My Favorite Capital Letter Fonts

May 29th, 2014

I’m obsessed with Fonts, and these are my latest favorite fonts for capital letters. I had to share because new fonts make me happy!

favorite-capital-letter-fonts copy



P.S. All of these fonts are FREE from #notasponsoredpost.

Update: I accidentally misspelled Austie Bost Descriptions font, so I updated the image.



  1. I wonder if you could tell me the source for the corbels from yesterday’s post. They are perfect for a desk I want to make.


  2. I love to collect fonts. Thanks for posting this just pinned it!

  3. Just a note for those looking for these fonts: it’s AUSTIE Bost Descriptions, not AUSIE. (Missed a T in the pic!)

  4. My amazing husband bought me an external hard drive for my fonts, because when my last computer crashed I was DEVASTATED when I couldn’t remember all my font names. NO, I don’t have an addiction………

  5. Oh! I love these!!

  6. Those are awesome! Sometimes it’s hard to find good looking capital letters but those are perfect!

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