I know that the spelling of Bunko is a debate. Some spell it with a K, and more spell it with a C. When I look at both words closely: BUNCO and BUNKO, I like it spelled with a K better. So, I choose that option. Don’t hate me if you fancy the C.

Last month my friend Natasha hosted Bunko, and she had the most darling black light bunko night! We played in the dark and wrote with highlighters and she had several black lights nearby so our highlighters would glow bright. It made me happy. I felt like I was 16 again doodling in Mr. Bramall’s history class.


Doodling is my fav. The only thing that would have made the night better would have been winning instead of the big L. It’s ok, I’m a gracious loser {not really}.


photo 1

photo 2_1

If you have a party coming up, you could totally use this idea for lots of things!



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  1. Susan M says

    I’ve been in a Bunco group for about 6 years and we have a great time!! I love your idea and may “borrow” it for the next time I host. My question is did you have glow in the dark dice?? I see that the score cards glow–did you have to make up special scorecards for that? Ours are laminated so we just use whiteboard markers and then we wipe them clean for the next month. Thanks!!!

    • Brooke says

      Our dice were surprisingly easy to see! We just used paper scorecards, but if you could get fluorescent whiteboard markers, I bet they would still glow. You may need to test them first. Good luck! It was really fun!

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