Dysfunctional Office into Safe Haven Sitting Room {Makeovers by Brooke}

Apr 28th, 2014


First of all, let me inform you from the get go, this post is going to be LOOOOOONG. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Back when All Things Thrifty was an infant in early 2010, I painted this office and was the proudest person on the planet. I loved it. The leaf wall made me happy. In fact, the IKEA desk made me even happier. Three months later, I decided that I hated the desk on that wall because I couldn’t keep it clean and it was driving me crazy to look at the clutter every. single. day. So, I moved the desk to the opposite side of the room to spare my eyes from the clutter. I moved the painted piano to that wall and it lived there for the next four years.

Let me point out the elephant in the room…. I have come a long way! HA. I’ll leave it at that. Believe it or not, I thought the shelves were decorated so wonderfully back then. Smile

office before

I have wanted to redo this room for awhile now, but to be honest, I never even went into this room. It was always full of clutter, and I rarely set foot in there. It was the catch-all room in the house. So, it went on the back burner of my mind while I worked on rooms that we actually spent time in.

I now know that clutter is a creativity killer for me. For me to actually want to be in a room, it cannot be full of crap. It seems so simple, and yet it took me four years to figure it out. SO….my office facelift began!

The goal of the room was simple: I wanted it to be bright, happy, and a place I could relax. So, the dark walls needed to be painted. I could just tell you that I painted the wall and all was well, but that would be a lie, and since I warned you about a long post, I’m going to show you the entire process….

I painted the walls and I HATED the color. It. Was. PURPLE.

I picked a color called Gray Shimmer by Behr Marquee, and it was literally light purple on the wall. Good times.

Behr Marquee Gray Shimmer (2) Behr Marquee Gray Shimmer (1)

Take two….I painted the room again, this time with Behr Dolphin Fin.

Fixing the purple grey paint (1) Fixing the purple grey paint (3)

It was MUCH better and I knew it was the right decision. It is a beautiful color and I absolutely love it.


Next, my amazing hubby helped me install MDF molding in a Greek-key pattern on the wall. Stay tuned for a tutorial post on this soon!


greek-key-molding-treatment copy

I got the digital images for these darling geometric birds on Etsy at the inknest.


geometric birds_Layer 1 copy geometric birds_Layer 2 copy geometric birds_Layer 5 copy

But, I adjusted them slightly in Photoshop to fit my wall and the colors I had in mind.

grey bird new squatty bird new pink bird new

I am absolutely in love.


The coral and yellow pillow are from HomeGoods, and the grey and white pillows are from Target.

Geomentric Bird Art

After the Couch Painting Disaster of 2014, I bought this love seat from Down East Home. To spice up the love seat I exchanged the square tapered legs with cute six inch spindly wooden legs from The Home Depot.

greek-key-molding-grey-walls b

Now I actually hang out in this room. I deem that a success!

office-redo-collage copy

I still have a few items on my to do list for this room, so stay tuned! I’ll be adding a few finishing touches over the next few weeks.





  1. Absolutely Lovely!

    Jake’s a Girl

  2. It looks amazing!!! I love everything about it! The Greek key, the prints, the loveseat, the pillows…GAH! Amazing!

  3. Shut up… Greek Key moulding?! GENIUS!!! Loved seeing you this weekend too! SO much fun!

  4. Lori Tuttle says:

    I absolutely love this! Great job, honey!

  5. Love this so much!!! You did an amazing job!!!! Those prints are perfect!

  6. I absolutely love this!! SOOO adorable!!

  7. I love every little thing about it. That wall makes me want to go do that somewhere in my house this minute. Looks amaze balls!!!!!!!!!!!! (I’ve said that like twice in my life) Warranted.

    Bravo :)))

  8. Looks great! Where did you get the rug?

  9. So fantastic! Can’t wait to see the tutorial on the Greek key art. So original!
    Clutter is a creativity killer for me too….I am currently in the middle of a “shared office” redo myself. oy.

  10. I love the wall detail. I have never seen something like that. I love that you see the growth in your decorating. I am slowly improving on my own and cringing with some of my “brilliant” early ideas. We live and learn I guess. And grow! The colors you chose are great, so bright and definitely more inspiring. Enjoy your new and improved relaxing space

  11. LOVE it Brooke! All of it!

  12. WOW! Brooke! It turned out fantastic! I love the wall color!

  13. Swoon!!!! You are just going to have to come on up here to N. Idaho & help me when I start decorating our new house. LOVE this!

    So happy that we had the chance to connect. Had a wonderful time with you.

  14. This is an awesome makeover… Love the “SWOON” comment…my thoughts exactly! It’s a great balance between bright and neutral without being that “all neutral with a pop of color” that I see over and over and personally find seriously annoying and unliveable/unrealistic.

  15. Absolutely love the Greek key pattern on the wall, cant wait for the tutorial. Can you please tell me the name of the wall color. Love it!!

  16. looks so fabulous! love the colors, and those bird prints are adorable!

  17. love it ALL. and PILLOW envy. where? please! (I’ve been searching for the coral one! loveseat envy too.)

    • Cindy! Thank you! I’m a pillow hoarder! I love them! Ok, the coral ones are from HomeGoods, the grey and white ones are from Target and the middle yellow velvet one is also from HomeGoods! xoxo, Brooke

  18. I’m with Heather, Where did you get that amazing rug. It’s very cool and not busy looking.

  19. I remember when you did that room! The new looks great. Love the fun pillows.

  20. Girl, I love this room! What a transformation! So so cute!

  21. Brooke! This is soooo gorgeous! I love the couch, and I especially love the wall treatment. It’s stunning. Everything is cohesive and perfect. I hope you enjoy your morning Diet Coke uninterrupted in that lovely space. :)

  22. Beautiful! Looks very polished, yet fun and bright!

    Did you have the artwork professionally printed?

  23. So in love with the whole room!! Especially that wall!!! Something like that might be perfect for my accent wall issue in our new place!! Want to come help me? ;)

  24. I’m a sucker for anything greek key, so I absolutely love this!

  25. This is such a beautiful makeover!! Can’t wait for the greek wall molding tutorial! It was so awesome meeting you at Snap!

  26. DYING over that accent wall with the moulding. Dan is the man!! I am coveting that couch and pillows, too. Every time I got to DownEast Home, I want to buy a gray couch.

    PS. Gray paint is so hard to get right! I’ve been there!

  27. I LOVE the pattern on the wall… now I am obsessing about how can I work this into my new apartment!!!

  28. I love this change!!!! Looks amazing and the color is perfect
    Great makeover



  29. Hey Brooke! Love the office redo. I have a Mid-Week MUST HAVE series on my blog, and I think the MDF paneling will definitely be a MUST have in my next office. LOVE IT! Look for it to be featured this Thursday, and feel free to link back to my site! Love your creativity.

  30. Very cute redo! Love the birds and Greek key pattern on the wall!

  31. Aubrey says:

    I like the room’s previous iteration too, but I’m loving the new design on the wall. The color makes the room a place to just hang and chill out. I’d like to share this article on how to make it more lively despite its smaller size. You can read it here: http://uratex.com.ph/blog/spruce-living-room/

  32. Casie b says:

    Cute setup! Love the pops of color.

  33. I ADORE your new room. Those bird prints are over the top cute. I love the extra punch of color that you gave them in photoshop!

  34. This is one of my favorite rooms! You are so talented.

  35. How am I just now seeing this? I am so in love with this space :)

  36. catrina says:

    I love this! Have you posted the tutorial yet?

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