I am soooo excited about our new barn wood map that Dan made for me! The guy is a freakin’ rock star on the jigsaw. I could have tried this one myself, but his skills are bar none.

We started out with a barn door from my sister Natalie. Thanks sis. {You have actually seen this barn wood before…we used it in Jill’s house to make the sliding barn door}. But don’t you worry, if you don’t have access to barn wood, you can make your own with THIS tutorial.


Next we printed this image on a transparency.


picture source

We used an old school projector to transfer the image onto the wood.

barn-wood-map-how-to (5)

My daughter Oaklyn helped me trace the outline.

barn-wood-map-how-to (4)

Since the outline was so thick, we decided to trace the very outside of the line.

barn-wood-map-how-to (6)

We did our best to capture all the details.


Next, Dan cut the bad boy out with a jigsaw.


It took about an hour to cut out the entire project.

barn-wood-map-how-to (8)

After he was done with the cutting, we reinforced the back with 1X2s to hold the barn wood together. Next, we scraped off the loose chippy paint with a flat chisel.

barn-wood-map-how-to (7) barn-wood-map-how-to (10)

We sanded with a 220 sanding block to make sure all the paint edges were smooth.

barn-wood-map-how-to (9)

Then we used the air hose to remove all of the dust and paint chips.

barn-wood-map-how-to (1)

There were a few broken boards that needed some TLC so we glued them down with wood glue and clamped them into place until they dried.

barn-wood-map-how-to (12) barn-wood-map-how-to (13)

After the wood glue was dry, we sealed the boards with our favorite polycrylic.

barn-wood-map-how-to (3) barn-wood-map-how-to (2)

I wish that pictures did it justice! It is 68 inches wide and 43 inches tall.


Wanna know the best part about this project? The total cost: $FREE.99


Now that’s what I call Thrifty! TGIF.




  1. says

    Yay! Way cool. What room is this in? Also your gallery wall? Back up and take more photos so we can get the overall effect!

    Tristie from Roosevelt

  2. says

    Love this DIY project! Nice touch making it look really rustic with the paint. Will be following more in the future – loving your posts!


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