Decorating with Books {How to recover books with paper}

Jan 27th, 2014

I am obsessed with decorating with books lately. I am decorating above my kitchen cabinets right now and I’m using books in several spots, and I’m totally digging it.


I created these cute little books by taping decorative paper to the outsides. It was a super fast project, and they make me happy every time I look at them. {That signifies a successful project in my opinion.}

All you need to complete this project yourself is:

A pile of books {I prefer them to be the same size}. I got mine at D.I. (Utah’s version of Goodwill} for less than a dollar each. The books I used are the condensed Reader’s Digest books.

Decorative paper {I purchased this pack of folders at Target in the dollar section about a month ago}.

Scotch tape

A pencil

and A paper cutter

Step 1: Measure the book and mark the outside with a pencil. Leave the length of the paper as long as possible.


Step 2: Cut the paper with your paper cutter to fit the size of your book. You will notice that most of the time, you do not have enough paper to go all the way around your book. Don’t worry, you will never see it.

covering-books-with-paper making-book-covers-out-of-paper

Step 3: Tape the paper on the inside of one edge of your book to hold it into place.


and secure the other side with tape also. See how it doesn’t reach all the way around the book. It’s ok. {Yes, I realize that this book is super cute without the paper! But, I wanted all my books to match each other this time…I can always remove the paper down the road if I want to.}


When you stack your books, you won’t be able to see it.


Continue covering your books until you have your desired amount.


I even have enough paper left over that I can cover more later if I want to.

diy-decorative-books decorate-with-books-above-kitchen-cabinets

I stacked my books on top of my kitchen cabinets, and like I said earlier I love how cute they turned out. They make me happy when I look up there.




Books are a fun way to add fun details to any space in my opinion. Plus it’s a super inexpensive project! That’s a win/win!

xoxo, Happy Monday!


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