HomeGoods contacted me a few weeks ago and asked if I was interested in giving away some gift cards….ummm… OF COURSE!! I’m obsessed with HomeGoods, and my husband can attest to that. So, this post is sponsored by HomeGoods. All opinions are 100% mine. I was challenged to organize a room with products found at HomeGoods as part of their Organize in Style program. 

My office was a disaster for the last four years. We gave it a complete overhaul in the last month! It was VERY dysfunctional before and the catch-all in our home for all the papers, bills…etc and believe me, it was ALWAYS a mess. One thing I have learned about myself over the past few years is that chaotic spaces are no good for my stress level. Are you like that? I need calm spaces that I can relax in and concentrate.

I love the new design, and I actually spend time in there these days! Hallelujah! Although the IKEA desk was a great idea in theory, I actually hated all the cubbies. It was always dusty, and I didn’t need all the spaces. So, it was always unorganized which was also no good for my stress level.


After we moved our IKEA desk out of this room, and traded it for a comfy couch from Down East, I painted the walls with Behr Dolphin Fin. It’s a great grey color, and it’s a very bright, airy room now. It was pretty dark with the dark blue wall before.

I know some of you may be wondering where the “desk” area is going to be in this so-called “office.” After a long look at my actual needs of functionality, I decided that I didn’t need an over-sized desk. It wasn’t holding anything important and the closet was plenty big to hold all of my important craft stuff. But, there were a few things that needed a home. The corner of the room became the newest spot for clutter, and I needed to change that quickly or if you are like me, that time will fly by and it would have been months before it was organized.


After I was contacted by HomeGoods, I went and bought a few things to organize the space.

The hanging file holder was perfect and very flexible to change out when I need different categories. I printed cute tags out on card stock and clipped them to the front! I’m on the Stake Girls Camp committee this year, so it’s on my mind, and keeping all of my notes in one place is sooo convenient.

hanging-files-for-office 1

Although, I knew I needed a desk, I didn’t want a large one like I explained above. I wanted it to be small and functional, but I didn’t want it to be a catch-all for papers like my office used to be. So, I bought these cute grey corbels and attached them to the wall and placed a piece of glass across them. I got the glass at Jones Paint and Glass for $22 and attached it with large glue dots from the local craft store. It was an inexpensive way to get a great custom-sized desk!


The small desk is exactly the right size to keep things organized around here!


I still needed a little bit of space to put pencils, pens, and scrap paper when I needed to make notes, so I bought this cute shelf and a few smaller items to help with that.

shelf-storage  3


I put pieces of fabric along the back of the shelf to spice it up a bit. :)

office shelf 1

I’m quite proud of how organized it has become, and I have vowed to keep it that way!


After all, if I want to actually spend time in the room, it needs to be a calm place.


The pink chair was a thrift store chair that I had reupholstered with pink pleather. I love it! Here is another reminder of the room before:


Thank you HomeGoods for helping me organize this space. And truth be told, I would have shopped at HomeGoods to complete this space even if they had not contacted me for this project. Bible. 



Enter to win one of FIVE $50 HomeGoods Gift Cards below! 


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  1. Megan McKinney says

    I so wish we had a home goods. Closest one to me is in Missouri I think. But I’d be willing to make a special trip!

  2. Hilary says

    I do love me a good trip to Home Goods! My husband may it may not love it even more than I do! Speaking of love, that shade of paint is fantastic.a perfect grey.

  3. Cindy says

    I love homegoods! I love all the baskets and boxes and knick knacks and really cool stuff that they have. I don’t get to go there as often as I’d like, but I do make it a destination once or twice a year!

  4. says

    i love all you did to u space like it look so great somewhere to go peaceful to . ty for shareing i love to win if i dont itok just ty for the great giveaway times are very hard now day and anyone who can still do giveways we should try buy from them when we can and we should always let other know what the do and dont ever forget to say ty . craft a lot learn a lot share alot . andi say pray a lot . god bless our usa i have blog dont know how i got it but i have it so i trying use it anyone welcome to post there aslong asit clean . as i cant spell i born differ cant do math either so i try do lot of pining or copy or pasting when i can . so i looking for great things for others ,

  5. ChelseaNeu says

    I LOVE that pink chair!! I mainly shop at home good for organizing stuff. Baskets, trays, slim hangers, etc.

  6. says

    Your new office is absolutely gorgeous! I recently overhauled my office, too, but the hubs was careful to make sure I didn’t do anything he deemed too “girly.” I love the Greek molding- so original and so neat!

  7. says

    I don’t shop there as much as I like, but I love their dishes, lamps, rugs, furniture, and bedding. Oh, and pillows, and organizational stuff. A gift card would come in handy! 😉

  8. Adrian says

    I am sad to say that I’ve never been to HomeGoods. Winning this would give me the chance to fix that!! (:

  9. maureen says

    Last time in I bought two pretty blue ceramic bird feeders. So pretty. I usually can’t pass up great towels!!!

  10. Sarah Christensen says

    My fav thing to shop for at Home Goods is their amazing accessories!! I love how unique everything I find is and I know no one else will have it!

  11. Julie W says

    Love Home Goods! I always check the clearance areas first….you never know what you will find!

  12. Tammie says

    I can get in big trouble with my budget when I go to home goods! Always find stuff that I like there.

  13. Candice Moran says

    I love their pillows, tableware, and their clearance sections are amazing! I was just there yesterday!

  14. Alyssa P says

    In love with your space! That pink chair is to DIE for. I love HomeGoods’ accessories–they’re unique!

  15. Annie says

    I love Home Goods! Last week I got the cutest hanging bowl planters for our screen porch, and some enamel tins labeled “coffee” and “tea”. I usually haunt the kitchen section, and they always have interesting, fancy tea!

  16. Jenny says

    Love your changes and the Home goods additions – my favorite place to go for inspiration and finding that perfect item to make it work.

  17. Shenanigans says

    I always head straight to the wall decor and chairs, then finish off in the general decor area.

  18. Correen S. says

    I am absolutely in love with the throw blankets currently at my Home Goods…they made great Mother’s Day gifts (including for me) — I could easily go back and just stock up for the house. Also looking now for Office items…it’s finally time to do my home office, I’m so very excited.

  19. says

    I love how you put together that desk! I’ve been looking for a way to add a desk to my apartment (let’s be honest, just sitting on the couch is not a productive way to work) that wouldn’t take up a lot of space, wouldn’t be expensive, and also wouldn’t have a million pieces that I would have to put together. What you did was brilliant!

  20. Lindsey says

    I love your smaller desk! That’s a great idea to keep clutter away. I love shopping for organization supplies at Homegoods! They always have such cute little baskets!

  21. Elle says

    I love getting different things that help me organize but do it in a really nice, clean, looking way.

  22. Kim says

    I love everything at HomeGoods. I was there today and bought an agate bookend. They always have such unique and cool stuff.

  23. Cindy B says

    Love shopping for home decor at Home Goods! We don’t have one near us, but I shop there when we visit family.

  24. Katharine says

    So hard to say what my favorite things at Home Goods are. Probably their kitchen accessories.

  25. Candace says

    Okay, so I’ve never shipped @ Home Goods! But I really want to…and soon! We are getting ready to buy our first house, so furniture and some accessories would be my interest.

  26. Jody Stiver says

    I love to shop for the unexpected at Home Goods- you never know what you will find, but there is always something interesting to buy!

  27. Janet ST. says

    I Love your office space!

    I love to shop for unusual home accessories to change up the look of the rooms. I love searching for pillows and vases and shams and frames. I always find more than I should! I love HomeGoods!

  28. Calli says

    I’ve gotten colorful ice cream bowls, kitchen gadgets, pillows, sheets, towels and more from homegoods!

  29. Tricia C. says

    I love the grey paint. It’s something I’ve thought about using, but I haven’t gotten to it yet. Home Goods is a new store for me. Their closest store to me looks to be about two hours away in St. Louis. Luckily, we go often. Love the pink chair and the new couch. Both are drool-worthy!!

  30. Susan says

    I guess if I had to choose one thing it is any unique decorative piece that makes a statement. However, I have had good luck with qualtiy kitchenware, pillows, stationary, bath accessories…see, I can spend that gift card, no problemo!

  31. Sarah says

    Love the re-do! I have been looking for the perfect light grey and I think this might just be it!

  32. Bethany says

    I love Home Goods! I just recently moved into a new house, so I am looking for everything. But mostly I look for room decor type items.

  33. Rachel says

    I have actually never shopped at a Home Goods, but want to!!! The closest one is about 40 minutes away in a town I rarely go to. But a gift card sure would motivate me to make the trek! :)

  34. Krista says

    There isn’t a Home Goods in my city but I drove 3 hours this past weekend just to go shopping at one! I almost bought that same wire organizer. I love how you did the labels!

  35. BethAnne says

    HomeGoods is like my second home! Now that I’m moving, I can’t wait to have even more reason to go!

  36. Lisa Kubin says

    I have never been to a Home Goods. There is one where I live but I haven’t had a chance to go in there and browse yet!

  37. Marty Musser says

    Definitely home stuff. I can’t go into that store without leaving with a pillow or frame or random trinket!

  38. Monica says

    I love that wall treatment you added to the wall. The whole room looks fabulous. I also love HomeGoods. We just had a brand new one open this month in my area. I’ve been A LOT!!

  39. Lisa C. Johnson says

    I am completely Inspired to redo a few clutter catching areas in my home. You made this little makeover look so simple, and fairly inexpensive! Thanks so much! Also thanks for the chance to win!

  40. Amanda says

    Everything :) Seriously, though, I love to just wander through the home decor and kitchen sections.

  41. Cathleen says

    I have bought tons of things for our playroom…pink vinyl stools, giant plush pillows, and tons of storage bins! I love them all

  42. Aly says

    I like to look for wall decor or kitchen items. I always seem to find great LeCrueset pieces on clearance there!

  43. Amy Sparks says

    I am always surprised with what I find at Home Goods. I may head over there specifically for a cake pedastal but end up with 20 items in my basket that I just can’t live without! Truly a delight!

  44. Cindy V. says

    I love looking at seasonal decor, furniture , baskets, so many things always catch my eye there!

  45. Marcie says

    I just love shopping at Home Goods. I get so many ideas by just looking around. The sky is the limit and I have bought everything from garden to fans to wall accents to furniture.

  46. Brenda B says

    I LOVE Home Goods! SERIOUSLY my FAVORITE store!!! I love to see EVERY SINGLE isle and nook and crany in the store! From Lamps to kitchen gadgets… I love it all!

  47. Hollie says

    Love it! Hope I win cause I love shopping at home goods. From decor to clothing I always find something I love!

  48. Rebecca says

    What don’t I shop for?! I’ve gotten mirrors, rugs, pillows, decor, soap dispensers, bedding… I seriously love that place.

  49. Angela says

    Reupholstering a chair sounds intimidating, but I love that you can customize it to what you want. Great job! Also, the artwork above the couch is great–simple but bold with the bright colors.

  50. Gina M says

    I love shopping for baskets and storage items. Entered the rafflecopter form as “Wild Orchid”

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    wildorchid985 at gmail dot com

  51. Susan Krauss says

    My favorite things to shop for at Home Goods are Christmas decorations! They goe all out for the holidays and it’s a real treat to visit the store at that time!!!!

  52. Katrina J. says

    My favorite thing to shop for at HomeGoods is finding the unexpected! And putting it in your cart and feeling giddy and sort of like a thief when you see the low price!

  53. Amy M says

    I love shopping for small things like throw pillows, blankets, and trinkets that can easily spruce up a place!

  54. Lynn W says

    I love going through all the home decor at HomeGoods, and I’ve been looking for a sofa table and large rug for our bedroom.

  55. says

    I’m loving everything about your office! We’re expecting a girl and I think those bird prints would look fabulous in her nursery – if I ever get started on it!!! Thank you for hosting the give away!

  56. Darlene says

    Hi Brooke. I am trying to pin the picture with the Pay This, Girls Camp, etc organizational baskets but the pin button (at least for me) is not working. I looked on your pinterest but was not sure which board these pictures are under. Is there a way to be able to pin other pictures on this post. Only the bottom to work for me. Thanks!

  57. says

    LOVE this giveaway, and I love Homegoods accessories! In fact, I’m hoping both that 1) I win, and 2) that the rope ball-thingy in your photos is from Homegoods so I can get it there!

  58. Danielle Rogers says

    I love your office makeover! Good job! I need to organize mine :/ Thanks for the chance to win a gift card!

  59. Amanda says

    I love how you’ve organized a small space and made it so functional! I really need to find the nearest Home Goods and check them out! Also, I’ve looked at that paint color in the past. After seeing it in your space, I definitely think I’m going to use it.

  60. Meghan McGrath says

    My favorite thing to shop for is art for my walls!!! And my second favorite is kitchen items!!!

  61. Amy @ Southern, Classy, and [a LOT] Sassy! says

    I love the chairs and rugs. You can always find something that’s right on trend for a great price!

  62. Murphy says

    Wowed by the desk idea!. Love Homegoods & all of your decor items from there are very well put together!

  63. Mary Catherine says

    Oh the lamps! My husband jokes that I’m addicted to lamps but really the perfect lighting makes a huge difference in any space! HomeGoods always has so many drool-worthy options.

  64. Melissa Rapp says

    I obsess about organizing my office but we are in a rental and don’t want to put too many holes in the walls (DILEMMA!) oh how I want to use ALL THAT WALL SPACE! alas…I must settle for what I have but there has to be a better way. I absolutely LOVE Homegoods for their kitchen and organizational items as well as the decorative pieces. They are all very stylish and timely (and I also find that they are quite tasteful and not cheap-looking).

  65. Carly says

    I love looking for home accessories at HomeGoods! I always find awesome deals on unique pieces for my home.

  66. SuzySweeps says

    I love shopping for anything decorative! Throw pillows, accent items, fun things that brighten the house up and make for a great environment!

  67. MaryAnn says

    I have never shopped there before but I love shopping for baskets. I love all kinds of baskets.

  68. Brittany E says

    Home Goods is hands down my favorite place to shop for home decor. Such great prices that it’s hard to leave without anything! :) I love their baskets, shelves, and they have the prettiest quilts. I got my gorgeous white quilt for our master bed there. Love it!

  69. Jenn says

    I love your desk idea! I think I’ll ‘borrow’ it for my 7 year old’s new room! As for Home Goods, it calls my name. I’ll be there this weekend! I’m looking for pops of color for the whole house right now.

  70. Erin says

    I love their furniture, but have never been able to justify it to my husband! Maybe with a gift card… 😉

  71. Michelle Compton says

    Home Goods is my favorite for any kind of cute decor but they also have an adorable pet selection!

  72. SARAH CROFT says

    So excited reading your article. The timing couldn’t be more perfect. I work from home and just couldn’t take my unorganized office anymore. Just started to slowly pack things up to get an empty room and just start over. It’s taking a while because I still have to work ! LOVE your ideas and LOVE Home Goods, I shop there all the time, for nearly everything around the house. They are so reasonably priced and believe it or not, even items on clearance are always perfect and great items vs bargain bin damaged items at other stores. Hope you pick me ! When I’m finished with remodeling my office, I’ll send a picture. You read my mind, I want a relaxing place in my office too, a comfy chair or sofa – I can work on a laptop or be on a call anywhere ! Cant wait and I love your site, Pinterest – everything – wish I could find a healthy balance between DIY/crafts/decorating and my job/family :) Thanks again for sharing with all of us !

  73. says

    I visited a Home Goods store for the first time a few weeks ago and I am in love! It’s at the top of my “fave stores” list!

  74. Kim says

    Love the Home Goods organizational wall pockets! I haven’t been to Home Goods in a while but that ends TODAY! Thanks for the inspiration I needed.

    Oh, and the pink the leather chair….to DIE for!

  75. Joy says

    I love the mirrors, lamps, and wall art, especially the organizational wall hangings! Loved your wooden cubbie shelf! I need one of those!

  76. says

    When I looked at the first “before” picture I thought: wow, it’s nice. The desk is a little bit too big and I don’t like the chair, but beside that it is really not bad, I’m curious what can she change on it… But then I followed the whole process of the changes you made and I must say that it’s perfect! I love minimalism and however the original design was also in this style, the result is the place where I would love to work (but I would still replace the pink elements that are a little bit too bright for me, just my personal “problem” with this colour). I hope you feel proud and happy with all you’ve accomplished :)

  77. says

    I LOVE the desk! I didn’t see it mentioned where you bought the corbels though? Were they also a find at Home Goods? If you get a moment will you please reply. Thanks- Sarah from

      • says

        Wonderful! Thank you so much! I have a project in the works that I haven’t been able to finish because I couldn’t find corbels that would work and even getting them custom made didn’t pan out. These ones look like they’ll work though. I’ll be making the trip to Salt Lake soon to get them. Thanks again!

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