Welcome to All Things Thrifty! Today I get to share a few of my favorite things. But, I have to admit, now I have the song from Sound of Music stuck in my head. “When the dog bites, when the bee stings, when I’m feeling sad….” Aaaaaah.

Welcome from Not Just a Housewife if you are hopping through the favorite things blog hop!  There are some really fun things on this tour! So, if you have time, I highly recommend hopping through the list!

hapac1.  toroni coconut syrup 2.

pink sweats3. maxboost charging phone case4.

BAR 2 5.   dawn direct foam 6.   ikea scrub brush 7.

peppermint-all-natural-soap 8.  bonnie bell vanilla swirl 9. chi-flat-iron 10.

1. If you follow me on Instagram, this is not a surprise. I LOVE Maskcara’s NEW Highlighting and Contouring IIID foundation!

2. I love a little squirt of coconut syrup in Diet Dr. Pepper or Diet Coke. In fact, mango syrup in Diet Mt. Dew is DELISH. {Don’t knock it til you try it!}

3. I could LIVE in my Victoria Secret Boyfriend Sweats. {Ok, the truth is, maybe I wear them more than I should.}

4. My phone used to die every day. But, my husband got me this awesome phone case with an extra charger in it. IT’S LIFE CHANGING!

5. I love Scentsy Eskimo Kiss. In fact, my friend smelled that scent the other day and she said, “Brooke that smells like YOUR house!”

6. Dawn Direct is a staple in our home. If I don’t have any, I don’t do the dishes. It makes my life easier and that’s the truth.

7. IKEA scrub brushes are my absolute favorite. They go hand in hand with number 6.

8. Arbor Farms Homemade All Natural Peppermint Soap. I absolutely LOVE this soap!

9. Bonnie Bell Vanilla Swirl lip gloss has been in my life for over 15 years! HA! It’s pretty embarrassing to admit it, but I LOVE IT!

10. My hair is really frizzy naturally and my Chi hair straightener is the best flat iron I have found to combat the frizz!


Thank you Melissa from 320 Sycamore for inviting me to participate in this fun Favorite Things Blog Hop! Now head on over to

Robin from Keep Home Simple!

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  1. says

    I feel the same way about Dawn Direct Foam! My neighbor asked me to buy her generic dish soap at Target and I couldn’t do it. DDF alllllll the way. :)

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