Life is a Highway Date Night Basket Giveaway!

Jan 15th, 2014

After four kids tugging on my arm and my hubby’s leg for the last 12 years, the best way to rekindle our flame is to hit the road for a day or two sans kids! So, this Valentine’s Date Night Basket is exactly that! I am SUPER excited. After all, Valentine’s Day will be here before we know it! I hope these 28 date night baskets will give you a TON of ideas for Valentine’s Day!

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Love is in the air, friends!

We are celebrating February, 14th 2014 with an incredible giveaway that you won’t want to miss!

Are you ready for this?! TWENTY-EIGHT of our FAVORITE bloggers have put together amazing Valentine’s Day baskets filled with everything you will need for fun, romantic night! That’s right, ladies… no more stressing over what to do or scrambling at the last minute to pull together a memorable evening.

Valentine’s Day is 100% planned for the lucky recipients of these twenty-eight gorgeous baskets!

Each of our blogging friends {and US} are giving away a unique themed date night basket valued at over $100 each to make your evening something you will treasure forever!

Here’s a peek at all 28 giveaway baskets:

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Are you ready for a chance to enter 28 AMAZING Giveaways AND meet some of our favorite blogging friends?

Welcome to The ULTIMATE Valentine’s Day Basket + Blog Hop!!

Here’s What You Do:

#1) Are you sitting down?!! Ready to feast on all the delicious eye candy of the amazing giveaways you are about to enter? I thought so!

#2) Scroll down further in this post to get a more DETAILED description of what WE’RE giving away.

#3) Enter OUR giveaway at the very bottom of the post.

#4) Time to start “blog-hopping!” Click on each of our friends’ links below & enter ALL of their giveaways!

#5) Definitely take time to check out each of these sites. We have quite the variety of talented ladies participating in this! You are in for a REAL treat!!


Here’s a little sneak peek at this fabulous “Life is a Highway” Basket! You will not be disappointed with all the fun goodies you will find in here!!


Click on each link to view each site, and enter to win their “Valentine’s Date Night” basket. If you receive an error message, click to the blog’s home page. So much inspiration, right?!?

1. The Dating Divas 2. Bombshell Bling 3. Thirty Handmade Days 4. All Things Thrifty 5. Nobiggie 6. A Little Tipsy 7. The Crafting Chicks 8. Capturing Joy with Kristen Duke 9. Skip To My Lou 10. Snap 11. Fun Cheap Or Free 12. Positively Spendid 13. My Sister’s Suitcase 14. The 36th Avenue 15. Smitten By 16. The Idea Room 17. 4 Men 1 Lady 18. Girl Loves Glam 19. The Diva Dish 20. Entirely Eventful Day 21. Tatertots & Jello 22. Just A Girl 23. Dollar Store Crafts 24. The SITS Girls 25. Lolly Jane 26. Design Dazzle 27. My Insanity 28. Not Just A Housewife


This was so fun to put together! I literally did all my shopping with my main man in mind! We’re talking gift cards to some yummy restaurants (ie. Cheesecake Factory, Outback & Buffalo Wild Wings), the movies, $50 towards a fun evening at the hotel of your choice, and treats galore! I mean, what man doesn’t love beef jerky and easy cheese?? I also added some fun reading material for when you’re relaxing at the hotel. And don’t forget to use the cute printable if you’re going to make your own basket!                              Valued at over $250


**This basket would be so fun to put together no matter the price tag! This was just really extravagant so that it would be an amazing package for one of you guys to win!!**

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  1. I would love to take Patrick on an overnight to Charleston. We love Charleston!

  2. Lisa Brown says:

    i would go on a picnic to the wine country and take it all with me for a relaxing day outdoors in the spring

  3. I would take my wife on a short little trip within a couple of hours from out house, just the two of us!

  4. I think for the snacks we would probably have a movie night in. We’re normally pretty tame about what we eat while watching movies, but I think Valentine’s Day would be an exception! As for the rest, I could see some trips to restaurants in our future! XD

    • Great Ideas! I would take my boyfriend a night on the town and one of the places will be Outback for dinner and dessert at Cheesecake Factory.

  5. I would go absolutely anywhere! We have young children, one with special needs, and hardly ever get out. I would love some alone time with the love of my life, and this would be extravagant for us. I’ve always wanted to go to a Cheescake Factory, I’ve heard it is fabulous. I would go bonkers if we won! Thank you for the chance to win!

  6. Emilie Proctor says:

    I would take a trip to our nearest big city and eat at The Cheesecake Factory! I have always wanted to try that place!!

  7. courtney b says:

    probably up north somewhere like prescott or flagstaff !

  8. Blake Kaplan says:

    I would go on a picnic

  9. I would take a trip to orlando! shopping, dinner and maybe a theme park! So much fun!

  10. This is such a fun giveaway!! Kudos to you for putting together such a fun date night gift basket!! I would be thrilled to win!

  11. We’d probably go to Philly for the weekend! There’s so much to see and do, and we haven’t visited all of the landmarks yet!

  12. Camille Fairbanks says:

    We would take off to the big SLC, leave the baby with grandma, and RELAX for a few days!!

    • Safire Waldron says:

      With a two year old and newborn in the house a weekend trip to historic Weston, MO sounds just perfect! Thank you for the Valentine’s Day assist!

  13. Darcy Martin says:

    LOVE Cheescake Factory!! And what a treat to have a night out with the love of my life!! :)

  14. WOW – that is a nice basket! It wouldnt matter where I went as long as my son was with his grandparents and it was just my husband and I!

  15. We are going to be celebrating our 25 wedding anniversary!! I would love to have this to take on our trip to Chicago!

  16. Love this basket! What a fun idea!

  17. What a perfect basket for a weekend getaway to the mountains!

  18. NYC baby

  19. Oh! I’d make my way through the gift cards with dinner, at one, dessert at another, the movie….

  20. I’m sure that we’d either drive down to San Francisco or maybe stay a little more local and go to Chico, CA or up to the mountains @ Mt. Shasta.

  21. Amy Perry says:

    What a great idea!!!! I would take my husband to Palmetto Bluff where we spent our honeymoon. We haven’t been back and that would be so fun!!

  22. Such a fun giveaway!!

  23. I think we would run up to Cincinnati – its close, but still out of town!!

  24. It doesn’t matter where I go just so long as I go. I so need a vacation.

  25. I would go up to Portland ME such a cute town!

  26. Margie Young says:

    We would go to Eurika Springs and stay in a bed and bath for some much needed R & R.

  27. Miranda Kerley says:

    I would love to go to Asheville for the weekend. I’ve been dying to go!

  28. We would probably go to Chicago! :)

  29. Melissa B says:

    This basket looks awesome, more than just one date night with all those gift cards.

  30. Stephanie says:

    We would go to Chicago and see a show

  31. Heather Hayes Panjon says:

    I’d Go To A Cabin In The Country.

  32. Awesome giveaway! We would pick a nice hotel downtown! We have always wanted to do a staycation!

  33. Brooke T. says:

    I’d go to an elegant gatsby-era hotel we have in the city! Sounds pretty romantic!

  34. Park city is far enough for me but still close for a fun weekend get away love this. Thanks for doing this.

  35. A little cabin in the woods. :)

  36. Andrea Nelson says:

    New York would be fun!!

  37. This is a great idea! I would go to Salt Lake and enjoy the big city. (

  38. I’d love to go a couple hours north and spend some time in the mountains!

  39. Elizabeth says:

    We would likely go on a weekend getaway to Chicago or Nashville!

  40. We would probably go to Nashville, TN. It’s a pretty interesting city.

  41. Santa Fe. Close to home, but away from the kids.

  42. chrissy c says:

    We would go somewhere in Michigan!

  43. Angela Cardoza says:

    This basket looks Awesome!

  44. I would go to the beach! The ocean during off season is fantastic!! What a great giveaway.

  45. This looks like so much fun! If I won we would probably we would probably head up to salt lake.

  46. To the ocean.

  47. Christina Caswell says:

    This would be great for a weekend getaway for my husband and I

  48. We have an anniversary coming up . . . I’m not sure where we’d go, but the kids would have fun at their grandparents’ house! :)

  49. Great gift card choices! Buffalo Wild Wings is my husbands favorite and we never go cause I tell him it’s too expensive for our budget so that would definitely be an awesome valentines gift for him!

  50. What an amazing giveaway! I think we would stay local…head to Cheesecake Factory for dinner and downtown for an overnight stay.

  51. kresta underwood says:

    We would go to Tahoe

  52. Such a cute idea and a great basket!

  53. I snag my hubby and whisk him off to Kansas City!

  54. This is amazing! I would like a weekend getaway to somewhere in the NC mountains but my hubby would love a dinner at outback and a movie!

  55. There are so many great romantic spots nearby. Living on the Florida coast is awesome for that feature if nothing else. An easy getaway on the beach or an island (even better) would be perfect.

  56. Chicago – great getaway from Detroit area!

  57. Lisa Beech says:

    Pittsburgh! Woot! Love that city!

  58. Shannon P. says:

    We would definitely head to the Charleston or the beach

  59. loretta patzner says:

    Love this concept. I plan to give little cards/notes feb 1-14. DH will find them when he gets home from work. Or I will hide in his shoes/ etc.

  60. I would go to a nearby town and do a gallery walk with my husband. We love to stroll through galleries but never take the time to do it.

  61. Barbara S says:

    I would go out to the Hamptons being it’s the off season

  62. Kady Sanders says:

    Everything in this basket looks great! Good luck to all the entries!!

  63. I would go to Mesa, AZ. It is coming up on my 11th anniversary with my husband and we have yet to do anything on our anniversary besides just going out to dinner. This is going to be our first year leaving our three kids overnight to really spend special time together.

  64. The NC mountains! I love it there!

  65. We would go to Chicago!

  66. Your basket looks so fun! We would probably pick Indy since it’s close to home but still away :)

  67. Love is in the air! Valentine’s day is the best! Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  68. We would probably go somewhere close maybe Detroit

  69. I would go to the beach to watch the sunset!

  70. Thinking a night in Cocoa Beach, Florida.

  71. Sara Phillips says:

    We would love to go anywhere to just get away! probably nashville, TN

  72. well it isn’t very romantic, but I would actually meet my mom at cheesecake factory and treat her with the gift card. the only one around is near her house, and it would be a nice girls date. thanks!

  73. We would work our way up to the UP in the fall!

  74. somewhere WARM!

  75. We would go to the beach!

  76. Stephanie says:

    We would go to Park City!!!! thanks so much for the chance to win!! So exciting!!

  77. Great giveaway! We love road trips – just the 2 of us.

  78. Heather G. says:

    My hubby and I are expecting baby #2 in June… getting a few dates in and an overnight before this summer would be like a “babymoon”!! :)

  79. Fun giveaway! We would probably head to a night out just up the road from us. One of our favorite spots.

  80. We would go to Charlottesville, VA for the night. We always talk about it, but never make it a priority in the budget. This would make it happen. Thanks for putting together such a fun and creative prize!

  81. With a 2 month old and a 2 year old just getting out of the house to go to dinner by ourselves for an hour sounds like a luxury right now! That and a massage….mmmmm…. And with my birthday two days after valentines day my husband gets a double whammy every year!

  82. Jennifer Munoz says:

    I would go to a bread and breakfast with my husband and celebrate our 11yr anniversary. We were married on Valentine’s day!

  83. Oh my husband and I could use a date night so badly! What a great idea.

  84. What a great basket! Thanks for the chance to win!

  85. I would love to go anywhere at this point, but I think for now I would like to explore Northern New Mexico or Northern California.

  86. I would go to Washington DC!

  87. We’d head to one of the cities near us and enjoy ourselves!

  88. An ultimate date would be going to Disneyland, but our favorite date is getting a Starbucks and going to the book store. Thanks!

  89. We would go to Denver, where we met. Great town and so much to do! :)

  90. We live in Texas, so I would love to travel to San Antonio for a getaway with my husband.

  91. Sarah Randash says:

    I would just take the opportunity to get out of the house for a night and spend the evening having fun and playing!

  92. Abby Shoen says:

    Valentines day is very special to me because that is when my husband proposed. I know it’s the day where most proposals happen but I was 3 hrs away at college on a week night so it was definitely unexpected. If I won I would probably go to Mystic lake casino (in Minnesota) because they always have concerts, a lot of fun, and big tubs!! ( It’s been really really cold up here lately!

  93. I would take hubby to the “city” for a great night out!

  94. Alison Shoepe says:

    We’d go out for dinner and then hit a movie! Not exciting, but a night out with no kiddos!

  95. I would *LOVE* to go to the beach, but since I’m in Iowa, I would love to head on up to Minneapolis. They have so much going on!!!

  96. Alissa L. says:

    Wow! Thanks for the great inspiration. It’s true, sometimes we have a hard time planning something great for him. I would love to take him to Sedona or San Diego. Thanks for the give away! I’m also excited to see what the other bloggers put together for more inspiring ideas.

  97. January Brown says:

    I would take my husband on a picnic out in the country away from the kiddos so we could be alone.

  98. Somewhere warm! or head into the city (Chicago) for the weekend

  99. We would head a couple hours away from home and enjoy a quiet night, just the 2 of us!

  100. I would love to go to a city or town we never heard of and explore. you never know what you will find and it would be like an adventure.

  101. Oh how darling! We would road trip to KC!!!!!

  102. We’ve always wanted to see Cincinnati or Louisville since they’re kind of close!

  103. What an awesome basket! My husband and I talk all the time about just getting a hotel room downtown and having a mini stay-cation. Valentines day would be perfect for that!

  104. What an amazing basket to win! I hope I win!!!

  105. colette tervort says:

    a weekend getaway to St. George

  106. oooo girl this is an awesome giveaway! pick me pick me!

  107. Denise Anderson says:


  108. we just got home two months ago from a 3 year long adoption process and yet next month is our 20th anniversary!!!! 20 years!!!! we just sat snuggled on the couch last night talking about sneaking away for just two nights to Chicago. all we need is each other but this basket would be a perfect addition to our weekend!

  109. Christine Linn says:

    Whoah! I need to win this! We are planning a trip now to Florida and this would be the perfect thing to take along with us. I always need a good traveling book.

  110. What an awesome giveaway! Currently we are in a trying stage of life as we are caring for our toddler daughter and undergoing another round of fertility treatments after a recent loss….a get-a-way is soooo needed! I would take even a night out at a local hotel at this rate! Fingers crossed!

  111. Great giveaway!

  112. This is amazing! We would either go to Atlanta for the weekend. We live a couple hours away and going to the city would be fun!

  113. I’d take my husband on a mini getaway: get a hotel, go to dinner and a movie! He works so hard for us and deserves a nice break!!

  114. We would stay somewhere semi-close, but would definetly enjoy a child-free evening together!

  115. we’ve been trying to take a weekend trip to miami and this would be the perfect opportunity!

  116. Montreal

  117. We would find a cabin and enjoy a great outdoor get away! Thanks!

  118. Looks like we would be taking a trip to Boston, the closest Cheesecake Factory!

  119. says:

    I would go to Chicago for the weekend!!

  120. Aleisha T says:

    We love to try to get away to a hotel about 20 minutes away and my little one gets grandparent time. I would definitely surprise him and take him to get a nice steak, his favorite!!

  121. Mandy Baker says:

    I would go for a night out on the town…without the kids :)

  122. I’d take a quick ski trip, just H and I!

  123. Awesome basket! Hope I’m a winner!!

  124. Super Awesome Gift Basket!!! What great ideas for Valentine’s Day!!!
    After 25yrs, maybe we’ll have to do something special! =)

    Thanks to all the great bloggers!

  125. We would probably go to Florida.

  126. Lindsey Woolard says:

    Probably just up the street to the beach – off season, fewer people, cooler weather, a good chance to reconnect!

  127. Theresa Box says:

    We would take a trip to our local beach for a night away! Such a great basket!

  128. This is such a perfect basket. After 28 years of Marriage our children are finally old enough that we can take a weekend a do a road trip. Looking forward to many more Valentine Days together

  129. I would go anywhere! I love to travel and am always open to trying new places!

  130. We would go on a road trip to Cape May, NJ.

  131. We definitely would do a night out in Atlanta. He used to work down there, but we’ve never really taken the time to enjoy Atlanta. We live about an hour away from Atlanta and it would be nice to see Atlanta in the evening and indulge in some of the restaurants and shopping there.

  132. Bree Robertson says:

    Vegas Baby!!!

  133. Annemarie says:

    We would go to Chicago!

  134. I would go to Biltmore. That has always been one of our favorite places to visit.

  135. Michelle Carter says:

    I’d go to Park City for a little staycation without kids.

  136. I think a cabin at a state park would be perfect!

  137. We’d go to the Gulf Coast, either Panama City or Destin :)


  138. I’d take my man to wine country which is about a two hour drive (from NYC) but well worth the trip

  139. My man and I would probably go rent a room at the Oregon Coast. We love to spend time near the water. Plus there is this hotel that he has been wanting to take me too for a while now but we either don’t have the money or time to go.

  140. Park City is easy, but I’d love to go to Hawaii!

  141. We’d probably just stay in a hotel downtown.

  142. A trip to a great b&b called the Homestead, a swim in the crater and a sleigh ride!

  143. I’d really like to have a weekend getaway with my husband in Destin, FL!

  144. To the beach!

  145. I love the basket and have been wanting to read that trilogy!

  146. Kathy hale says:

    What a fun idea. Man I sure could use a date night.

  147. Shanna Uptergrove says:

    I’d love to take this basket to Dallas!! We are long overdue for a family trip!

  148. Kirsta Black says:

    If only I lived closer to the beach! We would probably have to head to Park City or St. Geroge for some time away from the kids!

  149. Park City!!

  150. I would go to a bed & breakfast! :)

  151. we already have a road trip to Atlanta planned for March!

  152. Sharlene Piscitelli says:

    Chicago–lots to see and do and most of all our son is there!

  153. Camille Lomax says:

    A quick trip out to Palm Springs for sun, relaxation and perhaps a little romance…. :)

  154. We’d probably go to a little historic town a couple hours away.

  155. I think we would go to Seattle for the weekend!

  156. Jean Betters says:

    My husband and I would go to dinner followed by a night away at a hotel.

  157. We would drive south, wherever we can find warmth. But seriously, Vegas would be a great getaway!

  158. My man LOVES him some easy cheese. :D What a great basket! I would love to treat my sweetheart with those great goodies. He’s so good to me he deserves. it.

  159. My man LOVES him some easy cheese. :D What a great basket! I would love to treat my sweetheart with those great goodies. He’s so good to me he deserves. it.

  160. Somewhere sunny & 75 :)

  161. Maribeth M says:

    Would probably stick around town. I’ve only been here (Columbus, OH) 2 years, so there is plenty to still see and do.

  162. Catherine in MI says:

    The beef jerky made me laugh out loud. My husband is all about that stuff.

    I think we’d either drive up to Traverse City (our fave Valentine’s Day destination when we were broke youngsters without kids) or get a hotel room on the lake (because that is ALWAYS beautiful!).

    Thanks so much for the chance. This will definitely make someone’s VDay memorable.

  163. I would love to go to the beach since it is freezing here! But we would probably head up to Minneapolis – so many new things to do!

  164. I would go into dc for tours

  165. crystal moyer says:

    we would stay local (kids) have a awesome kidless date night dinner and a motel it is very much needed ty for the chance

  166. Would love to go to the shore!

  167. Shannon Bryant says:

    Oh… I’d go to New Orleans. So spooky, romantic, and special. Love that place!

  168. Shannon Bryant says:

    Oh… I’d go to New Orleans. So spooky, romantic, and special. Love that place!

  169. Danyiel Johnson says:

    Oh this would be so much fun, maybe a night in Cleveland.

  170. Channie Shearer` says:

    It would take some research to find these places in Wyoming but it sure would be fun trying! Thanks for the awesome basket!

  171. We would go stay at one of the Wineries in Wine Country, Temecula! (:

  172. Heather S. says:

    We might visit Louisville or Indianapolis! Great Basket!!

  173. I would go to Myrtle beach or just a drive up to the mountains. It would be amazing to take a break with out the kiddos for a night!!

  174. The beach of course!!

  175. Would love to go to Chicago!

  176. Natalie Campbell says:

    I would take my husband out of town for the day! Maybe get a massage and dessert!

  177. Where would I go? Anywhere but here! Great giveaway!

  178. Either Chicago or Lake Geneva! I know we’d have lots of fun at either place! Thanks for the amazing giveaway!

  179. I would go to St. George (your stomping grounds!) to get away from the cold Idaho winter!

  180. LOL, we’d probably have to go to Kansas City as that is the closest city with any decent restaurants in it. Otherwise, I’d head to a tent in the pasture and camp out with a huge sleeping bag and a campfire.

  181. Tiffin Clark says:

    What a fun idea! The beach sounds like the perfect place to relax with my husband.

  182. we live outside of Houston, so we would definitely use this to make a fun weekend date downtown. Also, we LOVE the cheesecake factory, so I’d love to win this giveaway particularly.

  183. Great giveaway! My husband and I just celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary and we’re planning a getaway for this spring to celebrate…maybe to Charleston, SC…

  184. I would go to Philly. My fiance would love the history and neither one of us have actually beem there.

  185. This is the perfect basket! We love taking road trips!

  186. Beef jerky? There’s no way my husband would say “no” to that! And I would push for an adventure up north in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I always love that city for a get-away!

  187. So cute! St. George to get warm!

  188. We’d probably head over to Kansas City for a night.

  189. Samantha Dyreng says:

    I want to win this SO. BAD! Awesome giveaway! Valentines has always been one of my favorite!

  190. Downtown Houston here we come!

  191. I think we’d go to Washington DC!

  192. I would head up to Orlando for the night to use our season passes to Sea World!

  193. I’d go anywhere…My husband and I rarely get time away to ourselves (I can think of one time since our 4-year-old son was born). It would be so refreshing!

  194. Kim Henrichs says:

    Love it!! Would love to go into Boston!

  195. I would go to West Yellowstone, Montana where they have some adorable cozy little cabins!

  196. Casey Britton says:

    Anywhere as long as my husband is with me! :)

  197. I think we’d head to McMennimins… super fun hotel that is quirky and unique!

  198. Maggie D. says:

    Oh gosh. I would go anywhere, really! My hubby and I haven’t gotten a chance to go on a weekend getaway since our baby was born. He’s 16 months old now, so winning this would be AWESOME!

  199. I’ve been eyeing Hershey Lodge for my anniversary. The gc would be awesome!

  200. Just finding the time for my husband and I to go to Cheesecake Factory would be a real treat!

  201. Orlando :)

  202. Angela Newsome says:

    I think we would take a little weekend getaway to TN
    Valentines Day is also our Anniversary so it would be perfect!

  203. Carrie Eastman says:

    I would love to take my man to the mountains!!

  204. This basket looks amazing!! I would LOVE it!!! Think the hubs might too :)

  205. We’d probably head down to Indianapolis because we could drop the kids off at my parents on the way. This is truly an awesome prize. My husband would totally enjoy all those goodies you’re providing. Thanks sincerely for the chance to win.

  206. What a wonderful gift!!

  207. Andrea Thompson says:

    Oh how fun. With 4 kids we could use a night away!!!! Probably head down to our favorite spot in Dana Point… beautiful by the beach!!!

  208. Kim Bawden says:

    i WOULD HEAD DOWN TO GOOD OLD ST GEORGE IN uTAH! my favorite place this time of year.

  209. We would go to Portland. My folks live there and could watch the kids so we could have a date. :D!

  210. We’d probably go skiing.

  211. We’d probably just go ‘downtown’ for the evening and have a night away from the kids.

  212. Emily Grant says:

    A getaway from the kids would be perfect :)

  213. Lies De Sutter says:

    I live in Belgium, so I would like to take my boyfriend to a ovely chalet in the Ardennen

  214. I love this giveaway! Thank you for this awesome opportunity! If I won, I would definitely go to my loved one’s house and celebrate with him! :)

  215. I love this giveaway! Thank you for this awesome opportunity! If I won, I would definitely go to my loved one’s house and celebrate with him! :)

  216. I would love any of this!!!

  217. I would love to take my husband on our honeymoon that we never got to take!!

  218. Probably head to DC. Lots to do there!

  219. I’d start doing research for an awesome hotel in the Phoenix/Mesa area…a staycation. :)

  220. I would love to take my husband to a nearby city, so that we don’t have to worry about going too far away….but can still REALLY enjoy a getaway!

  221. We would leave the kids and some of the treats with my sister and then head to Salt Lake. We haven’t had a night away in a long time. I love that you included the books. Those would keep my 16 yr old daughter busy till we got back, then I could read them!

  222. Oh heavens we need this! After a crazy few weeks if painting an entire house and moving and cleaning out/repairing our old place the hubby and I need a place to just relax! We would prob head to slc or house since we don’t have a Cheesecake Factory here but even better! Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  223. Pam Miller says:

    U.P.= Up North! Sugar Island, Michigan. Our favorite get away in the world! Could you be any place sweeter than “Sugar Island”?

  224. Our anniversary is very close to valentines and we are hoping to go back to our honeymoon spot in Hot Springs so I’d use it towards that :)

  225. Madison Gamblin says:

    Our first date and engagement weekend was in Savannah, GA at River Street, so I would love to go back there for our FIRST VALENTINE’S <3

  226. I would love to go up north here in MI… just a nice little weekend away.

  227. We would take a weekend trip up to Colorado and enjoy some yummy food & breathtaking mountain views!

  228. I want to win.

  229. Michelle Horvath says:

    Would love to spend the weekend in Bricktown, OKCity! What a fun giveaway!

  230. To the beach!!!

  231. We have been wanting to get up north to do some snowshoeing.

  232. Mandi Noel says:

    My husband and I are moving across the country soon. It’s going to take us several days to get there, and this kit would make the drive so much more fun! Thanks for offering it!!

  233. Tabitha Reed says:

    We would definitely take a trip to the Smokies. We won’t get to actually spend Valentine’s Day together this year, but the weekend after is all for us. I’m almost done with my undergrad degree, so hopefully this is our last V-day spent separated!

  234. We are looking forward to time away to look at houses.

  235. I would take it to the beach as soon as it warm was warm enough!

  236. I think this giveaway is a husbands dream giveaway! lol I would go to all those restaurants that I’ve never been to before…all of them! And I would love to sneak all that candy into a movie ;)

  237. I would probably go to Cincinnati. Close but still going out of town!

  238. I would go ANYWHERE! Someplace not with my 3 chillins. I’m not picky!

  239. Stephanie Kenyon says:

    We would go to Tallahassee, FL… Just right down the road from our small town. Any way to get out of the house is good with me. This is an AWESOME giveaway!!!!

  240. This is such a fun give away–I would pick a mountain cabin with a big fireplace to relax in front of and watch the snow fall…

  241. I would love to get away for the weekend to get away from the books and assignments since we are college students!

  242. Natasha K says:

    We would go as far away as we could for a small getaway weekend.

  243. Nikki Blasdell says:

    This would be sweet!!

  244. Andrea B. says:

    We’ve been wanting to take a ski trip to SLC, but haven’t had the money. This would be the perfect spring board for that trip!

  245. Would love to spend some time in Indianapolis!

  246. I would go to Boston for the Weekend!

  247. Anywhere with my hubby would be a great time. We have two munchkins so we get very little time to our selves! Maybe to York beach…once it warms up a little that is :)

  248. Tia Wardell says:

    Love the giveaway :) my husband and I would probably head up to the mountains to a cabin. One of our favorite spots.

  249. This sounds amazing- I would just have to convince my parents to take their grandson for a night… :)

  250. Laurel O. says:

    I’d love to go to Lake Geneva with my hubby for a weekend.

  251. Sam LeBaron says:

    My husband and I have not been on an overnight get away since our first was 6 months old! This would be a perfect date for us and could help with our baby-moon to Las Vegas or Salt Lake before having number 3! Great basket! Love it!!!!!

  252. Rebecca D says:

    We would probably go to the coast or to Portland, OR (Our nearest large city).

  253. Oh and I would go anywhere! Doesn’t matter as long as I’ve got my man!

  254. This would be such a fun Valentine Basket to win!! We would probably stay close by maybe explore a Colorado mountain town :)

  255. I would love the warmth and sun but thats far from New England right now!

  256. beverly e says:

    I would give this to my sister and brother-in-law… they could really use a “getaway ” right now!

  257. I want to go anywhere – desperately need a break from work! :)

  258. We would most likely go to our favorite cabin in the mountains!

  259. Oh, LOVE LOVE LOVE this gift basket idea! Where to? Probably Boston. Haven’t been there in ages and have never been with my bf!

  260. Whitney Albertson says:

    We haven’t had a date night in about a year and a half. I think we would just go to Salt Lake City/ City Creek for a night away.

  261. We would go to either Philly or New York City!

  262. Michelle Featherston says:

    This is such a cool package!!

  263. Brittney Musgrove says:

    I would go to the beach!! Need somewhere warm with all this cold weather!

  264. Gillian Lewis says:

    We love the Oregon Coast, so that’s where I would want to go for a Valentine’s Day getaway. We have our 25th wedding anniversary coming up, so this would definitely help kickstart things!

  265. Michelle Featherston says:

    I want to go to Colorado!!

  266. What an AWESOME basket! My fiance would be in heaven, you have included some of his all time favorite things =D

  267. We are fortunate to live an hour and a half away from the coast and the mountains so one of those 2 destinations is a great getaway.

  268. I would take my hubby to the mountains for a long weekend! Thanks for the giveaway!

  269. Betty Baez says:

    Awesome! I would go to the cheesecake factory then to the waterfront!!

  270. I love this date night idea, so fun! I think my guy would love the get away too. I don’t know where we’d go but the trip would be fabulous!

  271. Nashville or Chattanooga. We live between both!

  272. I would go to centre parcs for a little getaway!

  273. I love your basket! We probably wouldn’t go anywhere, but we would enjoy it together (:

  274. Love this! so adorable and would be a blessing to my husband and I! :]

  275. Head out to the mountains and enjoy some Virginia WInes

  276. Anywhere would be awesome!

  277. Shannon Rode says:

    Awesome idea! I would go up north out of the city!

  278. LOVE this basket! Would love a night out!

  279. I would go on a little babymoon/valentines day/7 year anniversary getaway with my husband to Monterey to celebrate our relationship before baby #3 arrives.

  280. This basket looks amazing!!!

  281. WoW! What an awesome giveaway :) I would take my fiance to the place we met for some nostalgic love!

  282. We just moved to Missouri in Sept so I would love to go to Springfield and check out everything the city has to offer

  283. Would love to spend a weekend in Charleston!

  284. I think I’d like to let my daughter spend the night at her friend’s house ( she’s not keen on roughing it), and my husband and I could go camping for an evening. We could take a long hike and snuggle by the bonfire.

  285. Julee Irish says:

    There is a pretty Hilton Garden Inn on the river here that I’ve always wanted to go to – this might be my chance :)

  286. Melaney R says:

    i would go to the cheesecake factory and then for a walk in the park!

  287. What a fun giveaway! I think we would go to the beach for the weekend :)

  288. Kathleen Picon says:

    I would go to the beach and hope for warmer weather. Thanks for the chance to win such a wonderful and fabulous basket

  289. We’d go anywhere that is just the two of us! Getting out without all 5 kids for just one night would be great! Although if I could CHOOSE a place to go that was outside of small town Idaho it’d probably be to New York, we always talk about going there!

  290. The beach!!!

  291. Joanne K. says:

    Great basket! I absolutely LOVE the can of cheese, my favorite topping on crackers!!! ???

  292. I would go to the mountains camping.

  293. I would pick a mountain hide away-awesome giveaway

  294. Licia Thompson says:

    Tulsa with my sweet hubby.

  295. If I win, I’m roadtripping to NH! Thanks for the giveaway!

  296. We would go to San Antonio TX..Love that city!

  297. Lauren Williams says:

    This basket is so great! Would love to win this for my fiancé and I!

  298. This is a great giveaway. Thank you.

  299. I would go to the mountains for a relaxing weekend!

  300. Pamela Holland says:

    Road trip for the valentines weekend! Wonderful idea!! Great way to celebrate our 25th Valentines together!

  301. Well first I would cry. Then I would take my husband out on a date, and make it a complete surprise! We’re due with our first baby next week, and he’s taken such great care of me the last 9 months that I’d love to take him out. :) (Also, that book series is one of my new favorites, it’s so good!)

  302. This looks like so much fun! Anywhere sounds great right now. Probably wait until spring and head somewhere warm!

  303. We would head to Salt Lake about an hour away. There is a lot to do down there compared to the small city we live in! It would be the perfect getaway with school just starting.

  304. Probably San Antonio, because it’s close to us, but still far enough away that we can really relax for a little while.

  305. I’d love to go up to northern AZ and stay in a nice resort!

  306. Krista Jones says:

    Such a fun giveaway!

  307. I would go to San Antonio for the weekend! It’s where we went on our Honeymoon and we love it there. :)

  308. Melissa Nichols says:

    I would go to California to relax in the sun with my hubby!!

  309. I wouldn’t go far because we have twinfants who are still nursing, but a quick night away would be nice.

  310. Tammi Laney says:

    Would go on a romantic cruise.

  311. We had a romantic getaway in DC last year. I’d love to go back and do that again.

  312. How much fun is this?!? What a great idea and so much fun that all the bloggers teamed up for this.

  313. Chelsey G says:

    I think it would be fun to go to Vegas

  314. Auburn Clawson says:

    We live out in the country so we would definitely go to the city haha, and definitely drop the kids off at Grandma and Grandpa’s!

  315. Shambray Matthews says:

    What a fun giveaway! I would go south somewhere where it was warmer! Probably St George!

  316. We are big fans of stay-cations. With all the running we do all the time, stay-cations are the way to go. But.. with those nice gift cards, I’m sure we can venture out a bit close to home :)

  317. We would go to this little quaint Italian restaurant that we love.

  318. Stephanie L says:

    I would go downtown Atlanta and enjoy a night in the city! (childless, of course!!)

  319. This looks like so much fun! We would probably go to the only Cheesecake Factory nearby… Novi, MI… or maybe to one not so nearby. ;)

  320. I would go to Park City it is so much fun!

  321. My hubby and I have 5 kids so I have no idea where would go but would love to be able to go anywhere lol

  322. I would take my hubby up to park city for a fun weekend riding the alpine slides with a movie and dinner that night.

  323. Vanessa Fisher says:

    We would love to go to the mountains and enjoy the skiing and the snow! Thanks for an awesome giveaway!!

  324. Jennifer Jensen says:

    Probably up to Salt Lake City, but really, anywhere away from the kids sounds excellent to me!

  325. A rental cabin in the mountains. So pretty.

  326. Rachael Hagerman says:

    What a great basket! Love the choice of books. Can’t wait to see the movie in a few months. :)

  327. Me and my husband have 3 kids, 2 which are twins that are going to be 5 a week before valentines day! We don’t get to get out much, so this would be amazing for us to win!! I don’t know where we would go, but anywhere would be awesome!!!

  328. We would head up into the Sierra Nevada’s for a day in the mountains!

  329. We have not been away for a few years. We both love the Wine Country and would love to go back.

  330. Leigh Ann F says:

    Your basket is adorable! Thank you for putting it together :)

  331. The Smokey Mts! What a great giveaway!

  332. Clarice Patino says:

    Probably Salt Lake City…that’s the closest CHeesecake Factory!

  333. I’d visit my family in Boston!

  334. I would escape down south to Moab & spoil my man! What a fun give away :)

  335. Logan Odom says:

    We would take a quick trip to Nashville!

  336. Shelbi November says:

    We have been wanting to go to St.Louis without the kids. We have never been to the Cheesecake Factory and my husband LOVES cheesecake. We’d love to win this just because of that! GREAT giveaway!!!

  337. salt lake or Park city!!

  338. We’d go drive around Texas! We haven’t had a chance to explore since we moved here two years ago!

  339. Want to drive through West Virginia!

  340. This would be awesome! It takes care of all the details! I think a quick trip to the Smokey Mts…would be awesome! And if that couldn’t be fit in a nice hotel in the area where we could just hang out alone, no outside worries!

  341. Annie Walk says:

    To anywhere but here.

  342. I would go to a small, romantic bed and breakfast where my husband and I could have a nice evening with one on one time to talk and actually not be distracted by the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Get back to the simple things in life and most importantly, spending it together!

  343. anywhere! :)

  344. Darling giveaway!

  345. We’re actually already making plans to head down to the Gulf (Orange Beach, Gulf Shores) for Valentines, but none of those restaurants are in the area so I think we might have to hit up some larger city another weekend, maybe Atlanta where his best friend lives!

  346. Lisa Smith says:

    Would go up to Door County WI Beautiful anytime of year!

  347. Well, we wouldn’t go to far since we have a newborn, but as long as someone else was doing the cooking and dishes, I wouldn’t care where we were! :)

  348. Oh my, this is a fantastic basket! Definitely everything we love! First stop BW3! We love that place. Dinner and a movie is something we haven’t done in years! Maybe a night in Pittsburgh, close to home but far enough away =)

  349. Amber Gwaltney says:

    I would venture up north to our original honeymoon location :)
    What a fun giveaway!!

  350. Stephanie says:

    We would run off to San Francisco!

  351. I would go to King of Prussia PA and go shopping and maybe to Philadelphia.

  352. If I won this I would steal my boyfriend for the day and take the truck up to the mountains.

  353. Stephanie Thomas says:

    We would head to Wichita or Denver. We live right in the middle of the two. What a FUN giveaway! Thanks!

  354. brook nichols says:

    I’m not exactly sure where I would go but dinner would be one of the places for sure ;)

  355. Awesome!! So many great things!

  356. How fun! We’d probably drive home to Utah to see our family:)

  357. This give away is AMAZING!

  358. Nicole Gagnon says:

    Oh so Excited! Thanks for the opportunity to enter! Fingers Crossed! :)

  359. Andrea D. says:

    I would go to Madison to shop.

  360. Would take my boyfriend on a mini vacation. Definitely a well deserved treat! We have never been to the cheesecake factory and hardly ever get to go to the movies so that would be a must! Wonderful giveaway!! <3

  361. To Denver. Thanks for the fun giveaway! :)

  362. Mary Happymommy says:

    I would like to go to Charleston, SC.

  363. Stephanie says:

    I would go to Park City or Downtown Salt Lake. Close to home but away from kiddies.

  364. We’d go back to our honeymoon spot. We’d also enjoy the tar out of not having kids with us for a short period of time. It would be so nice to be able to just focus on us. We totally understand that feeling of having kids tugging on us all the time.

  365. I think I’d stay semi-local and go into downtown Washington DC or our favorite spot, Annapolis!

  366. A cute little cottage on the other coast from us!

  367. We would probably head to Branson or St. Louis!

  368. This Basket looks like so much fun!! I would pick the Mountains here in the PNM in the Spring. Thanks for putting such a Nice Basket together!!

    Huggs, Nancy

  369. We would go to park city! There’s something so cozy and romantic about the mountains in the winter!

  370. I’d love to just get away to Wilmington to the beach for a weekend with my sweetie!

  371. We’d probably head to Frisco, TX for a quick weekend getaway…it’s the closest Ikea and California Pizza Kitchen to us. :-)

  372. I’d travel to Savannah, GA for a little getaway.

  373. Would probably go to KC or STL just the Hubby and I :)

  374. Anywhere warm!!!

  375. We would got to St. George. It’s close enough to drive in a few hours and we love to hike.

  376. I’m in bitter winter North Dakota…I’d like to take the highway straight to ANY warmer climate! :o)

  377. Well, we wouldn’t go very far since we have a newborn, but as long as someone else was cooking and doing the dishes, I wouldn’t care where we were! :)

  378. I’d love to go to a little beach house with my husband. We’ll just have to find someone to watch the kids.

  379. We would head to San Diego.

  380. Jennifer M says:

    I would spend a few days in Park City!

  381. It could even just be 10 miles away to our closest biggish town since there are no hotels in my tiny town, but the point is we would be together…alone…without kids…for the first time in way too long! :)

  382. Roadtrip to California.

  383. My husband loves BW’s it would be so fun to take him!

  384. Vancouver, BC for an overnight date

  385. Ahh! This looks amazing! I so hope I win it!!

  386. Ashley Cary says:

    I would love to go to the beach, possibly Galveston for just a little get away. Great give away!!

  387. Deanna Dahlen says:

    What a fantastic basket!! It has all of our favorites…Cheesecake Factory, movies, treats…and that book series has totally caught our attention! We would head to Seattle and visit the Space Needle, Experience Music Project and Chihuly Glass Musem …fun and romantic!

  388. Kristen H says:

    We would probably get a hotel in Cincinnati, Lexington, or Louisville or find a B&B around those areas. They’re all pretty close and we could leave the kids with my parents with any of those places. :)

  389. a nice bed and breakfast :)

  390. How exciting! Being in Oregon I would hop the boarder and stay in a lodge in the sequia national forest.

  391. Stephanie R. says:

    I would head to wine country in Washington State!

  392. I’d have my husband suprise me!!

  393. We would love to get away to Chattanooga. It is only about an hour and a half away so not too far, but still out of town. :)

  394. This looks like a great basket!

  395. Ericka Mooney says:

    I would just take a fun road trip to somewhere chosen by my mood.

  396. We would go to AZ it’s warm and not too far

  397. Kim Hilkemeier says:

    I think we would go to Disneyland!! We are kids at heart and just love it there.

  398. I always love a good staycation. I live in Las Vegas and there are plenty of fun hotels to check out and fabulous spas to treat yourself to a pampering day.

  399. I’d go to Texas to visit my son that just moved away. It’s warm there too. :)

  400. Love your blog, what a fun giveaway.

  401. I would head to Tahoe for the weekend!

  402. Such a wonderful gesture!!!

  403. Anywhere away from kids and housework. ;)

  404. We would probably go to Austin for the weekend! Fun!

  405. Monica Younes says:

    We would probably go to the beach and stay at a b&b.

  406. Darcy Hoskins says:

    Weekend in Park City with my sweet hubby!!

  407. I would go to Park City! Plenty to do but still close to home:)

  408. Laurie Bradshaw says:

    Thank you!

  409. I would go to watch the Dallas Cowboys play a football game, cause my honey and I love the Cowboys. So I know we would both have a blast!!!

  410. I’m not sure where we would go. But we would make it special regardless! This is an awesome giveaway!

  411. Taryn Goodwin says:

    This one isn’t cheesy!! I love it! Pick me pick me!

  412. What an awesome giveaway! I would go on a roadtrip to Niagra Falls :)I’ve always wanted to go!

  413. We would go to the mountains.

  414. We would go to Kansas City.

  415. Jessica Havican says:

    IT is rare that my husband and I ever feel like we can have a long date night. Going to dinner, having dessert, AND going to the movies feels like a dream. And I love the idea of getting away for the night. This package is amazing! I want it! hahaha

    • Jessica Havican says:

      oops forget to reply where we would go. If we could go anywhere, I would want to go to Europe, but if we’re talking in the states, somewhere warm would be sooo nice.

  416. you can’t go wrong with spending some time in Chicago or Nashville!!

  417. Connie Perkins says:

    We would simply go to St. George and relax! Love your creative gift basket!!!

  418. Lydia Winterholler says:

    This is such a fun and awesome giveaway! I think my hubby and I would either head up to Seattle or down to Seaside, Oregon!

  419. Heather B. says:

    Anywhere! We don’t ever get dates, so I would literally take anything. LOL

  420. Christy K. says:

    My husband has no days off between work and school until he graduates in summer of 2015 so for now we would just use all these goodies at home…lol But I am hoping for an overnight trip to Pigeon Forge or Gatlinburg soon after he graduates! :)

  421. Becca Hill says:

    Portland! We NEED a getaway. We have never had one and have been married for 12 years. The only hard part would be finding a sitter for our 3 kids.

  422. We would go back to San Diego. We just moved away from there and we miss it bad!

  423. I would go visit my man who’s in the Army and have a great weekend!

  424. I’d go play in the snow in Steamboat Springs – a few hours drive from where I live.

  425. Depends if I we can get a sitter :) Might just stick close to home.

  426. Dinner (BWW) and a movie!! Leaving the house and babies with a sitter is vacation enough… :D

  427. I would take a trip up to San Francisco!

  428. We would probably go to Nashville. We are getting married in 8 months and we want to take a little getaway from all the wedding planning to just enjoy some time together. SO this would be icing on the cake!

  429. Somewhere warm!

  430. April Clark says:

    I would take my hubby to dinner, a movie, and splurge for a night away from home on our own…which hasn’t happened since we had our youngest son two+ years ago! Our parents are both very close by, so babysitting would be taken care of too! :)

  431. I’d love to go to DC during cherry blossom time, or to someplace sunny and warm after all this rain and polar vortex weather we’ve been having up here in Vermont. Then again, there are loads of charming hotels and inns up here. I don’t ski but a nice roaring fire cuddled up with my sweetheart? Yeah, I could do that, too.

  432. Priscilla R. says:

    I’d love to stay at one of the hotels in Park City with hubbie! I was treated to a stay there for a cancer retreat and it was amazing, so it would be wonderful to go back as a couple and enjoy the surroundings together!!

  433. Absolutely amazing giveaway!!! I would go somewhere with a beach for sure! haha! I’ve been looking for a new series to read too!


  434. we would go to park city! so fun, thanks for the chance to win!

  435. Probably the white mountains. We honeymooned there but as long as it was kid free, I don’t care where we go.

  436. Someplace warm…Florida!

  437. We would go up to Breckenridge. It’s our favorite spot when we want to get out of town. There is something romantic about walking the streets of a mountain town at night sipping on hot cocoa.

  438. Gatlinburg!

  439. We would go to Park City for the weekend! :)

  440. Candace Osborn says:

    This would be awesome!! For sure need some time with just the husband.

  441. cute ideas

  442. I would go to the cheesecake factory. Love the hotel part of the idea!

  443. Super cute basket! I love it!!

  444. We would go to San Diego! My husband loves that city and we haven’t been in so long!

  445. Probably San Francisco!

  446. I need some time at the beach or a visit to Seattle with my man.

  447. Don’t need to go far, just get us out of the house!! Woohoo! Dinner & a movie and a night at a hotel- sounds like heaven ;)

  448. Alissa Udy says:

    We LOVE going on stay-cations in Salt Lake City (@ Little America) or Park City (@ the Homestead). There are some really cool ice castles near Park City that we want to check out! Plus, room service, indoor pools, hot tubs, sauna… Love staying at hotels!

  449. This sounds so amazing!!

  450. I would love to go anywhere just the two of us!

  451. We would probably go hiking and take the snacks with!

  452. Sarah Sparks says:

    What a blessing this would be! My husband and I have been married for almost 3 yrs, with a 2 yr old little miracle boy. We’ve dealt with more in our 3 yrs together, then most couples endure in a lifetime of marriage, including having a son born at 25 weeks, 1 lb 9 oz. And spending 4 months sitting by his bedside, praying we’d get to see him grow up! Unfortunately many things have torn at us, and we decided to separate about 3 weeks ago while we try to figure things out. SO. I would go back to Idaho! Back to my home and surprise him for valentines day! Ive been trying to think of a way to show him that I WANT this marriage to work so badly, and this would just be perfect! Crossing my fingers!

  453. Shannon Leeflang says:

    Las Vegas. My husbands parents live there, so the kids could be dropped off for their own vacation while we enjoy our own! and Bonus…they have all the gift card locations!

  454. Taylor Dahl says:

    I’d hit up our wedding night hotel. So much fun there ;)

  455. Julie Finkenbiner says:

    Oh my goodness! This is fabulous! I would totally spend a weekend with all of this in Dallas! How fun!

  456. Park City!!! Supporting the locals!

  457. wonderful basket! I’d probably head to Asheville and tour the Biltmore while we’re there!

  458. I’d love to take a little time to get away. There’s a casino Downtown in Cleveland now – maybe that could be our destination…

  459. Michelle V says:

    This is a “cheat” answer, but we would go ANYWHERE!!! We had twins in Nov 2012 and they spent a long time in the hospital – after they came home we haven’t left town! Mama and pappa are ready to go anywhere! ;-)

  460. I would love to hit a warm beach – but probably not in the cards this year!! The next town over that is a bit bigger than mine will do just nicely for a getaway with my hunny!!!!

  461. Great basket!

  462. Great basket!

  463. This looks amazing! What a fun idea.

  464. Florida

  465. We’d go up to my in law’s mountain home and relax!

  466. Niagara Falls!

  467. I would love to take a trip down to Savannah, Ga or up to the north Georgia mountains. I’d be happy doing anything with my sweet husband. such a great basket we would love to win!

  468. I’d love to have a weekend away with my husband, pretty much anywhere. Even the hotel down the street! Pretty much any place without my kids, where we can just be US.

  469. What a fun gift basket!

  470. Boston!

  471. This is so Awesome!! We could so use a getaway weekend :)

  472. oh I love this basket!!! I would love a wknd away in the mountains with my hubby!

  473. Elizabeth Polish says:

    I’d try to make it over to the California coast. We’re not too far away. If that didn’t work out, there’s always Tahoe or Reno.

  474. We live in a really small town in Idaho, so we would go over the border to Montana and stay the night. Probably not until the weather is better, because we have to go over a mountain pass to get there.

  475. Natalie Davies says:

    Thank You. I am so excited about this giveaway.

  476. I would like to go to Chicago a night out in the city would be perfect…it’s been awhile!

  477. anywhere without the kids is perfection to me

  478. My husband and I are trying to plan a 5 year anniversary trip back to the hotel we first honeymooned at! This would be such a blessing to win!

  479. We’ve been talking of a weekend to Nashville! This would be awesome!!

  480. I would take a trip to SLC. Hubs and I love it there but haven’t been in years.

  481. Sarah Christensen says:

    We would love to win this giveaway!! It wouldn’t matter where we got away to, so long as it is just me and my man!

  482. Want this SO Bad!

  483. LOVE this! I think we would go to kansas city, Can’t go much farther then that because we have a three year old that would be at home with grandma! Thank you!

  484. We are about an hour and a half from Kansas City, I would love to win this to have a small getaway! We would probably go to the cheesecake factory–LOVE that place! Then put the other money towards a place on the plaza! So much fun!

  485. Traverse City!

  486. S.K. McDonald says:

    I think I would go anywhere with my husband!! He is my best friend and where ever he is I am a happy gal!! We would probably go to a nice hotel not to far as we don’t like to go too far with out our kids!! We would enjoy just being by our selves!! OH how nice that would be!! :o)

  487. Your basket looks WONDERFUL!! Hope you have a fantastic Valentine’s Day!!

  488. Can’t wait for Valentines Day! Thanks!+++++

  489. Karen Thompson says:

    we would take a ride to LA or San Diego! we’re in desperate need of a road trip and this basket has everything he would love!!

  490. I would go see my boyfriend! We haven’t gotten to see each other as much lately, so he’d be the perfect person to visit.

  491. Amanda Sakovitz says:

    I would go to Boston and have some fun at the park and go out to a great dinner!

  492. Would totally take a trip to philly! My man has never been and there’s so much to see and do! Or maybe a little trip to the casinos in Atlantic City. Hopefully win a few dollars :)

  493. This one is my favorite so far.

  494. Oh how wonderful it would be to go out on date with my man. We have not been out on a date for over 2 1/2 yrs. you know how it is you have a child and live far from family plus hubby works a lot. This would be awesome to win and make up for pass dates we missed and our 10 yrs of marriage we didn’t get to celebrate. Thank you!

  495. Morgan Western says:

    I would do a stay cation and spend some time with my husband downtown salt lake city :)

  496. This is a GREAT basket! I love it!

  497. I would say hiking in the woods/mountains, hubby would say beach. Heck, if we’re getting away, I’m game! :)

  498. I would go to phoenix to see family and get warm!

  499. IF I won I would take my hubby over to the Oregon Coast for our getaway

  500. If I won this basket, I will getaway to Gatlinburg, TN!

  501. We would probably take a trip to somewhere warmer than Michigan, that’s for sure!! :)

  502. My husband and I have always wanted to just go to the airport, grab the cheapest first flight out of our town and just runaway for the weekend, no matter the destination!

  503. We would probably just go an hour into Atlanta- but maybe we could be adventurous and go to Orlando!

  504. I am headed on a desperately needed vacation to Costa Rica in a few weeks and would love to bring all these goodies with me!!! Especially the 3rd Divergent book!!!

  505. Somewhere close to Detroit since we live in Michigan.

  506. Ooh a lovely weekend getaway to maybe Florida would be nice since it’s super cold here!

  507. Britt Hanson says:

    What a great giveaway! My husband and I are expecting our first child in 3 months, and this would be great to use to pamper each other before baby comes!

  508. I think we’d head to the beach!

  509. I would love to win…specially since my husband just lost his job. It would be a great to get out and enjoy time together and not be stressed about money!

  510. We live in Texas and love to getaway in Austin mostly but also San Antonio. A romantic trip to either place would be fabulous!

  511. Probably a trip to Milwaukee – we live nearby but don’t take the time to go very often.

  512. Combine this fun basket and my 30th wedding anniversary in Feb and a trip to maybe Kansas City….would be a wonderful getaway! =)

  513. My sweetie and I love a good road trip. We like to go north from SLC to Lava Hot Springs and soak in the hot pools. Or drive east and enjoy snowshoeing in Midway. Or south, and visit Zions and do a little hiking. Or more south and hit a great show in Vegas.

  514. I am so excited about these Valentine’s baskets!! What a great idea!

  515. Right now? Anywhere warm with sunshine and NO snow!

  516. Kelley Hartnett says:

    Oh my! Love this!

  517. Kate Emmert says:

    I would love to take a quick trip to the coast for a few days!

  518. we always love the beach!

  519. I would love to go to the city for a super cute date!

  520. Any trip would be lovely!

  521. I would love to go anywhere…preferably somewhere warm! A getaway with the hubby and no kiddos sound like heaven!

    Sure love your basket and all of the wonderful ideas on your blog!

  522. Anywhere that will get us away

  523. I would go to Seattle and spent some much needed alone time with my hubby!

  524. we live in florida but haven’t been to a beach in quite a while, so this would definitely be a sarasota or siesta key trip!!

  525. ScabbzToro says:

    We would go to Park city for a skiing weekend without kids! This would be an awesome start to our new year! The last two years have stunk!

  526. My husband has always wanted to stay at the CDA Resort.

  527. Awesome giveaway! I would love to go to Hawaii just because it is so cold here right now!

  528. rayraycartucci says:

    I would go to a nearby beach and spend time with my husband.

  529. I would go to either Milwaukee, or Austin Tx to visit friends after a bit of romance with my Hunna.

  530. Sarah Schmid says:

    We would go into the city to go to Cheesecake Factory and spend the night in a nice hotel!

  531. Great giveaway! I would love anywhere away with my hubby :-)

  532. Sylvia White says:

    Into Boise for a night on the town

  533. We are dying to go to Boston.. or anywhere really. We haven’t travelled much together yet!

  534. Melissa Lynch says:

    Fun giveaway! We might just stay at a hotel in town or go over to NC (Boone or Asheville).

  535. I would love to go to beach with my main man. But since we have a new baby – I suppose just a little trip down to the strip would be great also! :)

  536. We would go stay at Universal Resorts at Orlando! Super fun!

  537. Ashley Calaway says:

    We live like 20-30 minutes from San Fransisco, so we would probably go into the city and enjoy ourselves! What an awesome giveaway!

  538. Marilee Belnap says:

    I would love to go somewhere warm. I’m not sure where just somewhere warm.

  539. would definitely go down to the beach?

  540. we would go to madison and unwind. ahhh, sounds great!

  541. I would head to a B&B for the night!

  542. If I won this fun getawat, we would go spend a night in our nearest city, which is Philadelphia. We love going to Philadelphia since there is so much to do and staying a night makes going there even better! And this basket includes my favorite things and I’ve been waiting to read Divergent but didnt get it yet so I would love this!

  543. My boyfriend and I are both at different grad schools and its so expensive to travel to see each other but if I won I would go visit him and have a fun, romantic weekend!

  544. We would go to Savannah GA!

  545. I think we would run down to San Diego for the weekend.

  546. If I won, we would go…crazy! haha! I don’t know yet, I would definitely have to think about it! :)

  547. We’d be headed to Houston! Closest Cheesecake Factory :) I’d find us a cute hotel and we’d relax! Would love a weekend away before the baby comes!!

  548. Realistically it would probably be a “stay cation” but Phoenix is really big. We could go to a different part of town. :-)

  549. I’d do a romantic ”Staycation” and get a nice hotel room here in town! Get away from the house but still feel like you’re on vacay! :)

  550. We would probably go to Gatlinburg. We love the area and have so much fun every time we’re there together.

  551. Oregon Coast. We both love it there, but have never been together.

  552. Any time away would be wonderful right now! It would be hard to decide between a ski weekend or somewhere warm and relaxing. Thanks for the giveaway!

  553. I would take my man on a BaByMoOn before the big day. We need all the rest and relaxation we can get. The FOOD gift certificates will be especially nice as this MOMMY is always hungry!

  554. Ashly Hentges says:

    Cute basket!!!!

    We would def go to Cali or Las Vegas!!!

  555. New York City!

  556. Awesome giveaway!! I would love to go anywhere with my husband!

  557. I’m thinking St George maybe. My husband loves southern Utah!

  558. Would take a trip to St. Augustine, FL or a slightly longer trip to Helen or Savannah, GA!

  559. Annette Switzer says:

    What a great give away and idea! So Cute!!

  560. I’d like to go to a B&B in Julian, east of us, but he love the ocean, (he used to live on it) so maybe will head west… Either would be awesome. LOVE your basket!!

  561. jenni cook says:

    this would be awesome!

  562. What a cool basket! :-) If I win, it looks like a weekend getaway is coming up! :)

  563. I’d do a staycation.

  564. We would head to San Diego

  565. I love the basket!!

  566. Just hit the road and see where we end up!

  567. I would love to take Kris to Seattle. A fun little getaway.

  568. Marielle W says:

    Love this basket!

  569. Love this idea! I would take my husband to the city (Chicago) for a night and do fun city stuffs around.

  570. Linda Martin says:

    My husband and I love to travel but now that both of us are retired – traveling is pretty limited. What a fun basket!

  571. San Francisco!!!

  572. Samantha V. says:

    I would take an impromptu trip away for the weekend to a small little town and have fun with the gift basket.

  573. April Williamson-Stach says:

    We would take a trip close to home but it would be a nice break. I’d love to win this to share with my sweet hubby.

  574. I hope I win!

  575. I would love to win this!

  576. we’d love to get up into the ga mountains on hubbie’s next school break!!

  577. We would probably go to Sedona. Thanks for the giveaway!

  578. We want to go to the Poconos!

  579. Darla Daniels says:

    We would probably go up to Denver. That’s my favourite short getaway!

  580. Jessica Ellsworth says:

    Anywhere! :)

  581. Melissa Neary says:


  582. This is such a fun and loving idea! Would love to win this! ??

  583. My husband is in the Air Force Reserves, and he will be at his weekend away this V-Day. I’d love to just go with him and do some reading and relaxing in the hotel while he works, and then spend the evenings having fun with him!

  584. Brooke Baker says:

    Orlando for a quick weekend getaway with my fiance :)

  585. It would be great if we could take a few days off and go to San Antonio together to celebrate!!

  586. Donna O'Neil says:

    I would have a staycation in the Bay Area.

  587. We would do a bed and breakfast, probably. Really, with 5 kids, any evening away is a great thing!

  588. I would love to go back to our Honeymoon cabin in the mountains of NC!

  589. I would go to the Emerald City (Seattle!) So fun, great basket!!

  590. Heather Gardner says:

    We would probably go to Chicago for the weekend.

  591. Fun! Could really use a date night and they just opened a Buffalo Wild Wings nearby!

  592. Keisha Hogue says:

    Vegas!!! I hope we win!!

  593. Karie Gallegos says:

    I live in Columbus, OH and I think it would be so much fun to stay a night downtown….Still feeling like we are getting away but doing something fun in our own town….

  594. Ashley Phillips says:

    Vegas!! This is awesome Brooke!

  595. It would be the beach for us!

  596. I would take my hubs on a hot date to Cheesecake! PS, I love how you included books! So fun!

  597. Probably an overnight getaway to New Orleans. Jazz Fest is coming up!

  598. Would love love love to win this!! Great giveaway!

  599. Tough one! I would say…Philadelphia – love it!

  600. Such fun restaurant choices. And some of them may even be possible on Valentine’s day (like the unromantic but tasty BWW) :)

  601. To a nice hotel without the kids

  602. I would go to Vegas for a couple trip.

  603. We’re actually planning our first post-kids getaway to Annapolis now.

  604. I would go to Vegas!!

  605. Caroline Ivory says:

    On lots of dates with my hubs!

  606. Valentines day is also our anniversary. 17 years we have been married on Vtines day. I would go to a nice dinner and maybe rent a hotel room.

  607. Think I’d go to Vegas

  608. I would love to surprise my husband with a gift we have not done valentines in 10 years and it would be amazing

  609. we would go on a quick trip to St George or Vegas!

  610. Danielle J says:

    This basket is just too perfect! My husband and I love to curl up together with a good book!

  611. This is an awesome basket. My hubby and I have been married almost two years (it is our anniversary on the 20th). We never got a honeymoon and I’d love to win something like this to make our v-day super special. As a family of five we rarely get couple time!

  612. i would love to take a trip to syracuse for the night!

  613. Laura Hershey says:

    WOW! Looks amazing.

  614. A night in Portland, OR is always fun.

  615. I would take a Kentucky Bourbon Trail tour!

  616. This is an amazing gift basket!!

  617. Stacey Erekson says:

    I would take my husband to a hotel :)

  618. It would be nice to go somewhere that didn’t involve Calgon or a daydream for a change!
    Awesome job on a fabulous basket!

  619. Nicole Stucki says:

    I would LOVE this!!!!

  620. I’d take my boyfriend up to San Jose since that is where the closest Cheesecake Factory is. I wish we could go further but our schedules don’t allow that.

  621. Alli Smith says:

    Oh, I would go out on the town with my hubby!!! I know my sweet husband would love a night away just the two of us… then we would just have to find a babysitter.

  622. Courtney MAffett says:

    Cheesecake factory! It would be a great surprise, it’s my husband’s favoirte!

  623. I think we would go to New Orleans!

  624. I am expecting so we would probably stay somewhere close to home, but would be nice one last getaway before baby!

  625. I would make a date the day after Valentine’s day with my Mom and she and I could have a girls day!

  626. Grand America Hotel or midway.

  627. Candice Meadows says:

    How fun! What a cute V-day basket idea!

  628. Great basket! Would be nice for a weekend getaway, or even just staying at home for a romantic ‘stay-cation’!

  629. I would take my hubby to Seattle! It’s just 3 hours away and we love it!

  630. Could really use those gift cards especially right now, my hubby just lost his job which is already stressful and we have 4 kids which makes it even more stressful…we need all the date nights we can get

  631. Jennifer P says:

    This is amazing! Date night would be fun!

  632. I would get a babysitter for our little ones and go stay in a nice hotel!

  633. I’d take my husband to a romantic B&B we’ve had our eye on!

  634. Anywhere! Lol. We haven’t had a night away together since our youngest(almost 9!) was born. We are way overdue. We would probably either stay in town or go to one of the smaller towns an hour or so away.

  635. Karen Propes says:

    I would love to go to Tennessee, we need a getaway, We’ve been staying with my MIL since her health has been declining (about 3 yrs now) w/o a vacation. Boy I would love to have a getaway. Thanks for the chance.

  636. Jen Nguyen says:

    I would take my boyfriend to Charlotte, NC. We were driving through on our last vacation, and he brought up how he has always wanted to visit. I love this basket!!

  637. Amy K Kuhn says:

    OMG this is the basket that just keeps giving!!! I want this basket :)

  638. Anywhere away from the kids for a little while!

  639. Me and my hubby live in Provo UT and are planning on driving to Idaho Falls at the end of February for our Valentines get away and because my family is throwing me a baby shower. But it would be fun to win this because we pass a lot of these places on the way and we’re planning on staying in a really nice themed hotel that we could use the credit card towards.

  640. Ashley Howe says:

    I would love to take my husband up north to Travercity, MI.

  641. amanda adriansen says:

    I want to drive to the grand canyon!

  642. Love this idea….would love to do it in Chicago…3 hour drive!

  643. amanda adriansen says:

    I want to drive to the grand canyon!!

  644. Michelle M. says:

    I would like a break from our 4 teenagers to St. George where I can relish in quiet and warmth of St. George!!!!

  645. Probably drop off the kiddos at one of the Grandparents homes and go to cheescake factory!! Yum.

  646. We would go to the cheesecake factory. We had our first date there.

  647. Kristi Russell says:

    This would be perfect for our 15 year anniversary!

  648. Kellie Wells says:

    We want to go to Charleston, SC!

  649. I would either take him to Jackson Hole or Salt Lake City! We have 3 little boys and don’t get much alone time. It would be nice to have a little time with him.

  650. I would have a nice dinner out with my hubby, then come home and watch a movie and enjoy all of the delicious snacks!

  651. We have to little ones so will be staying in town for Valentines Day, but we have an out of town wedding coming up so would use the hotel gift card towards that. Everything else could be used to have an amazing date night or two right here in our home town! This would be so incredibly amazing to win! Thank You! I’m excited just over the thought of winning this one!

  652. I would love to take my husband and children to Harrison Hot Springs. It is our favourite family get away.

  653. I would probably take my hubby to Cleveland.

  654. We would go into Chicago, dropping the kids off at Grandma’s house first!

  655. Would take a trip to nearby Bernalillo and try staying at the Hyatt Tamaya where we spent our first night as a married couple!

  656. My husband keeps talking about this amazing movie theater with suites and reclining chairs, so I would LOVE to surprise him and take him there!!!

  657. I would go out- beach or big city! Husband’s brother has been living with us- in our one bedroom apartment in our living room!!! Crazy I know.

  658. Thanks for putting this together! Very cute!

  659. Jennifer H says:

    We’d either go to a local hotel that I’ve been wanting to try out or a Hampton Inn b/c they are always comfy :).

  660. Somewhere I could spend the Cheesecake Factory gift card. LOL.

  661. Colleen Cook says:

    I love going to where we met…Memphis. It always feels like home to me and it brings me back to day 1.

  662. Oh my gosh my husband and I need this so bad! We have three children 2 and under and we never get our own time! We would go to Denver!!

  663. I would like to go to Williamsburg, VA

  664. We would go out for a fun date night in downtown Seattle.

  665. amanda jones says:

    i would take my husband to nashville and stay at the opryland hotel. so beautiful!

  666. This is so cute! Love!

  667. We would probably run down to Dallas for a quick little overnight trip!

  668. Kenzie Alldredge says:

    We have young children so we would probably try to stick close, maybe we would head down to st. george for a relaxing weekend in the sun!

  669. Anywhere away from work, stress…life!!!

  670. Mea Bradshaw says:

    Somewhere local, our faves are Park City, Snowbird, or St. George (to escape this cold!!). Out of town, San Diego! That’s where we spent our honeymoon and our 13 year anniversary is in March!!

  671. Oh this one is so AWESOME!! I love going on road trips with the hubbs!! :)

  672. I would love to go somewhere in nature, maybe the Poconos. We live in the city and I’m feeling claustrophobic! But really, anywhere with just my hubby would be heavenly.

  673. My husband and I haven’t gotten away in a long time and this would be amazing! We would be able to relax and really enjoy time with each other.

  674. We got married in November, but couldn’t take a honeymoon until the following February. Since then, we always celebrate our anniversary on the actual wedding date, but do something special in February, as well. If I win this, we’ll head to back to San Antonio where we spent our honeymoon!

  675. Carrie Widdison says:

    We could use some valentines romance! Just being ALONE would be a treat. To GO somewhere would be bliss.

  676. We would head to the city for the night

  677. Anywhere without my kids!!! :)

  678. WOW! What a generous gift! I’d love to take my Valentine to the beach (CA) for our 10th anniversary on Valentines Day this year. :) <3 Thanks for the chance to win!

  679. Heather Ratliff says:

    We’d go anywhere to get away.

  680. Cassie S. says:

    The Beach!

  681. Diana Cote says:

    On a fun date with my husband. We haven’t been on a date for almost 3 years! When i was heavily pregnant it was hard going places plus we were tight on money saving for baby stuff and a new place, then i was weird about having people watch her because she was so small and i breastfed but now I would love to go on a date with the husband. First place would be the movies and then grab a bite to eat and have a couple of drinks and maybe grab some cheesecake factory afterwards and bring some for our little bear. :)

  682. Erin Adams says:

    Your basket looks amazing! We would go to dinner at Cheesecake Factory and then out for a movie.

  683. Vegas! Its not too far and its WARM!

  684. Amazing!!!!! I would take my husband up to Lake Superior for a Weekend in Duluth, mn. We really need a weekend away with his work travel, we never get time for each other

    Pick me!!!!

  685. This Valentine’s Day will be our 27th wedding anniversary. Any of these would be great!

  686. Jamie Bliss says:

    Super Fun!

  687. If I won this basket I would go to the cheesecake factory. That is where my husband and I went on our first date. That brings back so many great memories.

  688. I’d go spend Valentine’s Day in a nice hotel in a nearby big city! Love to get away from this small town once in a while!

    Thank you!

  689. I would love to go to a cozy bed and breakfast and have a movie night!

  690. Ally Hendricks says:

    I would take my hubby somewhere warm!! California, Mexico, Florida!!!

  691. AmazonsRock says:

    I would drive about 2 – 2.5 hours south of here so we could explore a much larger city and just enjoy each other’s company without the children. They would get their own special Valentine’s treats with Grandma and Grandpa.

  692. I’d go up in the mountains. Find a little cabin to read the books and relax.

  693. Yomaris Mendez de Isaac says:

    OMG!!! do not know if this is the way to enter to win this AMAZING basket…. but I would love to win something for the 1st time in my life!! would be awesome for my hubby and I to indulge ourselves with all of these goodies!!!

  694. Bri Morgan says:

    We will be headed to a resort in Arizona!

  695. Elizabeth says:

    We would love to go somewhere in the White Mountains of NH!!!

  696. Chicago!

  697. Melanie Mangelson says:

    We would go to Salt Lake, our favorite close “big city”

  698. Elizabeth P. says:

    To the mountains for boarding!

  699. I think I would just get in the car with my husband and drive–find our own adventure.

  700. Alicia DeRoche says:

    we will have my teenagers so we would go anywhere we would all have fun!

  701. We live in Ft Myers, but never make it to the beach. I’d want to go stay on Sanibel for a treat!

  702. Shawnee H says:

    Somewhere warm!

  703. We would go on a little getaway to Orlando, FL (without the kiddos).

  704. I would take my husband on a little getaway before he leaves for deployment in california!

  705. Mea Bradshaw says:

    I had to switch from my phone to my computer so I’m not sure my comment saved. I don’t see it! I would go to Park City, Snowbird, or St. George (to escape the cold!), or if we could afford to go out of town I would take my husband to San Diego. That’s where we spent our honeymoon and our 13 year anniversary is this March!

  706. Alissabeth says:

    Since it’d be our first real getaway without kids…probably not too far. Somewhere within close driving distance, but somewhere with some nightlife and fun!

  707. Id love to take a trip to Santa Cruz California…our first and only getaway without kids. we are long overdue for another one.

  708. Maddi Lovell says:

    We would probably go to Park City for the weekend. Love that place!

  709. awesome basket.. I would love to go to this sweet little cabin about an hour from home near Branson, Mo!

  710. I think we would go somewhere we haven’t been together – like San Luis Obispo or maybe even San Francisco!

  711. Julie Robertson says:

    I would take my husband to Salt Lake for a night away! Thanks for this chance to win!

  712. I would love to go anywhere with just my husband and I!!

  713. If I won this getaway I would go to Orlando, FL!

  714. Sarah Draper says:

    I love this basket! What a fun idea you have!!! I would love to take my hubby to Park City where we spent out honeymoon!

  715. Michel'le says:

    First we would go to the Cheesecake Factory because he loves it. Then we would rent a hotel room and watch movies and enjoy all those yummy snacks:)

  716. We will probably stay in and plan a special dinner we can both cook romantically in the kitchen or grill and thank the Lord for ALL His blessings!

  717. VA Wine Country! That way we’re close enough to my parents that we can leave our little guy with them!

  718. Melanie G. says:

    What a fun basket! Great book selection too.

  719. I would love to win this!!! I’ve not had a romantic get away in several years and just to get away to a hotel and relax and have a nice dinner and dessert date would be wonderful!!!

  720. I am soo glad you ladies are on my blog post reading! This is a great give away. I want/need this one! Victoria

  721. How fun!

  722. I’d go anywhere warmer than where I am! It would be so nice to just get away from home for a little while.

  723. Any Valentine’s Day outing at all would be special! We are trying very hard to keep our budget tight and didn’t even buy each other Christmas gifts, so this would be such a treat!

  724. Probably just to the N. Georgia mountains or nearby TN…

  725. Natasha L says:

    Great basket! We’d head for Texas hill country, we haven’t had a night off since Xmas

  726. Would love to take a quick trip to the beach. Even though it is too cool to go in the water, a room with a nice view of the ocean is not.

  727. Julie Robertson says:

    I would take my husband to Salt Lake for a night away. Thanks for this chance to win!

  728. We would go to Disneyland a play all day, and then end the day with some yummy dessert from the Cheesecake Factory.

  729. We never go anywhere, so maybe winning this would encourage a trip!

  730. The destination isn’t as important as jut spending time together. I love riding in the car with my husband!!!

  731. Thank you for your generous give away. You gals are awesome. Happy Valentine’s Day to you.

  732. tabatha stimpson says:

    I would love to go up to Mt Hood in the wintertime! but to be in the cold snowy mountains with that gift basket of goodies!!! sign me up!!

  733. Miranda H. says:

    If I won I would go to the movies first!

  734. Wow this basket would be perfect to surprise my fiancé! We are newly engaged and always love new adventures!

  735. I’d be happy to go just about anywhere with my hunky hubby! I’ve been wanting to check out some of the cabins up in Vail, CO.

  736. Anywhere on Mt.Rainier would be awesome! :D Just a good time together!

  737. An overnight trip anywhere would be awesome, but I’m thinking NYC since it’s right there!

  738. My husband and I would take a road trip to see my brother and his family in Colorado!

  739. we recently moved to nashville so we’d go somewhere nearby…memphis, chattanooga, knoxville, or even asheville! can’t wait to explore our new region!

  740. Oh man! We are in the middle of a move, and this would be like stress-relief-vacation! Here’s hoping! Thanks for the chance!

  741. Pauline Burns says:

    I’d love to go just about anywhere with my hubby. Thanks for the giveaway!

  742. Keri Haruza says:

    I would soo take my hubby to Cheesecake Factory and then to the hotel… any hotel!!! So long as it’s a bedroom and there are no chances of a crying infant or toddler interrupting at the precise minute things start to warm up!!! ;D

  743. Mmmm! Cheesecake Factory is our fave! Oh wait, but so is Outback & BWW… Decisions, decisions! What an awesome giveaway (:

  744. Taylor Peterson says:

    I’d head to SLC and enjoy a relaxing get-a-way with the hubby and leave the baby with grandma for a night! :)

  745. Keri Haruza says:

    Don’t think my comment posted the first time–Cheesecake Factory is def our favorite, and a hotel?! Any hotel room, anywhere, so long as it’s a room without infant interruptions would be such a wish come true for V-day!

  746. We’re always looking for an excuse to spend a long weekend in Chicago!

  747. We’d probably head out to Park City. My parents have already given us one night a month to leave the kids with them, so hello, this basket would be the perfect accompaniment! And I can’t believe you added the Divergent Books! YAY!

  748. Shannon Brey says:

    Looks like a great basket to win!

  749. We’ve been wanting to go to Chicago for a while, so this would be perf! The Cheesecake Factory is my fave!! We don’t have any here in town.

  750. Staycation I scottsdale Arizona!

  751. I’d Love to take Nate to Gatlinburg, never been and we’ve both been wanting to go!

  752. Tiffany Marston says:

    We have 6 kids so…we would just stay local we love just having a chance to go out and have dinner by ourselves and have time for just us.

  753. I would head up to Branson, maybe catch a show or two.

  754. Brooke Taylor says:

    This would be so fun to get. I always have a hard time figuring out what to give my husband for Valentines Day.

  755. We would go to the closest fancy hotel near a Cheesecake Factory! Yumm!

  756. Rachel Salazar says:

    New York we have never been!

  757. Wendy Lawson says:

    would take him to a beach getaway :-)

  758. Lisa Stillman says:

    I’d take my husband to Nashville. It’s far enough to be “away”, but not so distant as to be a pain to get there. This basket looks fantastic!

  759. We would love to win this! We would go to a nearby town and eat at Cheesecake Factory and go to a movie!

  760. Your basket looks wonderful. I want it!

  761. Probably Pismo Beach or Santa Barbara (CA). Close enough, but away!

  762. Beth Cole says:

    I’d love to take my husband to Old Sacramento. It’s not too far away, but just far away enough for an overnight trip. Just to see the history there and relax.

  763. What a fun basket! I would love to go almost anywhere for our date. Thanks for the giveaway!

  764. Wow! Fun! I’d love to head out to Amish Country and enjoy some rest and shopping!!

  765. Lake Tahoe! My husband is almost done with school, we NEED this!

  766. Kerri Jex says:

    I would go to Kansas City with my husband! We live three hours away and have never been.

  767. pick me!!

  768. loving all these valentine gift ideas!! Thank you for hosting.. hope i win ;)

  769. Brooke! you basket rocks! I would love to win yours!

  770. I’m not sure where we’d go; anywhere would be awesome, since we haven’t had a night away in a very long time (I’m not even sure when it would have been).

  771. Ashley R. says:

    I don’t know where the closest Cheesecake factory is, but I’d go there!

  772. I’d go to the Cheesecake Factory for sure!

  773. What an awesome prize!

  774. I would take my hubby to the anniversary inn in Logan for some us time!

  775. Heather B. says:

    anywhere with just me and my hubby without our 3 kids wold be nice, I’d even take staying home and having the spend the night somewhere. we hardly ever get alone time.

  776. Oops. We would go someplace in PA, probably.

  777. Probably a weekend getaway to Chicago or another nearby city.

  778. lori Lewis says:

    Super cute would be perfect for any getaway!

  779. I would probably spend a romantic night downtown with my hubby

  780. frances cratsley says:

    Any place where it is just me and him for a whole day would be lovely!!!

  781. I’m all about taking my shorties to visit my family, several family members they have never met!

  782. Lisa Boshell says:

    How fun!

  783. Stephanie says:

    I would go anywhere warm right now!

  784. I’d stay local and at a hotel downtown Cleveland. We just need to be alone. ;)

  785. Stephanie C says:

    This is such a cool prize!

  786. We would love to go anywhere warm!!!!

  787. Nicole McNeil says:

    Chattanooga because it’s close to home, but not too far away from the kids.

  788. Bridget Heiple Reich says:

    We would go to a hotel not too far from our house. It would be really nice to get away and have a kid-free night. Thanks – this is an awesome prize package!!! :) Fingers crossed!!

  789. Loving the basket!!!

  790. Melissa R says:

    I would take him on an overnight getaway to some smaller town in Utah. Small towns are always to relaxing and so much to explore

  791. Kristin C. says:

    someplace sunny with a warm pool and my hubby!

  792. This is AMAZING!! I love the printable!!

  793. Jennifer H says:

    I would take my husband to San Antonio or Branson

  794. My boyfriend has never been to Niagara Falls, I think it would be fun to go there!

  795. I live in a smaller area, so going on a scenic drive to the “big city” would be great. Great view, great companyand great food!!

  796. I would go ANYWHERE with my man…doesn’t matter where!

  797. I’d head to the nearest Cheesecake Factory and then to the moveis!

  798. Marcie Fischer says:

    I would love to take my husband up to the Canadian Side of Niagara Falls for a romantic evening. We have one of the Natural Wonders right in our own backyard and we hardly ever get to enjoy it.

  799. Katie Leatham says:

    My husband and I have four kids and the youngest is only 6 months old so we can’t go too far but it’d be so nice to even briefly get away, maybe to a hotel with a nice spa for my always achy back and a nice pool for us to lounge by! What a fantastic basket you’ve put together!

  800. Kerry Price says:

    I would stay in town at one of the newer hotels that we haven’t stayed at yet. :)

  801. This is by far the coolest idea yet! Thank you blogging ladies for all the hard work that was put into these amazing baskets! I will be using mine for a month’s worth of date nights!! Yippee!

  802. I love this basket….filled with all my favorite things! I love cheesecake factory!

  803. I would love this, we would go down to St. George and spend time with my sister & her family. :)

  804. Woo-hoo!! How fun would this be!?!

  805. Melissa K. says:

    Stay in for a movie night – always the best “getaway” in my book.

  806. Taylor A. says:

    We would go anywhere! WE actually have a Cheesecake Factory near by! This is literally my husband ideal basket. He is obsessed with going to the movies and just watching them at home! This basket would be perfect for a night out or a date night at home! Thanks for all your hard work and for the chance to win!

  807. Oh my gosh, this is like seriously the best valentine’s day basket ever! My husband would love everything about it, but especially the book set! (OK, me too, I admit it!)

  808. This basket is just about perfect! It would be so nice to go just about anywhere without the kids.

  809. So fun!!! We need to go someplace warm!

  810. I’m open to going anywhere together!

  811. We would love to just go up and try out one of the anniversary inn’s! We’ve been wanting to do that since we got married, just a fun little staycation!

  812. This is a wonderful idea! We would head to Austin or New Orleans for a bit!

  813. Ashleigh H says:

    I’d love to go to Puerto Rico with my hubby!

  814. Sarah Nuttall says:

    I would go to the Grand America, we’ve never been and it would be so fun and relaxing without any kiddos around!

  815. Jennifer Rawlings says:

    I would love to just go to St.George for the day and spend the night there. We’re pretty easy going people :)

  816. Linda Trevino says:

    This is a great gift for my Valentine’s/Birthday wknd to San Antonio with my hubby and kids of course

  817. probably somewhere close enough to be convenient but still a getaway, maybe Jackson Hole WY? Thanks so much!!

  818. WOW – that is a nice basket! I would love to go somewhere WARM and have a nice relaxing massage!

  819. We are usually so happy with just a date night because they don’t happen too often. An actual trip away with out the kids, heck yes!

  820. carrie harris says:

    Maybe a bed and breakfast in Prescott, AZ. Yeah!

  821. My husband and I love this amazing little bed and breakfast chain throughout Utah, called Anniversary Inn, they have the best themed suites!! We would definitely be taking a break from school and heading down there if we won!!

  822. I’m thinking we’d head to Austin for a fun weekend!

  823. Just a night out on the town – take the hub to outback – his favorite place!

  824. We would rent a hotel room and enjoy the peace and quiet!

  825. Abigail Zimmerman says:

    We’d go to Philadelphia and spend some time together

  826. amber kampwerth stokes says:

    if i won this basket, i would go anywhere my husband would agree to go, he doesnt like to go to many places, and i would love nothing more then to have him go somewhere with me, thank you so very much for the chance to win i appreciate it

  827. I think I’d sneak away to AC for the weekend.

  828. Stacy Powell says:

    I would go to the Beach! :-)

  829. Tammy Winters says:

    These are all so very nice. It would be wonderful to win one but it’s wonderful of all of you to offer these goodies.

  830. I’d love to go to the beach to get away from this cold weather!

  831. A getaway for just the two of us would be just the thing!!

  832. My husband and I haven’t had a date night in FOREVER so I’d love to get to take him out to some of his favorite places!

  833. We would probably go somewhere warm! Awesome giveaway!

  834. Just somewhere nice and comfy, like Hampton Inn or Holiday Inn Express!

  835. We probably couldn’t go far because we have young children, but a trip anywhere would be awesome!

  836. I LOVE the cheesecake factory! AND, with 3 little ones a night away would be awesome. Thanks!

  837. I think I’d do a bed and Breakfast in Lancaster, PA…I’ve always wanted to…but never have!

  838. My husband and I have been talking about taking a drive down to San Francisco! This would be PERFECT!


  839. I think we’d take a much needed night downtown. Movie and dinner date night and then a fun hotel for a break and some us time. We would love it!!!

  840. Valli Brauer says:

    What a wonderful idea! I think we would decide together where to go, such a nice basket idea!

  841. California!!

  842. I’ve always wanted to go to Boston. I love all things history, and my husband does too. That would be awesome!

  843. we would head downtown for a much needed night away. Dinner and movie and a fun hotel.

  844. A Motel 6 without kids would be amazing! But the local Hyatt would be pretty cool too!

  845. I would so love to take a break from my children. My husband and I haven’t had a night away in six years.

  846. I would go back and stay at the hotel where my husband and I stayed for our honeymoon. LOVED it. Beautiful atomosphere and we never have to leave the hotel grounds!! This basket would help us round out a weekend there! :)

  847. To the mountains. Cuddling up by the fire sounds nice.

  848. Mackenzie says:

    Anywhere remotely warm! this wold be SOO amazing!

  849. A date night at Cheesecake Factory and the movie would be great!

  850. Amanda Mackenzie says:

    This looks way too fun!

  851. I would take my husband somewhere nearby for a quiet time together.

  852. Anywhere out of my state!

  853. Dess Diaz says:

    I would love to stay in a cabin at a resort!

  854. Regina L. says:

    Awesome! What an array of gift cards! Even though the Cheesecake Factory is usually our choice for eating with kid (a 5year old), it is still awesome for a date night out! And a movie gift card? Does it get any better? Thanks for the giveaway.

  855. Sara Westhead says:

    Savannah, GA!

  856. sounds like fun!

  857. christina p says:

    We would stay intown for dinner and a movie.

  858. I would love to go with my husband to Portland and just go exploring through the town!

  859. Perfect for a night away but in town- because the baby is coming soon after!

  860. Annie Cochran says:

    We would go to dinner and a hotel for the night. A night without kids would be grand!

  861. Regina L. says:

    Awesome giveaway! Even though we usually choose the cheesecake factory as our restaurant of choice with the littel guy (5years old), it is still awesome! And a movie gift card? How much better can it get? Thanks for the giveaway!

  862. This is such a darling basket! Thanks for putting this on.

  863. this would be an awesome basket to win!

  864. My husband and I would love to go to St. Augustine!

  865. My husband would certainly love the food!

  866. Julia Fugate says:

    The ocean is always calling me, we would go to Ocean Shores, WA!

  867. would road trip it to san diego.

  868. I would love this basket. We have not had a date night scene we had kids.

  869. Hmm… Probably head out to Seaside, with a stop at the Cheesecake factory in Portland on the way!

  870. Maggie Seagraves says:

    So excited about this basket! Great picks!

  871. Emily Arzola says:

    To Miami, Florida…. like Will Smith sings… I’m going to Miami, Miami!!

  872. Kia Green says:

    Awesome giveaway! I would love to win an awesome date night like this!

  873. I would head to Galveston, may not be the best beach, but it’s the best one around. Watching the sunset and walking up and down the beach is amazing!

  874. I think we’d find the nearest city with a Cheesecake factory and have a mini weekend outing!

  875. Rebecca D says:

    We’d probably go to Denver!

  876. holly hope says:

    so fun! great for a movie night :)

  877. Kara Larson says:

    We would go somewhere close by but staying in a hotel with just the hubby sounds wonderful!

  878. Colleen Boudreau says:

    I would go somewhere hot!

  879. Kia Green says:

    I would love to go to dinner and a movie!

  880. This would be so fun for a Vegas trip!

  881. Lisa Cooper says:

    I’d love a weekend at a hote with my husband, no teenagers!

  882. Lori Christensen says:

    So Fun!!!

  883. To the Hill Country for a fun getaway.

  884. Christina says:

    I would go out to a romantic dinner <3

  885. If I won this, I would go with my fiancee for the day to Sonoma. Thanks for the chance to win!

  886. Jennifer D. says:

    I would love to send the kids to the grandparents for the weekend and work on that gift basket!

  887. fawn strunk says:

    I would like to go anywhere as long as we are together . We do not get those kind of days anymore with 3 kids

  888. I’d love to just go to a hotel for the night with my husband for some quiet!

  889. Lori Byma says:

    I would use this giveaway to go to Denver, Colorado for a wedding!

  890. I would go to a baby moon in Lake Tahoe!

  891. Annie LeMaster says:


  892. We would go to Kansas City and spend the weekend there!

  893. This would be awesome!! Hope I win!

  894. somewhere along the water

  895. I would first go to Cheesecake Factory!

  896. We would go to Savannah, Georgia! My fave place in the world! =)

  897. Getting away with the hubs would be perfect before Baby #3 makes her appearance… when I know getting away won’t be an option anymore. (Who wants to babysit 3 kids for the weekend) ;-)

  898. Rita Pirkey says:

    sounds perfectly perfect.

  899. I would do a staycation in salt lake!

  900. I’d take my “man” to the nearest hotel…of course!!

  901. I would go to the coast and just enjoy the ocean.

  902. I would stick pretty close to home. Less time on the road means more relaxing. I think Nashville would be fun.

  903. Cheesecake factory, YUM!

  904. What a fabulous gift basket! Thank you for the opportunity to win!

  905. I’d take my honey to the Cheesecake Factory downtown and then to the hotel!!

  906. Shelly Taylor says:

    A date with no kids?? Can’t imagine anything better! Love the basket, Love the giveaway!

  907. i want a trip to sf!

  908. We’d love to go back to Chicago – get some deep dish pizza!

  909. I have always wanted to go to a Jazz Traxx festival. (: A trip to Dripping Springs to a winery and Bed and Breakfast would also be great!

  910. We would go to one of the swanky hotels in downtown Seattle! I’ve always oogled them, but never had the chance to go!

  911. I would take my boyfriend anywhere that has some warmer weather right now! We’re in northern Indiana and it has been non-stop freezing weather!

  912. Nicole Kline says:

    Such a fun giveaway! I would take my husband into Boston for the night! :)

  913. To be honest, I think we might just do a little “Staycation” here in St. Louis! We moved here about 6 months ago, but between the move, unpacking, starting a new job, and having a baby, we haven’t really had a chance to get to know the city or even just to relax. So we may just book a hotel right here, find a sitter, and enjoy some alone time!

  914. Laurie Black says:

    Portland Oregon is our favorite getaway close to home.

  915. If I won I’d love to take a little getaway to Charleston. Very romantic!

  916. we would love ro get away to duluth or the cities…just be somewhere together as we live an hour and a half apart

  917. Kirsten Phillips says:

    So much fun! We would probably stay somewhere close to home…maybe park city?

  918. Natalie Barney says:

    Anywhere! With two small children and one on the way, going anywhere would be fantastic!

  919. We recently moved to Miami, but living here is definitely much different from vacationing here. Take me out of the hustle and bustle, away from the traffic, and somewhere with a little peace, quiet, and alone time! Honestly, I don’t care where go, without kids and eating cheesecake,couldn’t get much more relaxing!

  920. What a clever idea! I love gift cards, especially for food! I would love a night out without my kids (god love em)
    Fingers crossed that I win! ;)

  921. I’d use the giftcards toward a night out in the city and the rest of the items for a night in at home!

  922. Katy McKinnon says:

    I would take my husband on a little getaway to park city or midway!

  923. I forgot to tell you where I would go!!
    I live in California, I would take my hubby to Monterey,where he proposed, and have a nice night out away from dishes, vacuuming, bathroom wiping, and my lovely children asking for something! ;)

  924. We would definitely go to the Poconos, just to get away for a couple of days and have some romantic time. Thanks for the giveaway!

  925. My hubby and I are FT caregivers for his grandparents. We would REALLY love to get away – even to the next town. We may use one of the g/c’s as a thank you to whoever watches G&G while we are away :)

  926. I would love to take a drive to Ruidoso, New Mexico for this incredible date. We love road trips, & we love the mountains!

  927. What a treat! So many of my husband and my favorite treats (Nutter Butter, Charleston Chews, Orbits gum, Red vines, etc)!! It would be so nice just to be out and about the city with just my hubbie.

  928. Oooh what a fun giveaway …. My hubby and I would totally head up to Lake Tahoe with this fun basket!!!!!

  929. I would love to go on a Disney Alaskan cruise with my husband and 3 kids.

  930. I’d probably head to Boise or Seattle.

  931. I would love to go to SLC or Park CIty for an evening out with my hubby! Cheesecake factory, a movie and then a hotel for a night out without the munchkins. (Sounds dreamy!!!)

  932. I would go to Outback and the themed hotel in the town next to us!

  933. Kara Williams says:

    ANYWHERE!!! Maybe Kansas City?!? But honestly, anywhere without the kids would be lovely…

  934. Lilith Katz says:

    I am not a big fan of travel, so we would probably have a picnic at the lake

  935. What a fun date night.

  936. I would go to the beach, both of us love the beach!

  937. What a great giveaway. I would visit the Cheesecake Factory. Then snuggle down the next week reading as I haven’t had a chance to read the third book yet.

  938. This is so what my hubby and I need!!! We would love to get away just the 2 of us.

  939. I’d love to run away to a B&B in Columbus, OH that we stayed at for our anniversary. It has great memories. Thanks for a fabulous basket!

  940. Calise Zollinger says:

    I would have a baby moon as baby #6 is coming in June! We would make it a joint celebration since my husband’s birthday is Valentine’s day!

  941. I love this basket! We would go somewhere a couple of hours away.

  942. Anywhere. We have 3 young children, I’m in school full-time and my husband works about 60 hours/wk. Anywhere would be fantastic!

  943. I’d either go someplace warm (Phoenix, AZ) or someplace cold to be cozy (Alta, UT). Both are doable road trips from where I live! Thanks for the giveaway and Happy Valentines Day!

  944. Would *love* dinner and a movie with the hubs! Now, if you’ll just throw in a sitter! :)

  945. there is so many choices for date nights!

  946. I would love a cozy cabin up north

  947. These are just the books I was looking at to purchase next. How funny that they are in this basket!

  948. I would take my man to his favorite place to go (Buffalo Wild Wings) even though I am not the biggest fan, then take him to the movies and watch a real man show!!! lol love this giveway

  949. I would love to go with my guy to the west coast, mostly on a trip to the Grand Canyons, through the Mountains, & hopefully ending in Seattle :) Really any road trip with him would be wonderful :D

  950. Anjie Behunin says:

    We would probably head to Downtown SLC and use it on a hotel there. A little staycaytion- but SO much fun stuff do there. :) (And the Divergent series? YAY! I’ve been wanting to read them just haven’t had the time)

  951. Lauren Brady says:

    Love the basket!

  952. I would love to stay in a hotel in asheville nc. We live just outside the city and have had my eye in a fun hotel/restaurant there.

  953. dinner and a movie with my boyfriend… and smuggle in some of those yummy snacks :P

  954. Theresa Sea says:

    Long weekend in Michigan. :)

  955. I would love to win this basket! I love the Allthingsthrifty blog!

  956. Trinity Thornton says:

    Looks like you put together quite the good time!

  957. Stephanie says:

    I’d go to dinner & a movie!

  958. Kelli Wood says:

    I would take my hubby to a hotel so we could have a night just the two of us!!! lol We are currently living with my mother in law and we know how that can go! I figure she can watch the kid while we have a quiet adult night to ourselves! Thanks for the chance!

  959. Darcee Quebe says:

    We would go to Florida!!

  960. We would have a “stay-cation right in Phoenix!” Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  961. My hubby and I have been wanting to visit Savannah ever since we moved to GA. This would be a perfect time to get away!!

  962. amy pugmire says:

    I would love to go up to park city with my hubby and stay at a nice hotel alone :)

  963. Vicky Motte says:

    Would go to the mountains.

  964. We wouldn’t go far, but a short road trip is always fun! Someway somehow we will end up at Outback. YUM!

  965. JenniferB says:

    Maybe go to Gatlinburg TN for couple of nights

  966. I’m in California and a trip to San Francisco sounds nice!

  967. We’d go to Hocking Hills in southern Ohio!

  968. We like to take little trips to the beach

  969. I would go out to the closest big town and spend time with my husband!

  970. I would love this and go straight to Galena IL

  971. What a great idea!! I’d love to win this! :)

  972. Monica K. says:

    Anywhere that wasn’t work. Less stress is always best.

  973. We’d probably check out a B&B near a winery. SUCH a fun idea!

  974. Jennifer Chamberlin says:

    I would take my husband to Cedarburg, Wisconsin. It’s our special occassion place. :)

  975. Probably Pittsburgh! We only live a couple of hours away, but I’ve never been!

  976. Trinity Thornton says:

    I think I would try to talk my husband into a horror move!

  977. I would have lots of fun for my hubby and kids!

  978. Malissa W says:

    I would go to a romantic cozy cabin in Vermont! Thanks for the giveaway!

  979. We would escape to the mountains! Maybe hit the slopes!

  980. I’d love to go back to the b&b where we celebrated our anniversary!

  981. Given the cold weather we’ve been having in Chicago (also known as Chiberia), I would pick somewhere warm and tropical. Hawaii would definitely fit the bill!

  982. Take a trip to the beach!

  983. Jesharelah says:

    I’m not sure where we’d go… Maybe Omaha? This is a wonderful basket!!

  984. I would use it for a nice quick overnight in the mountains of New Hampshire!

  985. Date night? What’s a date night? I have no idea where we’d go, but I’m sure we’d think of something! Thanks for the chance to win, Brooke!

  986. I would love to go somewhere on the michigan shore! :)

  987. Sally Wood says:

    This looks so much fun! For my ideal date I would spend the day swimming and watching movies. The beach wouldn’t be bad either :)

  988. We would stay at a local hotel and have a nice dinner at The Cheesecake Factory

  989. Heather D says:

    Awesome basket! I’d love it all! I’d want to go somewhere warm, but settle for somewhere quick to get to!

  990. Minneapolis. It is just a few hours away and full of fun spots to explore.

  991. I would go somewhere warm like California

  992. Tammy Reicherts says:

    My husband and I love suburban life but I think it would be fun to go have a night on the town where we live (Minneapolis or St. Paul).
    P.S. This would be such a great gift!! We were just talking about reading Divergent together as a fun thing to do given we were both looking for new books and beef jerky is his favorite treat!

  993. Jennifer H. says:

    We would go to Grand Rapids. So many fun things to do there and it is close!

  994. Lynne Daffern says:

    I would take my wonderful husband to Frankenmuth

  995. Marisa Reeder says:

    We would head to Billings and enjoy some time together. What a great basket

  996. Any time I get to spend with my husband is my favorite time! I’m always amazed at the fun giveaways you put together.

  997. Brandi G. says:

    Me and my husband would head to the beach….even though it’s cold, it’s our favorite place to go. Not to mention it’s where we took our first vacation.

  998. Darlene Maraggia says:

    To Sugarland, Texas to go to the Cheesecake Factory!

  999. Janalyn H. says:

    I would go with my husband down to St. George and have a weekend away!

  1000. Margilyne W says:

    I would love to go the Cheesecake Factory and to movies. Thanks for this chance.

  1001. We would head toward the shore maybe Rhode Island beaches!

  1002. We would probably head to Philadelphia- love hanging out in a big city!

  1003. To a little small sleepy Northern town in Wisconsin. =)

  1004. I would take my husband on a date up to the mountains :) Preferably without our 11 month old!

  1005. Rebecca Baldwin says:

    Wonderful prizes! Thanks so much for the chance to win, it would be great to have this kind of outing with hubby!

  1006. If I won we would definitely go to the beach where my husband proposed, and then spend one of the days that weekend going down the whole Oregon coast like we did that day- it was one of my best memories- and SO needed with 2 young ones- a weekend away! EEEK So excited just thinking about it! PS. thank you for putting together such an AMAZING basket- WOW!!! SO cute, generous and fun!!

  1007. Cheesecake Factory! And take a nice little break together without babies! ;)

  1008. We would take a trip to the San Juan Islands

  1009. stephanie says:

    I would go anywhere to get some time away with my valentine!

  1010. We’d go out to enjoy an amazing night together with a great dinner and definitely enjoy the cheesecake factory for some dessert. Finish the night off snuggled together enjoying a movie or two.

  1011. This is such a fun Valentine’s idea! Would love to get away anywhere with my hubby for a few days!!

  1012. sarah reed says:

    I would take my hubby to a log cabin in the northern Wisconsin woods!

  1013. We’d go to Omaha for a fun weekend trip.

  1014. Jennifer Appleton says:

    I think we would go to Niagara Falls! I’ve been wanting to go there with him <3 What a fantastic gift basket!

  1015. I would take a weekend to charleston with my hubby….a last little weekend before the new baby comes! And go eat at all the yummy places! Outback was our first date and I have always wanted to go to the Cheesecake factory!

  1016. I’d take a random night with my husband and spend it at a hotel downtown, it’s far enough from “normal” life to be exciting but not so far from the places we love… that we could walk to!

  1017. I’d probably have a fun night on the town in Pittsburgh, my closest big city, maybe see a show and live it up downtown!

  1018. Jessica H says:

    I would love to take my man to Chicago or Minneapolis for a wonderful night out on the town!

  1019. After dinner at The Cheesecake Factory, we’d go to a lovely resort in the Hill Country of Central Texas.

  1020. Jenny Leavitt says:

    I would go stay up in Zion National Park, which is close to home, but still a fun getaway.

  1021. Elizabeth says:

    I would love to go to the beach! Love the warmer weather!

  1022. A Andrews says:


  1023. I’d whisk my husband away to a little getaway in Bend, Oregon. That is after making arrangements for a sitter for the night.

  1024. I would live a night out with no kids and Outback is our fave!

  1025. I want to go any place warm!

  1026. Seattle!

  1027. Brooke, you are amazingly creative! Love your basket and hope I win! :)

  1028. I’m taking the hubby to Scottsdale for some Spring Training games. What’s more romantic than watching baseball?

  1029. Susan Snyder says:

    nothing says I LOVE YOU more than this gift basket, Happy Valentines day to you

  1030. One of the cities around us. We live in a town an hour and 15 minutes from any real shopping and restaurants such as The Cheesecake Factory.

  1031. Oh my goodness! This is the best giveaway EVER! Everything in the package is absolutely perfect! I’m crossing my fingers I win it!!

  1032. I LOVE this giveaway! It couldn’t be more perfect! If I won, I would go to downtown Seattle:)

  1033. Looks like a fun date night! Thanks

  1034. There’s an Embassy Suites about 20 miles from us. It’s a great getaway!

  1035. Meladie Winters says:

    We probably wouldn’t go too far, but a night alone away is a vacation no matter where we go!! You’re awesome to do this Brooke & by the way your family is beautiful! Hoping I win!

  1036. Rachel Carroll says:

    My husband and I would go to the cheesecake factory. We both have a sweet tooth. And I just graduated from college and he is still in college, so we live like broke college kids. It would allow us to have an out of the ordinary date night that we would enjoy.

  1037. This is an amazing basket you have put together! I would be so happy to win it for my and my hubs!

  1038. I commented before I read the instructions! I would love to go downtown Indy!

  1039. tracy haar says:

    Take my husband to dinner, then get a hotel room on the beach in clearwater.

  1040. Julie Wood says:

    I’d go to Salt Lake with my husband! That’s where the nearest Cheesecake Factory is….

  1041. We would go stay overnight in Baltimore

  1042. I wouls have a picnic in the park

  1043. We would probably head to Indianapolis. This would be the best Valentines ever!

  1044. A quiet and relaxing night out at a restaurant & a movie sounds amazing!

  1045. I live in Las Vegas, so I would probably go local. Why not?!! There’s so much close by that I could finally take advantage of.

  1046. I would love to win a basket!!!!!

  1047. NYC! Thanks for the opportunity to win this great basket.

  1048. I would go to the Riverwalk in San Antonio!

  1049. If I were to win this basket, the hotel of choice would be the Marriott in McLean, VA where my husband and I used to have our anniversary nights. This basket (idea and the fact that it is a giveaway) is such a sweet thing to do! Thanks a bunch!

  1050. A night without kids!

  1051. Columbus!

  1052. I would love to take my husband to the resort in Scottsdale where we stayed on our wedding night!

  1053. Lezlie Blazzard says:

    We would definitely head to Salt Lake. Far enough that it feels like we are getting away, but not so far that it’s inconvenient. Thanks for such an amazing giveaway!!

  1054. Oh I don’t even know!! Possibilities would be endless! I would let my husband weigh in on the final decision, but I have a feeling we would go and recreate our honeymoon at a cute little hotel in Salt Lake.

  1055. Probably to Atlanta

  1056. My hubby works nights so we don’t see each other much during the week…so this getaway would be WONDERFUL!

  1057. The movies!!

  1058. Lindsay Marquez says:

    We would love to just spend the weekend in Oklahoma City

  1059. Your basket is the best one. I love every part of it.

  1060. I would sneak away to the ocean with my love! :)

  1061. Napa Valley, CA would be AWESOME!

  1062. What a creative basket!! My husband and I are making our marriage our top priority this year and this would be an excellent way to celebrate US!! Happy Valentines!!

  1063. Ok. Any kind of get away would be amazing, we’ve never done one. I lOVE YOUR BASKET!! IT IS AMAZING. I think the part I’m most excited about is the book set. You are good!

  1064. <