Hey, hey, hey!! Welcome 2014! Do you have your ducks in a row and have you set your goals for 2014? I am quite proud of myself that I am setting goals this early. Last year I didn’t post my goal for 2013 until JULY!  Whoopsie. It’s ok, better late than never, right!?!? Virtual high fives to those that have read that post.

When it comes to resolutions every year, I think:

ditto copy

HA! Can you relate?

In all reality, I am one of those people that has to write down my goals to make them “real”.

So, my goals this year are:

1. Be considerate to myself and others. {Yes, this is a repeat from last year, and I’m ok with that. I set my goals so late last year, and I think it’s a great goal to keep at the forefront of my mind.} This goal specifically has a few sub-points:

A. In order to feel like a good mom, wife, and neighbor, I need to have time to do favors and service for my family, friends, and neighbors. So, the first part of being considerate is to pay closer attention to the needs around me.

B. Get more sleep {which we have been working on since our sleep wellness webinar,

and C.  Talk nicer to myself {in my head}.  If you are woman, I bet you can relate. I heard someone say, “You need to talk to yourself like you would your child or your sister. You would NEVER talk the way you talk to yourself like you would talk to them.” It’s true. I’ve caught myself scolding myself over silly things. Being aware of this bad habit has already improved it.

2. Relax with my relationship with food. I stress about food. I am constantly hard on myself for not eating “perfectly” and I am learning that this is a big reason why I am overweight. Food is fuel, and it isn’t the enemy. So instead of dieting in 2014, I’m relaxing with my relationship with food. I’m going to try hard to take care of my body and do what makes it feel good, and let me tell ya, when I eat badly, I feel it instantly, and I feel like CRAP.

3. Lose weight. DUH, doesn’t everybody!?! Although I know this isn’t a weight loss blog, I have shared my weight struggles occasionally, and I will keep you up to date with my progress at times.  I am using myfitness pal, and if you want to by my friend, my username is brookeulrich.  I am already in a pretty darn good exercising habit {like I posted about HERE}, and I have teamed up with an AWESOME KICK BUTT trainer to help me stay on track! MEET AMIE! On a side note, I’m convinced that all my trainer friends have this sick obsession with watching people suffer. The twinkle in their eyes when I’m about to throw up is pure proof.


She has already taught me so much, and I am really excited for 2014! In fact, I’m doing a “no sugar challenge” with her right now, and you are totally welcome to join in!

My cute hubby just bought me a Polar FT4 heart rate monitor to track my calories burned during my workouts. I am stoked to finally know how many calories I’m burning instead of guessing!


I challenge you all to write down your goals for this year too! In fact, share them with me in my comments! I would love to hear them!!




  1. says

    Hi Brooke! I love your first goal! It’s something I want to work on myself this year. My “goal” for this year is “LESS”. Less clutter in my home and in my head. Less weight on my body. Less time spent doing things that don’t make me happy. And less time spent online, so I can spend more time on my family. Thanks for sharing your goals! Hope this year brings you many blessings!

  2. says

    My goals this year are to live healthier (eat better and be more active) and enjoy life (stop just going through the motions and start appreciating the moments, big and small).

    I’m totally going to add you on myfitness pal! I only have 1 of my coworkers on there, so I could use more friends to motivate me to track my progress. My user name is swhirai22, just so you know when you see the request.

  3. Peter Jordan says

    My goal the last three years, and will again be my number one goal is to be legit and honest in all circumstances . Not to be even a hint of shady in all situations. I have picked up on the fact my for kid’s little eyes are picking up on all my actions theses days especially when i think no one is looking. So at every grocery transaction our drive through… No exceptions, just legit. Every time paying for parking…legit. Honest when i screw up, or am late. Its been so healthy for me to be transparent, no pressure of ever being “caught”. Also this year, practice intentionality. Introduce my daughter to proper romancing, and show my the sons how to cherish their mother. Sounds idealistic, i know, but had renewed clarity that i only got one shot at this!

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