roman shades diy tutorial

Warning, this post is looooong, but it's necessary. I have read and watched at least 25 posts about DIY roman shades in the last month, and to be honest, a few of the posts made me more confused than ever and I nearly decided to scratch the idea of roman shades in my living room. The tutorials out there are confusing. And, they stressed me out. {Just ask Mr. All Things Thrifty, I was a wreck}. I don't usually get … [Read more...]

Copper Ladder by Two Thirty~Five Designs

Hey Thrifty Guys and Gals! It's Allison from Two Thirty~Five Designs :). I am crazy excited to show you guys this crazy easy tutorial for my DIY Copper Ladder today!          I am a huge throw person. I am constantly cold, and my kiddos are too, so there is usually a heaping pile of blankets laying around somewhere in the living room or play room. I wanted to get it all up off of the floor, but still accessible … [Read more...]

Bathroom Makeover After (1 of 1)-2

This post and giveaway are sponsored by GE REVEAL®. In case you have missed the last three weeks, let me bring you up to speed. My friends at GE invited me to four #100reveal challenges. So far I have changed the ceiling in our bedroom by adding a geometric design with dowels, I have doodled on our dining room chairs, and I updated our living room to be more "lovely" with roman shades. The Rules: 1. Spend $100 or … [Read more...]


Hello Zesty Thrifty followers!! Sam here, we are excited to share another thrifty idea! As we gear up for spring we wanted to venture outdoors with some fun patio ideas... Billy and I love to have people over and host, so with that we are constantly looking for ways to improve our yard and "hosting" space. We were super excited about our recent backyard transformation! We took out tons of grass and installed some faux … [Read more...]

Roman Shades Tutorial

This post and giveaway are sponsored by GE REVEAL®. All opinions are 100% my own. Over the past three weeks, I have been racking my creativity to its core. It has been a blast, and I hope you are having fun following along. If you missed week 1, check out the Master Bedroom Ceiling project that just about put me in the looney bin #mathishard. Then, in week two we reupholstered our dining room chairs and doodled all over … [Read more...]

This is BEAUTIFUL! Make a DIY etched glass vase in about 20 minutes. Full tutorial by Designer Trapped in a Lawyer's Body for All Things Thrifty!

Hi thrifty friends!  I am so happy to be back at All Things Thrifty for another contributor post--sooooo excited to be back.  I hope you remember me from my others posts on my DIY "upholstered" chair with fabric and Mod Podge, my DIY Art Canvases and my thrifty Princess Art, but as a reminder, I am Tasha and I blog over at Designer Trapped in a Lawyer's Body. Today I am going to show you how I made this gorgeous … [Read more...]

doodling on dining room chairs

This post and giveaway are sponsored by GE REVEAL®. All opinions are 100% my own. If you have been following along, you know that I am participating in a 4 week challenge with my friends at GE Lighting. Their challenge: Update 4 rooms with only a $100 gift card to Walmart and a reveal light bulb package. My favorite projects are those that don't cost very much money, but make a huge impact on a room, so I accepted the … [Read more...]

ATT Metal Clock Makeover 1c

There's no easy way to say this, so I'll just say it. My daughter is a thief. Sort of. I can't complain, though, because her thievery represents a sweet form of flattery. When I refinished this dresser several months ago, I barely had time to photograph it before it disappeared... … [Read more...]

Thrifty Ceiling Project with Dowels (9 of 18)

This post and giveaway are sponsored by GE REVEAL®. You guys. $100 is NOT a lot of money to use for a DIY project. I have $100 to Walmart and free reign. I love a good challenge! My favorite projects are the ones that don't cost a lot of money but make a huge impact on a room. So when the folks at GE Lighting asked me to participate in this challenge, I was ecstatic. They invited me to share four projects over the … [Read more...]

shingles mirror 2

 Hi!  We are Marg and Liz, (the twins) and we blog at: We love to glam up old furniture! We scored this bedroom set on Craigslist!   At first glance, boring beige is what this set had going for it. But we loved the lines of the pieces, the legs, and that curvy footboard! We wanted it to remain a coordinated set, but not too " matchy matchy".  We wanted to stain the … [Read more...]