Happy Monday ya’ll! I have the funnest tutorial for you today!

 If you’re like me, you are loving this new trend that is {the headband}! They are everywhere! My cute sis-in-law Whitney, is the queen of headbands! In fact, she also has a fun tutorial over on her blog, Mommy’s life with a touch of yellow. Our tutorial is different than Whit’s since we added the elastic in the back, but her’s are super cute too.

Making your own is so super easy. In fact, my bestie Jo whipped out about 12 of these in one afternoon! The hardest part, literally, is finding the fabric. Check your local fabric stores first… you know, the little boutique types. We got our fabric at Ace Hardware, but if you can’t find it locally, try online. Joann’s had some but mostly plain colors.

Okay, lets get to work!!

Supplies needed:

– 1/4 yd jersey fabric

– 3/4 inch elastic {you only need about 2 1/2 inches for each headband}

– rotary cutter

– cutting board

– sewing machine

How to make jersey headbands for women

Aren’t they DARLING!?! I wish I could take credit, but Jo who is the headband-professional in all of these pictures, made these bad boys for me and all of our bunco group. She taught me how to make them though, so now I’m a headband-making machine.


 You will die at how simple they really are, I promise.


But before we get started, let’s just check out the finished product. Isn’t Jo a hottie pants?


Wouldn’t it be fun to make these for your friends for Christmas?!? They would love it!


Ok, let’s get to the nitty gritty…

 jersey fabric headband tutorial

{Step 1:} Fabric. You’ll need 1/4 yard. You can get about 3 headbands out of this.

jersey fabric headband

{Step 2:} Keep the width of your fabric which is 8 inches.

Cut the length to 16 inches.

(**Note: this fabric was super stretchy. If you get some that’s a little less stretchy, you may want to add an inch or 2**)

{Step 3:} Next, cut the fabric that will cover your elastic. This piece should be 5 inches by 2 inches.

diy jersey fabric headband

cutting fabric for jersey headbands

{Step 4:} Cut your elastic to 2.5 inches. The width of this piece is 3/4 inch.

cut elastic

{You can use whatever size of elastic you have, you will just need to adjust your fabric cover accordingly.}

making jersey headbands

 {Step 4:} Fold your big piece in half, length wise right sides facing in.

making jersey headbands

{Step 5:} Sew a zigzag stitch with about a half inch inseam. This part is tricky to start. The fabric likes to bunch. If it helps, start down a little, then back stitch to the start. {**Side note, look at the painter’s tape holding my sewing machine together…I’m so classy**.}

 {Step 6:} Fold and sew your elastic cover the same way with about a 1/4 inch seam.

making jersey headbands

 sewing jersey headbands

sewing jersey headbands

{Step 7:} Turn both pieces right side out.

sewing jersey headbands

{Step 8:} Insert your elastic. Make sure the seam is in the middle. It’ll feel a little snug but that’s a good thing.

making headbands for women

folding the fabric for jersey headband tutorial

{Step 9:} Place your elastic piece all the way to one end.  Make sure you center it and put the RIGHT sides together.

**On the headband piece, also make sure that the seam is in the middle.**

Then fold your edges over. There’s no fancy way to do this. Just make it as thin as possible and follow the pictures below.

folding the fabric for jersey headband tutorial

folding the fabric for jersey headband tutorial

folding the fabric for jersey headband tutorial

folding the fabric for jersey headband tutorial

{Smash them together}

sewing the fabric for jersey headband tutorial

{Step 10:} Sew that bad boy. Make sure to go back and forth a couple times.

diy jersery headband tutorial

diy jersery headband tutorial

diy jersery headband tutorial

{Step 11:} Scrunch down the extra fabric over the piece of elastic until it comes to the very end.

Then repeat steps 9 and 10. Line up the middles and fold over the edges.

diy jersery headband tutorial

diy jersery headband tutorial

{Step 12:} Turn in your seams and flip headband out. You should have no seams showing.

DIY jersey headbands


There you have it. 12 easy peasy steps!

If you would like to make smaller ones for the little girlies in your life, the dimensions are:
Headband piece:
– 7″ inches wide
– 13.5″ inches long
Elastic cover:
– 3″ inches wide
– 4″ inches long
– 2 1/2 inches

I hope you like these as much as we do!!!

xoxo, Brooke


  1. Fara says

    Ok, so “easy” sewing tutorials are always complicated to me. BUT! This, I think I could even do this. Elastic totally freaks me out, but I can handle this. And seriously, you got that cute fabric at Ace Hardware!?!

  2. Viv says

    That is awesome! Plus, if I can’t make it to fabric shop, I can use the old tee shirts my daughter outgrew in the attic! Christmas for the niece, done (or, at least started lol)! Thanks!

  3. Jenny Rempel says

    I just made this using the smaller measurements and they make up really fast. A little small for the little girl I was making it for though. Thanks for sharing this

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