Industrial Furniture Painting Technique! {EASY as 1.2.3.}

Mar 12th, 2014

One thing I can promise you is that my house is not boring! I bought these IKEA barstools almost a year ago with this tutorial in mind. But, for some reason, I kept putting it off! Plus, I didn’t know if my vision would actually work so it took a back seat on my to do list.  I caught a wild hair the other day and glazed all four of these barstools in less than 30 minutes. So, when I say this tutorial is as easy as 1.2.3…I’m serious. There are only THREE steps! I promise glazing isn’t hard!

IKEA Barstool

Before I began the process, I cut some vinyl with the numbers 1, 2, 3, and 4 with my Silhouette to go on the top of each barstool.

I wanted numbered barstools for two reasons:

1. My kids fight over where they sit and this would regulate that


2. I liked the fact that the metallic glaze would miss the numbers and make the numbers stand out.

So, I covered the tops with vinyl numbers and went to work.


As you can see, after a year of wear and tear, the barstools had some scratches and dings. {I think it just adds character.}



I am so pleased with the results! They look industrial, and they remind me of tarnished metal!

The process was super easy and all it took were these three easy steps!

Step 1: Mix your glaze medium with metallic paint. I used Martha Stewart Glaze and mixed in a bit of silver craft paint that I had on hand. I would say that the ratio of glaze and paint is approximately 1 part paint to 2 parts glaze.

Step 2: Apply glaze to your brush and wipe most of it off on a dry cloth. {You want your brush to be mostly dry}.

Step 3: Using even strokes, apply the glaze to your furniture. See video below for demonstration.


I started taking pictures of the process, but it was tough to see what I was actually doing. So, I decided to make a video and show you by demonstration.

I think they turned out pretty awesome and unique!




how-to-paint-furniture-to-make-it-look-metallic copy



The color in my kitchen is called Sherwin Williams Raindrop.






  1. WOW that looks awesome! Great job! I don’t know if I am brave enough to try that myself, but yours look so good I might just have to try.

  2. I have two kids. I knew right away why you numbered them. :)

    I love it! And it does look so easy.

  3. what a big impact! I love the difference.

  4. Whoa, that’s soooo simple, and it turned out FABULOUS! I love the industrial touch it adds to your kitchen. Consider it pinned!

  5. These fab. Whats the paint color in your kitchen? Love it!

  6. JoEllen Giani says:

    Wow!! These look amazing! I can’t wait to try this out!!!!

  7. These stools — the technique and finish — are SO eye-catching! Great idea. Very, very cool. Makes me wish I had a bar in my kitchen, I’d be all over this project.

  8. LOVE!!! Amazing job! I have a huge list of projects that I’m not sure will pan out or I’m not sure I will love so they just sit…unfinished. Maybe I should dig into that list and one will surprise me! Love this!

  9. They are awesome! And totally unique. Until I completely copy you. I’m serious. I want to do this exact same thing. I have been thinking about what kind of barstools I want forever and those will be perfect!

  10. I love the tarnished metal look. It’s fantastic. They stools were pretty cool to begin with but now they look great!

  11. I’m so impressed with this! What an awesome idea! Can you tell me how long the drying time is once you’ve finished all the painting and do you put any kind of poly or anything like that over it to seal it? I guess I’m just wondering how strong the finish is and if I need to do anything extra after painting. I really want to try this! :)

  12. Wow! Amazing! I’m going to have to find something to use this technique on, I love it! Thanks for sharing…

  13. Hi Brooke,

    I think these look AMAZING! Will this also work on a black file cabinet? I have done his technique on wood furniture before, but I wasn’t sure if I could do the same to a metal file cabinet (that is already painted black). Thanks so much!

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