of us do, only your friends and family, their words are what count. Some people out there say/write things and judge others just so they can feel better about themselves and if you have to go to those kind of extremes to bulk up yourself then exactly what type of person are you in the first place?

    Chin up, girlie, hold that head high, put on Dixie Chick’s “I don’t want to make nice” and sing it loud as you can. Ditch the negative people and embrace the ones who make you feel good about life.

    Big hugs sweetie, Hang in there and keep being you. You may not be a bitch but karma certainly is. :o)

  71. says

    Ephesians 4:29

    Praying you are able to forgive. I know all too well what unforgiveness can do to your own heart. Through my own difficult v experience right now I can say the only way to truly love, live and forgive is to rejoice in the Lord alone hope in the Lord alone rest in the Lord alone and be satisfied in the Lord alone. It’s not easy but Phil 4:13

  72. Mindy says

    Ok, whoever wrote that stuff is crazy. Those are obviously irrational things to say. I have a two year old- they’re not the most rational human beings on the planet. Obviously none of those things are true and the people writing them are the ones with the problem, not you. They apparently have such bad lives that it makes them feel better to put other people down.

  73. Barb says

    I’ll just say that I have missed reading your blog as you have taken this little break. All of us out here miss seeing your great ideas when you feel like you can’t or don’t want to blog. Don’t make us suffer 😉 because of some crazy person who just wants to stir up trouble.

    I’m sure there are people out there who just sit at their computer leaving comment after comment on random blogs and saying the worst things they can think of regardless of who you are or what you blog about. They need some kind of reaction or attention. They are sociopaths. They don’t deserve your time or consideration. Delete and move on. (Easier said than done, I am sure.)

  74. JoEllen says

    I am an infrequent commenter to your blog, but a long time reader. This post made me so sad and mad and a bunch of other things. so, I just had to comment. People can be absolutely nasty! And that is not fair. 2 year olds are 2 years olds. You can not be expected to watch your 2 year old (who is one of four children) every second of every day. And of course you’re going to give your dog the care she needs. ugh! People can be so hurtful.

    Instead of being so judgemental, I wish people were a bit more forgiving. I love this quote you posted in your writings. Let’s buoy each other up! Not tear each other down. We are here on this earth to give support and love to each other.

    I love your blog. It’s one of my favorites. I’m sorry you’ve felt that you’ve had to retreat a bit. I can’t wait to see what the holidays bring to your blog!

  75. Susan Krauss says

    Hugs to you, Brooke! I’ve found that with the surge in popularity of social media has come far too much hate, nastiness and vitriol. People are using the anonymity of the Internet to spew their hatred. Hiding behind it, even. You did what you thought was best. We all are! I’m sooooo glad your dog is well now, Accidents do indeed happen and people who don’t understand that, are just not worth the time. Give yourself however long it takes to get through this. There’s no timetable for this kind of thing. It takes as long as it takes. Please take comfort in knowing that your REAL friends and readers alike, fully support you. <3

  76. says

    I have missed you and your family stories and your lovely words! My heart hurts so much for yours, I can’t even imagine someone being mean to you, and because they won’t apologize (even though they SHOULD), I’m totally apologizing for them! I am so sorry! You don’t deserve to be treated like that EVER.
    <3 <3 <3

  77. Melanie says

    I am new to your blog and haven’t seen the post you’re referring to, but I hope your dog is feeling better. As for the unkind, thoughtless, and cowardly comments you received, I look at it this way. Those people are miserable, unhappy, and only have “keyboard bravery” as I call it. And it’s not real bravery. They are unhappy with themselves and their lives, so they have to hurt someone else to get relief or some sort of thrill. Sad really. I feel for those people. I feel for their souls. They must be so broken. I’m sorry you had to be their punching bag. <3 P.S. Brave Girls ROCK!!!!!

  78. says

    Wow. That is completely ridiculous and disgusting. I am so sorry. You’re making me feel grateful that I don’t get a lot of comments on my blog….which is something I’ve never felt before. :) Thanks for not giving up on the blogging world. Now go love on your kiddo and your dog and yourself. Blog love sent your way from this stranger.

  79. jenny bielefeld says

    Brooke~ I had a feeling that something was going on…I was really missing your posts. I am glad you were so honest. I cannot believe you received such horrible mail. All I can say is …those people must be be very unhappy in their lives. (Or they must be absolutely PERFECT, huh?)
    I live in Colorado and I am a TRUE fan. Thanks so sharing so much of yourself with so many…
    Love (and prayers)

  80. Shelley says

    Hi Brooke, I am New to your site. I found it about 2 weeks ago, I forget how, but let me tell you something. The second I started reading some of your blogs, saw pictures of your house, laughed at your funny sense of humor. You had me hooked. I have loomed at other sites,and never did I get the feeling that. “man , I really like this girl.” I don’t lnow her but I really like her.” I felt like we could be the best of friends( haha, gettin a little scary). Anyway, my point is what I have learned in this world, and believe me I have learned it the hard way. Is that no matter what I do or what I say someone is not gonna like it, or agree with me. Sometimes I feel like, ” come on seriously, you think that.” In my head, that wasn’t at all what I was thinking. It has taken me awhile to come to the conclusion that, I feel I am a good person, I try my best and if you don’t like it. Don’t listen. That’s it. I have four kids also( one with red hair….don’t know mailman is a girl) and I am raising them like you to b the best human they can be. Sometimes they might screw up, but in no way does that make you bad. As long as you believe in your heart you did the right thing. That is all that matters. It seems like along with your forty thousand and something viewers they agree that you are awesome, and we love what you do. Please keep doing it, cause I am new I gotta see more. And if u r ever in Missouri you call so we can hang out.( Haha!!! Seriously I am not a stalker. ). Shelley. P.S. If you leave crap out in your pictures, that is awesome. I hate when the pictures looked staged. Keep on keeping on girl!!!!

  81. Emily says

    I remember reading this post and could truly understand your sadness and perhaps guilt. You felt so badly about what happened to this animal you loved. What you needed was compassion. I am so upset by the negative comments as well. I always wonder who really has the time to think those up? And for the attacks to be so personal is taking it to a hatred level. This is your blog and should be your safe place. I am so sorry you have been hurt by this! I love your blog and hope you will be able to continue teaching us and inspiring. We love you!

  82. Courtney Brown says

    Hold your head high! You are an amazing woman! I do not know you personally but you have inspired me beyond words! Not just in projects- in life! Anyone who follows you can see your family (including your sweet dog) is the most valuable, most important thing to you. Stand tall! There will always be bully’s in the world- I hate that fact. I am not saying it is easy but, do not give them or allow them to take another minute of your thoughts! You possess a great power of influence for good … Keep going strong:)! I’m grateful for your honesty – life can be hard sometimes… I hope you have a GREAT DAY!

  83. Brooke H says

    Fellow Brooke,

    What is it about our names that allows us to feel comfortable with sharing our lives with those who (we think) love us? Because we trust and we love back ourselves. The problem lies in that we feel that everyone should feel the same way, so when someone hurts us, it REALLY hurts us. Very easy for us to think, “oh, what do they know? They don’t even know me!” In reality, our hearts break very easily, going so far as to physically hurt. Why is it that we can have 1.000 good people but that ONE bleepity bleep ruins it for us?

    I found your blog on Pinterest months back and don’t come here daily as my schedule is crazy. I read your post today and felt horrible about what was happening to you. I’m a protector by nature and I’ll tell you, I wanted to kick someone’s a$$!

    Just know that I (and obviously many others) are thinking of you. You’re a good person with a good family, including a cute dog. Too late in life, I’ve learned that those who love tearing us down, hate themselves and cannot stand to see someone happy. Well, too bad…be happy.

    That is all,
    Brooke the Great (in Delaware, OH)

  84. Andrea Grover says

    Although I’ve been reading your blog for years now, I’m one of those stalkers who always looks but never comments. Until now.

    I truly believe that the world is mostly made up of good people with good intentions. However, is seems that the people who choose to be unpleasant, pessimistic or downright bad are some of the most vocal. Don’t let the negative few outweigh the postive many.

    When I originally read the post about your dog, I sympathized with you. No matter how careful we are, no matter how many safeguards we have in our homes, accidents happen. People (or pets) get hurt. What matters most is how we respond to such things. You took care of your pet. In the words of my former camp leader, “You done good.”

    On my little family blog where I write about trips, hallmarks and cute things my kids say, I once documented a project that I had put a lot of time and effort into. Over time, people have found and pinned my project, and I’ve received several comments. Almost all of them have been complimentary. One, however, was extremely vitriolic. It called into question more than just my sewing skills or creative capabilities. Without hesitation, I deleted it. After all, it’s MY blog. So don’t feel like you need to preserve any comments that don’t lift you up.

    Thank you for sharing your talents with others. Because of you, I’ve had the guts to spray paint furniture, glaze frames and embrace thrift store shopping.

  85. Margaret says

    That is extremely painful. I know it is difficult, but forgiving is the way through this. You know the families of the Amish children who were killed attended the killer’s funeral and comforted the killer’s parents. In my life, I always think if they can forhive then so can I. I always find relief after I forgive. Good luck.

  86. says

    Hi Brooke,
    I’m new to blogging….I just started my blog a few weeks ago, and I did this because of people like you! Your blog is wonderful and you are a joy! Its easy to tell someone to just ignore those hateful types…but its not easy to do….my advise? Whenever someone attacks you out of the blue, hug someone close! these people are just cruel and no matter what you do you will not change them….actually feel sorry for them….Their life cannot be filled with love and laughter to say those things to someone….spend your time uplifting those that want to be smiling and enjoying a new friendship…..STAY STRONG GIRL! you have a lot of friends out there! and now you can add me to your list of blogland Friends!


  87. Susan says

    Hi Brooke. I love your blog and am new to your site. I rarely comment on blogs, but I must tell you this post brought me to tears. As a mom of four boys, after reading both posts, I so get what you are feeling and wish I had an answer for taking your pain away. People who say hateful things to others, especially about a child, are feeling deep pain themselves. It can not touch you.

    I have always considered myself a cat person, but that may need to change. The picture of Sugar on the original post ………oh my goodness, is she the most sweetest thing? What an adorable little dog, and so trusting.

    Time and love will heal you. Thank you so much for being so real, and sharing your inner feelings. This gift you have of expressing care and love will help you help others in the future going through their own struggles. Sending hugs and healing thoughts of love to you, Sugar, and your family.

  88. Erin says

    I don’t know you, but I do know 2-year-old boys (I’ve had 3 of them!). They are energetic, quick, rambunctious, impulsive, and impossible to have attached to your hip EVERY SINGLE SECOND. And they are certainly not known for their ability to control their impulses or reason out all the possible consequences of their crazy actions (duh!). Your son sounds normal and sweet and fun, and an accident happened. Good for you, getting back in the game as soon as you can. I have appreciated you sharing your talents and expertise through this blog. Thank you!!

  89. Vicki says

    I really enjoy your blog and it seems like you hear more and more about “haters” on the internet. Obviously people who do that are very unhappy with themselves and life so they have to always tear someone down. I know someone like that – she never smiles, never is thankful for what she has, and only is happy when she’s putting someone down. I can’t imagine living life like that, so sad. Keep up your good work.

  90. Cyndy says

    I found your blog via Susan @ Between Naps on the Porch. Your story of being harassed, insulted and threatened after your dog got hurt is absolutely horrifying. All I can say is that mean people suck and there are a lot of them out there. We can’t change that, but if you let them cow you into staying away from the blog you love and the readers who love to read it, then they win. Don’t let them win! :)

  91. Liz says

    I am so sorry that you had to endure such harsh criticism and I cannot understand how people can be so hateful to others. You are a great mommy and puppy mommy and hope that you know how many people support you and are on your side!

  92. Rachael says

    People are rude and to attack not only you but your 2 year old. My mama bear instincts immediately kick in while reading this. I can only imagine what you have been going through these past few months. I love your blog—keep blogging and your true reading friends will always be with you. Keep your head up and know that you are a great mother.

    I love President Monson’s talk at the Relief Society Broadcast. “You will one day stand aside and look at your difficult times, and you will realize that He was always there beside you.”

  93. pam ~ crumpety cottage says

    Hi Brooke,

    I found you through Susan over at betweennapsontheporch.

    Even though we don’t know each other, I can relate to what you posted, how the nasty comments took you by surprise, how they affected you deeply and how sad they made you. All I can offer in the way of comfort is to remind you that evil DOES exist. If you ever doubted that before, you now have proof positive. The sad thing is, in my experience, it’s the very people who consider themselves so evolved, sophisticated and ‘tolerant’ who are the worst offenders. Children are children. They are like little ‘practice’ people. I’m sure your little guy didn’t realize the ramifications of what he was doing, and quite honestly, I’m surprised the little dog didn’t scoot her little bottom out of the way … quick. But like the 2 year old, she doesn’t have the mental capacity to understand what she was in for. Now, if he had been 10, that would have been a different story. But two? Two isn’t much more than a baby!

    At any rate, you have seen the dark side of human nature … the very nature that raises and values animals over humans, but at the same time would think nothing of extinguishing a human life while still in the womb as a matter of ‘convenience.’ It’s unfortunate that such people exist. But just imagine BEING one of them! Oh, what lives they must live and what self hatred they must feel. You can only pity them.

    If nothing else, perhaps this awful situation will serve as a good reminder of how small that big old world can be and how closely we must protect those we love. I always cringe a little when I see people giving away a bit too much information about themselves on line, because, as you can see … the crazies are out there. And they (surprisingly) are reading your blog!

    Here’s a *hug.* I’m sorry you had to endure that. But let it make you a stronger, wiser, person – and one day you will look back and be glad for how this experience opened your eyes, even if it did harden your heart just a bit. Blessings to you. ~ Pam

  94. Ann says

    Never you mind about those idiots – they’re called trolls and they search the internet on keywords and insert inappropriate and downright obscene comments. Pathetic and failures in every aspect of their lives, they lash out because such horrid behavior makes them feel powerful, in some tiny way, in their tiny lives. Those comments come from fringe members of the human race, whether they call themselves that or not. We good folks love you and feel your pain. And, your blog is amazing and you are SO talented!

    Sometimes I’ll read a comment thread about a song or funny video and they start out encouraging and complimentary, then d-evolve into ridiculousness 10 comments down. It’s sooooo common and I wish we could lock those idiots up in a room and scream insults at them through speakers until they cry. So sorry for your nasty experience :(.

  95. Marlaney says

    I love your blog!! Don’t ever change because of a few bad apples! They have nothing better to do and are probably jealous, unhappy people who only want to bring you down to where they are. Keep being bright and motivation to so many of us. I just googled your blog because I want to recreate your gutter shelves in my kids bedroom and read your latest post and I had to stop and say something to you. Don’t allow crazy people to steal your shine!! You are smart, creative and a hard worker and loving mother!! Rise above this and keep shining!!

  96. says

    Hi- Thank you for writing so honestly and openly about what happened. I have that same struggle. My website is about my cancer journey and what I learned from it in hopes to inspire and lift people up who are going through treatment. The problem is I lost a dear friend to breast cancer this march, and I haven’t blogged in a long time because I just didn’t feel inspirational or uplifting and I didn’t want to bring people down who really needed to be lifted up. But this week I may give it a go- because you had the courage to share what happened to you. Hang in there, and as my Dad always says- Don’t let those b….ards get to you. Stay strong, Karen

  97. Mindy Marlow says

    I am so sad to read that someone said such horrible things to you! Unfortunately I read this a lot on FB and Blogs. People just being terrible and only able to find negative things to say. I dont understand why they can only see the worst and then in turn, try to bring someone down to their level. You are a kind and caring human being, you share your life in your blog in hopes of helping and brightening someone else’s life and or day. These ugly people sit around afraid to see the positive, and just want to spread their unhappiness. You are doing a great job! You are a wonderful mother! You are a sweet human being! I hope you have a wonderful day!!!!

  98. Amanda says

    It brought tears to my eyes just to read this. I can’t imagine how you feel. I’ve never understood people that are just plain mean. I’m sorry you are going through this.

  99. Margie says

    Wow Brooke, sorry you have had to deal with such unhappy people! Too bad for them because while you have tons of people who love and admire you they will be home searching on their computer for the next person to bully. You have inspired many people and have taught MANY more how to do things to make their homes a happier place. (this includes me) so you should be proud of yourself! It’s hard to just brush off what mean things have been said about you so I’m not going to tell you to just brush it off but know that your in our prayers and hope that you will be able to feel peace soon!

  100. Janeal says

    I love reading your blog! Your talent and creativity have inspired me to do some pretty fabulous projects of my own! :) Its so sad that there are that many people out there who find satisfaction in hurting and tearing down others. They want what you have, but can’t have it so try to bring you down to their level. Don’t let it happen! Keep your head high and always look up!! :)

  101. Michelle says

    Hey Brooke- I have never left you a comment before but I love your site and after reading your post I just kept thinking about how devastating that would be. I can’t imagine what would drive someone to say such things but I know you don’t deserve that. I hope you realize for all the negative there are so many more readers like myself who might not be commenting but love your blog and think amazing things about you and your work! Sending love and positivity your way! :)

  102. says

    I just went back and read the original post about your dog. So sad that a post that was so genuine and so loving towards your dog would unleash so much criticism. We have pets – cats and a dog – and I know first hand how my own kids don’t always have the best judgement about how to treat our pets. I think often they are so excited and so happy and in love with our pets they don’t always do what they should. Of course we try to prevent all accidents from happening, but you can’t always predict every moment. Just as kids get hurt doing things they shouldn’t, so can our pets. And the fact that you opened up to share your struggle and heartache only to be criticized, is so very sad. Until you have been in someone else’s shoes, it is best not to judge and point fingers. Hugs, and I hope things start looking up for you soon!

  103. says

    Hi – I just read this and Ive been there, I moved, became unemployed all at the same time, blahblahblah. But you were the first blog page I ever read and then saved so I could go back and read more. It was the cabinet DIY, and I loved that you were out there working and doing the hard stuff. I was so inspired by you that I decided to try something new and in the past three months began doing a cottage chic style furniture restoration deal, that I ended up creating a store for, on ETSY. (7Pieces custom furniture Restoration & Design) I love doing the work, and I have you on my facebook page as my go to in case I get into trouble. I placed the store online on 10/3 and today found out about something I need to pay for right now, that I can’t afford. I was sick about it all day. This evening I sat down to check my mail I saw that I had made my first sale!!! Enough to fix my issue and just think, if it wasnt for your blog, none of this would have happened for me. You know when you post things about animals all the weirdos are going to offer their opinions, it’s just too bad they can’t be sensitive to poeple as well as animals. Who cares about them when all the nice DIY poeple in the world look up to you? I do, and I’m pretty awesome. SO thank you honey and wipe those thoughts clear from your mind, we need you and look forward to your posts.
    Cathy Robertson – 7Pieces Furniture Restoration & Design

  104. Christine says

    I am appalled but not surprised that you’re going through this. These are the same people that forward crap mail on to “everyone they know” where if they had to WRITE chain letters and warnings by hand, would they? Same thing. They’re hiding behind the anonymous face of email, just as some would hide behind the telephone in years gone by. They’re brave, brave, brave indignantly brave.

    You keep on doing what you’re doing. I admit I couldn’t read the post about Sugar because my heart was breaking for both of them. I am SOOOO glad to hear he’s going to be all right.

    Honey, you inspire people. You’re kind, pragmatic, and from what I read here, a very loving mom of boys and 4-leggers. Don’t forget that those trying to bring you down are simply trying to level their own playing field. Down.

    I had a fire a few years back and someone who had been a dear friend told others I’d killed my pets through negligence. Other hurtful things, and I knew better than to truck with that noise, but it still hurt. Try to let it pass and please, please find a way to block those people so you don’t have to deal with what you know now is .their true natures.

    Sending hugs to all you and your family.

  105. Rhonda says

    Hi Brooke,
    I have been reading your blog for YEARS now, but probably haven’t ever commented because I’m a creeper like that. Your blog actually introduced me to the entire world of blogging that I didn’t know existed. And now blog stalking completely consumes my life (in a good way)! I love everything you post. So, just know that for every “hater,” there’s probably hundreds of creepers like me who are secretly obsessed with you and your blog and your life. You’re a real person just like the rest of us and you know what? Sh*t happens to real people. Don’t let the negativity keep you from sharing your real self or your real family. We love you for who you are. :)

  106. Terry says

    Hi. I just happened across your blog and read about your unfortunate accident with your little one and your other little one. (2 year old and sweet doggie) I’m so sorry there were so many mean people out there who felt the need to rip you to pieces over an accident. It WAS heartbreaking to read, but my goodness, it wasn’t something you did on purpose or could have predicted. Two year olds don’t realize they might hurt a little dog and I’m sure he didn’t mean to hurt Sugar!

    I hope you can recover from the awful things that person must have said to you. I think maybe you are feeling some guilt and are afraid you may have been neglectful, but even though I have only read this one blog and the one about the accident, I can tell you are a thoughtful, caring person. Those are usually the ones who have a hard time with this type of guilt. Please realize that you were not to blame and accidents can happen even when you try hard to prevent them. Forgive yourself and try not to let the unkind words of someone who doesn’t even know you ruin the rest of your life.

    I had never thought of something like this happening with a blogger – your lives being threatened and people saying awful things about your children as well as you! I guess we live in a world where some ugly things happen now. Please stay safe, and keep being you – I think you are probably a pretty wonderful person.

  107. says

    I’m behind reading my blog roll from last week. I noticed you haven’t been around as much and I’ve missed reading about your projects. I was floored reading about the emails you received and I’m so sorry! I can’t believe people would talk that way and I know reading something like that would bring me to tears too. Just know I am always anxious to read whatever you post and look for new posts as often as I can!

  108. says

    Oh my gosh!! You poor thing!! I had never been to your blog before, but I heard you and your brother speak at Haven, and I’ve been a fan ever since. I’m floored that people would say horrible things about your son. Obviously they don’t have children or they would know better. Kids do things you never expect! It’s a part of life. Of course you love your dog, and you would never have willingly allowed your son to hurt him, and I’m willing to bet your precious son had no idea that his actions would hurt the dog. Keep your chin up and don’t let the nut jobs break your spirit!!

  109. says

    For the life of me I WILL NEVER UNDERSTAND why people make rude, mean spirited, hateful, hurtful comments. Not only are they unnecessary but what do they think they accomplish by them? So sorry you had to go through that but know that those comments come from the crazies, the depressed, the people who may be hurting in their own lives. Something is going on WITH THEM for them to need to spew hatred on to someone else…especially a mother and 2 year old.

  110. Kathleen P says

    Brooke, I can not believe the horrible backlash you received from that post. I went back and re-read it and don’t see what prompted the hatred. Nothing I’ve ever read on your blog made me think that you had awful children or that you were a horrible mother. Those mean-spirited comments were unfounded. Although I’m sure it’s hard, keep your head up. Your blog is full of fun ideas and always has a light-hearted nature.

    PS…aren’t all 2-3 year olds mischievous little creatures? Show me a perfectly well-behaved toddler and I’ll give you a million bucks!

  111. says

    I don’t often comment, but I feel that I need to. As a veterinarian who reads your blog regularly, I felt bad for Sugar when I read about her being hurt, but things happen! I see it everyday! I’m sure your son did not do anything to deliberately hurt her and it makes me sad to hear that people targeted your family with such negativity.

  112. says

    Sorry to hear that you were a target of hateful comments. Some people just live to hate and hate to live, so to speak and their words sink deep into our souls and are hard to shake. I still remember a girl I knew in the 6th grade that made fun of my tennis shoes…and I’m 45! So, those memories are still there lurking in our minds no matter how much time passes. I often wonder if there are folks out there that just troll blogs and message boards just to be mean and say hurtful things. It is a reflection on them, not each of us. I am a believer in Karma so I wouldn’t worry to much about those people, the universe will take care of them. Keep your head up and your heart strong!

    All the Best to You!

  113. says

    Hey, Brookie Lou… can i call you Brookie Lou? 😉 I’ve seen a lot of bumper stickers in my life, but for some reason the only one I have always remembered since i was a kid is, “mean people suck”. period. that was it. And I was like, “YEAH!” throwing a fist pump to the wind. So just throw some fist pumps and carry on soldier. Sounds like that’s harder to do than to say given your situation, but you are brave. So brave and good. And just like a Disney movie, good always prevails over evil. Love ya girl. Thanks for giving us such a great pumpkin show the other night even under all your stress. Rock on! xoxo Dana (PTO Pres’s pal) 😉

  114. katrina Mick says

    I have to say that I am horrified that someone would do that to you!!! If you want let me know who they are and I will go and sit on them and run their faces in some dog poop or something! You are an inspiration and I love your blog! Keep it up!

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