Even a DIY’er can have cute nails!

Jul 16th, 2014

One of my favorite things in the whole world is cute nail designs! In fact, I just started a specific Pinterest board devoted to just that! This picture cracks me up because you can see the traces of paint all over my hands! {Just keepin’ it real, folks}.

I just got back from Haven Conference, and a ton of my blogger friends commented on my nails! So, I just HAD to show you.


My bff Jo painted them with Shellac, and I can’t get enough. Do you like pretty nails too?




  1. I have to get them done every week because my nails are always full of paint, glue or grime. I love all the cute multi paintings on them…lovely…Millie


  2. So cute! What kind of glitter polish did you use on your middle finger?!


  3. I love the color combo! And the fact that there is nail polish on your hand :) Adorable {the nails, NOT the nail polished hand!}.

    From your whole foody!
    Janie Lynn

    http://www.myover-allapron.blogspot.com – recent post: COCONUT PORRIDGE

  4. It was so fun seeing you and your cute nails at Haven! Your class was awesome!

  5. I love them! And I have been using Shellac for a while now. Those nails are completely doable for anyone with any experience doing their own nails. Stripes, easy. Heart, totally doable. Glitter nail, geniusly easy.

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