One of our favorite projects of all time is our Wilding Wallbed. We live in a place that people love to visit, and we LOVE visitors. So, in order to accommodate as many people in our home as possible, the perfect solution was to get a Wallbed! We LOVE it! The murphy bed was originally in our son Creed’s nursery for awhile, but now that Creedy is old enough to be upstairs with his big brother, we converted his room back into an official spare room.

Right when you go up the stairs in our home, there is a pretty big landing at the top. To utilize the space, we decided to move the bed to the landing.  Now we have a spare bed downstairs AND a spare bed upstairs!


When we moved the wallbed upstairs, we had to move the light up in order to fit the bed, and when we did that, we made a 4 inch hole in the drywall.


My amazing hubby fixed the hole easily and our good friends from 3M DIY hooked us up with some awesome products to fix it.


First he took Patch Plus Primer Spackling and filled the hole with a putty knife, don’t forget your 3M™ Safety Products Holmes Workwear™ Safety Glasses.




He’s a hotty, and it drives him crazy when I make him turn and smile into the camera. So, naturally I make him do it EVERY. SINGE. TIME.


I even said to him, “Smile with your eyes” when he was sanding the dried putty the next day {we let the putty dry overnight}. I think I’m so funny sometimes. Really his eyes are saying, “Take the picture so I can get back to work!” When you sand the putty, it is important to protect your lungs by wearing a safety mask.


He used a medium grit sanding block from 3M and it did the job in a jiffy.


Then he practiced the orange peel on a card board box first to get the consistency right and sprayed the hole with orange peel.

After it dried, he painted the wall.

fixing-orange-peel painting

It was a super easy job, and now our wallbed is right where it needs to be!

This post is a collaboration with 3M™ TEKK Protection™ Brand, but all words and opinions are my own.

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  1. Mary A says

    What is Orange Peel? If I had to guess, it would be what you use when you have a textured wall. Do you have any closeup shots of the final result?

  2. says

    I do the same thing to my husband. Usually I get an eye roll but sometimes I luck out and get a good one. Isn’t it great having a husband that’s such a good sport.
    Love the murphy bed too! What a great space saver!

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