I haven’t made these for awhile, and I made them on Sunday for dinner. The kids love them! I got the recipe from my sister Natalie. Thanks sis!!

Red Sauce Chicken Enchilada Recipe

Red Sauce Chicken Enchilada Recipe with Cream Cheese


8 oz. Cream Cheese
8 oz. Sour Cream
Chicken (Either 2 chicken breasts boiled and shredded, or 1 large can of Chicken)
I use the canned Kirkland Chicken from Costco
2 cups of Fiesta Blend Cheese Split into 1 cup increments
1 large can of Rosarita Red Enchilada sauce (or two small cans)
I do NOT like El Paso brand sauce.
8-10 mission tortillas


Mix softened cream cheese, sour cream, chicken and 1 cup of cheese. Roll small amount in tortilla and put in 9X13 pan. Continue until pan is full and all cheese mixture has been used.
Pour enchilada sauce on top, and sprinkle with remaining 1 cup of cheese (more if wanted).
Cook on 350 for 30-35 min.

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  1. Nancy says

    This sounds absolutely delicious! I am going to make this tomorrow, as a matter of fact. I’d make it tonight, but I already have a pot roast in the oven. Hubby would be bummed if I switched it on him this late in the game. He’s been talking about the post roast for so long now!

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