What Christmas Decorating looks like around here!

Dec 13th, 2013


If you missed our big Christmas Decorations Reveal yesterday, check it out!! I wanted to show you a little behind the scenes of our house when we are in project mode.  So, here is a keepin’ it real post just for YOU! Plus, a SURPRISE GIVEAWAY! 

As you can see, our ceilings are very high in our kitchen, and I am TERRIFIED of heights.  I do my best and believe me, I find myself standing on our plant shelf several times a year, but I literally SHAKE in my boots the entire time. So, luckily I have the best husband in the world that gets up on the tall ladder for me a lot!

cleaning and changing the letters

If you look close in the picture above, you will see that my Thanksgiving mantle is up, but our movie theatre sign was still sporting Halloween! Yep, that’s how we roll around here. I think it was November 20th before we took down the Halloween letters. Don’t judge me.

Before we started decorating for Christmas, we found a lot of disgusting spots that needed a quick wipe, and while we were up on the ladder anyway, we figured it was the perfect time to clean. Do you do this? It’s kind of like moving your couch while you are looking for your remote control and you find a ton of crumbs! I can’t put the couch back until I vacuum it up.

cleaning the kitchen 1

We cleaned the top of our cabinets with Dawn dish soap because it is a degreaser. It works like a charm. Plus, the dust is so greasy that I don’t use a washcloth because it would ruin a washcloth quickly. We used Bounty paper towels so that we could throw them away as we went.

Here’s the trick to get your husband to clean for you: Take pictures of him doing it! That way he pretends like he likes it.  HA! I promise I was helping him clean!! {Or maybe I said, “While you are up there will you clean that too!?!?”

cleaning cabinets in kitchen degreasing kitchen cabinets

After we had wiped off the top of the cabinets, we de-cluttered the kitchen. It lasted for about one day before our kids’ stuff found it’s way back into the kitchen! It’s like shoveling snow while it’s still snowing!

cleaning the kitchen

I think this picture is hilarious! He has the funniest look on his face! But, he showed me what he was looking at, and the top of the fridge was GROSS! I’m too short to see up there, so of course I don’t wipe it off often! Random side note: Aren’t my teapots cute above Dan’s head?!? I got them in Cedar City at my friend Amanda’s boutique called Recycled Consign and Design.

cleaning the top of kitchen cabinets

We love our Swiffer duster, and while we were at it, we used the extension to dust our movie theatre sign.

cleaning with swiffer

Pretty soon the Christmas decoration bins made their début and it was on like Donkey Kong.

during the messy process

I wish I would have taken a picture of the mess when I was making the homemade paper ornaments, it was a DISASTER! They are super easy to make, and I will be posting the tutorial soon!



If you need to freshen the air a bit, Febreze is the best for that! Then after the air was nice and fresh, I plugged in my favorite Scentsy scent called Eskimo Kiss.

febreeze the room


I genuinely use all of the products mentioned above, and I am super excited to be hosting a giveaway on their behalf!


giveaway graphic

ENTER TO WIN THIS AWESOME GIVEAWAY sponsored by The Home Depot and P&G:

  •  $200 The Home Depot gift card
  •   Bounty
  •  Swiffer 360° Duster
  •  Dawn 24oz.
  • Febreze Air Effects

How to enter, you ask!?!?

All you have to do is comment telling me the area in your home that you need any of the above products for! That’s it!! Ready. Set. ENTER!

Check back soon for my ornament tutorial! xoxo,


Thank you P&G and Home Depot for Sponsoring this post!



winner HD-Dawn-Bounty-Febreze

Comment Number 175:

Amy said:

Great giveaway! Each of those products are amazing and are put to great use in my house on a regular basis. I have been involved in animal rescue for several years, though currently getting out of the business, but still have a house full of critters! So, multiple animals = the need for lots of cleaning, dusting, and febreeze! And Dawn is my absolute favorite dish soap. Outside of being great for doing dishes, it’s perfect for so many homemade cleaning solutions, and not to mention bathing and de-fleaing rescued kittens and puppies. Plus I love the work that Dawn does with wildlife rescue!
I finally just recently got my finished basement converted into the animal room, with access to the backyard, to keep the main area of my home more animal free. That has been amazing! And it has opened the opportunity to refresh the rest of the house, where just about everything is original 1960 and in serious need of fixing and/or replacing. That $200 gift card would sure help with that! :)

PS- I absolutely love those teapots hanging in your kitchen! Now I’m on the lookout for something similar for myself.


  1. Lisa Brown says:

    I need the dust buster for just about every room because I have vertical blinds in every room and they are hard to keep dust free.
    jslbrown_03 at yahoo dot com

  2. My laundry room. It needs a facellift. Sure could use that Home Depot Card and the Swiffer Duster in there.

  3. I just moved so as I finish getting my place together I’m also prepping for holiday entertaining. The febreeze and scentsy would help to make my place more inviting! Thanks for hosting a great giveaway!

  4. I could use the duster every where in our home. With 4 dogs in the house dust and pet hair are everywhere!

  5. It’s so hard to just choose one area, haha. The kitchen can never be clean enough and I could use all those products in there!

  6. Michelle Carey says:

    I have a shelf/ledge that needs to be cleaned off… But like you I’m not fond of heights. So, it doesn’t get done:(

  7. Selma Harris says:

    I piggy back on what Wendy N said, these products would be useful in EVERY AREA in our home. We have one dog that SHEDS and dust collects so fast that I can’t keep up. It would be great to have products that help me with the chores and up keep of our home. Thanks for keeping it real with us! Love your blog!!

  8. With 3 cats and a dog we pretty much ALWAYS need paper towels and febreeze. In every room… but particularly the 3 with litterboxes. :)

  9. where to start? the top of my kitchen cabinets? I hadn’t even thought of cleaning up there until I saw you cleaning yours!

  10. Love the duster but really live the scents of Febreze and Scentsy.

  11. I think the worst spot is the tops of my kitchen cabinets. I really need to get up there and take care of it.

  12. I would be lying if I said I would be the one cleaning all the tough spots in my kitchen. My husband is 6’8” so he usually gets voted to clean those tough spots on top of the cabinets, doors, and fridge. We could definitely use all of those products!

  13. I need the febreze air affects for my whole house!

  14. I would use all of those products in my living room. I have a two year old running around and there are finger prints and crumbs every where! Plus dust bunnies are taking over my ceiling fan so that Swiffer thingy would really come in handy!

  15. My mantle is decorated with blue ball jars and (for now) greenery – that Swiffer would be the perfect quick & easy tool to clean the jars! I know the Bounty paper towels & Dawn could do a number on my stovetop, too. Thanks! :)

  16. Everywhere? After the Christmas crazies are over our poor house will be needing a winter deep clean!

  17. My kitchen is in need of some cleaning love! It has been neglected while I have been in school. (:

  18. My whole house? I have six kids. I can’t keep up :)

  19. I use those products in my kitchen.

  20. My kitchen, my bathroom, my laundry room, pretty much EVERYWHERE!!!!

  21. I recently moved into a home with high ceilings and the 360 duster would be super handy for cleaning my ceiling fans and chandeliers! Thank you for the opportunity to enter!

  22. Shar Files says:

    My ceiling fans could use All the products above to clean them! I could use the gift card:)

  23. I could use these products in my dining room, the dust really shows up in there on my dark wooden furniture.

  24. I’m short like you, so I never see it, but I’m SURE I need to clean the top of my refrigerator.

  25. Brooke Adams says:

    As a mom too, I could use all the products. Mostly the paper towels. My kids can’t seem to keep their food on their plate.

  26. My whole house could really use it lol. But the laundry room definetely needs it the most. It is a small room and I have not really dusted or cleaned in there since we moved in over a year ago!

  27. I have an 11 month old, and the area where she eats (and throws) just can’t get clean enough!

  28. I grabbed something off the top of my fridge the other day and realized how disgusting it is up there!!

  29. I could really use these things in my kitchen and living room.

  30. Kitchen!

  31. I could use them all everywhere, but I have a son addicted to Febreeze. He uses the stuff all the time.


  32. Oh heavens I need these for every room on my house as well as our new house since we are moving right after Christmas!!!! I know super crazy but so excited and that $200 and those cleaning products would come on super handy!

  33. Our master bathroom needs some help…it’s a child’s job to clean it, and he doesn’t do a great job ;-)

  34. My laundry room (which I’m in the process of re-doing) could use some of these products and surely my ceiling fan (which hangs from a vaulted ceiling in the living area) could use the Swiffer duster for sure! Merry Christmas to you!

  35. I think I’ve only cleaned the top of my fridge once in the last 8 years (which is how long we’ve lived here), so the Dawn and Bounty would be first up!

  36. Shelly Taylor says:

    Underneath my fridge and stove. I don’t think they’ve seen the light of day in years!

  37. I’d use those products all over my house. I live alone in a huge 5 bedroom house (“housesitting” for 3 years). The house gets cleaned in the main areas when they need it and the other areas? never? ok 3 or 4 times a year. I’d love to win this one!

  38. mindy boyce says:

    Yahoo!! I could us that stuff for my sealing fans and kitchen!!

  39. The product I’d be most excited to get is the duster because I’m allergic to dust and have to keep my room very clean. I don’t have a house to keep clean YET but I’m getting married in six months so this giveaway would be perfect for us :)

  40. Pretty much every room in my home needs these products. I don’t really care to dust. I am now inspired to go wipe down my kitchen cabinets though!

  41. Shawn steward says:

    Whole house could benefit from the DAWN, Swiffer, Bounty and Febreeze but my 12 year old ( who has decided building and repurposing is awesome). Would especially love the Home Depot card!

  42. window tracks, trim and blinds! Been putting it off for months!!!

  43. With 2 dogs, 2 cats and 2 little boys in the house EVERYTHING needs cleaning all the time and the Febreze would sure improve the aroma in the house.

  44. I have a sink full of dishes that could use some dawn… and some windows with puppy nose prints that could use some bounty paper towels… and I love a quick spray of febreze to freshen up the air… and a chandelier that could use a good dusting. Yeah. I need to get some cleaning done.

  45. Lori Tuttle says:

    My basement needs a good scrubbing – especially the storage room.

  46. Loretta patzner says:

    We moved from KC, Mo to Tampa, FL in October. We current live in apartment as we search for a house. So, our living room and dining room are filled with our boxes. Coffee table – box with table saw in it. LOL. Merry Christmas. I love your open kitchen/living room concept. Blessings.

  47. carrie ruffo says:

    Oy, the tops of my cabinets and laundry closet need some attention! 8 months preg, it isn’t happening until after Christmas!

  48. Heather Klain says:

    I have young boys! Practically every area in my house is in need of these products :)

  49. Colleen Boudreau says:

    My bathroom!

  50. I need the duster for all my fans! They’re nasty. And everything else would be awesome in our living room. With 2 dogs & a cat, I feel like it’s never clean in there!

  51. We live in a condo where our neighbor smokes a ton- we would want to clean the air filters out!

  52. my kitchen could use a good cleaning. I looove all those ornaments making a gallery wall of sorts.

  53. Carrie Eastman says:

    my KITCHEN and base boards!! like yesterday!!

  54. I love Febreze! There isn’t a room that I don’t use it in.

  55. I could def use these in my bedroom! I have a major redo coming up.

  56. Although all of the cleaning supplies would be a nice have in stock in my clean tote, one can alway use paper towel! I use them for cleaning, spills, crafts, tissues (when a box isn’t around after a sneeze), wrapping paper, packaging padding, napkins, plates, coasters, etc.

  57. My kitchen!! I had the greasy dust in mine, too. How does it get everywhere?? So gross!!

  58. Most definitely the kitchen and ceiling fans!

  59. Especially need it on the main floor (kitchen/dining/living room). And anywhere our stinky, shedding Basset Hound goes!

  60. We live in the country, dirt roads… so there is a constant layer of dust…. so anything that makes that job quicker and easier is a BONUS!!!! like the Swiffer 360! Also I am an avid Dawn dish soap user, but usually the kind that is super gentle on hands :)

  61. My laundry/utility room needs a good ole cleaning. And I swear by those swiffer dusters. We keep our litter boxes in that room too and they work miracles getting up kitty hair. And they make SCENTED dusters!! Awesome!!!

  62. I could use the Swiffer duster in my living room/dining room combo room. We have fake wood beams on the ceiling and a wood stove for our heat and that makes it extra dusty, and the high spots are hard to get to.

  63. EVERY ROOM. (I can’t be the only one!) We have some major construction dust downstairs, and there’s just no containing it!

  64. Febreeze! I’m currently pregnant with my second, and for some reason everything smells bad to me :) Febreeze is a big help!!

  65. Laundry/utility room, which is a very small space crammed with the inner workings of the house. It’s hard work getting behind and around the furnace, hot water heater, water pressure tank, washer, dryer and salt tank all in a room that is about 5X10. But it is my mission.

  66. Basically all rooms in my home but really the kitchen and the master bedroom . I have allergies and I am trying to keep a dust free house –not going too well. The humidifiers going spew out dust particles too. The duster kit would be a big help.

  67. The Swiffer duster would be so helpful getting those hard-to-reach places! I wonder if I offered to take pictures of my husband if he’d clean for me too? Probably not! :)

  68. My plant shelves need to be cleaned like you guys did! Usually I put Christmas decorations up there, but I didn’t want the hassle this year, so the cleaning is not getting done like it would normally in November and then January when I put the stuff back up!

  69. First off, I love this post & love seeing the behind the scenes shots!! Your blog is one of my favs!! :)
    I use all of those products religiously – Bounty is the BEST in my book. Can’t live without Febreeze! Use my Swiffer all the time for our ceiling fans and Dawn is my fav dish soap! Right now my house could really use a good dusting and some sprays of Febreeze in the living room :) Happy holidays from our family to yours!! <3

  70. Shannon Korpela says:

    Um….everywhere! Although I use several of them already.

  71. I need the swiffer duster for all of my fans and above my fridge!


  72. Our bathroom — it needs some serious plumbing help from Home Depot!

  73. Our kitchen could use a lot of love, and a new table. I LOVE Dawn dish soap!

  74. orangesugar says:

    If I won a $200 gift card from Home Depot that would go towards buying plywood to build a pantry cabinet.

  75. I could use duster and paper towels to clean our kitchen and living room.

  76. I’m sure the top of my kitchen cabinets are disgusting. I never look up there. Cute blog!

  77. I’d use all of these products to keep our new home clean – especially the swiffer to reach in the tight corners and keep the dust off the ceiling fans!

    I could use dawn to do the neverending pile of dishes my family accumulates, hello can we drink from the same glass more than once???
    I could use the swiffers to clean up dustbunnies I am strategically hiding beneath my couch, oopsy.
    I could use the papertowels to clean up the 1,233,989 messes I clean up a day between a man, three children, one cat and one dog. :)
    I could use the $200 to put up the new kitchen blacksplash I’ve been dying to do, but enevitably something else always requires that moola!
    PLEASE CHOOSE ME! :) :) :)

  79. Tara L Polk says:

    Where to start? I would use the dawn dish soap for my husband’s work clothes. He works in the gas industry and his overalls can get oil on them and Dawn is about the best thing to help cut that oil right out. The febrile is great for around the house to freshen it up. I usually use this before guests come over. The duster I could so use for my ceiling fans and above all my doors and the hard to reach areas. The bounty for all of my kids messes, because with small children, there are many it seems. Lastly, the Home Depot gift Card, I would purchase primer and paint because we have a lot of painting to do. Thanks.

  80. I so need the gift card for a new dishwasher that is almost dead.. Oh and that fabreeze for my gassy dogs…. UGH..

  81. Haha- the tops of our molding. Our floors. Bookcases. :)

  82. I am in need of ALL those products, but I could especially use the Febreze Air Effects to neutralize the smell of my toddler and dog that overrun my house. Thanks!

  83. I need some febreeze in my bathrooms! Pee-yuu! I also wanted to say that you are very lucky that your husband participates in all your activities. I couldn’t get my husband to help me clean or decorate to save my life!! Way to go Dan. Love your posts!!

  84. What area of my home needs these products . . . HA! The works. But I am particularly interested in degreasing the tops of my cabinets. I haven’t climbed up there for a while.

  85. Val Laizure says:

    I could use it everywhere!!

  86. ALL rooms needs these. I am ADDICTED to Febreze Air Effects! I use it everyday and everywhere. All the other products simply make my life easier, but the Febreze is like the icing on the cake!

  87. Like most people. The laundry room needs it the most. Love your kitchen how tall it is. Our cupboards are like that also and I usually put my collection of nut crackers up there.

  88. Michelle Carter says:

    I have these ledges that are built in about 12 feet off the ground so the Swiffer would be so great to help clean the decor up there.

  89. 4 kids, 9 cats. ‘Nuff said about that.

    Thanks for your blog, Brooke. Receive so much inspiration all the time. Will be attempting your color washing technique this week on a Christmas gift. Pray for me? ~~Swan

  90. I could really use these products! Actually I do use most of them! I have 3 dogs and family in and out all day so the cleaning products are all great! With the gift card I would buy the Miter saw I have been keeping my eye on at Home Depot!

    Great giveaway! Thank you!

  91. Kimberly Holman says:

    Could use these products all over my house, but my living room could use some extra tender loving care at the moment.

  92. Our master bath probably needs it the worst. We just redid our kitchen and that included a major cleaning.

  93. Oh the kitchen is always a great place to start with these. I like things clean clean clean.

  94. Kitchen. Seriously, it’s like we have a herd of toddlers instead of two child-free adults using that space. So. Messy. (But dang, The Husband can COOK so I’ll forgive the mess.)

  95. The master bedroom for sure! It has become kind of a dumping ground for stuff and not very pretty!! Thank you SO much for a great giveaway- xo

  96. Definitely the kitchen. I guess I should say all areas but first the kitchen.

  97. Oh dear. We could use it all, but probably the paper towels the most.

  98. I need the swiffer for above my cabinets and the febreeze cause I have dogs :)

  99. I would need these products in every room because of my cat. He sheds everywhere and I haven’t found anything other than swiffer that picks up all his fur. I always clean right before my friend who is allergic comes over and she loves that she can come over and not fear sneezing everywhere

  100. Leslie Smith says:

    The Swiffer, to reach up high and it’s fun for the kids to do too!

  101. my den!

  102. With five kids, my kitchen and bathroom always need a good wipe down!

  103. donnamarchlewski says:

    I could use those products all over the house!

  104. Those are some of my favorite products! I could use them all over…and my least favorite thing to clean would have to be light fixtures!!! Bathroom fixtures, hallway fixtures…etc.

  105. Brooke Scott says:

    My kitchen! always needs it. And I really need a new oven, one that doesn’t wobble and heats correctly. And of course I need to clean behind there.

  106. this would be helpful for when we move soon and everything needs to be deep cleaned…and the gift card would be amazing for loading up on some tools to help give craiglist finds a new life for when we have a little more space (hopefully)

  107. Hands down, all those products would be put to good use on the tops of my kitchen cabinets. YUCK!

  108. I can use those products everywhere, but what I really want is that husband who uses them! Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  109. Love the Christmas wall art that you made! I could use these products for tackling the bathrooms before the Christmas guests arrive!

  110. Brianna Henderson says:

    A quick clean up in every room with these everyday products!

  111. Christa Terry says:

    Right now I could use these anywhere in my house!

  112. the tops of my cupboards……..I don’t even want to know what they look like, it has been years!!! YuCk :/

  113. My kitchen definitely needs it!!

  114. Where DON’T I need to use these products?LOL We have lots of high ceilings and since I love my Swiffer floor mop, I would really like one of their 360 dusters for fans and light fixtures. We have four boys (three are still in the house) so I could go through Febreze pretty quickly, and don’t get me started on the Bounty. I never seem to have enough paper towels. Thanks for the giveaway!

  115. I’d use the duster to liven up my basement again. :)
    Thanks for having this giveaway!

  116. is it sad to say that our whole condo especially our living room needs all of those products? We moved in(we are renting) ,and I don’t know if the previous owner cleaned once in YEARS. We are still trying to deep clean.

  117. I already use Bounty, Swiffer Duster and Dawn on a daily basis in my home. Today I just bought the Febreze Air Effects because our basement, where we exercise, smelled a little off. I loved how it made the basement smell so fresh!

  118. I just moved across country to a new apartment and would love to deep clean before having my stuff delivered via movers so these would be perfect!

  119. My kitchen could definitely use all those products!

  120. Oh my goodness would this be good timing to win, we need a new oven and $200 would help ever so much! Of course I’d love to use all of the amazing cleaning products in the kitchen, but I know they would be perfectly useful all over the house too! :)

  121. Karen Jerread says:

    I need all of this especially for my kitchen. No matter how much Irun the exhaust fan, greasy debris gets on everything.

  122. I love all those products!! The dusters are amazing! I’d use that I clean my fan blades! I’m so glad you mentioned the teapots because I totally noticed and they are adorable!

  123. Brianna Wagnon says:

    we could use this anywhere in our home! this would be perfect.

  124. My kitchen! Our house is from the 1920s, and unfortunately everything is original. That room has been collecting grime for almost 100 years. I need the Swiffer dusters to get the top of the doorways and cabinets. There’s no telling what it looks like up there! Thank you. :)

  125. I could definitely use the Febreze (and everything else as well, lol) in my craft room, because that’s where the cat’s litter box also is!

  126. michelle moon says:

    I use most of these already, in Every room. With a Husband, 14 yr old twins, 2 dogs and a cat, I can never have to much to clean with.

  127. I have two teenage boys. We use febreze all the time. We need it for their rooms, along with the swiffer dusters. I am fairly certain there are dishes in there, too, with dried on food. Dawn is the only dish detergent that will help.

  128. We just moved and now have high ceilings – the swiffer would be really helpful to get up into those corners that need dusting!

  129. Oh, Febreze. I love that crap. Use it everywhere.

  130. All will come in handy, but we love using Febreze! Thanks!

  131. I would use that to help my brother in law get the hint about the bathroom he uses down stairs and his bedroom!!!

  132. Well everything really!! But I have tall ceilings and lots of nooks!

  133. I need that Swiffer 360 duster for our wooden blinds! I am afraid to use water or detergents on them so this little duster would help keep them clean.

  134. Where we live , we have a lot of dust. So the swiffer duster will really help with that for the ceiling fans!

  135. I would definitely need those in my kitchen and living room!

  136. Kim Henrichs says:

    I need this in our dining room that we are trying to remodel and clean up!!!

  137. My kitchen is in dire need of a deep cleaning! I could use everything listed above in here!

  138. EASY- my kitchen. Every day!

  139. Febreze for sure – the clean fresh scent makes me happy :-)

  140. Erin Elliott says:

    Most definitely the swiffer for the kitchen! They just never look clean, especially right along the cabinets!

  141. The Home Depot gift card would be wonderful so I could buy an impact drill to do the projects for my booth.
    The air effects for my son’s bathroom (LOL) and all around freshness for the home.
    The Bounty & Dawn for cleaning/de-greasing our kitchen as well.
    The 360 duster for those hard to reach places (i.e. – tops of ceiling fans).
    Thank you for the give-away opportunity!

  142. I could totally uses Home Depot gift card to finish the trim around the den we just walled in!

  143. ellen casper says:

    My bathroom – in the middle of demolitiom

  144. I want to add trim to my cabinets and paint them. I would also like to add crown molding.

  145. The Home Depot gift card would be wonderful to purchase an impact driver to do my projects for my booth.
    The air effects for our son’s bathroom (LOL) and all around freshness for the home.
    The 360 duster for those hard-to-reach places.
    The Bounty and Dawn for cleaning/degreasing our kitchen as well.
    Thank you for the give-away opportunity!

  146. Every area! But to get specific, the kitchen. We’re giving it a facelift and can use all the help we can get!

  147. dana schoppe says:

    All of the above…. plus a person to clean it all…. ;)
    The swiffer would get the top of the bird aviary &above the cabinets to keep my clutzy feet on the ground

  148. Diana in Vegas says:

    Since moving to Vegas from the east coast I’ve noticed a LOT more dust. I’ve wanted to give those Swiffer dusters a try. Also, I love my husband dearly but that man is like having triplet boys to clean up after! I can sure use those cleaning supplies and of course, the Home Depot gift card (my FAV store).

  149. Cristin Vosburgh says:

    My whole house!!!
    The fans could use the swiffer duster….my dishes could use the dawn!! :)

  150. Melinda Haiden says:

    I use bounty paper towels! It may sound odd how I use them but it is a life saver when it’s time to clean out the fridge. What I do is take the paper towels lay them in the drawers of my fridge and under the drawers and if anything spills it is cleaned up rather easy. Having kids that r six and five this saves me lots n lots of cleaning time in my fridge. I clean it out every two weeks unless it needs it badly. So I could use plenty more bounty as we go through them like crazy in my house! Thank u for this give away! It’s an amazing one as I’m trying to redo my kitchen!

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

    Btw love your crafty decor ideas! So inspirational.

  151. My kitchen would love these products used in it every single day!!!

  152. I could use all of them (dawn, swifter, bounty and febreze in the playroom,could also use some organization from home depot, thanks for a chance to win!!!

  153. Kitchen. I have to clean it often because it too small. Dust drive me nut too.

  154. Andrea Elkins says:

    We could really use these supplies for our masterbedroom and on suite. For some reason these two rooms collect so much dust when the rest of the house remains relatively dust free. We clean the dust off those two rooms but it just builds up right after :(

  155. My living room. I have very dusty fans and little handprints on the sliding door and walls.

  156. Sarah Hamilton says:

    My laundry room desperately needs a redo. Thank you

  157. My Kitchen!

  158. I need these for just about every room in my house but by living room needs it the most. It seems to be the place our dogs prefer to hang out so it is always covered in dog hair and dirt.

  159. We need to paint our house Inside. The gift card would sure come handy to bring the old walls back to life!

  160. I could use the febreze this winter! Because we all know hoses can get kinda stinky when you can’t open windows ;)

  161. Playroom for sure!

  162. Like you I don’t do heights! So the swifter would work great for my ceiling fans so I don’t have to climb up so high! The febreze would work wonders on my husbands stinky police gear! That big black tactical bag could clear a room!! I use dawn dish soap for my dishes and for stains on my girls clothes! Works great!! And ofcourse the $200 gift card would be amazing to us new homeowners!! Whoop whoop

  163. Sarah Christensen says:

    I could have used the Fabreeze Air Effects today when I accidentally burned some cheese in my oven! My entire upstairs still stinks! The Swiffer duster would be nice too clean my high ceiling fans too!

  164. Katie Newton says:

    I LOVE bounty paper towels …and I use a LOT of them to clean all of my leaded glass windows in my house. I did use the dawn soap trick to get the grease spots off the window above the kitchen window! It works!!

  165. I would use the dawn in my kitchen too. I never thought about above the fridge but I am sure it’s horrible. I would love to use the swifer and dust my ceiling fans. I hate getting on a chair to do that! Amazing products!

  166. Ooh! It’s all awesome but that gift card would be faaaaantastic for our previously foreclosure home we bought!

  167. I have a 3 year old so I feel like I am constantly cleaning up spills!!! Good thing for paper towels!

  168. Thanks for the great tip to dust those high places with Dawn. I am going to try that next time I attempt to clean my high hidden areas too! Thanks.

  169. I could and do use all of these products, every single day! Oh and I loved the keeping it real post.

  170. Linda Carson says:

    I’m going out on a limb here and say every room in my house could use at least one of these products! I like the Swiffer for baseboards and ceiling fans. Dawn is one of my favorites as well as Bounty!

  171. I could definitely use that stuff to clean the tops of my kitchen cabinets and my ceiling fans. Thanks for the giveaway :)

  172. Alma Rollins says:

    i too could use a good cleaning on the high spots that get neglected on the normal daily /weekly chores. However, we are about to have an unexpected bathroom remodel done because of a shower leak (not covered by insurance) . Since we are about to have a jack hammer in to take out the master shower, I am sure that every inch of my house will need a good cleaning once the contractor gets done. HELP

  173. I seriously need to clean my blinds. Not my favorite chore in the least!!

  174. Tiffany Barnard says:

    Having a familly of 5 I could use everything all over my house! Anything that can help me clean up easier after 3 children would be great! I would love love love a home depot gift card! I would love to be able to do more projects! I love making and fixing things up!

  175. Great giveaway! Each of those products are amazing and are put to great use in my house on a regular basis. I have been involved in animal rescue for several years, though currently getting out of the business, but still have a house full of critters! So, multiple animals = the need for lots of cleaning, dusting, and febreeze! And Dawn is my absolute favorite dish soap. Outside of being great for doing dishes, it’s perfect for so many homemade cleaning solutions, and not to mention bathing and de-fleaing rescued kittens and puppies. Plus I love the work that Dawn does with wildlife rescue!
    I finally just recently got my finished basement converted into the animal room, with access to the backyard, to keep the main area of my home more animal free. That has been amazing! And it has opened the opportunity to refresh the rest of the house, where just about everything is original 1960 and in serious need of fixing and/or replacing. That $200 gift card would sure help with that! :)

    PS- I absolutely love those teapots hanging in your kitchen! Now I’m on the lookout for something similar for myself.

  176. My basement needs a whole lotta love. By the way I squeeled when I saw your settee!

  177. Due to the enormous amount of renovating we are doing- our house ALWAYS needs dusting!

  178. Could use Home Depot card to finish my kitchen.My ex left with job half done,has been two years unfinished. I love to cook and bake,but this kitchen is too depressing.Could use other stuff to clean it after it’s done! :-)

  179. Could use Home Depot card to finish my kitchen.My ex left with job half done,has been two years unfinished. I love to cook and bake,but this kitchen is too depressing.Could use other stuff to clean it after it’s done! :-)

  180. wendy westberry says:

    I would use the Swiffer 360 to keep thr kitchen and dining room floors clean.i would use all of these products

  181. The duster! My floor boards are always so dusty!!

  182. We need that Home Depot gift card because we just bought a brand new house and they didn’t install hand towel racks and its driving me crazy!! :)

  183. I could use all these in my kitchen! I’m moving into my late grandmothers home and doing some updating!

  184. natalie gygi says:

    I really need the Swiffer 360. My entertainment center, book selves, and fireplace all need a GOOD dusting!

  185. robin Sommers says:

    I could use it in the kitchen!

  186. everywhere in my house needs it! but it’s the kitchen that needs it most!

  187. Stephanie Gossett says:

    I need all of these products. I have four little ones and the paper towels and febreze. I also LOVE the pictures of your home. You are very blessed. Thank you so much for the chance to win this. It would be a dream come true for my family. Thank you for hosting. Best of luck to everyone!

    ninigossett@gmail dot com

  188. Donna Harris says:

    I’d use them in my kitchen. It could use a good scrubbing!

  189. Oh boy, I could use a great duster! My blinds are always filthy! I live in the desert and it’s really windy here. In the spring and fall, and evenings in the summer, we open our windows, to keep cool, so we don’t have to use our AC. Well, after a while, I look at my white blinds and realize they’re covered in dusty dirt! It’s so gross and the blinds are such a hassle to clean.

  190. I need those products in our playroom basement because we have a ton of storage stuff for toys plus the furniture there and it gets so dusty. Also, the kitchen blinds are pretty dirty! And the gift card would be awesome for our kitchen where we need to replace the floors that are coming up!

  191. Our music room needs some special cleaning.

  192. Cindy Brooks says:

    I could use these products everywhere…especially the kitchen, laundry room, and bathrooms (in that order!)
    someluckydog at gmail dot com

  193. Erica Mangum says:

    I would love the duster to clean my fans! And everything else would be great!

  194. Kitchen, kitchen, kitchen!!!

    The stupid thing’s a proper disaster…

  195. Kellie Greer says:

    I would do some serious dusting all over my home- I loathe dusting :/

  196. Im converting my office/workout room into a playroom for my in home daycare. It needs a cleaning from ceiling to dustboards before I can let little ones play and crawl around.

  197. I could use the swiffer duster – because I have so many dust bunnies around my house.

  198. I have a house with four kids and a husband, plus I am a full time nursing student. I could use a gift card to fix up some of the projects that have been started in our home. Or even the dawn, (the dishes that are created in my house is crazy). The duster would be nice (kids that are allergic to dust that gets spread around from the ceiling fans. Or even the febreze (There are four boys in my house, I’m sure you can imagine what that smells like.) And who doesn’t need paper towels?! lol I guess the answer to where in my house…would be EVERYWHERE. lol

  199. BECKY EVANS says:

    My Bedroom is in need of an Upgrade!!!

  200. Mollie Uselman says:

    Recently took a layer off the top of the fridge. Are you supposed to do that more than every year or two? Maybe I should keep it spruced up with the Swiffer until next big clean :)

  201. Jo Derouin says:

    I coud use the products to clean my kitchen cabinets

  202. Its a toss up between the Swiffer and fabreeze! I love them both and I have lots of dust and three animals so I use fabreeze a lot!

  203. My bedroom, which at the moment seems to be the dumping ground.

  204. Cindy Meisenheimer says:

    I hate to admit it my kitchen cupboards sure could use the dawn and paper towels for degreasing. The Swiffer duster and Febreeze I would use in every room. Now that Home Depot giftcard sure would help out with all the paint that I am buying to redo our whole house! What a great giveaway for some lucky winner! Thank you for all that you do.

  205. Pam Spradlin says:

    I will go with the kitchen…I am also too short to see the top of the fridge so that does not get cleaned like the rest of the kitchen. My mil once told me it was dirty…she is 6’2″…so I handed her a rag to clean it. She has never mentioned it to me again but that comment made me more aware of those areas short people can’t see.

  206. I’m not a big fan of those high places either and that where we need some attention. Above cabinets and those ceiling dust bunnies!

  207. I don’t think there is an area of my house that doesn’t need all those products used!

  208. I need a duster for the tv stand in the living room. It’s one with black glass (my bf’s) and its constantly dusty! Drives me nuts!

  209. Kathleen Welch says:

    I need to clean the tops of my kitchen cabinets too! I have a collection of the blue Ball canning jars and other vintage kitchen accessories on the tops of my cabinets and they get dusty and sticky over time. Once the Christmas decorations come down I am going to give the whole house a good deep clean, the Dawn and Bounty would sure help out . Thanks !

  210. We are closing on a new house on the 27th, We could use these products in the house we are moving from and the house we are moving to. We could use the swifer supplies to tackle all those dust bunnies we will find when we are moving our furniture and we could use the dawn to wash up all the knickknacks and such we have around the house. I love dawn dish soap. We could use the Home Depot card to buy a ladder so my wonderful husband can clean the top of the cabinets. I am also scared of heights. ;) . Oh I can think of so many uses tor these supplies. Thank you for your consideration and this wonderful site.

  211. My kitchen definitely. Thanks!

  212. My hubby and I just bought our first home and our bathrooms need severe help!! This would be so helpful!! Thank you for the opportunity! Happy holidays!

  213. In my kitchen for sure!

  214. Kristen Schaeffer says:

    We’ve been fixing up the house to get ready to put it on the market. With all the spackling, sanding, painting, etc. my house could sure use a good cleaning. These products would be very helpful in getting my house ready to put on the market!

  215. Our laundry room needs an overhaul. A good cleaning and some cabinets would be a good start.

  216. gerlinde godkin says:

    I could use the products all over the house, especially the kitchen and bathroom! I use Dawn a lot, it’s so versatile, not only in the kitchen, but when treating stains on clothes or the cleaning the bathroom!

  217. Actually all of the products could come in handy for my home! The swifter dusters would be also great since I have blinds on the second story of my home.

  218. Holly Martinez says:

    My whole house could use some cleaning love. But I think my master bath because we’re in the middle of a remodel and it gets dirty quick!!!

  219. Christy Lloyd says:

    Being a smoker I could really use Febreeze in all rooms and with a golden retriever the Swiffer is great for picking up hair

  220. Melanie Anderson says:

    I need the febreeze, with two dogs… it’s hard to stay on top of.

  221. Kim whitehead says:

    To me, Dawn is one of the most versatile cleaners, way beyond just washing dishes. I can use it to wash the dogs, in the power washer to clean the deck and on the tough spots on the carpet, which all need to be done before Christmas.

  222. I’m really short so the duster would definitely be useful. Thanks for the great giveaway.

  223. The tops of my kitchen cabinets and bookcases!!

  224. Oh, definitely the living area where the dog (great dane) spends all of his time. He has his own love seat and it could stand some major febrezing.

  225. I have a dog and two cats inside my house so where in my house so I NOT need these products?! It’s a daily battle with these three. Thanks for all your inspiration and giveaways. I love you!!!! :)

  226. Cindy Trobaugh says:

    Hi..Just finishing a remodel and the Swifter for the our new wood floors…I use all these products and they would all be useful! Thanks.

  227. unfortunately….on top & behind the fridge…ugh

  228. christy koontz says:

    I can use these products in every room of my house. I have three kids and two dogs to clean up after so you can imagine how useful the $200 gift card wold be to my family.

  229. i usually do the house work myself, my hubby never lends me a helping hand. I need a great duster as my house quickly fills up with a dust.

  230. Savannah G says:

    The swiffer – I have high ceilings and LOVE the long handled one so that don’t have to get up on the ladder too!

  231. Robin Barker says:

    Definitely my kitchen! I’m not sure I have ever moved my fridge to clean under it and the top of my cabinets get no love either!

  232. Kim England says:

    My kitchen & living room are one open room. Between the wood burning fireplace, three dogs, & three teenagers, I could use all of the products mentioned!

  233. Stephanie P. says:

    Okay, I admit it… I’m not the best at keeping things clean… I was scrolling through your pictures where you mentioned things in your kitchen were gross and thinking to myself… OMG! I don’t even want to look at the tops of my cabinets and there’s so much stuff on top of my fridge… well, you get the picture! So, I would have to say the biggest mess I have to deep clean is my kitchen and I need all the help I can get! :)

  234. Katie Madsen says:

    Oh, man! I could use that duster in a bad way. I love using Dawn with vinegar to clean the bathtubs.

  235. Becky Converse says:

    I can use the duster just about everywhere. We have a wood furnace so there is dust everywhere.

  236. As an art student, I’m ALWAYS going to Home Depot to buy canvas-making materials and other sculptural objects! Not to mention constantly having to clean up after all of the art disasters haha.

  237. My kitchen is a mess and with only 6 days before people start arriving my daughter has now started throwing up – yippee – I seriously need these cleaning products for my kitchen and bathroom

  238. the $200 Home Depot card — would buy us a couple of updated ceiling fan/lights, one for the kitchen and one for our bedroom! Our fans are probably as old as the house…about 30 years! ha! love Home Depot!

    Bounty — good paper towells for the kitchen! Swiffer dusters would be handy to clean those new ceiling fans! :) Dawn comes in handy for lots of things…best and only kind of dishwashing liquid I like to buy. Febreeze would likely get used most often in the main bathroom!


  239. THe kids room need cleaned so bad. They need paint touch up! They need a make over.

  240. Just like you – the top of the frig doesn’t get cleaned very often. I love using Dawn for all my kitchen cleaning and it is easy on my hands.

  241. Michelle from Iowa says:

    I already use all those great products- esp the Febreeze, with 4 animals in the house, and could use the Home Depot card for decorating a new house we plan to buy in a few months!

  242. Raye Marie says:

    I have lots of dusty areas where I could use some help!

  243. Brandy Chavarria says:

    Ummmm… everywhere in my house! If I had to choose one room, I guess I would choose the kitchen. My house is 65 years old and the kitchen could really use some help!

  244. I love that your hubby posed for all the pictures and helped with the heights cleaning!! I could use any help with my dust infested house! Dust is everywhere and no matter how often I clean dust piles up! Plus I love Dawn in my kitchen it really works and makes many jobs easier!
    Lisa K.

  245. I love that your hubby posed for all the pictures and helped with the heights cleaning!! I could use any help with my dust infested house! Dust is everywhere and no matter how often I clean dust piles up! Plus I love Dawn in my kitchen it really works and makes many jobs easier!
    Lisa K.

  246. Julie Hatch says:

    Well, my Christmas wish is that the Wyoming wind would stop! With wood floors, fans and internment centers.. I am constantly dusting! I sweep, mop and sweep again. There is no end to the dust. So, my wish is of course ‘peace on earth’ and no more dust!

  247. I think I need them all! However, I have a bunch of high up surfaces (like you) that definitely could use some Bounty and Dawn!

  248. Oh boy. You have me thinking about my kitchen cabinets and plant shelves. Now I’m scared! Ha ha! These are all stellar products any room in my house would certainly thank me for using! Great Giveaway!

  249. The Bounty and Dawn for my kitchen…that greasy grime keeps building up everywhere, and we don’t have a hood to suck it all away outside!

  250. Desiree Lynden says:

    Our basement flooded and everything that survived is stacked in the garage and several upstairs rooms making it quite difficult to get ready for Christmas. We lost our Christmas trees and most of our seasonal decorations due to mold. We could use the home depot gift card to make some necessary repairs and replace our holiday decorations.

  251. Allyson Post says:

    We are moving out of our apartment, and into our first home- so we are going to need everything to clean out one and to move into the other!!

  252. It would be a shorter list to tell you where I don’t need them!! Like you, I find these areas when I rearrange and decorate for the holidays! BTW, I wish my hubby looked so happy to be cleaning ;)

  253. With a crazy 18 month old, an indoor-outdoor dog, two shedding cats, husband and myself, we have serious house cleaning needs EVERY day. I have paper towels and febreeze on hands at all times.

  254. Every single room in my house! I use all these products, although I just use regular Swiffer dusters (don’t have the 360). With three boys, a husband, a dog and our two new kitties, I couldn’t live without this stuff!

    PS. Dawn has about a billion uses besides just dish washing :)

  255. Phyllis Bell says:

    Merry Christmas! I can use all of the products in my newly renovated bathroom….and I can also use the Gift Card to help out with all the inspirations I get from your wonderful page! i Love <3 ''ALL THINGS THRIFTY'' <3

  256. Honestly under my refrigerate its quite a fright when I clean under there. ~Smile~

  257. Ashley Veach says:

    The gift card would go towards getting the nursery set up for our baby on the way. The rest of the products would be used everywhere!! With two dogs and two cats, this place sure gets messy!!

  258. Bathroom. It’s disgusting and I hate cleaning it! (Which is probably why it’s so disgusting.)

  259. I haven’t cleaned above my eye level in the kitchen since we moved in..2 years ago:) and I’m 5’3″ so eye level isn’t very tall:)

  260. Love the febreeze, I have pets so for all over the, house. Duster for the ceiling fans, liquid soap for kitchen for sure, and bounty to clean everything! kitchen, bathrooms, I really cant think of a place I wouldnt us the bounty. Thanks !!!!

  261. Lynn Johnson says:

    The laundry room is where I would need these most! Very dusty in there…Thanks for the chance to win.

  262. Mahdi Martin says:

    I love Swiffer dusters and I would use them everywhere in my home! They are such a time saver!

  263. Julie Booth says:

    Sure do need that Home Depot gift card for some crafty projects I have in mind to do!! LOVE your blog!

  264. I need desperately to clean out my spare bedroom. It has become my catch-all room (eek!)

  265. The top of my kitchen cabinets are in need of pretty much every one of those products!

  266. Sue DeChant says:

    I’m a little on the short side so anything – like the Swiffer – that can reach the places I can’t see (tops of cabinets, window and doors, refrigerator) would be awesome! I use Dawn all the time and it is so good at anything greasy and is great to use in some homemade cleaners. I’d love to try the Febreeze Air Effects because I’m not familiar with it. And of course, with too many fix-em-up project in progress, $200 at Home Depot would be heaven!!

  267. I’ve been using Dawn in a concoction for my son’s white undershirts and polo shirts of all colors. I mix Dawn, baking soda and hydrogen peroxide using an extra soft toothbrush to put it on the shirts then it sits a while on his underarm stains…it does an amazing job!

  268. Debbie Percelay says:

    I’d love to move the washer/dryer over a few feet in the garage and make a great laundry area… Thanks for the opportunity to win a Home Depot gift card!

  269. Terri Hughes says:

    Swiffer 360 duster in every room to clean fans. Thanks!

  270. I use Dawn for nearly everything! It’s non-abrasive works well as a stain remover too! I’m sure I could use the products in EVERY room!!

  271. Kendall Vaughn says:

    I need all of the above products in my master bedroom and bathroom. My furbabies have taken over!

  272. Apparently they didn’t install bathroom fans into houses in the 40’s, so we are well acquainted with Febreeze air freshener. That stuff rocks.

  273. My ceiling fans and the top of my fridge could all use a good cleaning.

  274. I would love this for all my ceiling fans and our covered porch – it seems to collect dust faster than I can clean it!

  275. The duster of course! My home attracts way too much dust :/

  276. first question: is there any place that does NOT need these products?

    but, really…the bathroom. i am just too lazy to clean it and i hate getting new cleaning stuff…but winning it would be amaaaazzziiiiing. :)

  277. The kitchen would definitely need these!

  278. I need them for my living room.

  279. Barb in Phx says:

    The top of the ‘fridge!

  280. Barb in Phx says:

    The top of the fridge! (Thanks for hosting this give-away!)

  281. My laundry room! I never get around to cleaning in there and it really gets all linty!

  282. My laundry room! I never get around to cleaning in there and it really gets all linty!

  283. I’d use all that in my kitchen and upstairs living room! Fresh coat of paint, clean floors and everything dust free, it will look shiny and brand new again!!

  284. The kitchen, naturally. And the gift card would go far towards a chest freezer!

  285. Kitchen. Actually everywhere. We are just moving into a new home and will be doing a lot of cleaning! Also, the gift card would purchase some great new items for our home, since we are doing a complete remodel of the inside!!!

  286. I could really use all of these in my kitchen. Just like shaving your legs makes hair grow back faster, each time I clean my kitchen it takes less time to get dirty again!

  287. My kitchen cabinets definitely!

  288. I’m getting ready to sale my house, so I need to deep clean everywhere!

  289. I’m getting ready to sell my house, so I need to deep clean everywhere!

  290. My living room is especially in need of those products; it’s where my (4) cats hang out.

  291. Katie Contests says:

    We could use these products in our upstairs bathroom

  292. Camille Elkington says:

    I need to get up high and clean the windows in our family room. Dead flys everywhere!

  293. My kitchen will be the spot best helped by these products! Your post inspired me to climb up above my counters and check out the situation up there. Greasy dust begone with the Dawn and Bounty Paper Towels. The plantation shutters over my kitchen sink will be helped by the Swiffer Duster as well. Our puppy, Flaps, is no match for how great Febreeze works! This is an awesome Giveaway!!

  294. My husband won’t like me saying this, so let’s not tell him! Our bedroom could use some of that Febreeze! He’s set up the corner of the room as his little man cave, and he sits in the dark with his iPad when he needs to hide from me and our girls. Now my whole bedroom smells like…. boy. And speaking of the girls, we ALWAYS need more Bounty paper towels!

  295. I need the duster to try to tackle my blinds and ceiling fans. YUCK!!!

  296. Oh geez, I don’t think we’ve really cleaned the stuff on top of the kitchen cabinets since we moved in over a year ago. I shudder to think of what might be lurking up there right now.

    Besides, I live with 3 dirty little boys and a big dude who all bring gross smells and unidentifiable substances into the house – there isn’t a thing on your list I wouldn’t be using!

  297. Our kitchen/living room/dining room area could definitely use these! Pregnancy nesting is starting….

  298. Most definitely the kitchen! You’ve reminded me that I haven’t looked on top of our cabinets since we moved in!!! (2.5 years ago…) ew.

  299. definitely in the kitchen!

  300. definitely in the kitchen!

  301. Susan Krauss says:

    OMG! The top of my fridge needs some serious attention as well as the pot shelf in my living room. These products sure would help accomplish those tasks!

  302. My Basement need the most love!

  303. The kitchen!

  304. Lorraine Fergsuon says:

    I could use every product above in just my kitchen!

  305. I really have been unable to keep the top of my fridge clean. I swear its my everest. Funny thing is I’m five foot nothing and can’t see it unless I’m up on a ladder but the idea of the dinge and dust haunts my dreams:) what a great giveaway!

  306. Our “pantry” needs cleaning like polar bears need snow. There are no doors on it and my younget likes to explore. I’m pretty sure I’ll get home tonight to a trail of flour leading somewhere.

  307. DEBRA THOMPSON says:

    I need the Swiffer for my ceiling fans, They are unreachable

  308. I need the swifter for all of my blinds.

  309. I need the Dawn! I don’t have a dishwasher so I go thru bottles of that stuff pretty frequently.

  310. My bathrooms could use some cleaning help!

  311. Amanda Wigley says:

    I could definitely use the Swiffer, all over the house! Ceiling fans, fridge, shelves, you name it!

  312. The display ledge above my kitchen cabinets would really benefit from the swiffer 360 duster!

  313. Melissa L. says:

    I could really use all of the cleaning products for my livingroom. It could really use a dust and shine! And the gift card would be great to get things fixed up in here! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  314. Our living room and kitchen really need to be spiffed up for Christmas!

  315. my second bedroom, which has been used for storage but i’d like to make a guest room

  316. Carol Machovec says:

    Living with 3 Golden Retrievers, I would be kidding myself if I ever thought my home was “really” clean all at one time. I’m always in the cleaning mode around here. If it’s not dusting those fan blades high over head or wiping up the spilled water bowl on the floor from over active pups, while I’m trying to keep the doggy smell out of my home. But I do love my girls!

  317. Cali Levine says:

    I could use the febreeze and swiffer dusters in my whole house! I could really, really use the Home Depot gift card to do faux brick around my fireplace! Inspired by you! Our FP is so plain jane (just regular old sheet rock) and I have been trying to find something to spruce it up and just saw your brick above your plant shelf and I think you have solved my problem! Next problem is convincing my hubby…that gift card would help!

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