Sprucing up for Spring: DIY Plant Hanger

Apr 14th, 2014

It’s finally Spring time, and if you are like me, you are SICK and TIRED of Winter this year. Let’s hope that this year never repeats itself in history and just let it go. If it makes you feel better, you can sing the song from Frozen at the top of your lungs {don’t knock it ‘til you try it}.

With Springtime, comes sprucing up your home and you can’t forget Spring cleaning {dun, dun, dun}.

It helps when you have a cleaning solution that smells good. It smells like lemons, but not just the yucky cleaner smell of lemons; it smells good!


My ten year old daughter helped me clean the molding and walls this year, and believe me, that does not happen often enough around here. My baseboards especially get forgotten.

spring cleaning

Plus, who can resist a little Febreze while you are trying to freshen up the space.



After the Spring Cleaning is complete, I always spruce up the place too. For some reason, Spring inspires me out of my Winter funk each year. It helps when my house actually feels like Spring, and to help spread that Springy feeling, I incorporate as many plants and flowers as possible to my decor. The trick for me is to keep them alive {just keepin’ it real}.

This describes me more that I wish to admit:

house plants e card


But it doesn’t stop me from trying though. I love plants. I have quite a green thumb. Today I’ll show you a quick, easy, and inexpensive project to help display plants inside your home.


For this project, all you need is:

One 1×10 Pine Board

Stain in the color of your choice

A Jigsaw

A large bowl

A sharpie

Sisal Rope

A drill and a drill bit the size of your sisal rope.

Small Level

Hanging hardware {specifically for ceilings}

Step 1: Use your bowl and trace a circle with a sharpie. {We are hard core around here, as you can see by our intense process}.


Step 2: Cut the circle with a jigsaw. In case you are wondering, no, my husband did not do this, I did.


Step 3: Stain your wood with the stain of your choice. I love Java Gel Stain, but you can use whatever stain you want. Heck, it would even be awesome unstained and just with a clear coat.


Step 4: After you have stained your wood, drill three holes around the outside of your circle.

drill holes in the wood

Step 5: Thread the sisal rope through the holes and tie knots on each side.


Step 6: Level and hang your planters with your hardware.


They turned out super cute, and the project only took about an hour to complete.


Here is a picture of our room before:


And here is is after some rearranging and changes.


It’s colorful and fun, and it makes me happy! That’s the point in all this, right!?!?


Spruce up your house for Spring too, you know you want to! Heck, I’ll even help you do so with a giveaway!

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