I know blog land is mainly in full bore Christmas mode already, but let’s be honest, I’m not that organized. In fact, I just barely got my Thanksgiving mantle done. I have nothing against those amazing bloggers out there that are already planning their Valentine’s projects, but I’m not that person. I am lucky if I remember to brush my hair on a daily basis {<—-sad but true}.

My kids are in love this these fun turkeys that I got for my wedding {ahem, 12 years ago} from my Aunt Chris. The kiddos remind me every year to get out the turkeys. I think it’s a fun family tradition!


I use these lanterns for all sorts of things by stuffing them full of holiday goods of all seasons. I got them at HomeGoods a while back.


I lined the mantle with burlap from Home Depot {but I bet Lowes has it too}. I love both those stores, and I shop at both.


I have a ton of these old Reader’s Digest books from the D.I. {Utah’s version of Goodwill}, and I got out all my fall colored books to stack and accessorize with.


Are you still decorating for Fall? Or have you started pulling out the red and green at your house?





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    Oh my gosh! Thank you thank you thank you for decorating for THANKSGIVING before jumping whole scale into Christmas. I am a fan of Fall and Thanksgiving and I love it when people give the holiday it’s due! :)

    (Oh, and I think you mean full-bore in the first sentence. Although full-boar did give me a giggle as I pictured a wild pig running around. 😉 )

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