We made a TON of paper ornaments for our Christmas décor this year! It was super easy and inexpensive too. I’ll be posting tutorials how to make these bad boys, but they are so easy, you can probably figure them out yourself!



All you need for this project is poster board, a stapler, and scissors. {I wanted gold so I actually spray painted my poster board, but you can use whatever color you want!}


Step 1: Cut your poster board into 1 1/2 inch pieces. I measured them out with a yard stick and marked them with a pencil. making-paper-christmas-ornaments-2 


Step 2: After you have your pieces cut, you need to cut different lengths. You need two long pieces, two medium pieces and one short piece. You do not need to measure these. Just make sure you have two long {that are the same length as each other}, two medium {same length as each other}, and one short.


Step 3: Staple them together at one end in this order. LONG, MEDIUM, SHORT, MEDIUM, LONG.


This is what it should look like:


Step 4: Now take the other end and line them up flush with each other.


And staple the end.


That’s it!


Making paper ornaments is super easy and probably cost less than 20 cents per ornament!




  1. Sara says

    Theese are awesome! Would you mind sharing what yiu us ed to hang them? I have a wall these would be perfect for but my husband will kill me if I add any more holes in our walls

    • Barb C. says

      You could try hanging them with the 3M hooks that are removable. They would work great for hanging these, as they would be light weight.

    • Brooke says

      I hung them with fish line and a small straight pin. But, you could probably hang them with putty. They aren’t heavy at all. Good luck!

  2. Barb C. says

    I work in the activity dept at our local nursing home and this looks like a great project to decorate our walls next year. These should be easy for the residents to handle because they are all large sturdy pieces. Thanks for sharing and the great tutorial. The only thing I will probably add is a bit of sparkle. A little glitter never hurt anyone.

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