Sprucing up for Spring: DIY Plant Hanger


It’s finally Spring time, and if you are like me, you are SICK and TIRED of Winter this year. Let’s hope that this year never repeats itself in history and just let it go. If it makes you feel better, you can sing the song from Frozen at the top of your lungs {don’t knock it ‘til you try it}. With Springtime, comes sprucing up your home and you can’t forget Spring cleaning {dun, dun, dun}. It helps when you have a … [Read more...]

Multi-Functioning Coffee Table {Kid’s Art Supply Storage AND Flower Planter in one!}


  Sometimes it’s hard to create that balance between a chaotic house and a clean house, and every single day I found myself pulling out the art supplies for my daughter Londyn. She loves to draw, and I decided that instead of putting away the art supplies multiple times a week, we would make a permanent table in the family room for her crayons and colored pencils. The great thing about the table though is that the … [Read more...]

How to get a green Spring lawn fast!


Yesterday was St. Patrick’s day and the color green was on everyone’s mind. So, speaking of the color green, why not turn your yellow yucky winter lawn into a lush dark green fairway!?! My husband Dan is a PRO when it comes to making our lawn a dark healthy green. I have heard it dozens of times from our friend and neighbors, “How does Dan make your lawn such a DARK GREEN color!?!” There are many important steps to … [Read more...]

Portable (and custom!) Time-Out Rug for Toddlers


Hi friends! I’m Beth from Sawdust and Embryos! If you aren’t familiar with my blog... my husband and I have twin girls. Twin TODDLER girls. Drama City. Let’s just say they’re very ‘spirited’ and strong-willed. As parents we’re learning to choose our battles. And with regards to discipline, since they aren’t quite old enough to understand ‘loss of privilege’, we’ve embraced the Time Out method for now. I would like to … [Read more...]

Industrial Furniture Painting Technique! {EASY as 1.2.3.}


One thing I can promise you is that my house is not boring! I bought these IKEA barstools almost a year ago with this tutorial in mind. But, for some reason, I kept putting it off! Plus, I didn’t know if my vision would actually work so it took a back seat on my to do list.  I caught a wild hair the other day and glazed all four of these barstools in less than 30 minutes. So, when I say this tutorial is as easy as … [Read more...]

United States Barn Wood Map


I am soooo excited about our new barn wood map that Dan made for me! The guy is a freakin’ rock star on the jigsaw. I could have tried this one myself, but his skills are bar none. We started out with a barn door from my sister Natalie. Thanks sis. {You have actually seen this barn wood before…we used it in Jill’s house to make the sliding barn door}. But don’t you worry, if you don’t have access to barn wood, you can … [Read more...]

New Gallery wall is complete! {After I convinced my hubby it was necessary}


  Does your husband hate me? It’s ok, you can be honest. I’ve heard it dozens of times, “Would you quit changing your house? Now my wife thinks we need to change OURS!” Although Dan is mostly supportive of my crazy ideas, last time I went to IKEA with him, I started arranging frames on the ground at the store. Dan’s reaction? “What are these frames for? What wall do we even have left to decorate!?!” I didn’t … [Read more...]

Not my favorite spray painting brand…


Last Spring our courtyard needed a makeover, so I spray-painted our patio table. Yes, I took these pictures nearly a year ago. I forgot I had taken them, and I came across them today. I’m scatter-brained what can I say. But, I thought I should tell you what happened so that you don’t run into the same problems if you decide to spray paint anything in the near future. I used Valspar Spray paint called Exotic Sea, … [Read more...]

Wood Flooring in my Home? {Plus inspiration and concerns}


First of all, THANK YOU for those who have filled out our 2014 Reader Survey. It has been an absolute joy reading all of the feedback. I will post the results in a few days, but I wanted to tell you thank you for taking the time to fill out the survey. If this is the first you are hearing about the survey, don’t worry, you still have time to fill it out!I have already expressed my pure hatred for our current carpet … [Read more...]

DIY Vintage-esque Starburst Mirror


Gooooooooood MORNING my friends! Beth here from Sawdust and Embryos... and as always, I’m overjoyed to be here! My husband and I have been working away at our twins’ big-girl room in preparation for the day they’re throwing themselves out of their crib. Seeing as they’re 2.5, that could happen any day. So far, we’ve built and upholstered their mini fainting couch / toddler beds, stenciled the Herringbone Accent … [Read more...]