I just HAD to share this fun Purple Minion Valentine Box that my son and Hubby made yesterday. Didn’t it turn out DARLING!?! I’m so proud of my boys! All I did to help was make the white vinyl pieces and buy them the purple pipe cleaners!



My kids love crafting, and it makes my heart even happier when we do it as a family. I wish I would have taken pictures of the process, but to be honest, I wasn’t expecting to post about this. So, I will try and explain the process the best that I can.  I just had to post it because it turned out so dang cute.

They started with a box and spray primed it with KILZ spray paint. Priming the box was essential to cover up all the words and pictures that were on the box originally. Next, they cut out the mouth with an exacto knife and put painter’s tape over the teeth to keep them white and spray painted the box with purple Krylon paint. It took 3 coats to cover FYI. They let the purple paint dry and then they removed the painter’s tape to reveal the white teeth.  Next, they cut two black strips of card stock paper to make the glasses and pants and asked me to cut them an “M” for the bottom and an eye for the top. Then, to make the glasses look the part, they hot glued a mason jar ring over the eye.  The excitement in my son’s face at this point was priceless! Then we bought 75 purple pipe cleaners at Michaels and made small holes in the top of the box with a tiny screw driver and stuck the pipe cleaners into the holes. We decided to cut the pipe cleaners in half so that the hair wasn’t quite as long and I think it turned out perfect. So since we cut them in half, we used 150 pieces of pipe cleaners for his wacky hairdo.

Connelly {my son} is so excited to take his Valentine box to school tomorrow! Happy Thursday!




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    I had every intention of being crafty this V-Day and totally failed. This is so cute! Next year I need to get on top of things and make some cute stuff like this for my kids.

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