I don’t discuss religion often around here, but it is a huge part of my life, and lately I have felt the need to share more about us, and I can’t share much about us without overlapping with religion. So, I wanted to be completely upfront that this series will involve religion.

I met Dan, my husband while we were at Southern Utah University in 2000. I knew that I could marry him within a few weeks of dating him. He was amazing. He was everything I wanted in my husband. In fact, he was MORE! But before I tell you about our love story, I need to tell you a bit of a dark background. You see, before I met Dan I had dated someone off and on for several years. He didn’t treat me well, and as a result, my confidence was suffering plus my spirituality was sparse. The guy from high school toyed with my emotions for years. It was right out of a Taylor Swift song. He would come around when he wanted and promised me we would live “happily ever after” after he was done playing around. Hind sight is 20/20 and it was hell. My parents were worried about me and I lied to them a lot back then. Although I was not in a good place, I always prayed that I would find someone better for me. I pleaded with my Father in Heaven to help me find someone who would treat me the way I deserved. I had lived in a relationship of lying and cheating for much too long. It was terrible. Then I started my sophomore year of college and everything changed. I finally decided that this past relationship was just that…in the PAST.

Dan was someone that people were drawn to. He had an infectious smile and was outgoing and kind. We officially met at our ward’s opening social. {A ward is a geographic boundary in the LDS church that tells you where you attend church on Sundays, and since we lived in the same apartment complex, we were in the same ward.} When I met him, I didn’t see sparks fly or anything like that. But, he was handsome and drove a Dodge truck, so he got my attention for sure.  HA! That may sound shallow, but I’m just telling ya the facts, folks. He always joked around with me, and at first we were just friends.  In fact, he dated my roommate Jaime before he dated me. <—I always tease him about that. My feelings for Dan snuck up on me. In fact, one morning I woke up and all the sudden my feelings of friendship for Dan had grown into something more. I was scared of rejection, and I was terrified that my past relationship would impact my chances with Dan. After all, I didn’t have a perfect past.

Dan and Brooke Ulrich

I still remember the day like it was yesterday that I finally knew I would marry Dan. It was November of 2000, and I was listening to him and his friends sing at a fireside in Salt Lake City, Utah. I was sitting in the church and a voice said to me as clear as day, “You are going to marry Dan Ulrich.” I knew that I was getting an answer to my prayers. I had asked for reassurance that things would be ok, and I was getting what I asked for. I was shocked because at the time, our relationship was just beginning, and I wasn’t even sure that I was ready for that. I didn’t tell Dan. How do you say “So, a voice told me we are gonna get married,” to someone you had just barely started dating? So, I decided that I wouldn’t tell him quite yet, but I told my Mom what had happened.

I dated Dan for almost 10 months before he popped the question. In fact, he broke up with me a few times along the way. <—-totally true. HA! But, it’s weird how things work out that are suppose to ya know? When I was a bit younger, I got what is called my Patriarchal Blessing which is a blessing that is written down about my life. I got it when I was 17.

In that blessing it told me a few things about my spouse. It says, “Always choose good friends as you seek your eternal mate. Be in good company of those that would honor you, your body, and your mind  and that would hold your body sacred and divine.”  It also says that my greatest mission in life is to have “a happy and honorable marriage.” It also talks about other things like being a Mother and sharing my talents.

I often look back to those darker times in my life and wonder where I would be today if I had never gotten my Patriarchal Blessing or if I had not listened to the answer to my prayer about who I would marry. All I know is that my life is much better when I communicate with my Father in Heaven and listen to his guidance. I’m not perfect by any means and I need to be better at keeping my priorities straight.

If you have any questions about my beliefs, you can check out Mormon.org.


  1. Anna @ Happy Medley says

    Hey Brooke!
    Love your creativity… Looking forward to seeing more of your posts

    Inspiration Monday Link Up @happymedley.blogspot.com

  2. Janeal says

    I think it’s fabulous that you are sharing these personal details about yourself. I’m sure you will touch and influence others more than you’ll ever know! I know what it’s like to date a major loser in high school and then be ever so grateful that the Lord had something better in mind for you, thank heavens He knows what we need more than we do! :)

  3. Natasha Williams says

    Love it! You guys are the cutest together! I’ve only known you together, but I can’t imagine you guys before then, you just compliment each other so well! Thanks for sharing your story!

  4. Livesey girl says

    Aww that’s a lovely story. I know about past stuff! I was engaged before to someone else but I had that God feeling that it wasn’t right. It “looked right” on the outside but the inside was all wrong. When I started seeing my husband I just knew God wants us to be together always and that this is what “right on the inside” feels like.

  5. Ann says

    I too know about bad relationships that keep you hanging. Finally, I came to my senses 2 years after high school graduation. I met my husband and I knew he loved me but I wasn’t for sure. I asked God to help me and he wanted me to love him, let me know. The next morning, I woke up and I was so in love with him. I also shared with my mother and we both knew God had his hand in this love. We will be married 38 years in January and I love him more and more each day. Congratulations on your sweet love story. God is Good!

  6. Stacey says

    I laughed at the bit about Dan’s truck! When my fiance and I started seeing each other, he picked me up for our first date in his 1969 Chevy Camaro. I like to tell him that the car is why he got a second date, but it’s only about a quarter true. The cool car told me he had good taste, but his personality was why he got a second date. We’re been together for fifteen years now.

    • Heather Smith says

      Very sweet story! I knew my husband, of nine years now, was the one for me, after a long talk in a friend’s driveway… The conversation mostly consisted of how much he loved and cared for his Mother! Even though he might have been considered a Mama’s boy, it takes a good man to admit it, he’s proven himself to be a great Father and awesome best friend/husband!

  7. says

    I know you have taken a beating on here and I just wanted to tell you, I’m proud of you for putting yourself out there.. Ill be supporting you all month and waiting to hear all your great things.. I’m not LDS but my best friend is :) I love you LDS ladies..

  8. Vicki Richardson says

    Can I say I love you! I actually met my hubby at the St. Patrick’s Day Dance for SA’s in WVC. He was actually to young to be at that dance because it was for the old birds. LOL But he stayed and we danced. We all went to eat afterwards as a group and I invited him to join us. We laughed and laughed and laughed. He took me home, I invited him in for a few mins to warm up. Well all of the sudden I got sick, like run to the bathroom pukey sick. I threw up till I thought I might just die. Well I got some on my clothes and being assured he had left running for the hills after all I had 4 children and now puked my guts up. So I got out of my clothes and was going to go lock up and something kept saying put on your robe. Nah he’s long gone, put on your robe again. So I listened grabbed my robe and went to lock up. Sitting on my couch was this gentle giant wanting to make sure I was ok and if he could do anything! He excused himself and I figured that would be that. Well he called the next morning and I had to tell him my son Nephi was sick and going to the doctors. Since I did not know how to drive I was taking UTA and would be gone most of the day. He said no way I’m coming to get you! He did just that and took us to lunch afterwards. He asked me out on a date to a fireside the next night. Well we missed the directions and would up at Temple Square, and while I was sitting at the Baptismal font that used to be there at that big open window I was told he was going to be my husband. No doubt in my mind. A week later he asked me to marry him at Valley Fair Mall, we told his parents that weekend at Easter dinner. Then I hear him tell his Bishop can you marry me next Saturday I gotta get married! You know what everyone thought but no that was not in the mix what so ever. Just funny now that we think back on it. Well we married on the 31st of March yes two weeks later! And have been married for almost 25 years, have had 3 more children and he adopted my first 4! We had everyone sealed to us and I am so blessed to say the least.

  9. Ashley says

    That is a really great story; thank you for sharing. In this world, it takes courage to share your faith with others and I respect you for having the strength to reach out!

    I think all of us have been in that dark place in the dating world where we’re treated like dirt (and consequently, the soul sucking changes who we are for the rest of our lives) and it takes nothing short of a divine miracle to bring us the “right one.” Mine came after a divorce and subsequent pathological abusive dating into my mid twenties before my prince charming came (who was in his mid-thirties). Boys in high school were no picnic either, but thankfully, boys in high school are just that – boys; not men! I’m so glad you were able to find the right one so early in life. What a blessing; never take that for granted!

    Thanks for sharing, Brooke!

    • K says

      I love how you worded that! It’s SO true that the “soul-sucking” affects the rest of your life! I wish I could go back and tell my young self that all the insecurities and and rotten people won’t even matter in ten years. Alas, live and learn, right? I’m LDS but married to someone who isn’t. The difference is values is an everyday struggle. I will do everything in my power to make sure that my daughter is confident enough to choose wisely when picking her eternal mate! I want SO much for her to make better choices than I did, but doesn’t every parent want that? :-)

  10. Naomi J says

    I might be some kind of closet eavesdropper or something, but I really love it when people share about themselves on their blog. It’s just nice to get to know people as people, and not just for all the cool things they do. I’m glad you decided to share!

  11. Mindy says

    Aw, sweet Don’t apologize for talking about religion. Religion is a big part of my life too, and talking about why I was attracted to my husband would be completely bare if it wasn’t for religion.

  12. Holly says

    I have followed you for years now, but I am just realizing that I think I went to high school with some if your husband’s siblings…maybe him…i have a bad memory. Crazy small world. Love your blog. Love your ideas. I think you’re great!

  13. Jurgens Hanekom says

    Way to go, girl!
    Praise Him in the morning, praise Him in the evening.
    In whatever happens, remember, He is your God!

    Scratched around in your website, loved it.
    Hope you don’t mind my comment.
    Have happy, God-filled day!

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