Black Bean Fiesta Casserole

My 11-year-old daughter called this casserole the "best meal in the entire world." She might not have the most mature tastebuds, but it made me feel good nevertheless. Ingredients: 10 chicken tenders {I add them right out of the frozen freezer bag} 8 oz cream cheese 8 oz sour cream 1 cans cream of chicken soup 1 packet of Ranch Dips Fiesta Packet 1 can of black beans {drained} 1 can of whole … [Read more...]

Creamy Mac & Cheese from

Hello there my friends. It's Gina from Kleinworth & Co. If you are like me you are always looking for Easy Family Dinner Ideas. Seems these days the weeknights are so packed full of so many things that dinner is almost always an afterthought. But that doesn't mean you have to hit the drive thru. This super easy Creamy Mac & Cheese is ready in about 30 minutes & will have the whole family swooning. I promise! … [Read more...]

Chocolate Cupcakes with Chocolate Buttercream Frosting

Hey guys, it's Lauren visiting again from Tastes Better From Scratch! You may remember my from my past contributor posts like my favorite Apple Pie Pancakes, or this popular Cowboy Salsa recipe!   With Valentine's Day coming up I wanted to share one of the most basic, tastiest, and yummiest sweets there is--Chocolate Cupcakes with an awesome Chocolate Buttercream Frosting!  Now you can go ahead and spend a … [Read more...]

Hearty Tomato Soup from

Hello there All Things Thrifty friends! It's Gina from Kleinworth & Co. I hope you had a wonderful holiday. Are you feeling the need to clear & declutter now? I certainly am. I love this time of year - this special little week between Christmas & New Year's. I like to spend this time clearing things out, packing up files into boxes & getting my nest ready for a new year. It's the perfect thing to do when … [Read more...]


My sister Adrian gave me this delicious recipe. Thanks sis! Sometimes I forget about a recipe until a friend asks for the details. Two of my friends called me last week for this recipe. It is sooo good and super easy. All you need for this yummy recipe is: 1 small tub of feta {I like the feta that is already crumbled} 1-2 vine-ripened tomatoes diced {Must be vine-ripened in my opinion this makes or breaks the … [Read more...]


Thanksgiving is literally around the corner. Where or where has November gone? And don't even get me started on Christmas! Ahhhhh! {Deep…. breaths….} Ha! Well if you're like me, you get assigned to bring pies to holiday dinners and if you saw this post then you read that I usually buy them. Not this year. This year, I am embracing my inner Martha and making my own! So to make things a little easier for you, {and maybe … [Read more...]

Hot Fudge Sauce recipe from on All Things Thrifty

Hey ATT readers! It's Lauren, from Tastes Better From Scratch, and I'm excited to be back again so close to the holidays to share another family recipe with you all!    There's nothing easier or more delicious than this classic homemade hot fudge sauce! My mom always made it during the holidays; particularly for Christmas Eve and News Years Eve, and it is always a crowd pleaser! We'd typically have a big hot … [Read more...]


You guys, this is the CHOCOLATE-EST PIE you will ever taste. Oh. My. Deliciousness. I haven't made it for years, and I originally got the recipe from Dan's cousin. But with Thanksgiving coming up, I HAD to share it with you. Ingredients: 1 1/4 cup chocolate chocolate chip cookie crumbs, divided {If you cannot find chocolate chocolate chip cookies, you can use chocolate graham crackers}. 1/4 cup butter, … [Read more...]


What pies are you making/buying for Thanksgiving this year!?! I have to admit, my mom always gives me the assignment to bring pies to Thanksgiving each year, and I usually buy them at Costco. Yep. I'm THAT person. <----there is NOTHING wrong with that, right!?! This year feels different. Maybe I'm growing up in my 33 year old body or something, but hold onto your hats folks... I am MAKING a pie this year! Don't … [Read more...]