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Today is day two of our fun series of 30+ Thoughtful Christmas Gift Ideas for Friends and Neighbors. If you missed the first 6 gifts, check out DAY 1 that showcases gifts numbered 1-6. So, I’ll start where we left off at numero 7.

7. Nobody can have too many extension cords in my opinion, so giving them away to your neighbors is a thoughtful gesture and only costs around $2! If you can’t read the saying on the package below, it says, “We extend you a Merry Christmas.”


8. Cookie Dough {you can get frozen cookie dough too} with the saying, “Everyone needs extra dough this time of year.”


9. This one is a classic! “We WISK you a Merry KISS-MAS!”


10. Chips and Salsa: This one is a personal favorite of mine since chips and salsa are a huge weakness for me! HA. Plus it’s kind of nice to receive something salty instead of sugary every once in awhile right? I love the saying too, “Happy Holidays from NACHO ordinary neighbors.”


Feel free to use our tag if you want!

neighbor gift ideas

11. We love sprite mixed with eggnog this time of year, in fact our kids call it “medicine juice.” Weird, I know. My husband came up with the name. You can make a sign that says, “May your days be Merry and Sprite.”


I hope you are liking the gifts so far! I’m having fun putting them together! {My house is a mess though….I’m having too much fun!”

Check out DAY 1 of this fun series HERE.



UPDATE! I have made a FREE printable for everyone of these gift ideas! Check them out HERE!



  1. joanne says

    hI !!

    I am loving all these gift ideas !!! Where can we get all the labels (Nacho) and other sayings? Are they somewhere we can print from?
    Thank You and Merry Christmas !!


  2. says

    I love the cookie dough idea! I know friends who have anxieties about baking so pre-made cookie doughs are the perfect way to ease them into it. Brilliant idea!

  3. Maggie Landes says

    Love the Nacho Ordinary Salsa idea! I need to customize the label. Do you know what font the “Nacho” is written in? That is really great looking!

  4. Valerie says

    Your ideas and labels are very clever! Do you sell your labels? Can we download them?
    The fonts are adorable!


    • Brooke says

      Just right click on the labels and select “save as” I put them on the blog in full resolution. They are actually 2 inches by 2 inches, but when you save them onto your computer they should be the right size! Good luck!


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