Who puts CARPET in a bathroom?!? We bought our house in 2009 not 1970, and although it wasn’t a deal breaker for us, we haven’t liked it since we moved in. This picture was from the MLS listing from when we  bought our house.

master bathroom before 
Although the carpet was an eyesore, my kids love the jetted tub, but as you can imagine, they aren’t super careful and they get water everywhere. So, when Homewerks gave us the challenge to give our bathroom a luxury makeover, I almost jumped for joy because that carpet needed to die. We ripped out that carpet before you could even blink. We have wanted to tile the bathroom since we moved in 4 years ago, but as you can imagine, our ‘”to do” list is never ending around here.

Tearing-out-carpet (3)

tearing out carpet (2) tearing out carpet (3)

I am ecstatic with the results! The bathroom is a place I can actually relax in now! The carpet has been replaced with this amazing gray tile and the room is sooo much brighter now! We chose Marazzi Silk Elegant 12X24 tiles installed in a Herringbone pattern.


painting bathroom

We painted the walls with Valspar Tranquility which is a subtle and serene minty color.

Next we installed the Homewerks Bluetooth Bath Fan, and let me tell ya, we LOVE this thing. It syncs with our phone’s bluetooth device, and we can play our Pandora music while relaxing in the tub, doing my makeup or doing my girls’ hair in the mornings. It’s pretty awesome, if you are like me and music is constantly playing around your house, you will LOVE this!

It was super easy to install too. It took Dan about 20 minutes total to install here is a video that explains the installation process.


Most of the accessories for this makeover were found at HomeGoods.



bathroom-decor bathroom-decor-ideas



To enter to win a $100 Lowes Gift Card and your very own Bluetooth Bath Fan from Homewerks, all you need to do is comment telling me what tunes you would jam to while relaxing in your tub. {My favorite Pandora station lately is Mindy Gledhill}.


Homewerks is also giving away one Bluetooth Bath Fan per week through November 12 on their facebook page.  All you have to do is like their page and enter using the Fans for Fans tab for a chance to win!!

The winner to the Blue Tooth fan is #45!

blue tooth fan winner

blue tooth fan winner


Where did you get the towels? I love them!

This post is sponsored by Homewerks. All opinions are 100% mine.


  1. Dee Williamson says

    You did an amazing job. I don’t think we’re gutsy enough to tackle tile by ourselves. Hmm…Pandora station for relaxing would have to be Lana Del Rey. She has an amazing voice.

  2. Crystal Doyle says

    We don’t have time (or the tub) for a bath so we jam to Katie Perry and other current artist while showering. It makes the time go by quickly and super fun to hear the kids sing

  3. Tanya says

    Oh I would loooooooove to win this!! The fan looks awesome and who doesn’t love a Lowes GC?! Thanks for the chance to win! Love your blog and all of your inspiring projects. :) I would listen to iTunes Radio on the fan … Top 100 pop or Top 100 Country

  4. says

    Matt Redman or Spa Music. When I’m in my tub after a long day I need down time. No jamming just decompressing. Your bath looks awesome. LOVE those towels. Where did you find them?

  5. Jessica says

    I listen to different music all of the time. It depends on my mood. It ranges from rock to country to Disney and everything in between.

  6. Shari says

    Your bathroom is beautiful and carpet is not for bathrooms! I would listen to classic slow rock music, but it just depends on what mood I am in at that time.

  7. Lisa H says

    You accessorize beautifully! I’ve never ever heard of the Bluetooth Bath Fan until reading your post. My daughter would listen to One Direction and I would change it to Sarah McLachlan….tranquility!

  8. says

    My go-to station lately is the Beatles on iTunes radio! You get the classics as well as other artist’s covers of their songs. So good! The bathroom is beautiful, I LOVE reading about your family and projects. Keep up the fantastic work!

  9. Carrie Eastman says

    I would love to jam out to christian worship songs while i bathe! Its the only time i get by myself and thats when I reflect and pray.

  10. says

    I have a few Pandora stations I just love. One is a “Drops of Jupiter” station, and that one is my #1. I have a Leonard Cohen station so wonderful that lots of his songs spill over into other stations I use. I have a “You are my sunshine” station, and a “More Than This” station. I even listen to a Holiday Retro Revue station made by a friend of mine.

  11. Deirdre says

    I would bust out the Christmas music (I know it’s only November 6th, but I can’t help it)! Thanks for the chance to win.

  12. Alisa says

    Love the make over! Have you ever thought about framing the mirror? (I was just wondering what/how you’d do it, if you did)
    As for music…I’m behind the times and haven’t gotten onto Pandora, yet. But ’80’s and early ’90’s music would be fun to listen to!

    • Brooke says

      YES! I am planning on it! In fact there is an awesome company that I’ve heard of called Mirror Mate. Google it. I’ve heard it is super easy!

  13. says

    WOW! What a great reveal…I do not understand why people put carpeting in bathrooms either! You must be so happy that it is finally out. Excellent choice on the tile! Love it! I would listen to Johnny Cash in my bathroom….love him! My husband would be listening to the Beatles!

  14. Kara Burns says

    We love music in our house. This Bluetooth fan would be such a great addition in our daughters bathroom makeover. She loves to sing in the shower!

  15. kimber says

    I like country. (Never thought I’d say that when I was younger, but I do enjoy it now…maybe I’m old! 😉 )

  16. Krista says

    I’m thinking some Michael Buble in the morning sounds pretty good. Of course, I’d probably have to throw in some Disney Soundtracks for the kiddos occasionally. Your bathroom update looks fantastic! I’ve been dying to gut our master bath but it’s pretty low on the priority list.

  17. Jill says

    Wow! Beautiful! Carpet in bathrooms totally icks me out! I don’t think I could have waited that long to rip it out! :)

  18. Ginny Crossley says

    Love the bathroom, the floor looks beautiful…I would listen to Katie Perry, Bruno mars in the morning and Frank Sinatra in the evening soaking in the tub

  19. DeeAnna says

    If I’m in a jamming mood then it’s my Imagine Dragons Pandora channel, if I’m in a quieter mood then it’s Sondre Lerche. And I love your floor, it’s perfect.


  20. Robyn says

    I love it! I had to scroll back to double check that the only things you changed were the floor and wall color…it looks amazing!
    I love a good bubble bath, and I’d probably listen to Jon McLaughlin…

  21. Jennifer S. says

    Oh My, I just LOVE your new flooring and towels! The whole room just goes together so well! Great Job! I’d turn up the country music and just relax!

  22. Samantha says

    My pandora list is completely eclectic… Everything from Glee to Journey to Kesha to Avenged Sevenfold to Disney music! Music in the shower would definitely make getting out of bed easier in the morning!

  23. Kristen says

    To be honest I haven’t had a relaxing bath in a long time. It’s usually quick showers while kids are banging on the door! But I do love me some Michael buble!

  24. Erin says

    That tile is gorgeous, and your “new” bathroom is beautiful – thanks for the great ideas! I love to listen to music while I shower, but I can’t HEAR it in the shower….so I think the Bluetooth Fan is an amazing find! I would listen to my fave Miranda Lambert Pandora station.

  25. Katherine says

    I would listen to some Sara Bareilles, The Civil Wars, Josh Groban, etc. — Basically a little bit of everything!

  26. jimmy stinnett says

    any music would sound good in that bathroom and that’s what would happen here. all the kids (and us) have different tastes in music

  27. Alissa says

    Love your bathroom!! It looks amazing! I would totally rock out–I mean relax to my Backstreet Boys station. 😀

  28. Kirsten T. says

    Oh my husband would die if I won this! He has been begging for this fan for a few months now. Depending on the day I usually like to listen to Zac Brown Band or something soothing and relaxing. Michael Buble is also nice to listen too.

  29. Deanna says

    Oh my! I want this. I would def listen to christmas music on the fan. My husband laughs at me that I listen to it through out the year. It just makes me happy.

  30. Dayshel H says

    To wake up in the morning… a Lady Gaga or Beach Music.

    To relax at night… Adele, Norah Jones, or Sarah Mclachlan.

  31. Krista Lord says

    Ok this is the coolest thing ever. I’d listen to Michael Buble’. Love the bathroom and the tile is gorgeous.

  32. says

    I’m in same situation as you were with the bathroom carpet. I’ve wanted to change it for the last 3 years! It’s gross! I’d love to give mine a makeover! I’d listen to Michael Buble with a bubble bath!

  33. Robin Koch says

    I love anything spa related while in the bathtub, otherwise it has to be fast paced and moving, like alternative endurance channel on Pandora…

  34. Debbie Cantrell says

    Right now probably Christmas music much to hubby’s dismay. The bathroom tile looks great, big difference

  35. Rebecca says

    This is, quite possibly, the most beautiful bathroom I’ve ever seen. The before was just awful! Who does that?! These days when relaxing in the tub, I’m listening to some classic Christmas tunes (too soon?). When getting ready for the day I’m totally jamming to the pandora station Pitch Perfect. Great variation of tunes and can get you motivated for the day! Great work with the bathroom! Enjoy it!

  36. Amanda says

    I love your towels-just enough pattern, but not overwhelming! I’m an 80’s music kind of girl most days with some AC/DC thrown in every now and again.

  37. Ruth says

    I love the idea of listening to Pandora in the bathroom, mainly the Christian stations, but I can’t wait for Christmas music!! How is the suction on the fan? Ours does not perform like it should.

  38. Bernice Johnson says

    Love the new flooring. Would look great in my daughter’s bathroom but anything would at this time as she need the whole new bathroom for herself and her boys.

  39. says

    Oh my goodness! Such a transformation. I adore the tile that you selected and the tile pattern that you chose. Very current and classic at the same time.

    I love to relax in the bath listening to Pandora Classical Music Medley Radio station. The combination combats stress nicely :)

  40. Lisa B says

    I would be listening to some old school 80s music, hubby would have the country on, and the boys would be jamming to the Top 40 or their favorite parodies.

  41. Cheryl says

    I love your bathroom makeover!! I would love to do something like this in our master bath. It’s so small though :( I did replace the fans in all our baths a few years ago to include a light. It’s a very easy job! All we had for lighting was the beauty bar over the mirror (which I hope to replace ASAP). So many things on the “To-Do” list!!

  42. ira lee says

    that bathroom looks amazing!!!! i love it!! i’d be listening to rock!! im a total rocker, current rock, 70’s rock, but i also listen to christian and praise music.

  43. Katie says

    I’ve been listening to a lot of ‘The Piano Guys’ lately….they seem to both be able to fit my chill-&-relax moods, as well as my got-to-focus-and-get-s*!t-done moods!!!

  44. Brianna Henderson says

    My daughter talks me into toddler radio if she is anywhere near! If I got to actually relax and listen, it would be Jason Mraz radio :)

  45. Jennifer says

    My bathroom isn’t one that I can relax in yet. Needs a full gut job but love the music of The Civil Wars or Patsy Cline. And Songza is awesome! You should try it. You can pull up music based on the activity you are doing. AWESOME!

  46. stephanie cannon says

    We bought a house last year and couldn’t believe how many houses we looked at that had bathrooms with carpet in it, what?!! I would relax to some Jason Mraz or Jack Johnson!

  47. Kim says

    I love listening to Katy Perry. My husband would listen to anything blues. My son likes Stevie Ray Vaughn and my grand daughter would pick anything from Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber……

  48. Amanda T. says

    Love it! I would listen to Keith Urban’s Fuse. I’ve been listening to it for a month nonstop and I can’t get enough!

  49. Stacey Iadevito says

    My husband would leave it on a non ending loop of 80’s rock for sure. Love the bathroom, especially the tile and the pattern you choose to lay it in.

  50. says

    I’m such a nerd…I love listening to classical music when I’m soaking. Which is not often, but that’s what I like! I adore Respighi, and it’s bright and lively enough to keep me from slipping into a bathtime coma…

    Getting ready in the morning? That would be a toss up between Maroon 5 and 30 Second to Mars. Just kind of depends how crazy the kiddos make me! LOL

  51. marin d says

    I actually prefer turning on a movie or something to relax in the tub – something I have seen over and over. It is relaxing and I don’t get bored. LOL. If I listened to music, I’d probably go with something classical.

  52. Brandi H says

    I love listening to my Celtic station on Pandora. It makes me feel like i’m at the beach and I do so miss the beach.

  53. Shaunna says

    Oh, I would love you to come and decorate my house! I see all that you do and want to change everything….Nora Jones for sure!

  54. Jacki Rich says

    Right now It’s all about the holidays!! I have a great Rockapella Acoustic Holiday station.. But most of the Year I relax to Jack Johnson Radio.. AND!! ! need that Fan!! Ours just broke!!

  55. Bethany K says

    For the bathtub? I love piano, classical, or worship music! Something soft and soothing while I relax. Thanks so much for the giveaway!!

  56. Alicia L says

    I shouldn’t covet, but I can’t help myself. We moved into our current home over a year ago and inherited the carpeted master bath. I hate it! In time it will be replaced. Anyway, Bread radio is currently my favorite even though I was born in ’80. It is just good stuff!

  57. Elizabeth B. says

    I love to listen to my favorite band, Stars, to relax (or for any reason, really). The vocals of the two singers blend gorgeously. Sublime.

  58. says

    Looks wonderful, just recently helped my mom do her bathroom and living room floors. What a job! But its worth all the work! I always have Lana Del Rey & Lorde on my pandora!

  59. Rachel Jackson says

    Actually I am not a music all the time person, but my hubby is and this would be the perfect Christmas gift for him. He jams to just about anything from Tyler Swift(don’t tell him I said that) to Russian Techno. He would love this!!

  60. April says

    A giveaway? Heck yes but I’ll be honest. When I read ‘and an awesome new fan’ my heart skipped a beat thinking you had discovered a bigger fan than me and I just knew it couldn’t be! Hallelujah! There will never be a bigger fan than me (oh and maybe Sum 😉 So it doesn’t seem creepy let’s just call it loyalty aight? Love your face…and the new awesome fan 😉

  61. Suzy Myers says

    I must admit that I’m a kid at heart and love to listen to Disney soundtracks through Pandora while I’m taking a shower!

  62. Tabbi says

    First of all the bathroom looks amazing and I don’t think I would ever leave that tub!!! Can’t wait until I can start doing projects like that for myself and other people:) Oh and I would totally listen to the Burlesque soundtrack over and over again sitting in that tub!

  63. Alice Sears says

    My favorite is Mindy Gledhill’s too! It is so relaxing and peaceful. It’s great background music while I’m cleaning.

  64. Jenn says

    I LOVE the tile you picked! As for music, I have my kiddos listening to some eclectic tunes right now. We’d play some “Dr Horrible’s Sing A Long Blog’, ‘What Does the Fox Say?’ and Miranda Lambert ‘Mama’s Broken Heart.’ Our bathroom would be LOUD!

  65. Shandi says

    I love the Carrie Underwood and Lady Antebellum Pandora stations (they basically play the same songs)! But since my 2.5-year-old son really calls the shots, we listen to “go-go songs”… basically anything he can shake his little butt to!

  66. becca h says

    It’s me time so I love soft sort of jazzy like Norah Jones or JJ Heller. Awesome work on the bathroom! We’re getting ready to tackle ours in the next several months and I love the wall color & tile you choose.

  67. Suzanne says

    I’m putting this on my wishlist! There are so many options.
    Relaxing in the bath – meditation tracks
    Getting ready for work – well, I like opera…
    Cleaning the bathroom – upbeat 80’s pop and New Wave

  68. says

    I love the Herringbone pattern of the tiles. Love love love. And that color on your walls? Perfect-o. I’d probably listen to Adele. I couldn’t hold a tune to save my life, but I love singing along with Adele. Good thing my bathroom doesn’t have ears. Poor Hubs… =]

  69. Tammy says

    OMG I love your bathroom. It is gorgeous and don’t u just hate carpet in the bathroom. Dumbest thing anyone ever thought of. But man you guys did and awesome job. Love it.

  70. Marty says

    I’m guilty of reading in the tub on the rare occasions when I indulge in a bath. I like some soothing, but not too distracting… generally classical or jazz.

  71. Tyra says

    I love your bathroom…so jealous of that tub!
    I would jam to PINK, I love her and she has slow and fast fun songs for any mood :)

  72. Holly says

    I don’t take baths, I like the shower. Showers before work in the morning call for upbeat and peppy music!! Disco, maybe?? And my bathroom has carpet, too. It is the bane of my existence.

  73. says

    Obligatory contest entry comment here: I relax (and/or energize) to classic Italian pop music from the 1950’s & 60s, it helps hone my language skills and I kind of like them; as cheesey, melodramatic & operatic as some of them may be – I could sing Volare, in all its permutations, all day long!

    Real comment here: holy mother of something or other… that is about the best looking bath redo I’ve ever seen, kinda really loving it :+)

  74. Amber says

    Awesome! I’d totally dork out and listen to opera. I love opera before bed or when I’m relaxing 😉 Ha! Super awesome bath fan, thanks for the giveaway! :)

  75. says

    Love the bathroom makeover!! My favorite tunes to listen to while relaxing are anything by Renee Olstead, Michael Bublé and my latest favorite, The Look of Love by Diana Krall – love my jazz and my crooners! :)

  76. Sarah says

    Your bathroom is beyond lovely. I would probably listen to the music from the show Nashville. I just can’t get enough of Clare Bowens voice.

  77. Monica Cluff says

    Love Your New Bathroom! The Colors are Amazing!!! Boyce Avenue Pandora Station!!! Take a Listen he does tons of AWESOME covers!

  78. Kamee K says

    I love your Bathroom! I am a huge country fan, but I think in the bathroom I would go a little more mellow and listen to some Jack Johnson – or Eric Church.

  79. Bonnie Jones says

    I love your bathroom makeover! We have carpet in our bathroom and I hate it! We are hoping to tile it soon! I would be listening to Michael Buble!

  80. Sarah Bartell says

    Pandora is almost always on lullaby and 80s love songs stations here at our house! We bought our first home this spring and it too has a carpeted master bath, blech. Luckily the toilet has its own non-carpeted closet room, but the whole thing is just all kinds of wrong. Love what you did with yours, especially the herringbone pattern!

  81. krystal says

    Beautifully done! Home goods is si amazing, it is my “happyplace.” When I’m trying to relax and bathe, which hasn’t happen sincekoving into our new home becausethe tub still grosses me out 10 months later, I listen to Josh Groban Pandora!

  82. says

    What an amazing transformation! Love it all! We would LOVE that fan around here. I play music from my phone in the bathroom all the time, and it never feels loud enough!! My daughter loves to listen to Taylor Swift’s station on pandora while we do her hair. =)

  83. Claudia pastrano says

    Everything you do is amazing!! I’d love this and of course listen to all things Christmas!! Tis the season!

  84. maureen says

    Summertime Sadness by Lana del Ray and some country hotties such as blake shelton, brad paisley and florida georgia line! :-)

  85. Jo says

    I would listen to just about anything, but today I am feeling like going back in time and listening to the great Mavis Staples.

  86. Sarah says

    Love your bathroom transformation. I used to live in a house that had carpet in the bathroom, and it always freaked me out too!

    I’d listen to Lorde! I’m loving her moody tunes lately. :)

  87. Tammie D says

    Mumford and Sons or Blake Shelton, although my music taste change from day to day just like my mood. I am loving the idea of a bluetooth fan though!!

  88. Jenny N says

    Dare I admit that my favorite tunes is the pop love songs station on pandora?! Well it is! But I’m going to have to try out that Mindy Gledhill station…didn’t know about that!

  89. Erin says

    I love your bathroom now! Can’t wait to do something similar to mine. Lately I’ve been listening to Kids Christmas on pandora. I love Christmas :)

  90. Kawana says

    I love to jam out with my 80’s and 90’s music! Lol! But with 2 teenagers of my own and 7 teenager neices and nephews (we all live in the same neighborhood) my house is usually FULL of the sounds of THEIR music. LOL!! I’m sure they would love the bluetooth fan!

  91. says

    I think for the next couple months it would be christmas for sure…and then switch over to country.

    We will be reno’ing our bathroom starting in the next few weeks too, so excited to get started! :)

  92. Pam Spradlin says

    Beautiful make-over! I would listen to what I would call easy-listening music…Michael Buble, Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra, etc.

  93. Marissa Haley says

    Your bathroom is gorgeous! We moved into our house last year and the master suite (along with the entire house) is STUCK in 1990. Can we say U.G.L.Y.? I know exactly what I want to do with our master bath and that fan would be PERFECT for it and who couldn’t use a gift card?! I love listening to dance tunes! Anything pop related! Noooo, it’s not too relaxing, but I can’t help but boogy woogy when listening to music!

  94. Jean says

    Beautiful job! I love that you show how to have style without breaking the bank. I would listen to some Christian praise music to start my day or some relaxing jazz like Kenny G when relaxing in the tub. Thanks for sharing!

  95. Mandi A says

    I would love to win this! The bathrooms in our house are very 70’s and one had really old yucky carpet when we moved in! I would love to be able to listen to Mumford and Sons while getting ready in the mornings.

  96. Rachel says

    Lately my Pandora is stuck on Hilary Weeks or Jim Brickman. Sometimes you’ve just got to have calm and relaxation in your life. :)

  97. Koree says

    I love everything about this makeover – the colors, the accessories, the tile pattern. If I won, I would be playing some Ingrid Michaelson probably. Great job!

  98. Mary Ann McLendon says

    I love soaking in the bath–even though we jsut have a standard tub. But believe it or not, I listen to a Christmas Station on Pandora–I set up a Michael Buble Holdiay Music Station, and I listen to that year round. So relaxing, and always puts me in a good mood. Would love to have the fan to play louder than my phone does currently. By the way, the bathroom looks great!

  99. Karen H. says

    I would definitely jam to some great country music!!! Unless, of course, it was Christmas… then I would rock out to some awesome country Christmas tunes!

    Your bathroom looks awesome!!!

  100. Nicole G says

    I love your new floor! Very non-traditional but looks awesome! My favorite bath time tunes from Pandora come from the Ella Fitzgerald Radio station…love her!

  101. Judi says

    Love your bathroom makeover! Home Goods is a great place to shop for cool decor. Well done. I love Pandora radio! My go-to music is Once radio with Glen Hansard. The independent movie “Once” is my favorite movie of all time. Check it out.

  102. JoEllen says

    Your bathroom turned out beautifully! I love the grey cabinet in the corner. Seriously, who does put carpet in a bathroom? So weird! Especially if the house is meant for kids! Duh! Tile all the way. Yours turned out awesome!

  103. Sam Nelson says

    You mean besides Rubber Ducky feat. Ernie? I’d definitely go with my ‘Relaaaax” playlist I put together when I was about to have a baby. We’ve got jams such as “Let me get what I want,” by the Smiths, “Mad World” by Gary Jules, “Ain’t no sunshine when she’s gone” by Bill Withers, among others, and of course the song that makes me melt wherever I am, “Hard time killing the floor blues” by Chris Thomas King. Aaaah listen to that song in your giant tub!
    Great job on the remodel–I want one sooo bad!

  104. Jennie Swain says

    It would be Sara Bareillis right now! But Christmas music is sneaking into my playlist! 😉 We have a carpeted master bath too. Our house was built in 2008… it’s just so weird! Someday we’ll rip it out… someday. Love the new tile!

  105. Devin Prisbrey says

    The Jack Johnson station on pandora is always a good one to relax to. A new fancy fan would make it even better!

  106. says

    Gorgeous flooring! Our first house had carpet in the bathroom, too. It must’ve been an 80’s thing, because I remember in high school how excited my parents were to carpet both the kitchen and the bathroom!! Gag!

    I am in the mood for Jim Croce this week (yes, I’m a dinosaur), so I’d have that cranked this week.

  107. Marjory cook says

    That tile really looks amazing! I didn’t realize it came in that size. I would enjoy listening to the oldies while soaking in the tub.

  108. Muriel says

    In the tub listening to home radio right this minute.. Weird?! That’s Michael Buble and Frank Sinatra crooning to me while I relax.. Doesn’t get better really

  109. Sarah says

    I had carpet until recently, too. In fact, our bathrooms look alike. What a great tile choice!
    I would listen to stuff that relaxed me through graduate school exams, like Alysson Krauss and The Indigo Girls. Then throw in some Frank Sinatra just for fun. He never gets old for me.

  110. Sallie Fitzpatrick says

    It would definitely change based on my mood- but for some relaxation: Nat King Cole, some Rat Pack, Michael Buble, etc. LOVE your bathroom!!

  111. Jessica says

    I am currently in love with the Piano Guys station on Pandora. Perfect for lounging in the tub or cooking dinner!

  112. Elena says

    I’m all about the Mumford & Sons Pandora station for most things but my go-to for mornings is 90s dance jams. Better than coffee!

  113. Mary Hall says

    LOVE your bathroom floor! I’d totally jam to Andreas Vollenweider. Old school, I know, but his music is so relaxing to me.

  114. says

    Absolutely gorgeous, Brooke!! I am loving this new rectangular tile trend. Looks so much better than the beige square stuff we have. Beautiful color on the walls, too. Wish I could come soak in that tub! My favorite relaxing album is from Orla Fallon, an Irish singer.

  115. Mua Lomu says

    What a gorgeous bathroom!!!! I love relaxing to Shania Twain’s music, but any time after Thanksgiving nothing beats Christmas music :)

  116. Kellye A says

    Wow, that turned out beautiful!! I wish my bathroom looked like that! As for me, lately, I’ve been jamming more to my Maroon 5 station than anything else. Adam Levine’s voice is very relaxing… :)

  117. Christine says

    Now I’d do Christmas music. But my favorites are Cold Play, James Blunt, Passenger, alternative music! :) What a cool idea, I’d never leave the bathroom.

  118. Laura C says

    Awesome and impressive job! I’d listen to some Train. Kinda into The Voice right now since there is some cool new talent on the show. 😉

  119. Candice S says

    It would probably be classical music. I have a canon in d station. If I’m wanting to song along, probably my Miranda Lambert station. :)

  120. Melissa S says

    I’m currently listening to Jimmy Eat World station on Pandora right now, and it’s gone some pretty good tunes. :)

  121. says

    It turned out amazing, love this tile! I would definitely be listening to my Rumer radio station on Pandora right about now, perfect for relaxing in this space! Great job guys!

  122. sybrina westmoreland says

    I have been jamming out to Katy Perry roar sometimes a song defines your life at the time. Then my other favorites anything Tom Petty or Pink Floyd. Would be nice to fix up my bathroom also. I am in a situation much like you with a home that just was not right in the beginning. Thanks for the great giveaways.

  123. Megan says

    I would totally be rocking some Pandora Christmas Tunes in here this time of year! :) GORGEOUS Bathroom, totally JEALOUS!

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