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By the time you read this, I will be officially on my way to girls' camp. Wish me luck on this adventure. If you are LDS, and have ever been to girls' camp, or are a leader who has ever planned girls' camp, you can understand my feelings tonight as I write this post. I'm excited. I'm nervous. I'm happy the planning is over. I'm hoping that all the planning pays off and everything goes smoothly. I'm worried … [Read more...]

LDS Girls Camp Songbook

I've been knee-deep into planning girls' camp. We leave on Monday, and I cannot wait!  I've had several requests for a girls' camp songbook, so guess what!?! I have one just for you! All you have to do is print! DUN DUN DUUUUUN!  GIRL'S CAMP SONGBOOK FREE PRINTABLE Cheers {of diet coke} to all those girls' camp leaders out there who are planning camps this time of year too. Oh, and if you need some free printable camp … [Read more...]


I'm always stoked to be asked to join home tours. {Thank you Gina!} The tours are always so fun, in fact I like virtual home tours better than our local parade of homes lately. The builder beige walls make me want to poke my eye with a needle. If that's your favorite though, don't take offense. Summer is in full swing here. My four monsters, perfect kids got out of school before Memorial day, and today was rough. I … [Read more...]

flower bed landscaping project

We are trying our hand at a little flower gardening this year. We ripped out our rocks, installed a soaker hose, and went to town with pay dirt to prepare the flower bed for planting. We definitely aren't experts, and I'm chalking it up as "research" to see how the plants do. I live in Southern Utah where the climate is HOT and mostly dry. We are not 100% sure which plants will thrive and which ones won't survive. But, … [Read more...]

punch-card-5th-year NEW

We are counting down. Girls' Camp is in less than two weeks. We are headed to Bear Lake this year, and I am so excited. I have never been to Bear Lake. It's a pretty far car ride so if you have any ideas how we can help the time go by faster for our YW, please don't hesitate to tell me. I'm guessing it will take us around 7 hours of driving to get there. If you are a camp director, you know that certifications are a … [Read more...]

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It's my hubby's birthday today. He is the most amazing person in the whole world. How can you not love this face? Dan and I have been married for 14 years, and I can honestly say that I love him more than I ever imagined. When I met him, I knew he was a keeper. If you want to read the story about how we met, check it out here.  Today, I wanted to pause the normal posts and share a more personal post. Hopefully … [Read more...]

front yard landscaping overhaul

If you are landscaper, I owe you major props. My back aches. My hands hurt, and I now realize that I'm kind of a wuss. For this farm girl, that's hard for me to admit. We started a big project in our front yard. Our neighbors kept driving past, and after waving to us 5 times in a 9 hour timeframe, I'm sure they were thinking, "What the H are they doing!?!?" I have to admit, yesterday was a long day.  Working in the … [Read more...]

Wizard of Oz Girls Camp

I am LDS {or a Mormon}. If you want to know a few details about my faith, I wrote a post explaining some of the general ideas here. If you have questions about Girls' Camp in general, scroll to the bottom of this post. :) Planning camp was an overwhelming task at first, I admit. We have 250 girls in our Stake. The Stake Committee Director Ally chose the theme: "The Wizard of Oz." Specifically, we based our entire … [Read more...]


More often than not, being a blogger really does have its perks! For example: getting the chance to share with YOU {my BFF's} the best deal of the year!! For this week only, you can save up to $18 per ticket on Disneyland Resort tickets! This offer is good for travel any time in 2015, but you have to book now! This offer ends May 2nd. That savings is HUGE... especially when taking your whole family! For all the … [Read more...]

Hanging Coral Flower Pots (1 of 7)

This post was sponsored by the BHG Live Better Network. I received compensation from BHG at Walmart. All Opinions are 100% my own. Since I live in Southern Utah where the weather is a smidgen ahead than the majority of the country, our Spring is in full swing. In fact, summer will be here in just a few weeks for us. I love color, and when I saw these awesome coral flower hanging baskets from Walmart, I could not … [Read more...]